Favorite wrestling related podcasts?

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  1. Hakushi

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    JR, Jericho and Austin have an easy listening style with interesting guests. I do listen to others, but wondering about your favorites?
    Only 1 I can't handle is Tazs'. liked him in the ring, didn't mind the guys commentary, but I find his style on his podcast annoying and that's mainly due to his issue staying on topic. Taking 20 minutes for a 5 minute statement and going nowhere interesting in between.
    Russo andCornette have interesting takes at times, but their constant venom (justified or not) spewed at WWE distracts from what they could be.
  2. Psykohurricane55

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    If i go with Wrestling Podcast done by former wrestlers or wrestling personalities, I have to say that Both of Jim Cornette's podcast are a must for me every week mostly because we kinda have the same opinion about the current product as a whole so it's kinda easy to listen to him talk about it. Another one i loved is Sean Mooney mostly for the guest is able to get every week. He gets guys that would normally not do interviews and it fascinating to listen to especially since i grew up watching these guys on TV so to hear their story is always quite fun for me.

    Outside of that, i don't really care to much about other wrestler's podcast because i don'T really have time to listen to them, sometimes i will listen to either What happened when or something to wrestle with when those are not 4 hours long but outside of that not much.
  3. dd23beatlesfan1

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    Best wrestling podcast is Something to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard.

    Conrad Thompson, his co-host, knows his stuff and does ridiculous amount of research. Bruce and Conrad each week go ridiculously into detail over a particular topic, and it's extremely entertaining, with Bruce's hilarious impressions of Jim Cornette, Jerry Jarrett, Vince McMahon, Dusty Rhodes, etc.

    Anyone that considers themselves a wrestling podcast fan, but doesn't listen to Something to Wrestle is doing themselves a huge disservice.

    All of the episodes are on Spotify and YouTube, as well as iTunes.
  4. FromGlasgow

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    I listen to most of the ones mentioned here only occasionally depending on what their talking about but Jim Cornette is the only one I never miss, I wasn't even a fan of Jim Cornette back in the day but I find his podcasts the most entertaining to listen to
  5. LibSuperstar

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    Something To Wrestle With
    What Happened When
    Keepin' It 100
    The Steve Austin Show
    Jim Cornette Experience & Drive-Thru
  6. I_Like_All_Wrestling

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    Something To Wrestle With is consistently fun and a great way to look at stuff in the past. I've heard of Cornette's podcast but never listened to it. Enough people here seem to like it, so I'll try it. Edge and Christians should be good, but it's just not great to me. Russo's is terrible. People joke about the guy saying "bro" but man he really does say it like every other word. In my opinion, Austin is okay depending on who's on. Jericho's podcast is good, but I like that it's NOT a "wrestling" podcast. I used to love Colt's Art of Wrestling podcast, but I'm not digging the format change. Then I also listen to one called Comedians of Wrestling, but that's more like "if your friends had a podcast" and less of an actual breakdown.
  7. Kris Benwa

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    Anything with Conrad Thompson on it is a great listen:
    Something to wrestle with is my favorite at the moment but 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff is good too. I also like the Post Wrestling shows with John Pollock and Wai Ting
    I never want to listen to Edge and Christian based off the description, but anytime I do I enjoy it though. Then I pretty much just give JR, Jericho, and Austin a listen based off who's on.

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