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Discussion in 'Non-Wrestling Archives' started by Hyorinmaru, Dec 22, 2010.

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    I like Jones in more serious rolls rather than his slightly comedic rollls like MiB. While those are good movies I just don't feel he was at his best in those movies. Volcano however is a fantastic movie and Jones is at his best in it. The entire movie I was on the edge of my seat and when the scene came up where the guy tried to jump over the lava i nthe subway and landed in it and melted I damn near puked and shit myself at the same time. I still watch this move when the modd hits me and I've seen over 100 times and it never gets old. IF you haven't seen this movie stop what you're doing and go buy/rent it right now and watch it.​
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    Tommy Lee Jones is an excellent actor with a lot of good-great films under his belt, so it's quite hard to slim this down but I think I've got my favourite movie of his:

    No Country for Old Men

    Jones is at his best when he has good material to work with and the Coen's gave him (and the other actors in this film) a lot of great material to work with. His character, Sheriff Ed Tom Bell, was a man who was disturbed by what the world was turning in to and was close to retirement, and Jones delivered a knockout performance, earning himself critical acclaim for his role. The scene above is a perfect example of Jones' excellent performance. I not only think it's Jones' best performance but also his best character and possibly the best film he's appeared in.
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    Natural Born Killers and The Fugitive spring instantly to mind. Very fine performances in both of those films. One depicting as off his rocker and the other showing him off as a get his guy, take no guff, cop. He has some very good dexterity in his acting. Volcano was a fun film, that I admit I enjoy, same goes for No Country for Old Men. Lets not forget his voice over work in Small Soldiers as Chip Hazzard.

    However, my absolutely favorite has to be his role of Agent K in Men in Black. I am a sucker for anything MIB and I personally thought he did an excellent job. It didn't take a whole lot to make that role his own. The character is rather robotic, but he seems like a robotic person anyways. It wasn't award worthy or anything but definitely his most enjoyable role to watch, for me.
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    Oh hell yes. I freaking love me some Tommy Lee Jones.

    The Fugitive is, simply put, one of my favorite movies of the nineties. It is hard to imagine anyone else in this movie besides Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. The "waterfall" scene remains one of my favorite scenes of any action movie. If you are a fan of action movies, then The Fugitive is a must see.

    Harrison Ford plays Dr. Richard Kimble, who is wrongly accused of murdering his wife and sentenced to death. He manages to escape, courtesy of a great-looking train smash, and goes on the run, hiding under leaves, jumping off a dam, lying low in Chicago-while searching for the true killer(think Ive seen this one more then twice? :) ). You feel the burden of Kimble's raw, solemn panic, but it's good fun rooting for him as he hunts for a way out of each fix.

    But what really makes this movie and gives its extra kick, however, is the presence of Tommy Lee Jones, as U.S. Deputy Marshal Sam Gerard, hot on Kimble's trail, and enjoying the heat. Each man knows that the other is a true adversary, and there is mental muscle, not just physical daring, at work on their private common ground. Jones was so good hear as the straight man, but was good for some laughs along the way.

    Always makes me laugh. A great movie where both leading characters were equally sympathetic in their means and ways of doing things. I thought Jones was superior here. Ive always preferred Jones in more serious roles, and this one was both serious and intense, but did interject subtle laughter when needed.
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    Tommy Lee is one actior I have rarely seen a bad movie from... Wasn't as keen on the one where he was looking after a load of cheerleaders...

    I find his movies work best when he gets to be comedic and work in an ensemble cast or playing a nutjob... I prefer US Marshals to the Fugitive as he really crackles with the team, especially Joey Pants... Same for MIB movies, he has Will Smith, Rip Torn and Tony Shaloub to play off...

    If I had to pick one I enjoy watching it's Blown Away... His accent is crap but he is pretty fun as the nutty terrorist who wants to kill Jeff Bridges so bad... Under Siege would have been fun if Gary Busey didn't upstage him in a bra and panties... shudders

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