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    I would like to find out two things:

    a) what wrestling storylines you would have liked to have taken place, but can't really happen anymore

    b) what wrestling storylines you want to take place

    Let's start with (a)

    1. The New Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Luke Harper and Eric Rowan) vs The All-Star Club (AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson)
    This is something that could have taken place after WM 33, had WWE not splitted up the Wyatts and had they moved Balor and the Club to Smackdown. The line up seems perfect to me, as you get: Styles v Orton, Balor v Bray and Gallows/Anderson v Harper/Rowan. It is a feud that could also have involved every championship of SD. The WWE title for Styles v Orton, a midcard title for Balor v Bray and the tag titles for the tag teams. We would also have seen great one-offs like Styles v Bray and Balor v Orton.

    2. The New Day vs Enzo & Cass
    Here's another recent one. Everybody thought WWE was building towards this at Wrestlemania. Enzo & Cass were the hottest tag team to debut from NXT and New Day were the longest reigning champions. However, Enzo & Cass' popularity faded rather quickly and New Day instead dropped the titles to the team that overshadowed every other team on RAW, The Bar. Still, it could have been a nice feud, even if Enzo & Cass weren't going to be the ones to end New Day's streak.

    3. Daniel Bryan vs NXT/New Gen
    Isn't it ironic that the same time that Bryan and Punk left, WWE became more "indy friendly"? We now have names like Tyler Black (Seth Rollins), Kevin Steen (Owens), El Generico (Zayn), Claudio C. (Cesaro), Styles, Prince Devitt (Balor), Shinsuke Nakamura, KENTA (Itami), Samoa Joe, Jon Moxley (Ambrose) and Adam Cole. Bryan vs any of these guys would have been a spectacle to watch.

    4. Many Brock Lesnar feuds
    A hard hitting match with Sheamus. A blood feud with Kevin Owens. A proper match with Rusev. A match with Daniel Bryan. A proper cat vs dog match against Rollins, a proper Street Fight against Ambrose, a proper match with Cesaro. It's a same some of these matches only happened at house shows, since they definately deserved the PPV spot and could have been great or had the potential to be better than what they were.

    5. Rock & Cena v Lesnar & Punk
    Let me take you back in 2012. Lesnar's return year. Lesnar had just lost a match to Cena at Extreme Rules. Cena had just started feuding with CM Punk and Punk was turning into a "Paul Heyman guy". Right around the same time Lesnar also became a "Paul Heyman guy". Cena was also coming from a loss to Rock at WM, everybody knew he was going to face Rock at WM 29 and we had just witnessed the Punk heel turn against Rock, which was planned months before that. So.. why didn't they do this?? The two Paul Heyman guys vs Cena and The Rock, main event of Summerslam 2012. Lesnar and Punk win, thus giving Lesnar a win back against Cena and keeping the fire boiling for the Punk/Rock showdown at the Rumble, 5 months later.

    6. Wrestlemania 29
    i) CM Punk, 504 days as champion vs Undertaker and the Streak at the main event
    ii) Cena vs The Rock as the co-main event, for the World Heayvweight Championship
    Let's start the booking.

    -) Royal Rumble match. Undertaker wins by last eliminating John Cena.
    -) CM Punk(c) vs The Rockl if Rock loses he can never challenge Punk again. The match goes as it went. Shield comes out, Vince restarts the match as No DQs. Then Punk and Shield beat down The Rock, Cena comes out. Cena and Rock take out the Shield. Rock is about to win, then Cena nails him with a chair. Punk then wins the match.

    -) Undertaker v Punk is made official for Mania.
    -) Cena says he did what he did as a payback to The Rock for costing him the WWE title at WM 27. He wants Rock at WM 29. Rock says he promised the fans to be world champ again, so since he can't face Punk anymore, he goes to the People's show, Smackdown. If Cena wants Rock so bad at Mania, then he should enter SD's Chamber match for the #1 conterdership.

    At the Chamber, Rock beats Del Rio to become World Heavyweight Champion and Cena becomes the #1 contender.

    7. Orton breaks The Streak
    That's just a personal preferance. I always believed that the perfect guy to end the Streak was Randy Orton and that the perfect time was Wrestlemania 28. Orton was turning into a legend by that point. He had already achieved everything in the WWE. He's one of the greatest heels of the 21st century. He had an amazing 2011. He's a company man and someone WWE knew would stick around for at least a decade more. Wrestlemania 28 ended up being an amazing show the way it was. But still I can't change my mind about this. Speaking of which..

    8. Wrestlemania 28; Attitude Era vs Reality Era
    Four main events come to mind:
    i) The Rock vs John Cena
    ii) heel Randy Orton vs The Undertaker; Orton breaks the Streak
    iii) CM Punk(c) vs heel Triple H; No Holds Barred; WWE Championship
    iv) Daniel Bryan(c) vs RR winner Chris Jericho; WH Championship
    + Sheamus vs Kane in a FCA match.

    (b) And now storylines I want to see

    1. Cesaro main event push
    Cesaro and Sheamus break up. Sheamus puts over Cesaro. Cesaro then wins the MITB briefcase. IMO Cesaro would be a perfect MITB holder. He can be marketable. Cesaro Section was over. And his new heel gimmick can be that he and Sheamus aren't the bar.. he is The Bar. And in fact I think Cesaro is the kind of heel that would make a perfect stable leader. Cesaro dumping poor Sheamus for a new set of friends would bring a lot of heat to him. Sheamus could then find his own set of friends and fight Cesaro's stable.

    2. New Day leave tag team competition
    ... But don't break up. Big E goes for the world title, Kofi goes for the midcard title and Woods goes for the Cruiserweight title. But they still continue as a stable, constantly helping each other. The New Day are too marketable for them to break up, plus there's nothing to gain out of a Big E vs Kofi feud...

    3. Dean Ambrose turns heel
    and feuds with John Cena. These two get very personal when they're on the mic. I believe in my heart that Ambrose can turn into one of the greatest heels ever. He's like a cobination of Edge and Brian Pillman. After he's done with Cena, he faces Roman.

    4. John Cena taps out
    That is something that will make the headlines. The man that never gives up, taps out.

    5. Finn Balor dual personality crisis
    That's maybe beyond wrestling standards and more like TV series standards, but I always wanted to see Finn Balor go through a dual identity storyline where his "Evil" demon persona fights against his "Good" human persona. Balor can be a heel when he's in Demon form and a face when he's in a Human form.

    6. NJPW gets some big names
    Outside of WWE, I'd like NJPW to gain even more popularity. If CM Punk is to ever return to wrestling, I'd like to see him there. However knowing Punk, that's highly unlikely, since he's a guy that wants to reach higher than where he was yesterday. Same thing goes for Daniel Bryan, if he feels confident enough that he can wrestle without any limitations. WWE needs competition and NJPW looks like the only company that could, indirectly or directly, compete with them. What NJPW needs in order to create a brand is quality and not quantity. 5 or 6 big names instead of 10, so that they can also afford them.
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