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    Obviously the thread has been done before but it's fun to open up the topic every once in a while.

    So the only criteria is someone who no longer wrestles vs someone who is still active.

    You can use an alternate version of the current wrestler though. So if you pick AJ Styles but you prefer younger AJ over current AJ that counts.

    Feel free to add the era you feel the match would work best in and promotion if you want.

    I'm going with Dean Ambrose during his Jon Moxley days vs Bam Bam Bigelow during his ECW days.

    It would have been really fun to watch in ECW around 1998 when the company was thriving.
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    For some reason... I'm really struggling here! I can come up with various dream matches involving past vs past and current vs current... But mixing the two, there isn't much that really gives me a must see feeling.

    Styles vs HBK is the best I can think of right now.
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    AJ Styles vs a lot of people. In many different promotions. In many different times. Especially if this Aj Styles in ROH / NJPW 2-3 months before his WWE / Royal Rumble debut. Saw him live with the Bucks, Lethal, and Cole and he was absolutely miles ahead of everyone. I don't think that anyone was actually better than him at that point even Omega, Okada, etc. The only other person I had seen around that window match his ability was Cena and his U.S title stint pre-Del Rio. Even then Styles easily was more consistently amazing with literally any crowd, place, style, or opponent.
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    1985's Hulkamania Hulk Hogan vs Current John Cena. The crowd reactions would be worth the price of admission.

    Jake The Snake Roberts vs Bray Wyatt. I shutter at the potential of not only a storyline, but the best mind games on the mic in history.

    Early 90's (Non Crow) Sting vs The Ultimate Warrior

    Mr. Perfect vs Kurt Angle

    WCW's Big Van Vader vs Current Brock Lesnar

    Stone Cold Steve Auston vs 80's Heel Rowdy Roddy Piper

    Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd
    The Sheild
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    Think you missed the point of the thread but because there's literally only 2 matches that has legends vs. stars of today on your list. Cena vs. Hogan, Vader vs. Lesnar can probably be said...but Cena and Lesnar are semi-retired legends so I wouldn't really consider them much of a "current" stars anymore myself, same way people didn't/don't with Taker, Rock, and HHH.

    As for my list I'm going to list top stars in WWE and add the legends I would love to see them face

    Roman Reigns

    • John Cena - Working face versus face in the passing of the torch.
    • The Rock - Working semi-face/ heel tweener in a feud where Rock is trying to tell Reigns he is getting a little full of his self and Reigns just beats Rock's ass for it. Maybe Rock's retirement match.
    • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin- Anti-Hero vs. Anti-Hero, Samoan Badass vs. Texas Redneck Rattlesnake. This feud could be epic and I think we would definitely bring Roman Reigns best out on the microphone.
    • Shawn Michaels- This could be doppppeee!! I could see this having a big fight feel to it with the feud being somewhat babyface vs babyface
    • Hulk Hogan- Reigns going complete heel and obliverating Hogan would be dope. WWE has been big on letting Hogan have one last match. Well here's a match where he has to take no bumps and can just get his ass whooped and get dropped with Superman Punches with Hogan not having to fall on his back to sell.

    AJ Styles

    • Shawn Michaels- Greatest match of all-time with a phenomenal feud behind it. Nothing else needed to be said!!
    • The Rock- The Great One vs. The Phenonmenal One!!!
    • Edge- This could've been a great feud back in the day with AJ as the babyface and Edge as the opportunist heel feuding over the World Heavyweight Championship.
    • Rey Mysterio- Just something like Orton vs. Lesnar where the match is announced for a big event and the company just let it happen.
    • CM Punk- These two legends have already had some amazing rivalries and matches..but for the first time in WWE and in the main event of WrestleMania.
    • Eddie Guerrero- Babyface vs. Babyface but both do heel Eddie like stuff in a fun rivalry.
    • Daniel Bryan- If Daniel can only have one last match, let the two best in ring performers of the last 15 years clash in the ring on the grand stage of WrestleMania. Just like the HBK these two could quite possibly create THE greatest match of all-time in their primes. They've probably faced each other before in Ring of Honor and if they did I'm sure it was incredible.
    • Brock Lesnar- Two treated like equals either face vs. face or Lesnar being somewhat heel. Heyman letting it be known that AJ might be Brock's biggest challenge.

    Finn Balor

    • The Undertaker- Demon vs. Deadman for the Undefeated Streak at WrestleMania...wait a minute this just happened at WCWF Rock Bottom III:lmao:
    • Sting- Imagine a feud with a heel full version of The Demon!!!
    • Brock Lesnar- Unbeatable Demon vs. Unbeatable Beast!! Imagine a feud where Finn fails to beat Brock twice and has to bring out The Demon in a match where he literally just destroys Brock and finally beats him.
    • Daniel Bryan - THE MATCHES!!!
    • John Cena- Heel turn story for Cena?

    Seth Rollins

    • Shawn Michaels- Doesn't matter who's the heel or face, TBH I would love to see the feud both ways because it would be incredible
    • Edge- Like two generations of each other clashing, feud would be incredible the two shown to have chemistry...the matches? Could be great!
    • AJ Styles- Future WrestleMania Main Event right here? WWE would be smart to let this match headline WrestleMania 35 and keep Reigns out the main event of Mania after next year's until a potiential torch passing match with Cena at WrestleMania 38.
    • Eddie Guerrero- OMFG!! Rollins heel; Eddie babyface (with heel-ish ways) would be dope!!
    • CM Punk- These two have faced in WWE but never got the chance to feud! Similar look and attitudes (kayfabe wise.) Rollins is pretty much the CM Punk of this era imo.
    • Daniel Bryan-These two have faced in WWE but never got the chance to feud! If I remember correctly the two was rumored to have a feud before 2015 was up but tragedy struck unfortuanately.

    Bray Wyatt

    • Shawn Michaels- Imagine the mind games and a paranoid HBK and I can see it leading to a great match.
    • Kurt Angle-Not that high up on the scale but imagine this being Angle's retirement feud with Bray Wyatt saying that Angle should retire trying to convince him with mind games leading to a match between the two that states "IF Kurt Angle loses he must retire."
    • Jake "The Snake" Roberts- THE MIND GAMES!! THE PROMO'S!!
    • Jeff Hardy- Bringing up Jeff's drugged past and turning it into a story between the pair.
    • Edge- I could see these two working magic in a feud with Bray as the heel and Edge as the face.
    • AJ Styles- "In due time my friend :lmao:" - Bray Wyatt
    • CM Punk- These looked to be on the verge of a feud but it got shifted to Bryan instead of Punk.

    Dean Ambrose

    • Nobody- Every dream feud Dean has had has flopped...not because of his
      opponent but because of him always. Ambrose vs. Wyatt, Ambrose vs. Jericho, Ambrose vs. Owens. Hell, even Ambrose vs. Styles wasn't really a good feud. Ambrose only real good feud in recent memory was with Dolph Ziggler and that was because of Dolph.
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