El Hijo Del Vejigante

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    Real Name: Unknown

    Gimmick Name: El Hijo Del Vejigante (The Son of the Vejigante)

    Announced as: El Hijo Del Vejigante

    Height: 5’11

    Weight: 205 Pounds

    Hometown: Unknown

    Billed from: Mexico City, Mexico

    Alignment: Face

    [La Sombra]

    Hair Colour: Unknown
    Eye Colour: Unknown
    Facial Hair: Unknown
    Ring Attire: Luchador Mask, Tights, Knee Pads, Boots, White Wrist Tape
    Backstage Attire: Workout Gear (Sweatpants, hoody, trainers), with taped up wrists and mask on.
    Physical Attributes: Largely unknown due to secrecy around true identity
    Tattoos: N/A

    Main Gimmick: 2nd Generation Lucha Libre Superhero

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:

    • Heroism: El Hijo Del Vejigante is first and foremost a defender of the people. He stands up to injustice, champions virtuosity and demonstrates heroic feats every time he steps in the ring. He has been coached by his father, the original El Vejigante, to be a hero for the men, women and children of this world be seen as a symbol for them to aspire to, even if that means making tough (and at times dumb) choices.

    • Motivated by His Father’s Failures: El Vejigante was a major star in Puerto Rico. He became the biggest star the island had to offer, so big in fact that his impact was felt across the Latin American sphere, allowing from promoters to bring him to Mexico where it was hoped he would make just as big an impact. However, in spite of superstardom back home, El Vejigante became a middling presence in cards across Mexico City and while championship success and a modicum of fame where achieved, it was felt he never fully lived up to his potential. Thus his son has taken on not only the mantle of El Vejigante, but the quest to achieve superstardom not only at home (Mexico in his case), but globally.

    Brief Bio/History: Having been born into the lucha libre world, El Hijo Del Vejigante set his sights on superstardom the only way he knew how; taking his father’s mantle and legacy and growing it. Having become a major box office attraction in Mexico, and incurring the jealousy of many rudos and tecnicos alike, El Hijo has left Mexico, somewhat under a cloud, having been brought to WZCW by his father, who works for the company behind the Spanish-language announce desk.

    Entrance Music: Principio de Lucha by Shoji Meguro

    Entrance Description: As the violins play, strobe lights flash. When the guitars play, they pulsate. Then, as the main theme kicks in, a figure emerges from a smoky stage. El Hijo Del Vejigante!

    He is cloaked in a cape, held in place by a pair of shoulder pads mocked up to resemble golden epaulettes. He loosens one to make the cape flap, revealing its interior is decorated with the flag of Puerto Rico, while its exterior is that of Mexico.

    Covering his in-ring mask is a Vejigante mask, made of stiff plastic and/or paper mache. As the camera approaches his gaping maw he turns his head ever so slightly, before removing it and handing it to the side to his trainer and manager, the original El Vejigante!

    El Hijo quickly shuffles from side to side, slapping the hands of as many fans as possible before climbing the ring steps, leaping up to the second rope, using it to springboard over the top, dropping backward and rolling into the centre of the ring into a Superman-esc pose. He releases the cape fully now, allowing it to drop as he goes to each corner to pose, holding his arms out triumphantly in generic fashion.

    Fighting Style: Luchador

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:
    • Damaged left knee that is heavily taped up underneath his gear. It’s been operated on twice and was a secret until an ugly incident that preceded his leaving Mexico in order to come to WZCW.

    • He demonstrates great concern and affection for his father, whose presence at ringside could be an easy route into gaining an advantage over his son. There is also a degree of hesitance from El Hijo over the methodologies of his father; at times the easy route/smart route seems like the best way forward (I.E. cheating), but his moral compass, guided by his father more often than not prevents him from taking such action and encourages him to do things the ‘correct’ way.

    Finishing Moves (2 Max):

    Silencio [Tetsuya Naito’s Destino]

    La Gran Bomba [C4 from the Top Rope]

    Signature Moves (3 Max):

    Extravagancia [Triple Jump Moonsault – Sometimes Feinted and Replaced with a Standing Moonsault]

    La Bomba [Standing C4]

    Daga al Corazón [Slingshot Spear]

    12 Most Used Moves:
    Arm Drag Variations
    Crossbody [From the Top, Triple Jump and Running Variations]
    Dropkick(s) [Including Springboard Variation]
    Hilo [From Apron into Ring]
    Hurricanrana [Pinfall/From the Top Rope/Springboard Variations]
    Penalty Kick
    Rope Assisted Enziguri
    Springboard Diving Clothesline
    Surfboard Stretch Variations
    Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors/Abdominal Stretch Combo
    Topé Suicida
    Various Pinfall/Roll-Up Combinations – Sometimes Leaving Opponents Tied in Knots [ala Zack Sabre Jr.]
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