Eddie Edwards Wins GHC Championship

Discussion in '[Hidden] Impact Wrestling' started by Papa Pillman, Aug 26, 2017.

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    This morning in the main event of the NOAH show at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Eddie Edwards defeated Katsuhiko Nakajima, ending Nakajima's 300+ day title reign and making Edwards the first gaijin to win the top championship in the history of the promotion.

    This is a pretty huge deal for Edwards himself, and another big step in the in the right direction for the GFW/NOAH partnership. I'd love to see Edwards defend the title in a one-on-one match at Bound For Glory, preferably against Marufuji(which could be the best match in BFG history), and I'd love to see the match built up as a big deal; but I fear its too late to bring any of that to fruition. I would settle for at least seeing Edwards show up on Impact TV with the strap at some eventual point.

    Anyone have thoughts? Do you expect to see GFW in the future make any attempt to capitalize on, or at least make note of, Eddie's big win- assuming that the reign isn't very shortlived?

    Also Eddie, mostly regarded as a tag specialist, has now won the single's World title in ROH, Impact, and NOAH; all promotions that have existed for 15+ years now and still stand as three of the top promotions on the planet. Congrats to Edwards.
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    I've never been and probably never will be a fan of seeing another org's titles carried around in a GFW ring (or any ring that that title isn't exclusive to). That's a great achievement for Eddie, no doubt, but I just don't see the value in offering to have him put a title on the line at a GFW PPV event that isn't even a GFW title. It makes no sense, brand-wise, even if GFW are repositioning themselves as a global company with a healthy talent exchange.
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    Personally, i get what they are trying to do with having affiliation and promoting other organizations but, they really need to focus more on they own brand first before trying to help other organizations. So i'm happy for Eddie that he won a title elsewhere even if i really don't know anything about this promotion, but i don'T want to see him defend the title on a GFW program. Anyway, i don't see it happening anyway mostly because of the timeframe of his victory. They already have taped all the shows going into bound for glory so you can't start a program now because of time and promoting a title defend without tv exposure isn't going to sell and would be meaninless. So they might has well just letting this one alone and if Edwards is still champion after Bound For Glory and they want to promote it, then do it. It won'T really change anything but go for it anyway.
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    This is something that I think could seem like more of a major deal a couple of years down the road when/if GFW has solidified itself as more than just the three letters TNA changed its name to. It's a strange contradiction as GFW wants to simultaneously distance itself from TNA but still use its legacy as a means of expansion. Either GFW wants to be its own deal or it embraces it's past, I don't see it being able to effectively do both since there's too much negative baggage associated with TNA.
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    Congratulations to Eddie Edwards. I am glad he is winning belts and pushing out the GFW name with as Jack Hammer stated, the past of TNA behind it as well. GFW should focus on just being GFW now and riding the past completely. Kind of like how WWE does to Benoit and Punk.

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