EB's Wrestling Journal: Is this CM Punk's last night in WWE? (I hope not!)

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    Disclaimer- Please do not read this if you are a wrestling mark because you will not agree with ANYTHING I have to say. I define a mark as a little kid or woman who likes Cena or Orton because they are "cool" or "look hot" and not because of anything relevant like their actual ability to wrestle. If you do read my posts you will notice that I tend to favor the guys that can actually wrestle and I am a very pro heel guy, so just a warning before you move on with the reading...

    With tonight being the Money in the Bank PPV I would usually title this entry "My thoughts and predictions on tonight's MITB PPV", but seeing as tonight could be the last night that CM Punk wrestles in the WWE I thought that it was more important to talk about that more than anything else that might happen tonight. Now I have heard people say over the past few weeks after Punk's promos that he has proven to Vince as well as the entire wrestling world that he belongs in the company and can potentially be a big time "cash cow" like Cena and Orton, but I don't agree with that because you see being a true CM Punk fan I feel that Punk proved that WAY before the last few weeks. Let's look beyong the WWE... Punk proved he had "it" in Ring of Honor with his classic battles against guys like Samoa Joe and Colt Cabana and his promos were great even back then. I mean who else can deliver promos that are both funny as well as brutally honest and cut throat? Who else could go out to the ring and sing Happy Birthday to a little girl in a creepy kind of way and still be entertaining and funny as hell while doing it? Who else has ever gotten a chant from the fans about bringing back ice cream bars? Punk has proven to me time after time that he belongs at the top because he is one of the best if not the best in the business today. I mean just look at it this way: Out of all the guys on the WWE roster and all of the WWE legends and former employees with the company that talk about Punk how many of them have said anything negative about him? Nobody that I've ever seen or heard from, so what does that tell you? It tells me that Vince should start looking at true talent and stop going for popularity from a bunch of six year olds! Yes Punk is for grown ups he's definitely not a "kid favorite", but who cares? What six year old do you know that goes on WWE shop and buys merchandise or goes to ticketmaster.com and buys tickets to go see the WWE live? When I went to Wrestlemania 27 do you think my daughter or my five month old son paid for me to go? No I paid my own way and I didn't pay my hard earn money to have some little eight year old kid turn around in my face every two minutes asking me "Why are you cheering for him?" Shouldn't you be in bed little girl? Or playing with a barbie doll or something? When I was a kid I would never ask a grown-up why they are doing something because quite simply it was none of my damn business! Anyways, for Vince's sake I hope he has already resigned Punk because if he hasn't or doesn't then he is making a huge mistake from several standpoints. Don't get me wrong, CM Punk is no fool and neither am I because just like he said I realize that with or without him people are going to watch WWE and buy the merchandise and all of that, but with guys like Punk in the company they could gain even more interest from everyone instead of just certain target groups like little kids and horny teenagers! Maybe Punk and guys like him can bring the interest back from the old fans that stopped watching wrestling and long time fans who are contemplating with stopping (like me)! But in the end does Vince care about the true, die hard, long time, dedicated, hardcore wrestling fans enough to keep guys like Punk around and actually put the wrestling back into the company? I guess we will find out tonight!

    I hate to admit this, but I actually want to order tonight's PPV and I haven't said that in a LONG time, but this could potentially be one of the biggest PPV's that the WWE has put on in years! Of course I have got my hopes up in the past with high expectations, but was extremely dissapointed and this could potentially be one of those times. Obviously the whole Punk situation gives this PPV a unique twist, but the fact that they could go a number of ways with more than one of the matches/storylines also gives a certain amount of intrigue and anticipation as well! I mean just look at the main event alone where you could possibly see a "Chicago screwjob", a big swerve that sees Mcmahon actually aid Punk in a win meaning that he would be sticking around, you could see Punk win, but then have the MITB winner come out and cash it in and beat Punk, that way Punk doesn't leave with the belt and Cena isn't "fired, or if they want to be as creative as they have been in the past *sarcasm* then they can just have Cena win with nothing special happening. I'm not sure which one I think will happen, but I know which one I want to see... Punk wins and stays! Do I think that will happen? Probably not because it be something that I actually want to see! If I had to pick I think the MITB winner cashing in on Punk will happen which would probably be Del Rio to set up Del Rio vs. Cena at Summerslam.

    The two MITB matches are pretty predictable which means maybe they aren't predictable after all. I mean who doesn't think Del Rio and Sheamus will walk away with the briefcases? Maybe Vince will do one of his famous switch up at the last few minutes and try and shock people by making someone else the winner..... ON SD if you don't give it to Sheamus I could see Barrett or Rhodes winning it, but none of the others have a legitimate shot in my opinion, because I think that Gabriel,Bryan and Sin Cara are only in it to make it exciting with crazy spots.

    I honestly can't see them going away from Del Rio winning the RAW MITB because who else would they give it to? Miz and Riley are still involved with each other, R-Truth doesn't need another shot, Swagger has already had his turn, Bourne and Kingston are in it for the high spots, and I don't think Rey is getting Title shots these days, but he will probably be the guy Del Rio throws off the ladder to get the belt.

    Now Christian and Orton could go either way as well and could even see the MITB winner cash in on either Orton or Christian and being a non Christian fan wouldn't it be funny if Christian won and then Sheamus or whoever runs down, cashes in the briefcase and Christian's second Title reign is even shorter than the first! Funny eh! I do think the whole DQ stipulation might some how play a part and Christian might win the belt, but how long would he hold it this time?

    Kelly Kelly and Brie Bella? WHO cares that's a bathroom break and just for the sake of predicting I'll go with Kelly Kelly...

    Battle of the big and useless between Big Show and Mark Henry, which is kind of hard to call because which one of these deserves or needs a push? The answer is neither one of them because my feeling is when you been with the company as long as they have then you have pretty much done all you can and will do for the company, so start pushing the new guys or the guys on the brink of stardom and let these two useless big men help elevate other people!

    All in all it could go one of two ways.... Good or extremely bad!

    Any comments? Feel free to respond and let me know what you think. Your opinions are always welcomed whether you agree or disagree.If you like my journals and want to friend me on facebook send your requests to Erik Bryant, email me at ncwcoprez@aol.com or follow me on Twitter @eab2940 and if you leave me an interesting comment on facebook,twitter or via email I'll mention you in my posts and paste in your comments!

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