Drew Galloway: TNA’s Next Shining Knight?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by It's Damn Real!, Sep 30, 2015.

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    We’re only a few days away from Bound For Glory where we’ll find out if Galloway has what it takes to walk out TNA World Heavyweight Champion, but win, lose or draw, there’s no denying that few have taken up the mantle of TNA the way Galloway has for their brand. I’d chalk up both EC3 and Matt Hardy among those who have, but regardless of the state of the company or what may or may not happen with Destination America and TNA’s 2016 television status, Galloway seems primed to be “the guy” to help carry them into the future.

    Again, fully comprehending and understanding this all may be for naught, you do have to give him credit for not wavering in the face of scrutiny and uncertainty. I’m not even a big fan of his at all, but I do admire what he’s done for TNA. I do admire what he’s done for the company, versus what others in the past have only done for themselves.

    If you ask me, he’s something of a shining knight, even if he’s guarding the crown on a corpse, and that’s worthy of reverence. Even if it can only be applied postmortem.
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    I would corroborate with most of the facts you just had justified but, I would rephrase the above statement as Drew Galloway and Ethan Carter III are the prime 'Guys" to help them carry into the future.

    Thank You!

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    I definitely think Galloway is one of the guys who'll lead the TNA main event scene (if indeed TNA has a future). Along with EC3, Drew needs to be one of the wrestlers TNA needs to build their company around.

    Both he and Carter have all the tools needed, and are both young enough to dominate the title scene for a long time to come. I think it's likely that Drew will end up back in WWE at some point fairly soon but until that happens he's always likely to be in and around the title picture in TNA. He's too good for them not to push, plus his looks could help him be the poster boy of the company.
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    Is it me, or is Drew really forced onto us as the savior of TNA?

    As soon as he came in that became his gimmick. Fine, if AJ's not there someone has to do it. But I feel like no one actually perceives him as this motivating TNA guy who makes the people stand up for wrestling. He says it, but no one feels it.

    Personally, I'm not into him. I can't buy into the gimmick. All he does is scream and do things for TNA, but the underlining motivation (the WHY) is not there, so I can't connect.

    With EC3 - I get it. He's a Carter, rich family, privileged, won some important matches and thinks his shit don't stink. Makes sense.

    With Drew - he shows up one day, waving a TNA flag and being the savior of wrestling. Why, how, who, when, what?
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    While I'm a big fan of his and have waited a long time to read him described with words like that, now it seems too much like 'The Chosen One' which I still regard as the worst thing to happen to Drew in WWE.

    After all, when you're started at the top, what direction is there to go but down?.....and down he went.

    As to Drew winding up back in WWE fairly soon, I believe it's too soon. From the time WWE canned him, I was hoping he'd build back his rep over a 2-3 year period and make a triumphant return to Stamford.....and he'd be ready for it this time around; enough time would have passed that they wouldn't have to use him in a comedy role.

    So, it's great he's on the right path in TNA....and there are numerous reasons I hope they stay in business.....but none more than giving Galloway a chance to re-establish his credentials and go back to WWE.
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    I think it's all been a bit rushed, he hasn't had that big victory against Angle, Jeff or Lashley but TNA needs a fresh face in the main-event and Galloway has his chance to be that person.

    I don't want a veteran to be the one who ends ECIII's streak, so it would make sense for it to be Galloway to end the unbeaten run.

    Short term they could easily have went with Angle, Lashley or Anderson but TNA needs to think longer than that (depending on TV deal obviously).

    Angle is leaving, I'm not sure when Lashley's contract ends (Feb/Mar 2016?) but ECIII, Bobby Roode, Galloway & Jeff Hardy is a good group for the main-event, throw in Eric Young & Mr Anderson as well.
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    I think Galloway and EC3 both have a great future in TNA if its still around I think their both good workers and I enjoy watching them, TNA in my opinion has improved lately especially with Jarrett back so hopefully the whole GFW thing will start up on tv and stick around for a while longer too.

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