Does Kane lead to The Undertaker?

Discussion in '[Hidden] World Wrestling Entertainment' started by Loganity, Oct 25, 2017.

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    Ever since Kane returned to WWE a few weeks ago I've been curious about where this angle is heading with him. Logic said that he was back to get back at Roman for defeating and very likely ending The Undertaker. Of course as we know Roman got sick and is out of the picture for the moment. Kane turned on Strowman at TLC, which you have to assume will lead to a match between the two at Survivor Series. Then surprisingly, Kane dominated and beat Finn Balor clean on Raw this week. You would assume this is just to make him look Strongman. But, this got me thinking, could these be leading to a return of The Undertaker to do one of two things. Taker has never been officially retired, so keep that in mind.

    1. Face Kane one last time at WM34. Kane, in out of character interview over the summer said that if Taker decides he wants to wrestle again he'd love to have one last program with him. Kane could say all the right things into provoking The Undertaker into a last match with him. Hell bent to destroy his older brother once and for all he could challenge Taker to a career vs career match. Leasing to one last showdown between the brothers. I know Kane is busy running for mayor, but the election isn't till May. Making him technically available for the 4-6 weeks leading to WM34. You could work around his schedule with pre taped stuff if need be.

    2. Face Braun Strowman at WM34. Vince reportedly wanted to do the match a few years ago, but decided against it due to fan backlash. But with Strowman being so much more well liked and respected by the fans now, Could Vince be revisiting the idea of doing the match. Storwman is determined to be WWE's only monster. But, WWE's biggest monster has always been Undertaker. Could Braun call out Taker determined to get the biggest win of his young career? Braun's major push has lead to something big eventually. With WWE seaming to be bound and determined for Brock vs Roman to take place again next year, what's bigger than a match with The Undertaker at the show of shows?

  2. Un-Bo-Lievable Jeff

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    That's a lot of big bumps for Taker to take if he does face Braun at WM.

    I think Kane is just back as a big guy for Strauman to turn face against. Kane is a bad guy, beats up everyone, Braun comes back in and beats him turning face.

    Simple story to tell
  3. Jack-Hammer

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    I initially thought that it was about seeking revenge against Roman Reigns as well, I doubt that's the case now.

    Given what's happened, it's obvious that Strowman's next program will be Kane and my guess is that it'll be a one off sort of deal. If you look back over the past several weeks, Vince has been on a mission to do everything possible to guarantee that Strowman regains any momentum lost due to losing against Brock Lesnar. Strowman beat Ambrose, then he beat Rollins, then he defeated Reigns inside a cage, via Kane's help, and now Kane is next.

    I'm all fine with Kane being Strowman's next program, but what pisses me off royally is Vince, again, being so short sighted in that he propped up Kane by jobbing out Finn Balor to him with Balor coming off a an annoyance more than anything else. Balor is said to be Lesnar's next title contender, so shouldn't that be as important, if not more so really, than propping up a 50 year old veteran that's going to lose to Strowman? I have no idea what it is that gives Vince this irrational fear sometimes that fans are gonna lose interest in a wrestler if he loses. Whatever momentum Strowman lost, if any, has been regained so why not go the route of booking both Kane and Balor to look strong? There are simple, easy and entertaining ways to make that happen but Vince opts to make Balor look like a scrub after coming off a killer win over AJ Styles. It's another example of how so many of Vince's decisions prevent modern stars from getting traction and come off looking like a major player.
  4. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    WWE doesn't book longterm stories, so no, Kane is just an one time deal, put over Strowman and that's it. Plus Undertaker isn't really someone you can put in a long term story, because of his health.

    Kane is there for Strowman and then he'll be gone again.
  5. The Perfect Max

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    I feel like either scenario might be too long-term. Not that long-term is a bad thing, but WWE nowadays doesn't seem to like long-term. Well, they might plan long-term, but they don't book the angle until six weeks before anyway, so it really doesn't matter. For me, Kane is back because they need another guy for Braun Strowman to go over and make him look even better. Kane is one of the most respected guys in the history of the business, both by its employees and the fans. Whether Kane is a face or a heel, whenever he returns for a big program, fans take notice and understand the significance of Strowman defeating Kane twenty years after his debut. That's big.

    Now, Strowman could be going for Undertaker this year at WrestleMania. My gut says that Taker isn't retired, even though what he did at WrestleMania 33 suggested otherwise to me. I really felt like it was too symbolic and too emotional to then go back on. That moment should have been saved for THE moment. Plus, does Strowman HAVE to go over Taker at WrestleMania anyway? At this point, I don't know if it would do anything for him. Taker has lost twice at WrestleMania, which is arguably one too many for anybody to really feel like a win over Taker at WrestleMania would mean anything anymore. Strowman is beyond that to me. He has organically grown into his role and is doing great things. I just think Kane is the next step for that.

    The alternative that Kane might be facing Undertaker one last time does entertain me as the kid who grew up with Kane and Undertaker every week. It would be incredibly emotional and definitely entertaining. But I don't see that happening either. I understand that the election isn't until May, but WrestleMania is in April. Would Kane really want that distraction heading into a very important moment of his life? I personally don't think so. I wouldn't anyway. But I'm not Kane so I don't know for sure.

    I'm just going to enjoy having Kane back, even if he is stupidly booked to go over Finn Bálor so easily just one night removed from a fantastic win over AJ Styles. Man, the logic.
  6. Loganity

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    There's too many rumors about The Undertaker returning and too many references about him on tv for him to be done. The only thing I'm trying to figure out is who does he face? Cena seems to be the man to dethrone Jinder. Roaman is going to face Brock So what does it mean for The Undertaker. Who will he face?
  7. GetTheTables

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    I think the guy that could get the most out of the Undertaker at this point is AJ Styles. He could take any one of us and put on a five star match. But it doesn't really make sense storyline wise. And my guess is AJ takes on someone like Shinsuke at Mania anyway.
  8. Spencesc11

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    What I would do???

    Nothing really big planned for Stroman at Mania right now so how bout this....

    Stroman & Kane feud for awhile and then during a PPV match Samoa Joe comes out with Paul Heyman and helps Stroman destroy Kane. Heyman now manages both Stroman & Joe and says it's time to finish off the other half of the brothers of destruction for good!
    Kane gets Big Show to tag with him at Mania. Big Show is taken out backstage by Joe & Stroman. Kane is halfway to the ring to take on both Stroman & Joe when the bell tolls. Taker comes out and the crowd erupts. Finish has Taker pin Joe to end his career with a win at Wrestlemania. Great closure to a storyline and maybe you have Kane retire to. Post-Mania you could even start a Stroman vs. Joe feud.
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  9. BestSportsEntertainer

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    I really don't see Undertaker wrestling again. I also don't see him getting involved in this storyline.

    The Strowman and Kane feud probably won't last past the Rumble. Strowman beats him cleanly, gains back some of his momentum, and moves on to another, more important feud.
  10. Psykohurricane55

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    I Feel like we have seen the last of the undertaker. It was the perfect way to go out in my opinion. I also feel like the kane/strowman thing was a last minute decision when Reigns got sick and couldn't make the main event.

    In the end i wouldn't be surprise if this is just a short term feud that end at survivor series when strowman destroy Kane and he retires him just like he did the big show. They are building Strowman to be the new monsters of WWE and Beating and retiring Kane will do just that.

    I just wonder how long before the fans that are cheering For strowman turns on him the same way they did for Reigns when they find out that Strowman is a vince mcmahon project and he'S force feeding him just like he did reigns.
  11. ShinChan

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    I don't know if fans will turn on Braun Strowman. But what I do know is that Braun Strowman's push isn't even anywhere near Roman Reigns' push. To such an extent that they can't be compared.

    Braun Strowman wasn't even on the main show of his first Wrestlemania as a singles competitor after the brand split. He was in Andre The Giant Battle Royal. He didn't even win that.

    Roman Reigns was headlining Wrestlemania even before completing a year of his singles run.

    Braun Strowman wasn't even in the top 5 in Royal Rumble.

    Roman Reigns was the winner of Royal Rumble.

    That's just two big examples. One push was obviously forced while the other one was gradual.
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    Long time reader, first time poster

    Been thinking of the reason for Kane’s return and how it could go. I have a feeling it is his last run and the potential for ‘Taker to return at the 25th anniversary of RAW is connected.

    The way I would like to see it is, Kane does what Kane does for the next few months. Probably feuding with Roman Reigns as RR ends careers of legends.

    25th Anniversary of RAW Kane Vs Roman in a Hell in a Cell. Backwards and forward match. Roman Superman punch, spear, etc. Kane laying on the mat, ready to be pinned.


    Roman can’t believe it – “I retired you, I beat you” he says as ‘Taker slowly makes his way on the the stage, minus the hat, gloves and coat. He does the kneel pose, Kane sits up! Chokeslam, tombstone 1,2,3…..Then.

    Kane rips the door from the Cell to get to his brother on the stage. Spotlight just on those two, arms in the air pose as brothers of destruction, their shadow on the wall.

    Lightening bolt, fire, they disappear. The shadows remain only they are joined by a smaller, fatter shadow in the middle, recognisable as Paul Bearer.


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