Does Anyone Still Enjoy TNA?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by FromGlasgow, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. FromGlasgow

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    Just heard the news its looking very likely that the WWE will be the ones to purchase TNA.
    How about all the people who still enjoy watching TNA? TNA is still the most watched wrestling TV show in the UK so now in the UK we are left with WWE or nothing.
    I know TNA has had its problems the past few years but it really was starting to look up again with the additions to the roster of Cody Rhodes and Damian Sandow and diminishing role of Dixie Carter etc I was starting to feel good about it again then along comes WWE and just buys it and now no more TNA.
    TNA is just the lastest in a long line of wrestling companies that I previously enjoyed watching who WWE have indirectly put out of business.
    I enjoy WWE so I'm not anti WWE but I think its b******* that they just destroy other companies just so they can get a couple of DVD sales like a best of AJ Styles and a rise and fall of TNA type one so us in the UK can have no other alternative wrestling show on TV. I feel the UK fans get screwed over enough from WWE putting their weekly shows RAW and Smackdown exclusively on the expensive sky sports and charge us nearly double for the network than they do in the USA and never having any good shows over here except for one Summerslam like 25 years ago.
    I cannot afford to pay for sky sports so basically for the first time in my life that I can remember there will be no actual wrestling shows on free TV.
    I know they show a one hour highlights of WWE show on Sky one on sunday mornings but its dreadfull and cut all the matches and cut out anything remotely violent so your basically left with a 30 minute Triple H interview segment.
    The WWE roster is quite full at the moment so we probably wont see most of the TNA guys again as I don't expect the WWE has a lot of space for them all.
    Does anyone else just feel put off of WWE now at their arrogance at cancelling any possible wrestling alternative?
    I believe WWE will lose more than it will gain from this as if theres no alternative going on I think people will just get bored and move off from wrestling, Its not like they will get all the TNA fans now as maybe I'm wrong but I thought all TNA fans still followed the WWE anyway.
    I know I can't believe anything you read on the internet so hope its not true.
  2. It's Damn Real!

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    Oct 28, 2009
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    To be fair, they aren't destroying TNA. TNA destroyed TNA. More appropriately, Dixie Carter destroyed TNA. Hogan and Bischoff certainly played a big, big part in helping her there, but at the end of the day, as much as I'm sure she cares and nice of a lady as I'm sure she is, this is all on her. Every poor decision in their history since she's bought in as majority owner is on her.

    But to answer your question, yes, I still enjoy TNA, and I still want them around. It's just entirely out of our hands, is all.

    And no, not all TNA fans still follow WWE. I'm a TNA fan, and I don't follow/watch WWE.
  3. smizzy

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    May 13, 2012
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    I've seen this several times now, just out of curiosity and minimal knowledge of TNA, what did Hogan and Bischoff do? I would assume they were grotesquely overpaid for starters.
  4. Azane

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    Overpaid was one, they were making more money than the rest of the roster combined.

    Hogan and Bischoff consulted to basically remove everything that made TNA unique, and they turned the product into a watered down RAW, and then they decided to make it go live Monday Nights, making it harder for fans of both companies to follow them (Going live good, Going live vs the behemoth bad). Losing the 6 sided ring made TNA a lot less unique.

    The Storyline also turned into the NWO rehash for the 5th time, seriously, Aces and 8's started ok, but they decided to bring in half the roster and made the angle last waaaaay too long. And of course, Hogan was the center of attention, they even had a point where Hogan comes out and takes down half the locker room solo, barely able to walk.
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  5. SharpShootingCrossface

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    Jul 26, 2016
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    I love TNA, have for years and the past few months have been excellent. Is wwf buying them actually a thing that'll happen now??
  6. filthyanimalz

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    May 24, 2015
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    Let's just say it has been a long time since I have enjoyed a wrestling show as much as I did this weeks edition of Impact. It was awesome. Great X division match, solid Knockouts matches and an incredible Main Event that you wouldn't see in WWE. TNA is doing a good job of redefining itself as a credible alternative.
  7. ECPirate37

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    Oct 21, 2011
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    I LOVE TNA, and if they go away, I will not be watching wrestling any more. TNA should have kept the Knockouts strong, and the X-Division strong. That was their bread and butter. It made them unique. If TNA does die now, the sad thing is, for the past 6 months to a year, it has been their best programming since pre-bish&hogan.
  8. akathelaw

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    Oct 10, 2009
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    One thing Hogan and Bischoff coming to TNA did was convince Dixie that what she needed was the heel authority figure, and she decided to cast herself in that role. When Dixie became an on screen character, I think the show became a different thing than it was before. She was a lot like Vickie Guerrero, and Vickie "worked" for WWE but I don't know if people really wanted another character like that. It's not the only thing that led to TNA's problems, but it was a big part of it. Putting Dixie through a table should have been a bigger moment, the fact that it wasn't shows how much folks cared about that story.
  9. The Samoan Heritage

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    Jul 10, 2014
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    I love TNA and will continue to support them. I really wish people would've given them a chance this year as they have/had some very good stuff going on.
    -Lashley has been the most dominant world champion in any company I've seen in a very long time.
    -Broken Matt is the most talked about thing in wrestling this year.
    -They are building new stars in Bennett, Moose, Galloway, and Allie, among others.
    -They've renewed veteran careers. Jeff and Abyss were stuck in a rut and this "Broken saga" and Decay has refreshed their careers.

    The only negative TNA had TV show wise was the lack of knockouts and X-division stars, in which they are slowly fixing. They aren't close what those divisions use to be, but there are some great talent in both divisions, they just need to utilize them. Braxton Sutter vs Spud, imo is an underrated feud that sort of flew under the rador of most fans.

    All the negative publicity TNA has been getting sucks, but I will stay positive as this past episode was excellent and I expect nothing different at Bound for Glory.
    I also love the positivity TNA guys have shown. Gail Kim response to these report was great:
    But my favorite has to be EC3's post on instagram.
  10. TDFG

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    Feb 5, 2014
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    I'm probably enjoying TNA the most now since AJ Styles & Sting, I don't watch every Impact and even when I do I tend to skip through a good bit of the show.

    The X-Division & Tag-Division aren't what they were and that disappointing, there is a few guys on the roster that personally I don't have any interest in watching but that's the same view I have on WWE.

    For the sake of Wrestling I hope someone other that Vincent Kennedy McMahon purchases the company.
  11. Phenomenal

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    Feb 23, 2010
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    I will forever hate TNA if WWE buys them, obviously they wont exist then. I started watching them because I was bored of WWE slow paced matches and instantly fell in love with AJ Styles and Joe.

    I was so angry that Styles went to WWE, that I smiled when he lost to Reigns twice in a row and to Jericho who is nothing but a jobber or talent enhancer.

    TNA needs to stay alive, EC3 is a legend in the making and he will buried if WWE buys him out.
  12. WorstWrestlingExcrement

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    Jul 8, 2015
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    You heard the news from? All the way fro Scotland? Didn t know news travel that fast . I don't see TNA selling Billy Corgan won't sell and Dixie won't sell. The fact they have more money and her dad owns Panda Energy a multibillionaire more than what mc moron has they won t disappoint the fans and have their TNA product decimated! I don t see it! If it happens I won t watch wrestling no more cause if I switch to ROH they willbe bought by wwe afterwards
  13. Greg4WWE

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    Oct 13, 2009
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    I enjoyed it for a while. I actually thought it was different from the usual wrestling promo's. It almost felt different. Almost like it wasn't staged (we know it was but just seeing convos that weren't necessarily a promo, it's hard to explain). Seems Smackdown has sort of went that direction a bit too.

    The wrestling was always so so, just depended who was there. I did enjoy some freak finishes and unpredictable champions. The powers that be messed them up though. They had potential but, ya know?

    I don't get it here in Canada anymore anyway.
  14. ShinChan

    ShinChan Gone. For. Good.

    Sep 9, 2015
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    Main Event: Lashley has been good as a champion. So has been EC3 as his challenger.

    Mid Card: Still unimpressed by Bennett. Make him interesting for me, Cody. Just like EC3 did. Moose has been a nice addition. Drake has been good. Not sure where the hell Bram has been. TNA is wasting his talent. Rex and Galloway are good too.

    Knockouts: I had some hopes from Sienna and Allie. But it's been lackluster. Allie is made a joke. Sienna is just there. Gail-Maria feud isn't interesting enough.

    Tag Division: Lately, it has been relevant, thanks to Hardys. But except Hardys and Decay, there's no one relevant/interesting.

    X-Division: A thrown together division. The title match not even getting mentioned on go-home show is ridiculous.

    So yeah, there are parts where TNA is annoying as it's wasting some good talent out there. The main event is alright, TNA needs to give proper attention as well as booking to X-Division, Tag Division and Knockouts Division.
  15. Wrestlingaholic

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    Feb 9, 2014
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    I want to like TNA, I really do. But they don't make it easy.

    Nowadays I find I only tune in to Impact when I hear something important/major (like I watched the Final Deletion, and enjoyed the concept but hated the match)

    I always try and watch the big shows, though, and last night trawled through the disappointing Bound for Glory.

    This show is touted as their biggest of the year, so arguabky *should* be the one show that brings in newcomers or lapsed fans. And in my opinion, TNA did absolutely nothing at BFG to maintain those fans, to entice them to keep watching Impact.

    The X-Division title match was a decent start, other than the silly mid-match consecutive plancha sequence which made the supposedly high-impact moves feel worthless. Also there's literally no point in DJ Z performing a forward roll before the ZDT. However apart from those gripes, both Ion and Lee looked good, as the match progressed it felt like it wouldn't have been out out place in the Cruiserweight Classic. But then I look at this thread and discover the match wasn't even promoted on tv! If I've got that correct, that's scandalous!

    The Bound for Gold match was a joke. Considering the winner gets s title shot, TNA did nothing to convince me that any of the 10 participants would make a credible challenger. The only one who looked any good was Jessie Goderz (sp?). Wasting a spot on Grado was pointless and only served to make the rest of the participants look weaker (given there was only 10 involved, surely they should be presented as evenly matched?) - I also hate when WWE waste spots in the Royal Rumble in the same fashion, but at least they have 30 participants to cover up the short-termers.

    The Grand Championship. Now, conceptually, not a bad idea. I like that TNA are willing to try new things. But this was the first of a couple of occasions where the commentary team badly let the company down. As I say, with more than the average amount of eyes on BFG, they NEEDED to keep those eyes on the product. But, unless I completely misheard them, the announce team did not attempt to explain the rules. Then you had the judging system which only had Aron Rex win the second round 10-9, 10-9, 10-9 when I honestly can't remember seeing Eddie Edwards perform an offensive move in that round (again, an explanation of the scoring system would have been nice). The technical issues made this 'grand' event seem quite small time.

    I've heard good things about Mike Bennett and Moose, but their match bored me. And, similar to DJ Z, Moose is over theatrical on his finisher, which appears to be a cross between Okada's rainmaker and a discuss clothesline. Just s straight rainmaker would be more convincing IMO. I DID like TNA trying to make Moose look the real deal with his John Cena style entrance. Well done TNA.

    The 'great war' for the tag team titles. Wow. What a mess. Again, I applaud TNA attempting something different, especially as they appear to be taking a leaf out of the excellent Lucha Underground playbook. Yet I hated it, personally. I think Broken Matt Hardy is an excellent evolution of his character, but I'm not sold on the 'three faces of Jeffrey' and to have all 3 appear in the same match was insulting. The editing was terrible, making it hard to comprehend what was going on at times; when Reby power bombed Rosemary through the table, Rosemary performed the most laughably blatant jump it killed the spot, and nothing other than the closing sequence was any good. Why was Jeff Hardy incapacitated when he had mist sprayed in his face in the back? He was wearing goggles at the time which protected his eyes! Nonsensical. And once again, a lack of explanation by the commentators hampered the match - who knew it was pinfall a count anywhere until the wrestlers actually went for pins outside the ring?

    The Knockouts title match wasn't good, as Maria is not a wrestler, but it told a story, as well as furthering the story between Maria and the lovely Allie. Again, well done TNA, this achieved exactly what it should have done, an area that WWE often fall down on too.

    The main event was a strong, entertaining match, and closed the show on a high note. So another strong point for TNA.

    Overall, you will see that my complaints are actually relatively minor, and if TNA can iron them out, hopefully they can refresh under Billy Corgan's stewardship, as the basis is there. But they need to step back and actually think what their long-term goal is, and try to start building towards that. They need to realise how important a role the commentators have - if people watching on tv have no idea what is happening, it will discourage them from returning each week.

    Like I say, I want to like TNA, I really do...
  16. Wrestlingaholic

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    Oh and the OP is slightly misleading when he calls TNA the most watched wrestling programme in the UK; it is, but only because we have to pay a premium to watch Sky Sports (for the top package it can be £45/US$56 per month) whereas TNA is on a free channel. If WWE was freely available, it would easily be the most watched show in the UK
  17. Psykohurricane55

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    May 13, 2011
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    I actually i'm starting to like Watching TNA again for the most part. I love watching anything that Mike Benett, Maria and Eli Drake are doing. The whole grand championship stuff is boring and i'm mostly changing channel when those matches or on. The whole Broken hardy'S stuff is quite good but i not a fan of it when they put some over produce backstage stuff mix with live content like they did at bound for glory and last week's episode of impact.

    The x-division as really found it'S way back and is better then what WWE is doing with the cruiserweight. Like i said, anything going on with maria in the knockout division is just awesome and while i'm really getting tired of the knockout being center around gail kim, i still enjoy the division for what it is.

    My only real complaint again outside how the promotion is being run, (and let's hope that billy corgan does a better job with it that dixie did) is that they still put the focus to much on ex wwe midcarders. Look i'm a fan of Damian sandow aka aron rex but he just came in 2 months ago and he'S already a champion, cody rhodes is in a main event program which he probably will win, the hardy's are still the most focus thing on the show.

    Finally, nothing against their new TNA champion Eddie Edwards, but who thought that having eddie become a TNA world champion and beating lashley was a good idea? really i'm not getting the choice at all, they have a great babyface in EC3 that actually as charisma and is a hell of a good worker that could have gotten a great moment at bound for glory by beating lashley but instead they have lashley beat EC3 at the ppv only to lose the belt to Eddie who while he'S a good wrestler, the guy as the charisma of a plank. He almost as boring on the mic as neville and apollo crews.

    So yes for the most part, i still enjoy TNA and i hope for them that the rumors are true and that Billy Corgan bought the company and while rebrand it so to give them a chance of actually succeeding and getting more fans watching the product because right now the TNA brand is so damage that they won'T survive and won't succeed if something drastic isn'T done.

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