Do championships become more relevant with a heel?

Discussion in 'World Wrestling Entertainment' started by The Yes Guy, Feb 8, 2018.

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    This is sort of a passing thought.

    I believe the most relevant title right now is the IC title. All the others have become more or less irrelevant. As much as I love AJ Styles, his heel run with the title was way better than his face run.

    Flair, JBL, Punk, Edge, Orton, Jericho, HHH, Rollins, (I dare say) even Jinder Mahal were better at putting championships at the forefront than most faces.

    The only 2 people I think did this better as faces were Cena and Hulk.

    Is it because heels are better suited to holding a title and faces better chasing them.?
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    I was thinking recently how special Hulkamania was because, for the most part, it was Hogan defending his title. So many matches in that era were based on "Is this the monster who can end Hulkamania?" From the early days of Bunday, Studd, Kamala, Andre through Earthquake to Sid and Yokozuna, it was a time where most fans wanted the champ to retain. That is not usually the formula for exciting championship feuds.

    I agree that, in general, a face chasing a title is more appealing. That was the reason that I predicted Daniel Bryan's popularity would have dropped drastically after Mania XXX. He got hurt, so we'll never know; but, much like Mysterio chasing the title was ok--an underdog on a wave of momentum--can be exciting. But, once he got there, it becomes silly for him to hold on to it for any extended period of time.

    Another thread going on now is about the Million Dollar Man and his purchasing the WWF championship. I think that had legs to be a long-term heel championship run with several face chases...with several successful attempts. This is why any angle with the McMahons or corporate HHH has something extra to it. That feeling of going up against the powers that be, and the incredibly long odds that come with it, that's where the drama comes from. DiBiase's money and the backing of Andre and, to a lesser extent, Virgil could have put him in a power position where, despite the in-ring efforts of heroes like Hogan or Savage or the outside-the-ring restrictions put on him by Jack Tunney, he could have found advantages to keep him on top or get back on top after a loss.

    So, I think the championship is generally more interesting when a Bret Hart, or a tag-turned-single Jeff Hardy or an undersized, underdog against the Authority Daniel Bryan or even a popular beast like Braun Strowman is chasing it. Rarely, aside from a few like Bruno, Hulk and Cena, is there as much passion surrounding the belt when the one you want to have it already has it. The chase is the fun part.
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    It's simple.

    Heel title runs work when you want the heel to lose the title, so you tune in to find out who is going to beat the heel.

    Face title runs work when you want the face not to lose the title, so you tune in to watch the face overcome the heels.

    It's actually so so simple.

    WWE however makes it complicated. Roman Reigns will never be able to have a long chamionship run because noboby wants to see him with the belt, and heels don't get over, because most of them are so damn good in the ring that the fans don't really want them to lose the title.

    Jinder Mahal, even though he was an undserving world champion, he was great in the role of a champion, in general. People just wanted to see him lose. He had heat.
    One the other hand, the last good world champion was CM Punk. Somebody that the fans didn't want to lose the belt and was a face at the same time. But they turned him heel.
    After Punk, the faces that became world champions were: Rock, Cena, Bryan, Reigns, Ambrose and Styles. Only Styles actually works as a face world champion and has the potential to have a long-ass world title run, because the fans simply want him to win. Bryan would have worked but got injured and Ambrose was underwhelming.
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    Heels holding the belt worked back in the day because there was more freedom for the heel to interact. Superstar Graham, Harley Race, Ric Flair, Dory Funk, Jr. and Nick Bockwinkel were people that you PAID to see get beat. You heard them pop their chops on TV saying how great they were and how the world sucked. They had charisma in spades. And, you were happy to see the face kick the heel's ass.

    Today, outside of the Indies, WWE treats its product like a TV show. The deliveries are wooden. There is not feeling or emotion in heel or face promos. It is all overly scripted. If you watched an older program, you actually believed that (for example) Dream Machine wanted to murder Jerry Lawler or that the Freebirds legitimately blinded Junkyard Dog so he could not see his newborn child. Nobody believes the promos anymore. And, there is such a grey between heel and face that it really no longer matters.
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    The reason some championships feel less important has to do with booking. Right now AJ is toiling around with Zayn and Owens, which is merely a backdrop for Shane and Daniel Bryan and their storyline. AJ is gonna be a face no matter what as he's just too well liked and appreciated by mostly all fans. We're just wasting time before he can actually get in a real feud with Shinsuke. I disagree with the Miz making the IC title relevant. Now, I wholeheartedly agree he will represent better than Reigns but he needs to be booked better as well. Yes heels display heel tactics and sometimes weasel their way into a win by cheating. However, the last time Miz was IC champion, he was booked weak and always had to cheat and have the Miztourage interfere. Not every heel has to be that way. What if they were actually good and won clean many times until they finally come against that big babyface that defeats them. Miz has the mouthpiece to do it but his mouth is strong while his wrestling isn't.

    Other Champions: Roode (should be a heel like in NXT and that title would be better right now), Charlotte (should be back to heel champion), Alexa (wasn't booked to defend for several months because she was unimportant. She's great on the mic and as a weasel type champion but it needs to go to Asuka at Mania so she can bring that title back up). Universal Champion Lesnar obviously will drop to Reigns but they seriously need to turn Roman heel. They've tried everything they could to make him this big tough babyface even going as far as reuniting the Shield for him but it's all failed. The one thing they haven't done is let him go full heel and embrace the fans dislike and throw it back in their face. Eventually if he does this, he will get real heel heat and probably get over. Usos are fine as SD tag champs as they've done an amazing job in reinventing themselves from how they used to be with the face paint stuff. I think they have represented the best for their belts out of any champion in WWE. Cesaro and Sheamus are just boring tag champs. They should be booked like an APA where they are just these badass beer drinkin bar fighting guys that don't take crap off anyone. Cruiserweight champ...fix the 205 brand for that to even be mentioned.
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    Gold has been the symbol for greed since we decided it was worth killing for. It makes sense to be more comfortable with the bad guy carrying the championship. We don't have to sit back and wonder whether he/she "deserves" to be champion. In a classic sense, he doesn't and never will. But there are a lot of variables to factor in when it comes to how to feel about the good guy winning it.

    Sorta oversimplifying it I know, as there's probably a great discussion on psychology to be had here, but I see it as this: We're just more comfortable with good things going to people who don't really deserve it while the hard-working joe has to go through Hell to get it.
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