Disney to Buy Sony's Film and Television Division?

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    Idk if anyone has heard but ever since the CEO of Sony has stepped down, there are talks of Disney possibly absorbing the film and tv divisions of Sony. This deal would only serve to give Disney more power in Hollywood as well as complete rights to the Spiderman IP and all of those characters. Meaning we could see Venom, Carnage, and others in the MCU as well. Sony also owns Men In Black, Karate Kid, Underworld, Resident Evil, Ghostbusters, and many more.

    Disney and Sony are already teaming up as far as Spiderman and his lesser villains are concerned. This deal might very well take place. I'm telling you, Disney will own the world by 2020. They'll be like the Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil.
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    At least we might get a good MUGEN game out of it.
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    That just means the prices to go watch everything Disney will go way up. Just a matter of time.

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