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    I'm a very big Pokemon player and with the release of UltraSun and UltraMoon on the horizon I've read a lot of speculation of what could or couldn't be in it and how people will react to these things. Over the years I've read a lot on various forums about what might make the perfect pokemon game and I'm curious as to what your opinions would be.

    In no particular order I have created what I think would make an excellent game.

    1) Open World

    How many times in Pokemon games has it felt really odd that a horse of Psyduck or a Sudowoodo are what's keeping you from going into the next town. I understand from a gameplay and event perspective there needs to be some control, however why not make it so events occur when you do the natural progression. The way I see it working is if I want to go from Route 2 to Blackthorn city, let me. I'll get my ass kicked by everything on that route and be forced to go the natural way anyways, but at least the dumb reasoning as to why I can't travel gets eliminated.

    2) Level Changing NPC

    How hard would it be to program a few trainers into the game that always are 2 levels stronger than you. Having trainers change their pokemon level only would make the game way more interesting and challenging. Especially if option 1 occurs I think this would be great.

    3) A slightly darker realistic storyline

    I've always wanted an evil team Pokémon boss to straight destroy a building in a town. Legitametly do something that can visually be seen that does some damage. Why can't a Dark Charizard light a building on fire or something. Or have a Drapion attach a human like the anime. It happens in the TV show which is for kids why can't it happen in the games?

    4) Elite 4 Battle Tower Champion Challenge

    Instead of your traditional Battle Tower/Maison why not after you become champion just have the option of battling challengers for BP? When you lose you go through the elite 4 and that NPC becomes champion? How cool would that be.

    5)Bring Backs
    -Riding over Hoenn and seeing the places
    -Multiple Regions
    -Pokemon Trail Behind You
    -New Megas
    -A real rival
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    I have not played a Pokemon game since Diamond. I loved the 1st, 2nd, and 4th gen titles though so I'll chime in. The one that had my favorite setup was the 2nd gen so it would inspire my Pokemon title. I liked how you went through both the new Gold/Silver region as well as the original Red/Blue/Yellow region afterwards. I want to see something similar to that. Have it to where you could pick what region you start in and get all the starters of that gen. You get Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle if you picked the Red/Blue/Yellow region to start from. You could pick from:

    Red/Blue/Yellow region
    Gold/Silver/Crystal region
    Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald region
    Diamond/Pearl region

    Then after you clear the region you started out in, you gain access to the other three. Instead of immediately going after the Elite 4, you have to get all of the Gym Badges from a region in order to go after the member of the Elite 4 who is over that region. Clear all 4 regions to go after the full Elite 4, in other words. Once you beat the Elite 4 you can challenge Red like you did in Gold. This is also when you gain access to a sidequest where every legendary species would be available.

    All species would be available, but trading with someone who has the secondary title for this gen would still be required in order to catch them all since some are only in the B title and some are only in the A title. It wouldn't be Pokemon without that. Other thoughts include the return of Team Aqua and Team Magma who feud like they did in Emerald. That way there's no Team Rocket ripoff.

    I also would want to see a sidequest where you face an Eevee master trainer who has nothing but Eevee evolutions at level 70+ in his party. Not sure if one of the newer titles did this already? I would give him Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, and Leafeon. You would have to catch one of every Eevee in order to be able to fight him. That would be a fun sidequest that does not depend on legendaries.
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    Open world is a must, whether or not players get to go back to previous generations. Other things that I would like to see that would make for the best pokemon game-

    1. The Turn-Based Play To Die

    This system is a relic, and I doubt it will hold up well in the next five years. Nothing takes the immersion out of a video game more than "I will hit you, then you will hit me, then I will hit you again". I want my Pokemon to be able to move around the field/arena/gym as I plan the next strategic attack. The best Pokemon game shouldn't play like a JRPG from the 90s. We want more realism in these games, right? If the Final Fantasy franchise can move on from this, so can Pokemon. Kill the turn-base.

    2. Deeper Plot

    Without a shadow of a doubt, Pokemon Sun and Moon is by far my favorite for this, right behind Black/White. Even children enjoy complexity in characters. We want moral gray areas. We want to question whether or not we're the heroes, or if the villains are fighting for a righteous cause. Our characters should be betrayed, or at least feel betrayed now and then. Even in a kids game, an antagonist doing evil for the sake of evil is boring. The best Pokemon game should give us enemies that we don't expect. We should feel like our character progressed and changed over time, like any good protagonist in a game should.

    3. Advanced Playable Character

    He/She is a mute who in newer generations selects multiple choice answers that doesn't effect gameplay whatsoever. The best Pokemon game would give us a voice. I want to hear my character shout for Zapdos or whoever to pop out of their pokeball. Is my character a bit of a dick? I need to know or be given the option of being such. Maybe he has particular interests that could act as a boon for him in-game, like collecting nothing but Water Types makes him able to run a gym in his spare time. I don't want to just be a kid pokemon trainer challenging for badges anymore. Can I join a Daycare and make some cash? Be living it up in a Mansion full of rare oddities because I'm an ace at the Game Corner? Can I be a 27 year old man and not the 11 year old boy passed games force me to be? I want to do more, and this would also effect side quests and the like, too.

    4. Difficulty Option

    Maybe it's due to being a veteran for Pokemon, but playing these games, especially the newer ones, is too easy. There are reasons fans are coming up with ways to make it harder on ourselves, like the Nuzlocke Challenge. Blowing through gym leaders shouldn't be as easy as it is for a kid. The best Pokemon game would allow us to raise the difficulty up if we wanted. Puzzles should take time, and catching legendaries even moreso. Especially in an Open World setting, I'd like to accidentally stumble into a cave full of level 50s and not be able to survive. Challenges make the game worthwhile in the end, like we achieved something.
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    Deeper plot for sure. As much as I hated Sun and Moon the storyline was deep and it made logical sense. Same as Black and White. Reasons why the evil team is doing as is.

    Make me give a shit about beating my rival. Blue was a great rival as he was a bit of a dick but later on your rivals are mates. Fuck that.

    Make it harder. I too often think I'm good at Pokémon the battle on line and am destroyed as the game is soooo easy.

    Openworld ala Breath of The Wild would be perfect. I'm sick of 3 house cities. Give me a reason to care about my region.

    Bring back gyms.

    Get rid of HMs forver.
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