Debate: The 10 Biggest Legends In WWE History

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Biggest Legend in WWE History??

  1. Hulk Hogan

  2. John Cena

  3. The Undertaker

  4. Steve Austin

  5. The Rock

  6. Triple H

  7. Randy Savage

  8. Ultimate Warrior

  9. Andre The Giant

  10. Shawn Michaels

  11. Bret Hart

  12. Other

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  1. LionheartY2J

    LionheartY2J Occasional Pre-Show

    Apr 7, 2014
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    I'm going to do this based on what truly matters to the WWE: marketability.

    10. The Undertaker: Few "charade wrestlers" last for long. The Undertaker did.

    9. Randy Savage: Ooooooohhhhh Yeeeaahhh!!! Nuff said.

    8. Andre the Giant: Though more freak show than wrestler, it's what sold tickets before Hulkamania.

    7. Daniel Bryan: Though only for a fleeting moment, you could be in Sacrento or Timbuktu, and if you through your fingers in the air and hollered YES! YES! YES! people you weren't alone.

    6. Degeneration X: Though they weren't quite Austin 3:16, in their day, DX memorabilia was flying off the shelves.

    5. John Cena: The answer to the eternal question; when will they finally turn Cena heel: not any time soon. Because while the adult crowd may boo him mercilously, the kiddies are off spending oodles of allowance money on his memorabilia. Turn Cena heel, and that all dries up.

    4. The Rock: Arguably the most recognizable face in WWE today.

    3. Stone Cold: While The Rock may be the mainstay of the era, when I was in college back in the 90's, you couldn't walk into..pretty much anywhere without some type of Austin 3:16 memorabilia. What Austin 3:16 did is to market to both hardcore rednecks and douchey frat boys.

    2. Vincent Kennedy McMahon: Let's not underscore what he did. Wrestling' always had its heels, some of which being more over the top than others. But their villainy remained mostly in the ring. What Mr. McMahon did was to create a proper villain in the world of wrestling; one who would always get his cummupance. And in doing so, he catapulted more wrestlers into stardom than I can think of.

    1. Hulk Hogan: Without him, pro wrestling isn't what it is. Though The Rock may be the all over Hollywood, in Hogan's day, he was all over everything.
  2. Issa Genesis

    Issa Genesis Actively evolving

    Jun 8, 2014
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    I can. Because the key to the question is WWE Legend. Is Flair a WWE Legend? Sure. Is he in the top ten? Not in my eyes. If we were talking about wrestling as a whole, well then yeah he's top 5. But we're not. And we are not talking about merging WCW or ECW accomplishments. Flair didn't really do shit in the WWF besides win the WWF Championship, and have a few good feud,matches. But if we are going by that notion then I guess we can throw is Seth Rollins in as a legend and put him on the list as well. And no I'm not comparing Seth to the great Ric Flair.I'm just saying when it comes to WWE there are so many people ahead of him.

    As for one guy you put in the honorable mentions. John Cena. No he wasn't only the guy became of his squeaky clean character, he became the guy because he was over as he'll in' 04-early' 05. He was as over as Daniel Bryan, people seem to forget I'm kid you not with a far from squeaky clean character. He was a white rapper gimmick and became the Face of WWE with that gimmick. Austin got over the cheap way,as much as I hate to admit it by doing stuff he knew people would cheer. Rock just like Reigns was a WWE "Project" that was planned to be the guy from day one,even though it backfired. And Hogan just happened to be in the right place,the right era,right time,and right character. Lesnar no where near deserves on honorable mention. He did a lot,don't get me wrong but how long was his career combined?
  3. Issa Genesis

    Issa Genesis Actively evolving

    Jun 8, 2014
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    I think you're missing the point of the thread. WWE Legend. Either that or need to go study the business

    And for those talking about it I was gonna add Bruno to my list sharing #1 with Hogan but I didn't think many on here remembered/studied his career.
  4. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Championship Contender

    Aug 10, 2011
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    Why did WCW let him go? Because they were idiots? And not in a hindsight, yeah those guys were stupid kind of way. In a real time, can you believe that they let that guy go kind of way?

    Austins big problem in WCW was that he hadn't previously worked in the WWF. WCW by that point had turned into a company that valued guys with that WWF name recognition over guys that didn't have it. Austin had built up quite a name for himself with his US Title runs, his run with the Dangerous Alliance, and his team with Pillman. He had come to WCW with a great rep as a future star from WCCW. Back when he was Stunning Steve Austin, he was thought of as one of the brightest future stars in the business, so the fact that WCW lost him because they fired him? That was idiotic. That was by no means a sign that he was just some other guy who only ever had a hope of getting over if he just managed to get his hands on some edgy material?

    As for his start in the WWF? They dropped the ball with the Ringmaster gimmick, but people tend to forget that was only a few months before he had switched to Stone Cold. I've never once heard that there were any concerns for him once Dibiase left for WCW? I'd love to see a source on that.

    The fact that they had him win KOTR about a month later (28 days in fact), would seem to suggest the exact opposite.

    So because fans rebelled against the guy who was getting pushed down their throat, and that guy still managed to completely turn them around and win them over because his personality and character were that good... this somehow means that he was just in the right place at the right time, and was only capable of getting over with edgy material?

    I'm not really understanding.

    Because other people have been in the same boat that Dwayne Johnson was with Rocky Maivia. Other people though, didn't turn it around to become Iconic and one of the biggest stars in the World like Dwayne Johnson did. And it wasn't just because Dwayne Johnson is great at telling a dick joke.

    Probably their personalities and creativity... just like they actually did in real life.

    Listen kid... do you think that Austin and Rock were the only guys allowed to be 'edgy' as you call it? The entire locker room had the exact same opportunity and took advantage of it as well.

    Just sitting here and trying to argue that the reason these guys were as popular as they were was because they got 'edgy material'? Is so damn disrespectful to them.

    I just stopped there. Holy fuck kid.

    You don't seem to be understanding my point, because you seem to think that somehow I'm knocking Cena by saying it.

    I'm not.

    When the WWE was a private, family owned business, they would stick with a top guy just as long as he was continuing to work as a top guy. Once business would go down because the fans weren't as invested in that guy anymore? They would switch it up and go with someone new. If it took a little time to get that new guy over, then so be it. As long as he did get over, then it was alright and they'd take the hit in the interim.

    With a publicly traded company though, they don't have that luxury, because the hit they take means that the stock price goes down, investors lose money and confidence in their investment, and they walk away. It actually limits the company in many ways.

    Wouldn't they want other people on top so that they can make more money? Of course, but do you ever notice that they rarely give others the same type of opportunity that they afford Cena? I'm sure you just think that's because Cena is so far above everyone else. In reality though, it's because they're hesitant to take chances on others that may cause a temporary drop in investor confidence, so they keep going back to Cena because he's the safe choice.

    Believe me, ratings would not have been trending downward for so long now with the same guy on top the entire time back in the old days.

    Yeah he did? When did I ever claim otherwise?

    He also did have high hopes for both Austin and Rock from the start. They just got the gimmicks wrong initially.

    I remember debating Cena with you once before, in one of those WZ tournaments. I forgot what an unabashed Cena mark you are. I'm just glad I wasn't sitting beside you the first time you watched Trainwreck. That might have been scary.

    He's been relevant and entertaining to you ever since his debut. For many though (the ones I'm assuming you just dismiss as haters), he grew stale... which is not surprising for anyone who's had a run at the top as long as he has.

    I've long said that it would be best for everyone involved if Cena took time off and gave his face a break. It would force the WWE to start getting behind other guys and properly invest in creating new stars again. It would allow those who are tired of Cena to begin to appreciate what he brings to the table.

    Already addressed this.

    So in your what if game, what happens when we take away the Rock's movie career? Does he just fade away, or does he not continue wrestling for probably another decade at least?

    With the immense popularity of the Rock as a wrestler... and when he was just a wrestler he was more over with the mainstream public than Cena has ever been (that's a big reason why Hollywood wanted him)... do you not think that he wouldn't have continued to be the #1 guy for a very long time?

    Take away the Rock's movie career, and it's arguable that Cena never gets his shot at being the #1 guy in the WWE. He very likely could have ended up in more of a Randy Orton role.

    We do realize that I'm not just talking about WWE accomplishments right? Because I don't really know if it's fair to compare the championship and major win resumes of two guys when one of them worked almost 3 times as long to build his?

    As for the rest... already addressed. No need to keep repeating it.
  5. Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer Boy Better Know

    Jun 12, 2012
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    I'm not discrediting Austin's career at all, if that's the impression you're getting. What I'm saying is before the Attitude Era, he was only a mid-carder. After the Era ended, he still uses such material to get over. That links to the idea of 'right place, right time' because had the WWE decided to remain a family friendly product, you can question where Austin's career would have taken him. Yeah he was a mid-carder, so was Mr Perfect and so was Scott Hall, did either of them win a world title? Cena won his first world title in 2005 and was constantly main-eventing for years despite the change to a PG product in 2008. That shows he was able to make that adjustment and be a huge name in both periods. If you believe Austin still would have been a big name, OK, but I think it's fair to question that. I can't find it at the moment but I've seen a plan of what they wanted Austin during his WWE run. Let's just say that it didn't look hopeful and there's a reason they never followed through.

    Mabel had also won it the year before. Where is Mabel now? Besides, have you seen the contenders in the 1996 tournament? HBK wasn't in it, neither was Bret or 'Taker that year. Says a lot of the value of the KOTR in '96. Austin did get his big break after that tournament, but not because of beating Roberts but because of that speech. Oh yeah, one of the first edgy promos the WWE fans had seen at that time.

    Relate it to what I just said about Austin.

    So even you can agree that we're not certain what their careers would have been minus the TV-14 television.


    Yeah, no denying, but what I'm saying is, well, I've said it a few times now...

    Are you forgetting that I put these guys in my top 4? I love their promos, they're great in-ring performers and charismatic as heck. They're 2 of the best to ever go at it. Don't assume I'm saying they're overrated or garbage. They made a lot of money for the WWE and saved them from collapse.

    Yeah, cut out the part where I wrote
    I know you're not, I read the rest of you're post.

    It's a business, they take risks and Vince has been in the industry long enough to know what will make him a huge loss. As a business, they will take every opportunity they can to have another top star alongside Cena, like Austin and Rock were during their primes. With your logic, what do you expect them to do once Cena retires?

    Those names I mentioned? Sure, Cena's was taken further but that's because he capitalised on those small opportunities he had, therefore he was given further spotlight.

    But you're assuming they haven't given others any real chances. They clearly have. Remember, they're a business. Yeah they haven't been given that extra bit of attention but again they didn't make the best of what they were given. Remember, Cena wasn't given that number 1 spot straight away. He worked for it and was more over as a mid-carder in 2004 than anyone on the current roster.

    Well, these are not the old days. Time change, At one point the only way of watching wrestling was by going to a live show. Again, you've got the internet now, DVR, so many more entertainment options and TV channels, live streams which affect PPV numbers, etc. That's why they haven't gone into complete panic mode like they did in the mid to late 90's when the ratings were similar to that they are now, as at that point, TV was the only way of watching the product unless you were actually in attendance.

    Until when? ;)

    :lmao: buckle up for this year!


    So why didn't anyone else step up to the plate to make them a lot of money if he was growing stale? Because they simply couldn't? And/or was he still making a lot of money for them at the time so it wasn't necessary and only the IWC grew tired of Cena, who don't really count as a majority?

    But you're saying they keep pushing Cena because of the money he makes them? Why would they want to keep him off TV for a long time if he makes them loads of money and he's a safe choice for the investors? Remember, it's a business and they want to make as much money as possible.

    Cena hasn't been main eventing monthly since we'll say when he lost to Bryan in mid-2013. Who's capitalised since?

    Shows how foolish Cena haters can be. It takes for Cena to be gone for a while for them to appreciate what he brings to the WWE. How about they appreciate that when they see him week after week? Because he's the only top star at the moment? Again, that would be because...?

    There's a chance, but he'd still be a big draw. You don't only have to have 1 big draw in a given period. You had Hogan, Savage and Warrior and then you had Austin and Rock. But then again, I guess we're just used to 1 single huge draw because in the past 10 years, no one has really come close to Cena's drawing ability.

    The fact that he's been on top for 10 years speaks volumes.

    I feel like I made the same points a few times in this post, I'm not sure how clearer I can be. If you're good, you get pushed, If you capitalise, you get pushed even more and that's what the WWE wants as they're a business and want to make a lot of money. In regards to Rock and Austin, before TV-14, midcarders. After TV-14, use edgy material to get over, DURING TV-14, huge stars. John Cena, before PG and during PG, top guy. Hulk Hogan, as a goody and a baddy, top star.
  6. Stone Cold Tea

    Stone Cold Tea Getting Noticed By Management

    Dec 4, 2014
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    Rock and Austin were basically done by the back end of '02. Cena debuted '02. Right place right time.

    Cena came along with his child friendly gimmick around the time the E went PG. Right place right time.
  7. Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer Boy Better Know

    Jun 12, 2012
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    But he was already the top draw before the move to PG. Once again, I'm saying Cena could be a top draw whether the product was family friendly or not. I doubt Austin and Rock could because they weren't the most popular of superstars until the Attitude Era, as I've said and even now when they make occasional appearances, they need to make use edgy material to get over. Could they have been huge stars anyway? Maybe, but Cena definitely could have been a huge name in the late '90s (obviously if he was around then and older), just like he currently is. Even Austin said he would have made a lot of money at that period of time. Let's assume Steve Austin and Dwayne Johnson were younger and made their debuts in the mid-2000s, would they have been able to make a huge name for themselves?

    So Cena wasn't at the right place at the right time. Rock and Austin, in my opinion, were.
  8. Stone Cold Tea

    Stone Cold Tea Getting Noticed By Management

    Dec 4, 2014
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    Cena wouldn't be the top draw if The Rock and Austin were about. No one would. Except Hogan for fuck sake. What would Cenas gimmick in the 90s be? A rapper?

    ''Hey Shane''

    ''What Dad''

    ''I got another member for The Mean Street Posse''
  9. ilapierre

    ilapierre Getting Noticed By Management

    Jun 3, 2010
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    The thing is all 3 were in the right place at the right time. So was Hogan, Savage and Bret. I believe a big reason why there's such a big divide in thinking between you and the majority of us here is your age. How can you accurately comment on the impact of Austin and Rock when their impact was made before you were even born? It's cool you have an opinion on things before your time. I comment about Bruno and Andre and Bob Backlund and Billy Graham. But I don't honestly understand their exact impact because I grew up in different times and they were in their prime in a more primitive business before I was born. So I can't really judge objectively what I grew up with against what I didn't.

    You're 17. All you've ever known is John Cena. He's been the big draw since you were in diapers. And your whole life as a fan has been watching PG TV. Which means you've never been old enough to have properly experienced a boom period. A lot of kids your age are smart in so many ways. And you're lucky to have the easy access to WWE's video library. Even though I don't agree with you on Cena, I do agree with one or two points you made about Austin and Rock. I see them as a bit overrated. It's easy for us older guys to dump on you younger guys and say then you grow up you will be able to develop an ability to judge eras based on their realities. But some of us older folk forget to do that when it comes to what's happening in the present. WWE fanboys 5 or 10 years younger than me tend to inflate Rock and Austin's legacies because they 'saved' WWE from WCW and the NWO. Fact is both guys are top 10 in legacy, they are both amazing. Their impacts cannot be understated. But I scoff when I see them both listed in the best ever top 5. Cause they are no Hogan, Savage or Flair. They had 6 big years and disappeared. They did not have successful 25 to 35 year careers, sometimes outside the WWE hype machine, building the business. Remember Hogan, Savage and Flair left WWE in the early 90s for a crap company and most WWE fans followed. Those old fogies in their 40s (Flair's case 50s) almost put WWE out of business. Now that is legacy! Whether it was WWF or NWA, those 3 were the elite faces of wrestling. They built the massive audiences as young men, stole those audiences as old men when they jumped to WCW. And when their careers were winding down, Rock and Austin saved WWE's flip flopping audience. They were the right people, in the right place at the right time more than anyone ever. But when the 'right' time was over, and WCW died, WWE wasn't the 'right' place anymore, business stopped booming and those two disappeared. Because they both could not have continued in the reality of PG TV. They have always been one dimensional, extremely lucky they were allowed to push so many untouched boundaries and do or say the most obscene things ever to create maisntream buzz and entertain ravenous audiences. Yet neither could have retransformed themselves or the business like Hogan, Flair and Savage did time and time again wherever they ended up. Could you imagine Rock or Austin carrying TNA in their 40s ahead of WWE? Of course not. They couldn't. One thing I'll give Cena is that the PG era is the absolute worst place and the absolute worst creative time for any wrestler in history. Even though I personally hate the guy and refuse to watch his TV segments, it's unfair to blame Cena for these times as his career began just after the buyout of WCW at the tail end of the boom period.
  10. Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer Boy Better Know

    Jun 12, 2012
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    I think you misinterpreted what I said. I'm not saying Rock and Austin are overrated and I do understand their influence. My main point was that they were at the right place at the right time, like you said.

    As far as what you said about Hogan being in the right place at the right time goes, I really have to disagree. Before Hogan started wearing the red and yellow, he had already been in a feud with Andre the Giant and defeated Antonio friggin Inoki to win the IWGP world heavyweight championship. Then came Hulkamania and then he was able to play the complete opposite, 'Hollywood' Hogan and appeal to an older audience. His promos were different. The way he fought. Everything. Hogan was able to make those adjustments and boom wrestling twice. No way was he at the right place at the right time. He's at the top of the list for many and winning this poll for a reason. He's the biggest star in wrestling history and it's almost impossible to surpass what he did
  11. therockiswwf

    therockiswwf The voice of Michael Cole's headset

    Jun 12, 2010
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    The Rock did a huge feud in this era, so he would work in PG.

    Rock could easily transition into a 'full on' PG character. All you have to do is take out his strudel/pie stuff (which went over my head as a kid, I thought he really liked pastries) and shoving things up asses. He has way more than that and is incredibly charismatic. A lot of the stuff he did would work in PG. His stuff wasn't really that edgy in the first place.

    Austin would have a harder time but I think he could adjust. I am not sure if they would have to take away the beer stuff. They would probably need to tone it down but Austin can work without a beer celebration after every match. His cussing would need to be near eliminated. His promos weren't good because of the cussing anyways. Austin would definitely work. It might take him a little but he would figure it out.

    Talent is talent. Not counting height, you can take any top guy from the Hogan era to now and they would work.
  12. Boombaddaboom

    Boombaddaboom Dark Match Jobber

    May 24, 2014
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    1. Mr McMahon
    The boss and best heel ever!
    2. Hulk Hogan
    3. Bruno Sammartino
    Hogan of the previous generation!
    4. The Undertaker
    Greatest character and booking to perfection until the f**k up of ending the streak!
    5. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Hogan of the next generation!
    6. The Rock
    SCSA's popularity gave rise to the 'Corporate' champion and on he went! Same time they realised Vinny Mac was really the best foil for SCSA!
    7. John Cena
    Hogan of the next +1 generation!
    That's basically where my list ends....but my 8;9;10 would be The Ultimate Warrior; Macho Man Randy Savage; Andre The Giant.

    There's no Michaels; Hart; Hennig; Rude; DiBiase; Jericho etc. The title was "LEGENDS" not workers and I've not based mine on in ring talent.
  13. sunday morning wrestling

    sunday morning wrestling making it fun again

    Sep 6, 2011
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    If we are doing wwe/wwf Bruno was wwwf so I think he should be kept off. . Billy Graham wasn't even better than Jesse the body andre the giant was a spectical!! I got carried away haha that was fun
    10. Roddy Piper: the first heel to make me hate some one haha
    9. Ultimate warrior vs jake the snake was some of the best tv
    8. Jake the snake was the original Bray Wyatt (he was terrifying as a kid)
    7. Taker was the first monster big man and become an event
    6. Rick Flair is better than Cena (YCW)
    5. Macho Man was the best showman even better than hbk
    4. Stone Cold was the coolest wrestler EVER
    3. Andre The Giant like I said was the first spectacle
    2. The Rock made it.. HHH was amazing but he still isn't the Rock
    1. Hulk Hogan GOAT

    11. HBK 12. BRET HART (btibtwbtewb) 13. HHH 14.Brock
    15. Cena 16. CM Punk. 17. Daniel Bryan. 18. JERICHO
    19. Million Dollar Man 20. Edge 21. Orton. 22. Mick Foley
    23. Kurt Angle 24. LOD :) 25. Sting. 26. Ricky the Dragon
    27.superfly snuka 28. Mr Perfect. 29. Big Show 30 Razor Ramon
    31 Diesel 32. Rick Rude. 33. Batista 34 Rey Mysterio jr
    35. Dusty. 36. RIP Owen Hart 37. The Iron Shiek. 38. Booker T
    39.kane. 40. British bull dog. 41. Bam Bam Bigelo 42. Bray Wyatt
    43. Seth Rollins 44. Roman Reigns 45. Ambrose. 46. Hardy Boys :)
    47. King kong bundy 48.KO already. 49. Wild samoans 50. Eddie
  14. Goldie

    Goldie Getting Noticed By Management

    May 8, 2012
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    1 Hulk Hogan - Brought wrestling to the mainstream
    2 Bruno Sammartino - Drew huge money and was champ cumulatively for 12 years in the Vince Snr era
    3 Steve Austin - Biggest star at any given moment but Hogan/Bruno were at the top much longer
    4 The Rock - Same as Austin
    5 Jon Cena - Biggest star of the current era
    6 Triple H - ultimate wrestling villain
    7 Bret Hart - Top guy from 1992-97
    8 Shawn Michaels - Like Bret a huge star during the dark times
    9 Undertaker - Longevity is his key- though there has always been someone else as the #1 guy (Hogan, Bret, Austin, Cena etc)
    10 Andre the Giant - Legend of the 70s and the biggest star in wrestling pre-Hogan era
    11 Bob Backlund - 6 year run as champ.
    12 Randy Savage - Super worker and rock n' roll voice made him the 2nd biggest star of the late 80s after Hogan
  15. SSJPhenom

    SSJPhenom The Phenom of WZ

    May 8, 2007
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    Some of these lists made me legit lol. I mean some of you put Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and Brock Lesnar on your lists. Did y'all start watching WWE in 2010 or later? That must be the case if you think any of those three I just mentioned belong on a top ten WWE Legends list. I don't have the time to really critique every list so I'll just make my own and I hope like hell somebody argues it.

    1. Hulk Hogan
    2. Bruno Sammartino
    3. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    4. The Rock
    5. Vince McMahon

    Those are the top 5 most important names to the WWE today. I don't have a doubt in my mind that without even one of those people the WWE would not be in business right now. They're in no particular order, but yes, Vince deserves to be on this list because he's been a WWE performer for around 20 years or so.

    6. John Cena
    7. HBK
    8. Bret Hart
    9. The Undertaker
    10. HHH

    The last 5 are definitely more debatable than the first. Cena has been the number one guy for over a decade, however, this idea that he's single handedly "carried" the WWE for all that time needs to stop. This isn't the same era as Hogan's. In Hogan's era he was absolutely the only mainstream star the WWE had. That's not so for Cena. He may be the top guy, but he isn't the only guy and if he never came along, there is no doubt in my mind that WWE would still be here today. HBK, Hart, and 'Taker could honestly all be put at the same number. HBK and Hart carried the company in the mid 90's but they really never did anything extraordinary and while 'Taker has never been the guy, he's been a guy that has consistently been in the main event picture for well over 20 years. IMO, he took that Andre spot a long time ago. Finally, HHH was the absolute best heel in the business for much of the 21st century and when he wasn't the top heel he was one of the top faces or in the top group and he's not done yet. So, he deserves to be on the list.

    That's how I see it anyways.
  16. OYDK

    OYDK King Of The Ring

    Feb 19, 2014
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    This would be more interesting as the 10 biggest legends in wrestling history. If that were the case, I think Gorgeous George would need to be somewhere on that list. This is the guy who basically set the precedent for what wrestling is today, and he was not only one of the biggest wrestling stars in the world, he was one of the biggest stars IN THE ENTIRE WORLD during his run. People think The Rock is a big star, but he's got nothing on Gorgeous George.

    He was also the man who made pro wrestling absolutely explode upon the creation of the television. One could argue that without Gorgeous George there would be no Hulk Hogan.

    But I'm just nerding out.
  17. harrythem

    harrythem Championship Contender

    Feb 26, 2010
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    I'd say the first part of the list is spot on but, personally, I'd argue that Undertaker and Triple H could both be replaced by Bob Backlund and Randy Savage. Backlund I'd have on there instead of Triple H as he was the man for a helluva long time after Bruno and helped with the transition from Vince Snr to Jnr.
    As for Savage and Undertaker, I'd say Savage was, at his peek, a bigger drawing card for the company than Undertaker as it's been much more of an ensemble cast since Taker got moved from freak of the week to a top card guy. Again it's a toss up either way but nothing Undertaker has ever done has ever seemed as important to me as "The Mega-Powers explode" story which ran from Wrestlemania 4 through to Wrestlemania 5.

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