Daniel Bryan's Return To Wrestling

Discussion in '[Hidden] World Wrestling Entertainment' started by Pay Per Ghost, Aug 18, 2017.

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    Sigh. NOT ALL CONCUSSIONS ARE THE SAME. Foley has stated that he does have a lot of problems. You could have 100 and be fine or you could have 1 and be a vegetable. It all depends.

    Weird, you'd think this would be applauded. Christian and Graves both had to retire so this isn't something fishy.

    Kurt was going to basically die because of his drug abuse. Situations aren't comparable at all. Concussions are still not fully understood so it would make sense that doctors disagree on this.

    Again, concussions are not fully understood so it would make sense that there would be a difference of opinion. She is probably tired of fighting him and sees how much it hurts him not to wrestle. So I think she is saying this more out of a fine you win instead of you're 100% healthy.

    LOL. Yeah Bryan being gone helped Reigns so much. I mean no way they could have put Bryan in the undercard or would have eventually changed their minds on Bryan being under Reigns. No way for the two to exist at once...except that one time they did....and they faced each other...and everything worked out fine...and no one chanted for Bryan during Reigns vs Lesnar...

    I hope he turns into Benoit as well. Cause fuck safety and health. I NEED SUM 6 STAR MATCHES DAMMIT.

    They pass themselves off as entertainment because of taxes.

    Entertainment for tax purposes.

    Or who found something that may or may not be bad because concussions are not fully understood. Finding something on the brain usually isn't a great thing.

    How in the blue hell does this seem like a logical statement to you? Knowledge about concussions being dangerous wasn't really known back then. Part-time doesn't protect Bryan from his concussions.
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    If I was Daniel Bryan I would rather have a steady income being the GM on SmackDown Live than working in front of 500-1000 fans on a Indy show risking another concussion for a Indy payday.
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    I'm all for Daniel Bryan returning to the ring if he has a reduced schedule and is working a safer style such as eliminating the diving head butt and the suicide dive. I've hated the diving head butt ever since Dynamite Kid ended up in the wheelchair. He has a big responsibility as a father to his baby daughter. Hell, I'd be fine with it if he only wrestled like Shane does at certain PPVs. That way he's wrestling dream match opponents for those special occasions. I definitely see him wrestling AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura. It would have been cool to see him face Hideo Itami, but seeing how Itami hasn't been progressing well in NXT with the injuries and stuff, the aforementioned three opponents would be just perfect. If it was a perfect world, there'd be a match between Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle before it's too late for either. I don't want to see Daniel Bryan going over to NJPW and ROH, because he's already been there and the style was even more reckless than in WWE. I only see major red flags there.
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    Concussions are a bitch, believe me I have had 3 major ones in my life... the second was the disabling one and that's for life... not just for a little while.

    It took 9 years to be able to do a similar job to what I had when it happened and 5 to even be able to drive... even now they are looking closely as to whether to take my license...

    Now translate that to Daniel Bryan... who has likely had hundreds more concussions than me AND a neck injury to boot. Even if his symptoms aren't the same as mine, the concerns would be the same. He'd have to be cleared by the DMV more regularly, he'd have more trouble getting insurance, as would any employer of his and if there is ANY chance it could have affected his timing in the ring then he cannot be allowed to risk another talent... just as if they decide I can't drive anymore I have to accept it... only takes a split second and someone is dead.

    WWE are not saints in this... the concussion lawsuit eventually will cost them and see them lose, maybe not this iteration but eventually one name will join it and tip it over the edge. WWE is desperately fighting it cos they saw what happened to the NFL and the hit would be far deeper on them financially, but it's an inevitablity not a possibility. WWE lets Bryan wrestle, it comes far quicker and HE might end up being the name that joins and tips it...

    The "...but you signed a waiver..." doesn't count... If you are impaired then it's not YOUR call to make/sign away. If WWE lets him wrestle, then they may as well pay the lawsuit now.
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    With the concussion lawsuit looming I see no way the WWE would open themselves to essentially admitting they knew wrestlers suffered concussions and were allow to continue to work. With the health information they have on DB I don't see him ever being allowed to return to active ring duty as even if he tames his style it's still a sport where it's easy to receive a concussion.

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