Daniel Bryan Released *GIVE OPINIONS*

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Tougie, Jun 11, 2010.

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    I'm not saying he would win, but as I posted earlier he would do a surprise run in to eliminate himself and someone else (Barett or Cena). Personally I don't know or think he'd main event a RR until maybe 30 which would be a historic event. Especially if he were to win his first world title there.

    Edit: Also it might be a pretty compelling idea if he were to eliminate himself and Miz. Have Bryan blame Miz for not making it in the WWE and then taking away Miz's opportunity to main event in return
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    Ever since it became apparent that Daniel Bryan's unnecessary, yet understandable, release was indeed real, many here on the forum have speculated just how he would make his return, and I believe that he will. Most of what I've read consists of some variation of him returning as Bryan Danielson seeking his revenge on his fellow NXT contestants and former allies, The Nexus. Although this is a very believable way to go, and while it could make for some interesting TV and matches (the inevitable Danielson vs. Barrett), I do not at all think it should go down this way.

    To back up a bit, NXT was my first exposure to Danielson. Being an Internet fan since 2001, of course I had read about him along with other Ring of Honor talents such as Nigel McGuinness, a pre-TNA Samoa Joe, CM Punk, and countless others, but that was the extent of it. To me, Bryan Danielson was just another independent name. But because of the many times reading his name over the years, I was somewhat intrigued after reading WWE had signed him, and eager to see him in action when I learned he would be one of the eight NXT contestants. Because his was the only name I knew (not counting Punk from I Love New York 2), he was my favorite going in. Keep in mind, I knew nothing of his work, other than the fact he was a well-respected, experienced wrestler.

    When he first came to the ring on NXT's premiere, he came across to me as an all-smiles, happy-go-lucky "I'm just here to give it my all and show you people what I can do in the ring" kind of guy. Not that I saw it as a bad thing, but that's impression that I got. His first match with Jericho was amazing, and that bump against the announce table was definitely something I, or anyone else, didn't expect from a guy on his first night on national television. So it was obvious he was beyond talented and could deliver in the ring. On a side note, I marked out for the short-lived return of the Lion Tamer!!

    I didn't catch every episode, but until he was eliminated, that "happy to be here" attitude is what I got from him (other than his attacks on his mentor, The Miz). Then came the attacks, verbal and physical, on Michael Cole. I loved every minute of those segments, and I wish they could have gone longer. The way Danielson carried himself, the way he appeared to be legitimately angered (maybe he was) by Cole's repeated remarks about his "inexperience"...THAT, my friends, was sheer brilliance. My perception of him instantly changed.

    So there we were, Monday Night Raw main event, John Cena vs. CM Punk. The much deserved winner of NXT, Wade Barrett, walks out onto the stage, taking his time down the ramp toward the ring. Next thing we know, Michael Tarver is jumping over the barricade...what is going on? Now all the NXT Rookies have made their way through the crowd to ringside! Wait!...no way this is happening!...

    Okay, you get the picture. They wreak absolute havoc on everyone in sight, and who is stopping it nothing to make it look as real as possible?...who else but the smallest one of the bunch, Daniel Bryan. The tie-choking of Justin Roberts actually didn't faze me, but when he spit on Cena and shouted four times "You are not better than me!!", I thought, "This guy is gold." Bryan Danielson absolutely stole Rob Van Dam (the Whole Fucking Show...get it?)

    So how do I think Bryan Danielson should make his return?...as Daniel Bryan, back to where he belongs as part of Nexus. He was just too good at his vicious heel persona to give it up this quickly. I don't care how or when he returns, but Nexus needs to keep going strong until he does. Obviously it has to run its course someday, but I say keep it going for months down the road. I know they had to throw out some bullshit about Bryan "feeling remorse for his actions," but who cares? Throw out some more bullshit as to why he joined them again.

    So, am I the only one who feels this way? I know there are the independent fans out there who desperately want to see "The American Dragon" make his debut in WWE, and I understand that. I'm not saying he couldn't be just as good doing that, but I haven't got my fix yet on the newcomer who stops it nothing to prove to the naive WWE Universe that he is the best in the world. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you for your time, and as always, get over yourselves and enjoy some wrestling.

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