Dangerous Wrestling Den

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    Here's the Roster. If you want to add some more to my roster please go ahead.

    Revelation "Tribulation Machine" (Undertaker style for Cruiser-weights)
    Dangerous Dancing Dan (???)
    Dan Van Den (RVD Type character)
    Daniel (Christian)
    Nate (Edge)
    Sticks (Sting)
    Wild Wesley (Cowboy gimmick)
    Peter Dan (Kid friendly Gimmick)
    Mr. Magnetism (Mr. Prefect or any good looking guy or Macho.)
    Mission Man (Hurricane & Clown type character)
    Prince Dashing (William Regal & Cody Rhodes)
    Dan The Man Garrison (Ric Flair)
    D-pack (X-Pac)
    Dankind (Mankind)
    Danger Ranger (Kane)
    Grubbworm (Roadogg)
    Danelvis (D)

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