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Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Psykohurricane55, Mar 7, 2018.

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    We only got four guys left in the tournament and I might be wrong but I feel like they are going toward a Cedric Alexander vs drew gulak match at mania.

    What make me think that is they are pushing really hard on the Cedric finally getting his moment after getting screwed over and over again in the last few months and the new drew gulak thing is being push real hard as well.

    Compare to Ali and strong who just feel like bodies in this tournament at this time. So while it would have been fun to have one of the newer names in the finals, I feel like it's going to be 2 of the original guys going in the finals plus it's going to be link to what happened during the enzo era, since the feud was already started between the two before the tournament.

    Anyway, who do you feel will be in the finals at mania or in that case on the kickoff.
  2. enviousdominous

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    205 Live is still trying to find its footing, and there's no way to know if this latest promotion is going to help it grow legs.

    I think that the WWE is going to go with a talent that is more homegrown than the rest. Drew and Roddy have significant world championships to their names from their independent days.

    I think that the WWE is wanting to test the waters with Cedric, as he seems like a more noteworthy member of the 205 roster simply for being on the 205 roster and not for other things. The same could be said for Mustafa, but he doesn't have as many babyface qualities as Cedric does.

    I think the WWE is going to go with Cedric vs Gulak, to provide a good balance of heel vs babyface for the final. And I think that Cedric is going to win at WrestleMania and we'll see at that point if he can start a brand all his own.
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    I'm going with Cedric Alexander(2nd choice Roderick Strong) vs Mustafa Ali as my finale match at WM.
    They got a lot of praise by fans in their last matchup and I even read that they got praised backstage as well, so I can see wwe giving them more time and a bigger stage this time around.

    Drew Gulak- I really hope that they aren't thinking of heel vs face with the finals match, because Gulak doesn't interest me in the slightest when he's wrestling. Nothing against Gulak, I actually like his character, I just get bored watching his matches.

    Strong- I don't really care much for Strong, but I know that he can put on a good match, so I wouldn't complain, if he were to be in the finals.

    Cedric- Triple H likes Cedric, so I can see him being the first champion of the "Triple H era". The only thing I hate is that Cedric's fire isn't there any more. Last week, TJP got cheered over him, and this week Tozawa and Ali got a better response from the fans than Cedric has since the start of the tournament. Plus, most of his matches are pretty repetitive.

    Mustafa Ali- He's been impressive. Him and Murphy put on an excellent match Tuesday, and I enjoyed the video he did before the match. Out of the 3 faces, he's shown more character/charisma than the other 2.
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    I like all the guys that are left, to varying degrees, and 205 Live has been good for several weeks, but if you look at who was champion and who was challenger last year whoever is in the final doesn't really cut it.
  5. Vanilla Midget

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    Cedric Alexander and Drew Gulak seem like two options they’ve been building towards. They’re originals of the 205 brand and both have been built in recent storylines.

    It’s hard to tell if Cedric has really connected with fans in a meaningful way. He was paired with Alicia Fox and later Goldust for a hot minute. He gets a decent reaction, but not to the level befitting his in ring talent.

    Gulak has been featured heavily in main 205 storylines. They were definitely building towards something between Drew and the now disgraced Enzo. Gulak got himself over by adopting a silly gimmick and running with it. The fact that anyone got power point presentations over in WWE is strange, but not the strangest.

    It’s a safe bet that these are the guys. They’ve both had long term builds, with Gulak’s seemingly the more successful on based on the reactions he’s been getting.

    WrestleMania more often than not is when the protagonists usually prevail. Is Cedric going over? Can he carry the division?

    It seems he’s still missing that little something to truly connect. He needs his power point presentation, his Rusev Day, or his Yes chant moment/gimmick. Cedric does have the most to prove, and maybe the win here does that.
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    Mustafa Ali, the guy that cut the best promo in the entire landscape of WWE all year is just a body in the tournament, sure thing buddy... He's been here since the very beginning too and has shown more drive to better his standing than ANY of the cruiserweights by producing a promo all on his own and giving a background to his entire story.

    Heel Strong vs Ali or a rematch between Cedric and Ali would be my picks for the finals. Gulak would be my first challenger to whoever wins the belt.
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    i'm somewhat hoping for Strong to win it at Wrestlemania because i feel that he's someone that WWE can build their Cruiserweight Division around. he's got in ring skills to put on great matches and an excellent face story.

    with that said, my guess is Alexander wins at WM vs. Gulak in a match that'll likely be only issue is Alexander's promos havent been great, now dont get me wrong, i like him, but i think most of his issues was guess is he'll win (since Triple H is a fan of his) and he'll finally be treated as a serious Crusierweight and wont be in stupid storylines that involve Fox.
  8. thebarber

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    predicted Cedric vs Mustafa Ali weeks ago, as this is apparently the long term plan since Enzo left.
    Rey Mysterio getting injured has confirmed this is now the direction 205 are going with the cruiserwieight finals
  9. Jack-Hammer

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    When it comes to character investment, Mustafa Ali and Drew Gulak are ahead of the curve. Ali has really started to come into his own over the past few weeks and Gulak's clearly drawing inspiration from Bob Backlund's "Mr. Backlund" character but without all the nonsense.

    I ultimately see them going with Alexander vs. Gulak at WrestleMania in a clash of styles type of tournament final. Ali has become a favorite over the past few weeks but I just don't see it happening for him right now; it won't bother me at all if they go with Alexander vs. Ali, Strong vs. Ali or Strong vs. Gulak as any of these combinations has potential to be a great bout. Alexander's fun inside the ring, but I'd like to see some character development from him because that's what's holding him back at this point.
  10. Sammi

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    Roderick Strong vs Drew Gulak is my choice for the final.

    What should happen to rest of the Cruiserweights at Wrestlemania? Put all of them in the Battle Royale? a Huge tag team match on the pre show?

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