Could a "SuperCena" heel gimmick work?

Discussion in 'World Wrestling Entertainment' started by Limelee666, Aug 28, 2017.

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    SummerSlam left a foul taste in the mouth of most "smart" fans with Cena not doing the job for Corbin. Consensus seems to be that the booking in the last week of the fued has buried Corbin. Speculation about why Corbin didn't get the rubbhas ranged from backstage heat, twitter behaviour and various other theories. To me, I don't care for Corbin so I'm not all that fussed. But the whole thing has me thinking, could "SuperCena" be the heel gimmck Cena needs. The concept is simple, Cena targets to younger members of the roster. Tells them if they ever want these fans to believe in you, they have to beat Cena. Cena the proceeds to win, with simple heel stuff, handful of tights, thumb to the eye, low blow when the ref ain't looking etc. His heat for burying people actually helps them get over because the person being buried is the face, not the heel. You end up with the heel which people are desperate to see lose, so when you finally book someone to go over, they get a massive rub for beating SuperCena.

    Cena shouldn't job to just anybody to get them over. He's John Cena. If he's gonna bury people, he should actually be doing it as a heel, simple heel stuff to win and then cut a promo on the youngster about how they'll never be good enough and they're just another feather for SuperCena despite them coming within a whisker.
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    The thread regarding salvaging Randy Orton has sort of reminded me, or made me realize when I think about it, that Cena probably doesn't need to change or have anything about his schtick changed. I know a lot of internet fans want to change things around or just shake things up just for the sake of something being new but it doesn't really make sense a good deal of the time. John Cena sells a lot of tickets, moves a lot of merchandise and his TV segments/matches are strong draws. Factor in the fact that he's 40 and may well be out of WWE in another few years and you have a lot of good reasons not to mess with the formula.
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    In current gimmick, no. You cant talk about hustle, loyalty, respect and be heel. As some "SuperCena" who is claiming to be "Super" and better then everybody, sure could work.


    By your scenario you end up with same Cena as now. So you see, as much as IWC wants it, they end up getting what they want anyway with no change at all. Sometimes I think WWE knows fans better then fans know themselves.
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    First of all, I think that cena does get a bad rap from the smart fans but don't forget that the last word about who win and lose always goes to vince so if corbin wasn't suppose to go over, even cena couldn't change vince mind. Also don't forget that corbin lost ckean against, nakamura and zayn just to name those guys that he lost to this year so he wasn't being push that hard to begin with.

    As for the main subject, I think at this point, cena is too respected by the fans to be categorize as face or babyface. Fans chants cena sucks not really because they thinks he suck but because they respected him just like they chant you suck at kurt angle because they respct him. Cena is almost in the part time legend territory right now and so yu need to keep doing what he's doing.
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    Cena is getting very close to the hogan 94 level of heel.
    You know he's keeping people down, but he sells March so let's keep him as the good guy.

    But seriously folks... He'd look great in nwo black and white.
    He could even keep the jorts.

    All cena needs to do is have a stick it promo and go after the right fan favorite to turn heel. (Not Roman reigns)
  6. Garak

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    Why not? Kurt Angle's Three "I"s worked just fine when he was a heel. Personally, I'd enjoy Cena taking very heelish shortcuts while still giving the same promos and talking about Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, and throwing shirts to the kids, fist bumping people on the way down to the ring. It would be great.

    Kind of like Bo-Lieve, but with someone who isn't a jobber.
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    How can a heel talk down to people when it comes to respect? I respect hard work so much more than you! That doesn't work.

    This would make Cena a comedy guy. Kurt dropped the three "I" stuff after he became a true ME. Serious sells better.

    Who is Cena keeping down? Cena was beyond 94 Hogan heat a few years ago. Not so much anymore.

    I don't agree with this. If everyone beats Cena then he isn't special anymore. Not every young guy has to beat him.

    A heel comes out and says you have to beat me to mean something. Faces come out and lose almost every time. Nice way to make a lot of the roster look like geeks. Faces cannot take these type of losses.

    They get a massive rub from beating face Cena as well.

    Who is he burying currently?

    With your proposed gimmick, he would be burying everyone. As a heel. Which means he is burying faces. Which mean the faces look like geeks. Which is bad.
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    Look at cenas controlling personality as shown on total Bella's and made fun of pre mania by the miz...

    You could exaggerate that a little towards his colleagues and the wwe universe and have cena stop with the fruity pebbles colours and just go darker with his clothing...

    A little darker or gangsta with his attitude wouldn't help him get over as a heel at all.. "Sic"
  9. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    The best John Cena heel gimmick would be Cena proving the world that he is indeed a phony. Talk about hustle, loyalty and respect and never back those things up. Also pandering to children. Becoming a two-faced sob. Saying that WWE is his passion and then doing no-shows. Saying he is greater than Ric Flair. Wanna add Super Cena into that mix? You can do it.

    John Cena making a new US open challenge where he literally goes berserk and injures his opponents, trying to sabotage their way to the top. That's what a heel John Cena would look like. However WWE would never do it and will never do it.
  10. BestSportsEntertainer

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    I'm glad Cena went over Corbin at SummerSlam. Corbin has regressed this year and taken a step backwards. All his feuds have came up short and haven't been that great. I don't mind Cena clean every now and then, but he can't put everyone over because it wouldn't mean anything.

    I also don't even want to see Cena turn heel. His promos and overall character has improved tremendously over the last couple of years, and I don't mind seeing him continue this until he retires. There were several opportunities to turn Cena heel in the past, but I think that ship has sailed long ago.

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