CM Punk Gets Slaughtered At UFC 203

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    Well, CM Punk finally had his first MMA fight and it went pretty much like most people were expecting. His opponent, Mickey Gall, took him down almost immediately and nailed him with some hard ground & pound before putting him in a rear naked choke. Punk managed to escape the 1st time but Gall caught him in it again and Punk was forced to tap at 2:14 of the first round. So yeah, Punk got his ass handed to him without ever landing a single punch or kick to Gall.

    Punk, despite looking like roadkill after the fight, spoke to Joe Rogan:

    "In life you go big or you go home, I just like to take challenges. This was a hell of a mountain to try to climb and I didn't get to the summit today, but that doesn't mean I'm going to give up.

    "I will be back, believe it or not, this was the most fun I've ever had," Punk continued. "It was the second best day of my life after marrying my wife. I know there's a lot of doubters, but life's about falling down and getting up. It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down, it's about getting back up. So if there's any kid out there who's told by a parent, a teacher or a coach or somebody that they're supposed to look up to, somebody that's supposed to push them and believe in them and they're told no, don't listen to them. Believe in yourself. Sometimes the outcome isn't always what you desire it to be, but the true failure in life is not trying at all. I know that sounds preachy and kind of weird for a guy that just got beat up, but fuck it. This is the time of my life, thank you Cleveland!"

    So Punk's post fight promo was kind of inspiring and really went pretty much how most people were expecting as well. He seemed upbeat and positive, seemed to enjoy the whole experience, though it's hard for me to take him seriously when he said it's the most fun he ever had and the second best night of his life. Based on what he said tonight, he intends to fight again, though exactly what for I have no idea. In spite of his seemingly upbeat words, Punk's defeat was nothing short of humiliating; there's just no other way to put it when you're in a fight and don't even land a single shot to the person you're fighting.
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    Very inspiring post fight interview from CM Punk after getting embarrassed in the ring. Punks right ear looked screwed up too, like he took a couple of shots right to the ear. Well, at least he tried, the MMA scene I mean. It really doesn't look like he belongs there, at all.
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    Punk got annihilated tonight. When the bell rang, Mickey Gall came in with a flying tackle. In all honesty, it could have ended much quicker. As for Punk claiming he is going to return: Dana White would be a raving lunatic to even allow that to happen. I would not be surprised if White brought Punk in and "Future Endeavored" him on Monday. Punk has no business in a UFC Octagon after what I saw tonight.

    As for Punk going back to Wrestling: That would be the height of humiliation. Furthermore, will anyone even go out of their way to sign him? That was not just Punk the man that got slaughtered. Punk the BRAND took a massive hit. Somewhere, a guy named Paul Michael Levesque is toasting Mickey Gall's health. Punk is seriously damaged goods at this point.
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    I felt sorry for CM Punk. He got his ass handed to him, quickly and with no remorse. The first punches Gall landed were really heartbreaking. I felt pro-wrestling in a whole took a slap in the face. Here you have one of the best performers of our time losing without putting up a fight. I know it's a different level of competition and I admire Punk for trying to do it, but he was just late to that race.

    I felt chills hearing the Cult of Personality music and I think pretty much who cared to watch the fight felt the same way. Despite the positive speech after the fight, Punk looked genuinely disappointed and humiliated and you can see that in his eyes before the raise of Gall's hand.

    If he fights again, sure, I will watch it. Wouldn't mind seeing Swagger or Ziggler try their hand on MMA. Just so pro-wrestling can get back up. Amateur wrestling is a long way already for a professional MMA fighter.
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    I'm a fan and I applaud CM Punk's effort. He tried his best and took a beating like a man. He showed good sportsmanship in defeat.

    But he doesn't belong in the UFC. Send him to WEC or Bellator to prove himself first. Punk still gets to live his MMA dreams, but he is certainly not on the UFC's level.

    I'm not sure if Mickey Gall showed mercy by going for a submission win or if it's just his style to go a submission, like his other wins.

    The only trouble Gall had was the difficult choice of wanting to win via TKO/referee stoppage or win via submission.

    I thought the ref was going to stop the fight a couple of times. But then Gall would stop punching Punk and go for a submission.

    Punk did show some signs of life and defense by escaping a couple submission attempts. But Punk was just treading water to survive as long as possible. No real offense at all.

    Punk could've actually been killed. Gall's stubborn determination for a submission win saved himself, UFC, and MMA in general from a big death scandal by not going for a TKO victory.
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    the UFC is very good about stopping fights, Punk would have been fine either way.

    Going to bellator or wec won't change anything. The worst guys in those companies still would have put up a better fight than Punk. There are amateurs that would beat Punk! He is simply not an mma fighter and at this point in his life he is too old to get to that level skill wise.

    It's back to wrestling or something completely unrelated. He will never get another UFC fight so this dream is dead.
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    He's looked like a man who knew he was going to lose for months now. He's in his late 30th, broken down from years of wrestling, hetc had no reputation as even a tough guy in wrestling, it was inevitable.

    I should applaud him for giving it a shot, but he didn't do it to lose. It shows a complete lack of self awareness from a guy that seemed fairly intelligent.
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    Like I get not liking cm punk. But like everyone on this site has a real mental issue of hating him for no reason just bc he walked out of that circus called wwe. Punk owes us nothing.
    Seems like 98% people on this site are either wwe marks or trolls.
    but that is another topic.

    On to the fight.
    Punk tried his best. He never fought before. Or had any fights.
    He did better than I thought he did.
    At least Punk has the balls to get in the ring and fight. Unlike most people on here.
    I respect him for that.
    I've always been a fan of punk. No matter what. Never turned my back on him.
    He will get better in time with MMA. It takes time, patience and dedication. But he will get there.
    I hope he doesnt go back to WWE. Wrestling now is garbage. Complete trash.

    Punk keep doing what your doing. Screw the haters.
    Keep living your dreams.
    Dont worry about the butt hurt wwe marks. Who hate on you for no reason.

    Keep training

    I respect someone who loses clean. Than someone who wins dirty (aka steroid Lesnar ) ijs
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    Here's a thought.

    Dana White dislikes pro wrestling

    CM Punk dislikes WWE

    Brock Lesnar went from WWE to UFC and became the biggest draw in UFC history and UFC Heavyweight Champion

    Brock Lesnar returns to WWE

    Brock Lesnar rejects UFC to sign a contract extension with WWE

    Brock Lesnar is invited back to UFC 200 where he wins, only to fail a post-match drugs test

    CM Punk's oft-postponed debut is hurriedly announced for UFC 203, I *think* not long after Lesnar v Hunt (admittedly I may be wrong with this)

    CM Punk's debut is a humiliation, where he doesn't even land one offensive strike

    CM Punk declare's his desire to fight again

    Theory: White "staged" Punk v Gall as a method to "prove" that ultimate fighting is superior to pro wrestling

    It's a long shot, especially since the main reason White dislikes WWE is precisely because the fights are staged and results pre-determined.

    But if Punk fights on a UFC card again in the near future - and especially if he wins - then suspicion may start to grow.

    Punk had nothing to lose - he achieved his 'dream' of fighting for UFC, and he certainly had no love lost for Vince McMahon, Triple H or WWE. If part of the deal was a guaranteed second fight, why wouldn't he go along with this?

    I'm now imagining good ol' JR's voice screaming, "it was a set up all along!!"
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    Punk should not have another fight in UFC. He looked like he had zero business being in there. After that slaughter the novelty is gone so UFC has nothing to gain by allowing him back to fight. He might fight in some lower tier MMA but even then i dont see him being even half good at it. He followed his dream but anyone with any knowledge on MMA that was being honest knew this would happen. Punk isn't Lesnar or Batista he never had a chance in hell and he only makes himself look bad and risk his health to keep going.

    As for a return to wrestling maybe to New Japan or TNA something like that but even then his brand like many have said took a massive blow. Sure people would mark out if he returned to WWE but at this point why would WWE want him? The higher ups dont like him and would only take him back to **** him if possible and feed him to younger talent then toss him in the trash out of spite. Sure if he won his fight and went on to have even a ok MMA career they would of taken him back and bent over for him like they did for Brock but now he is of no use to them.
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    So you were expecting him to die? He didn't land any offense so how did he do better than what you thought he would do? He almost literally could not have done worse.

    Nice primitive thinking. Punk got in a cage and got his ass kicked. I did not get in a cage and feel fine. I will never get in a cage because it would be very dumb for me to do so. Logic is a wonderful thing.

    He is 37. He is not going to get there. I like the Tigers. However even I know they won't win this year. Apply that to Punk. Just because you like him does not mean he will be good. Or even mediocre. Be realistic. It doesn't matter if he has drive or motivation, he lacks talent.

    If Punk keeps living this UFC dream, I'm afraid he might not live much longer.

    Do you also respect someone who is given an opportunity they don't deserve and then embarrasses themselves but got a ton of money for it anyways?
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    I was really pulling for the Second City Saint, but looking back, it was a little foolhearty to expect anything other than what happened. He was up against a guy with way more experience, 10 years younger. All in all, Punk's chances were low. But it's good for him to stay humble and try again. Even if he is a prick, it's hard not to respect him giving it a shot. Maybe it'll go better next time.
  13. BASSER911414

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    Christ. WEC hasn't existed since 2010. Do you mean wsof? And Bellator and wsof has some killers on their roster who always go for a finish. Punk would get murdered wherever he goes.

    And to the gentleman who said gall went for a 'flying tackle', it's called a double leg takedown sir.

    Punk looked horrible in his training videos. The question was just whether or not he was playacting bad technique for the camera or not. Turns out, he wasn't.
  14. laodaron

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    If they created a 35 and up amateur league for MMA guys, I think that Punk could probably hold his own in that league, but that's about it.

    He looked sad in that fight, like, he looked really depressing. Two years of training, two surgeries, all of the hate, all of the contention, all of the struggles, and that 2 minutes was all he got. 2 minutes of fight or flight defense, a cauliflower ear, a jacked eye, and a bruised ego.

    This is why guys who are in their upper 30s don't just "join" UFC. Kids in their 20 don't give a shit about them and will rain massive meaty fists down on their faces. I'm sure Punk is proud of himself, but for what, I'll never know. He looked terrible, he fought terribly, he wasted two years, and he's a laughing stock in the world of real fighting today.

    Anyone giving him credit for "following his dream" is ridiculous. He didn't follow a dream, he was handed someone else's dream because he was quasi famous, especially after leaving WWE. I have no ill will towards Punk, and I'd even probably mark out if Cult of Personality hit during Raw or Smackdown. But even there, I think he's outclassed by today's roster.

    He tarnished his brand and his legacy last night.
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    I've always been of punk as a performer but never really cared for phil brooks the guy. Having said that I give him props for at less trying to go on with professional fighter. He could have went on the amateur circuit like lashley and batista did but he went to the big leagues and tried to be competitive with those guys.

    Now that he learn his lesson through tis fight, he probably go on and try to get more experience on the amateur league before coming back to the ufc.
  16. THTRobtaylor

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    There's a lot of people assuming he won't be allowed to fight again, that's incorrect. Ultimately it's a licensed whether Dana White chooses to allow him in a UFC branded Octagon again is another matter. At this stage, after the delays it'd be more likely Punk would be on the Fight Night shows, not the UFC main ones.

    Has UFC taken a hit financially, probably not - this was a "dead" PPV in many ways with Overeem not really being marketable, so Punk's curiosity value was mainly responsible for any success that show had. He sold one fight, lost it... it could end there.

    Personally I don't think it will. Brock lost his first one and now with the loss behind him, the worst is over for Punk. People will doubt him more and that is potential fuel for training. I think he's gonna do one more at least...and here's where it gets interesting.

    With Connor on the outs at UFC, it could be a fight they put together in the hopes Punk can upset Connor and devalue him as he leaves. After all his WWE talk if somehow (and it'd be a VERY long shot) Punk could upset him or even take him close then it makes Connor look a bit of an ass.

    Would Punk go for that? debateable, but he knows damn well if it happens that Vince would want a rematch on his show...and that could be his only way back into WWE at this point, if the match is bigger than the issues they currently have.

    He didn't tarnish anything... WWE already did that in their behaviour, now he's a guy who is kind of stuck in limbo... can't really wrestle, can't really do UFC without looking weak... Best thing that could happen to him right now is that recast of Wolverine lol
  17. Da Prophet

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    Punk was horrible as everyone who watches MMA knew he would be. He's not going to improve enough to compete in the UFC. He got wrecked tonight by a kid. He would get beaten easily by guys in Bellator and WSOF. His ground game isn't as good as people were making it out to be and his striking... oh boy.

    If you watched MMA at all you saw this coming. He isn't Brock. Brock would have been signed coming out of college based on his wrestling. You can't be that old with no experience in combat sports and expect to survive the first round. This was a joke to watch and I'm glad Mickey won so quickly to protect the sport. This was a waste of time and hopefully they put Punk on fight pass if they want him to fight again. Don't waste a PPV spot on him, guys who have worked longer and harder than Punk deserve that money and as a fan of the sport I want to see two guys who are actually competitive rather than CM Punk getting squashed in two minutes. I'm paying fifty dollars, don't screw me out of a fight by including this joke.
  18. Dave

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    It could have been a different fight if Gall hadn't taken him down to the floor so quickly. I assume that Punk had thought that Gall wanted to stand and bang with him for a while and stay away from "wrestling" since he assumed that Gall would think that was his strong point. If that would have happened, perhaps it would have been different. But as it was, Punk was shown up to be somewhat of a fraud. He was way out of his depth and it showed. I don't really see him having a future in the UFC but kudos to him for giving it a try.
  19. kenvin100

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    Key quote right there. Punk had a problem with part-timers who ruined WWE but failed to realize those same part-timers already had prior experience working house shows, working from the bottom to the middle to the top of the card, winning multiple titles and holding the company on their shoulders. CM Punk used HIS NAME to get on the card and nothing more. He needed a minimum of five fights to obtain a license in Ohio but was waived due to HIS NAME. And was on the top three fights of the card due to...HIS NAME. I know Dana White is a business man but sometimes you have to turn down some decisions. What may earn substantial revenue short-term may also be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

    I respect CM Punk but Phil Brooks has become a shell of himself and a bitter man. Makes you wonder if he retracts at least some of the comments he made on the Colt Cabana podcast. The speech he made at the end was inspirational but unfortunately was much longer than the fight. His legacy in pro wrestling will remain untarnished but that was hard to watch.
  20. enviousdominous

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    As someone who's been destroyed in a fight before, I know that there will probably be a lot of demoralizing self-reflection on Punk's part. I hope he takes Joe Rogan's advice and competes at a more amateur level, where if he does lose he'll likely get a few rounds of experience.

    Here's Punk's post fight press conference:


    Like Mickey Gall said: Fuck the haters.
  21. TDFG

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    If CM Punk really wants to make the transition then he's going to need to improve a good bit to even match the mid-ranked guys in the division, his performance was one that didn't belong in an octagon.

    I'm not sure what his pay was for last night but from what I've read he's been wise with his money over the years and if he does have another fight and loses that, I would suggest he retires.
  22. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    You know, CM Punk is easy money for the UFC. His name will draw, the fans will tune in to watch him and everyone will be waiting for his first victory. That being said, I think he'll fight again.

    Is he gonna win? I don't think so. But I think the guy wants 2-3 more fights and I think he'll get them.
  23. Weems2k

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    Punk looked way too amped up at the beginning of the fight. He was looking to trade blows right off the back, which left him wide open for the takedown. I think Punk would have had a better fight if he felt out Gall a bit first.
  24. Jack-Hammer

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    I can't speak for anyone else, but my dislike of Punk is something that's grown over the past few years. As a wrestler, I like the CM Punk persona, I'm just not all that wild about Phil Brooks. During all the initial hoopla of his leaving WWE, I waited for quite a while to get a handle on which side was more in the right or wrong in terms of Punk's accusations towards WWE. As time went on, Punk's sympathy started to fade due to some comments. If Punk was unhappy, then he was right to leave and I agree, he didn't owe fans anything. The problem was that Punk started making all kinds of accusations and made comments that he couldn't prove and/or made him look like a total hypocrite.

    For instance, during his shoot interview with Colt Cabana, he went on about how he had a staph infection on his lower back at waist level that WWE medical missed and stated that by the time the Royal Rumble came around, it'd swollen to the size of a baseball. The only problem was that if Punk had an infection, it wasn't remotely what he claimed it was because WWE put out video of the Royal Rumble showing close ups of Punk's ass & lower back; given that spandex tights are made to fit tight, you would've been able to see a baseball sized lump in the area, but you didn't because it wasn't there. Punk went off on WWE's medical staff and it's why both he & Colt Cabana are being sued by the doctor Punk specifically pointed out, Chris Amann, for defamation. If reports are true, Punk has now severed ties with Colt Cabana because Cabana was recently backstage at a WWE event recently; I don't remember reading why he was there, only that he was there, word got back to him and, reportedly, Punk has ended his friendship with Cabana.

    As someone else mentioned, another thing that made me not so sympathetic to Punk was his constant bitching about part timers in WWE using the power of their name to wind up in top level positions on the card. He did the exact same thing when it came to signing with UFC; he used the fact that he had a recognizable name and generated a lot of buzz to be signed to the biggest MMA promotion in the world despite a complete lack of MMA training, experience or fights when there are MMA fighters who try and fail for years to even get UFC to pay attention to them.

    Looking back over the whole business with Punk and WWE, his words and actions have given me the perspective that Punk's bitching was ultimately about the same thing others have bitched about over the years: he didn't really give a damn about the boys in the locker room and the only "change" that he wanted was that he was THE top guy in the company. Reportedly, despite being ceaselessly confrontational and difficult, he simply thought WWE should give him exactly what he wanted in exactly the way he wanted it. He stated during the shoot interviews that he wanted the "John Cena push"; that's all well & good but, unlike Cena, Punk never showed any real loyalty to WWE, didn't have Cena's work ethic, constantly complained about everything that was going on as though nothing really made him happy, he was endlessly confrontational towards just about anyone, etc. so it's little wonder why Punk never got the Cena level push that he wanted.

    Some do hate on the guy for leaving WWE, or pro wrestling as a whole, just like some still hate on the Rock for going to Hollywood. As I said, I liked Punk as a pro wrestler, but Phil Brooks is a douche bag with a big mouth who doesn't know when to shut up for his own good.
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  25. wrestlingmasters55

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    Couldn't have say it better myself and I totally agree with you on every point, while I always liked cm punk the performers, since he left wwe, I lost alot of respect for phil brooks. The fact tha for the last 2 years, he pretry much bashed pro wrestling as a whole, the very business that made it possible fo him to get in the ufc, made me realise what type of guy punk really is. To not have respect for the business that made you a household name is really unexceptable.

    Like I said, I'm glad he at less tried to get into mma and I'm glad he got humiliated in the process, next time he really should have done like batista and started at te bottom in a small promotion instead of ufc.

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