Chyna passes away.

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Navi, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Xemmy

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    I've seen a lot of comments today on her passing that piss me off. From people mocking her for her porn background, using it to dismiss her contribution to the business to people trying to act like she wasn't an important legend to begin with. The only female Intercontinental Champion in history isn't on the same level as the real legends. It's infuriating.
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  2. FromGlasgow

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    Sad its another one way too soon, I agree with a lot that I don't think she gets the recognition she deserves, As well as Blackjack Mulligan and Balls Mahoney all gone within a week, Way too many wrestlers dying so young it feels like its an almost daily occurrence, Prince also today.
  3. Jeff Deliverer of Mail

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    Sad to see Chyna go. My fondest memory is when she gorilla pressed Latino Heat Eddy over her head in the middle of the ring. One of the toughest women WWE ever had.
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  4. Psykohurricane55

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    While she was a pioneer because of her look and the only female ic champion, she was also one of the worst 2 time ic champion. You think the ic title is in a bad state right now, it was in a worst state when she was champ.

    I'm not writing to be disrespecful. She dead and it's sad, we lost ye another wrestler way to soon but what infuriated me, it's all the peoples that would mock her when she was alive and couldn't care less about her when she was alive then all of a sudden, we all want to praise her for what she did in the wrestling business. Peoples that hated her guts like hhh and stephanie mcmahon all of a sudden are nice and will say nice things about her when 2 days ago, they still couldn't care less and would have said the complete opposite. When somebody died, when became hypocripts and that the truth.

    the fact is, chyna was at the right place at the right time, she didn't do anything special. Her reigns as ic champ were forgettable and even her trainer, the late great killer kowalski said he regretted training her. She tried to blackballed vince in giving her a raise that she didn't deserve, bitch and moan when she was demotted to the women's division and said that she was beneath the women's division. When she left, she made fun of everybody within the wwe and sadly even through she tried to meant fences with wwe, her past got up to her and nobody wanted to give her a chance.

    Like I wrote, she was who she was, for some people, she was the greatest women in wrestling, to me, she was just at the right place at the right time and never was something special.
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  5. Darkshadow1234

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    RIP Chyna.

    Loved you in DX and the eddie Guerrero storyline.

    You entertained me

    Most of these people on this forum disrespecting her while she is dead is fucking disgusting. SMDH

    And people on this forum needs to hear this. Especially the WWE Sheep and marks on here.

    So what if she did porn. So what.
    she was trying to make a living.

    She had personal problems.
    She was depressed and on drugs.
    Who could blame her. She was heartbroken and played. People take things differently from others. Cant judge her for that
    HHH & stephanie fucked her over. Especially HHH. They drove chyna to do drugs and overdose.
    HHH was a nobody before he got with stephanie.
    HHH will always be the kevin frederline of Professional wrestling.
    HHH only got with stephanie to get ahead. Nothing more

    HHH and stephanie wanted chyna gone. And blacklisted her from the company.
    What HHH and stephanie are saying now about chyna after she died. Sounds so fake and petty.
    Fuck HHH and stephanie. And the whole McMahon family

    Chyna sad that your gone.
    Whether there is a god or not.
    Or any afterlife.
    Hope you rest in peace
  6. Darkshadow1234

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    :lol::banghead::banghead::wtf: Your whole comment is very unnecessary and stupid. And very childish. You are just like 98% of these wwe sheep here.
    No one is making her out to be a saint or nothing.
    She was entertaining to us. She was apart the attitude era. She was a pioneer for women. She paved the way for the females today.
    Stop being a know it all douchebag. In reality you don't know shit about wrestling. Your just like all of us, just stating opinions. Stop being a know it all asshole ( Your opinion is not fact)
    I never liked you. Now I know why.
  7. Darkshadow1234

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    Feb 10, 2014
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    :lol: I agree with this 100% . People should think of the good memories of chyna instead of the bad. People make mistakes.
  8. steveh0481

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    I would say a case could be made either way for her to be in the hall of fame. I'd say that if Koko B Ware, Drew Carey, and Pete Rose can be in the HOF, why not Chyna. It's not like most fans take it seriously.
  9. YatesA

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    I remember your post and it brought back fond memories of Chyna and I'm not sure if I stated my agreement but I did say she was my favourite female wrestler ever? Anyway sad to see her go and not reconcile with the WWE.
  10. MrMojoRisin

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    Aug 10, 2011
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    Anythings possible, but from what I've heard, there wasn't a suicide note, and while there were a few prescription bottles lying around, it wasn't anything abnormal and none were close to being empty.

    She'd apparently been dealing with anxiety and sleep deprivation recently. The anxiety of course would be something long term, but the sleep deprivation would have been a recent thing, and she probably just had some sleeping pills to help with that. She might have simply just took a bad combination of the two, or something to help her sleep that didn't mix well with the anxiety meds? I don't know.

    It's sad though. If anyone hasn't, they should check out Mick Foley's Facebook page for his tribute to her (the WWE definitely should if they want lessons in how to do genuine and sincere). It sounds like all she wanted in life was to have the people she was closest to in her life (her WWF family). She seems like she was an extremely sensitive person, who never learned how to handle losing that when she was fired, and later ex-communicated by WWE, and as a result, made some bad choices that kept making everything worse for her.

    Think about it. You're already a bit of an outsider. You have a bit of a hard time connecting with people, or having people connect with you. Then you meet a group of people that you do connect with. Who do accept you. Who don't make you feel like an outsider anymore. Who just make you feel like you're one of them.

    To someone who never had that? That is everything in the world. Then to have that ripped away, and to only ever get fleeting moments of it for the remainder of your life? That's tough. I don't know how many of us wouldn't have made some of the same bad choices she did as a way to cope and figure it all out.

    It never had to be how it was between her and the WWE. She could have been in the family. She could have been part of the events. Triple H would have known how much that would have meant to her.

    It won't be the same, but they can at least give her a bit of all she ever wanted in death. They can put her in the HOF, and let her be with her family.
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  11. Makaveli31

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    Wrong, she was a pioneer because she COMBINED sex appeal with physical athletic talent and physicality in the ring. All one has to do is look at the role of women pre-millenium to what it has become now. It was either or. You had the Miss Elizabeth's and Sunny's of the world or you had the Fabulous Moolah's/Wendi Richter's of the world. You either you going to be a sex symbol/valet or a rough and tumble wrestler. Even Alundra Blayze wasn't portrayed as a sex symbol when she was Women's Champion.

    Chyna broke those barriers. She had the sex appeal yet she could also (believably) kick some ass in the rind. It opened the doors for the Trish Stratus's, the Lita's and even the Torrie Wilson's and Stacy Kiebler's to mix it up in the ring.

    The Intercontinental Title was pretty big deal in 1999 and 2000.

    I don't know any REAL fan of hers that mocked her. It was the media that ridiculed her. I thought it was sad and tragic the way she spiraled downward. Every time I would see a headline I would hope and pray she would get though it. Even when she was going through the hard times I think everyone knew of the impact she had and respected her. I remember her appearing in TNA and she got one of the loudest pops.

    You could say that about ANYBODY. Hogan, Austin, Rock even HHH. It's all about timing and seizing the opportunity you were given. She took the ball and ran with it! She will always live in fans' memories.

    No. They were memorable. The FACT that she is the ONLY woman to ever hold the I-C title makes it memorable.

    I'm assuming to mean blackmail. How did she try to "blackmail" Vince. She felt they low-balled her on her contract but EVERY wrestler feels that way. Name one who's didn't have a financial beef with Vince?

    She never said the women's division was "beneath" her. Stop lying. She said it wouldn't be BELIEVABLE for the women inthe division (who were much smaller in size) to try and take on a woman of Chyna's size and try to get heat on her (beat her down). She also said it wouldn't make sense for her to go from challenging (and defeating men) to all of sudden have trouble defeating women.

    I think she deserved a second chance. People have done MUCH worse than her and gotten second chances. Billy Graham accused Vince McMahon of covering up rapes and HE got a second chance.

    Maybe. But there WAS and will only EVER be ONE Chyna. Why haven't we seen anyone like her since?
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  12. Dilligaf

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    I was shocked to read that Chyna had sadly passed away.

    Whilst Joanie had her problems & never really got over being released/leaving from WWE.

    She will undoubtly be missed in the wrestling community.

    2016 will surely be remembered for the year of the celebrity/famous person's death year.

    With all the people we have lost this year and to add Chyna to the list along with Prince a day later.

    A freind of mine at work said "who's Chyna" when we talking about the 2016 famous people death year & I told him who Chyna was, he responded "well ive never heard of Chyna, so her death does not matter when you compare to David Bowie, Prince or Alan Rickman, so piss off with your men-in-pants talk, your'e boring me"

    Yes, Chyna did porn along with all the drugs she was using, but it does not erase her legacy from WWE & bygones should be bygones now Chyna is no longer with us.

    At the end of the day she does deserve a HOF spot of her own, or when DX get inducted.

    RIP Joanie you will be missed.
  13. d_henderson1810

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    Apparently, there was no suicide note found after Chris Benoit's murder-suicide.

    Make of that what you will in both regards to Chyna, and Chris Benoit.

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