Call me Crazy but I think Sting vs Taker might happen!

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by AttitudeEra, Jan 25, 2016.

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    EDIT: Mods please move this to the correct thread. I thought I put it in the Pay Per View thread and I didn't.

    After last nights Royal Rumble I think this is a distinct possibility. The reasons I say this is because of all the feuds that started last night. Kevin Owens who has been rumored to be Takers opponent this year, presumably just started a feud with AJ Styles. Quick side tract if this feud does culminate at Mania then this will undoubtedly still the show IMO. Back on topic, if for some reason they don't go in the direction of Owens/Styles then they are probably heading in the Owens vs Zayn direction (or a triple threat between the 3). We are still 70 days away and things can certainly change. After last night though I am almost certain it won't be Owens vs Taker.

    If not Owens then look at the other possible match ups or injuries.

    HHH vs Reigns
    Jericho vs Ambrose (not official but pretty sure that's whats happening)
    Wyatt vs Lesnar
    Rock can't wrestle
    Cena injured and even with his superman powers isn't coming back this soon from his major injury.
    Rollins injured
    Orton injured (plus they have wrestled at Mania before)
    Austin retired

    Which brings me to Sting. Now I know what your all saying, he had a severe neck injury. He said on a podcast a couple months ago that he would require surgery but he also said he has at least another match in him. John Cena (granted much younger) also had this surgery and was back in just a few months. I have also heard rumors that his neck isn't as bad as originally thought and he may not need surgery. I mean think about it, he's the headliner in this years Hall of Fame. He lives in Dallas and what better way to go out then to have a match with Taker who also lives in Texas in front of over 100,000 fans.

    Now this could be all a moot point as soon as Raw is over tonight if Takers feud for Wrestlemania is started. Otherwise unless Taker gets involved in the Lesnar vs Wyatt's program (which I think is even less likely). Or Daniel Bryan makes a stunning return and challenges Taker then I have no idea who else could be creditable enough to face Taker at Mania (even without the streak on the line).

    What are your thoughts, is there any chance of Sting vs Taker still happening or am I delusional booker that needs to wake up to reality.
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    Boy choo crazy.

    Seriously though, there's always a possibility. I had heard a while back that Sting/Taker wasn't in the cards for Mania even when both guys were healthy, but with all the injuries who knows. Still, while you've already brought up the neck issue, I have a hard time believing WWE will put Sting back in there at all, never mind before he gets the surgery he's already admitted to needing. You don't screw around with the neck, and you definitely don't screw around with it when you're nearing 60 years old. The head and the neck are two injuries that WWE WILL keep you out for. Unfortunately, I think Mania is way too soon for a recovery anyway.

    Throw in the fact that Sting's going into the Hall this year and it's pretty safe to say his in-ring career is over. Which is a damn shame considering he never really got a legitimate victory in the WWE.
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    While not everyone likes him or finds him to be credible, WWE clearly has a lot of faith and love for Sheamus, so I wouldn't doubt him being the opponent. With Wrestlemania possibly being The Undertaker's last match or in reality one of his last ones, I'm not sure if he's the best option, but like I said WWE may feel differently.
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    I'm pretty certain after that neck injury, Sting's WWE in-ring career is over. No need for a man nearing 60 to be getting back in the ring. Despite being against him competing from the jump, I was happy to see him finally have his Wrestlemania moment. He goes down as one of my all-time favorites, just behind Ric Flair. Even if he was good to go, Undertaker vs Sting would've been good a decade ago or right after WWE acquired WCW in 2001.
  5. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    Who knows? It's true that Cena vs Undertaker was the initial plan of WWE since Sting's injury, but with Cena's injury plus all the other injuries, who's left for Taker to face? One answer is Kevin Owens, but Owens vs Undertaker isn't exactly the top drawing Wrestlemania match. And I feel that niether HHH vs Reigns or Lesnar vs Bray are. That's why WWE wanted Cena vs Taker in the first place and that's why Rocky will be there and maybe Austin.

    Sting vs Undertaker seems to be the only real real headline match they can pull. But can Sting do it? Is he in a good shape? Was all that neck injury talk just a swerve? Will he first wrestle and then do the surgery? Isn't that kind of dangerous? Who knows.

    We will find out the following weeks.
  6. ilapierre

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    Undertaker already fought Sting before. Mark Calloway's final match in WCW was against Sting and Sting beat him 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring. It wasn't much of a match back then because there were piles of incredibly over stars we, the audience, could believe. Today, those two would be the biggest headliners. I'd love to have seen this match on wrestling's biggest stage with these two guys in their prime. But they are way past their prime now. And the better man already won. And Vince doesn't want his son-in-law being overshadowed. So it's not gonna happen..
  7. WorstWrestlingExcrement

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    That is correct that is why fans here want Steve Borden STING to win his final match at WM32 against Underflaker Mark Calloway! Also HHH/ Purple Reign and Bray Wyatt vs Brock lesner are not WM attraction that fans care or want to see already the card looks awful I would add Wyatt Family in the tag team division as they should go for the Tag Team belts and let Brock Lesner vs reigns vs HHH happen cause if it is setting up for purple reign to win over HHH at WM32 that will suck! Or hopefully Seth Rollins interferes and wins the belt again like last year as that would be classic!
  8. thebarber

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    Sting vs Taker in 2016?will not sell tickets. Sting broke his neck, or severely Injured it. He's being inducted into the HOF. His in ring career in WWE is over. I think Kevin Owens is the best current option for a match with Taker or one of the League of Nations. With Rusev left for dead on Raw, I see them splitting soon
  9. Jack-Hammer

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    I have to disagree as I'm sure it'd sell a lot of tickets. Even though both guys are in their 50s and not physically what they once were, there are too many nostalgiaholics out there who want to see this match. Even if the match sucked, they'd save their complaints about how much it sucked after it was over. Once the euphoria if seeing a childhood dream of Taker vs. Sting wore off and the match didn't live up to their lofty expectations, they'd pan WWE for even putting it on. Basically, that's standard operating procedure for a lot of fans these days.

    But yeah, I do agree with the rest of it in that Sting's in-ring career in WWE is pretty much over, especially now that he's going into the WWE Hall of Fame. Once you're in the HOF, you don't wrestle in WWE anymore. Considering Sting's neck, it's probably for the best. Neck injuries are serious enough as it is and always raise concerns for WWE officials, but it could be even more serious when you factor in Sting's age. Sting looks great, he's taken care of himself and can probably hang in the gym with a lot of 25 year olds; however, there are just some things that can't be avoided by hitting the gym and one of them is the fact that we become more frail as we get older. Factor that sad fact of life in with Sting having been in a very physical, demanding occupation for the last 30+ years of his life and you have a potential recipe for disaster.

    I don't want to see someone, whether he's a childhood favorite of mine or not, wind up paralyzed or possibly dead just so I can get a momentary rush of nostalgia.
  10. Reflection

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    I don't think that selling tickets would be an issue at all. Taker and Sting could get in the ring and simply sip champagne like those two housewives, and people would still buy tickets to watch them in the same ring at the same time, face-to-face.
    The issue is their health at the moment, especially Sting's.
    Can they work a match safely if they have to? Yes. They are 20+ years veterans and can carry out a good match without hurting each other even as much as a normal wrestler would. If they avoid moves like the Last Ride and throws to the stairs or barricade, they should be fine.
    Is it worth the risk though? Not quite. If their luck is bad enough, an injury can occur from any ordinary move... but the criticism will come from all quarters, and as Jack-Hammer mentioned, there will be this question- "Did you put their lives at risk, just so that you sell your tickets and have your nostalgia?" which the WWE will have no answer for.
    I would love to see this match take place if Taker and Sting are absolutely positive that they can pull it off. But it doesn't seem like the WWE would ever allow that anymore, and we as fans should just accept the reality and forget about that match.
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  11. Piss Bucket

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    Sting against the Undertaker probably won't happen, would be good it it did seeing as this might be Mark Caloway's last one, but the current rumour is that he's facing Cena, but if even though the Streak is no longer an issue, if Taker lost to Cena there would probably be riots.
  12. dsotm5150

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    Won't happen, for one McMahon wasn't that high on the idea before Sting got hurt. Two, he said he needed surgery and obviously he hasn't gotten it done yet, sure Sting isn't the most public guy about what he does outside of the ring but I'm pretty sure his manager or whoever runs his twitter account would have posted something about it. So you can pretty much count Sting out for Wrestlemania unless they have him do a run in or something. Hell have him drop out of the rafters one last time and cost Hunter the heavyweight title, that pop would register on the Richter scale. No way in hell it would happen but would be cool as hell lol
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  13. ShinChan

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    I do surely want to see:
    Sting VS Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32!​
    But as much as i want this match to happen, Most probably We will not get this match at coming Wrestlemania due to Sting's injury.

    As for Undertaker's opponent at Wrestlemania 32, I cant see anybody being more accurate choice than Kevin Owens. Ofcourse Owens will not defeat Undertaker but Owens will surely make this feud and match entertaining enough to make me watch Undertaker again.

  14. Mustang Sally

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    I believe WWE is saving Sting vs. Undertaker for both men's last match.

    Obviously, we don't know when that will occur. Yes, time's a-wastin' for both of them, yet they continue to perform in the ring.

    A few years ago, it seemed Sting was going to retire for good when his TNA contract expired.........and if he got to WWE at all, it would be in a non-wrestling appearance, such as being introduced in the ring as being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame, followed by someone coming up to hassle him.....Sting belting him.....the fans cheering their butts off.......and that would be that.

    Undertaker? He's been announced as done for years now, even causing Vince McMahon to break his infamous 'full-time schedule or nothing' edict for 'Taker, allowing him to perform only at Wrestlemania. Now, instead of keeping to that, he feels good enough to give us more.

    So, when both men are finally ready to hang up the choke slams, the timing will be coordinated to occur at the same time. It will be announced that way: The last match of two immortals! and everyone will go bugshit crazy to get in on this one.

    Not this year, because of Sting's neck.

    Maybe next year or the year after.
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  15. dsotm5150

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    I'd love to see it too, and with both of them living in the Dallas area they could probably work together enough to put together a damn good match. I think it's just always going to be one of those pipe dream matches.
  16. enviousdominous

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    For those of us who grew up on pro-wrestling when the WWF and WCW were at each other's throats, this match must happen.

    The biggest dream match we could have wanted was between these two. Sting was whomping the nWo on a weekly basis with a dark brooding persona and a baseball bat. Undertaker was taking on the NOD and capturing our imaginations with his theatrics. These two were very similar, almost as if each gimmick was like looking into a different universe. With Sting you had words like "Avenger" and "Revenant", with Undertaker you had words like "Phenom" and "Deadman". Everybody from my generation who watched pro-wrestling wondered how a match between those two would play out.

    Hell; give them until WM 33 to prepare for this. Put each man into the damn best rehabilitation programs that money can buy so they're fresh for the match. We can wait, we just want to know that it's going to happen.
  17. Dave

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    I don;t think so. In truth, I don't even see Sting wrestling at Mania this year. His injury is of concenr enough that he hasn't come back after the match against Rollins. And as much as I would like to see him return and wrestle at the biggest Mania ever, I just don't think there is any point in it. It's not like last year when the fans were baying for him to be given a shot and celebrated wholeheartedly when he inserted himself into the power struggle with the Authority. It made sense for Sting and Triple H to feud and it paid off, if you ask me.

    Right now, there is nothing there for him and he doesn't need it. He is going into the Hall of Fame and he will want to be as healthy as he can going forward. Sting will get his moment in the sun at the Hall of Fame and I would much rather see that than having him sully that legacy losing against someone more important to the WWE, or someone less important than Sting. It's a no-win situation in that case. My vote would be for Sting to take it easy and just enjoy the moment. Does he deserve to wrestle Taker at the biggest Mania ever? Absolutely! Will it happen? I sincerely doubt it.
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  18. The Warlord

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    Another dream match the WWE flushed down the toilet. Pretty sickening if you ask me..but not surprising considering their history. Sting aint comin back
  19. midgensa

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    I just don't know if Sting is going to find his way to the ring again.

    I definitely want to see it and would pay money for it, but it just seems they have not handled Sting well. I enjoyed last year's nostalgia and liked that HHH didn't win "clean," but they should have had Sting win the match. We all knew he wasn't going to beat Rollins, but it was solid.

    I just don't get it. I understand McMahon and his wanting to bury WCW, but he ALREADY did. Sting could have given a solid 5-8 matches in WWE and won half and lost half. Been a real player and DRAWN viewers and MONEY.

    Now, all that said, Sting is very private and may have been the one who said, "Let Hunter go over." Maybe he said, "Let me help put Rollins over, we got nobody else right now." All of that is very plausible. But I can't imagine he said, "Let my entire in-ring tenure in the WWE feel like a trainwreck."

    I hope they salvage at least a little something because he truly is a legend.

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