Bronze Medal Ironman Match - El Santo (MEX) vs Rocky Maivia (SAM)

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Bronze Medal Ironman - El Santo (MEX) vs Rocky Maivia (SAM)

  1. El Santo

  2. Rocky Maivia

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  1. IrishCanadian25

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    El Santo (MEX)


    Rocky Maivia (SAM)


    This is the BRONZE MEDAL MATCH in the 2010 Wrestlezolympics. This match will be contested under general Ironman Match Rules. THIS MATCH WILL LAST ONE-HOUR. The wrestler with the most pinfall / submission / count-out / DQ victories in one hour will be declared the winner.

    The winner of this match will win the Bronze Medal in the Submission Event. The loser will not medal.

    The match will open for discussion on Saturday, February 13th, and voting will begin on Sunday, February 14th (if my wife says I can be on WZ). This is a non-spam thread, so if you decide to post, you must provide reasons why you are backing a particular wrestler. You may vote without posting.

  2. LascoX

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    In one corner we have El Santo, a man whose career spanned five decades, was described as the defender of the comman man (aka - the Mexican people's champ) and help popularize wrestling in Mexico like Hogan did in the USA. El Santo is no slouch by any means - he is a legend south of the border. In the other corner, we have the Rock, a third generation wrestler and nine time heavyweight champ. Both men have considerable gold in their resumes, but El Santo's were mainly in the lower weight classes. This is going to be an underrated sleeper match that will turn out to be a very entertaining match up. At the end of the day though I see the Rock taking a 2 to 1 fall advantage in the closing minutes of the match to get the bronze. El Santo might be a legend but the Rock has the wrestling pedigree, the Heavyweight title reigns and the size to bring the medal home for the USA.
  3. Tastycles

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    On the one hand, we have a man who spent almost 50 years consistently winning multiple falls matches, and on the other we have a man who lost the only one he ever fought in. I can't really be bothered to elaborate, because it will fall on deaf ears, but Santo would win this match. He beat just about everyone that he could have done, and the speed of The Rock's WWE reigns prove that he spent more of his time losing than perhaps any main eventer ever. Santo would absolutely win this, but he's not American, so he won't and he's not Japanese, so nobody will cry about it.

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