Bringing Monday Night Wars back.

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    We all WWE and WCW were at their best when they were at War. So here is goes. Companies make more money with TV shows than they do live shows. So WWE made the network, make it worth it.

    Triple H comes out and begins yet another round of firings, saying people are not pulling the crowd like they should be. Letting go the Rhodes Brothers, Big Show and then Dolph Ziggler stating he has been trying to bury Ziggler for years and he never would go away.

    "WCW Monday Nitro" plays.....Shane McMahon comes out with a crew following Him of the following people Ziggler, Rhodes Brothers, Big Show, Drew McIntyre, Brodus Clay, Theodore Long, JTG and Evan Bourne.

    " Triple H, my sister and father are sinking this company one talent at a time. Ratings continue to fall, talent needs to be cut thanks to this stupid authority idea sinking talent left and right, just to try and keep your boys on top."

    Well I am scooping up this talent next wednesday will be the first ever WCW Nitro, Our main event will be Dolph Ziggler vs STING.....Out comes the Icon sting.

    "Lame o Mac, so if your making your own company because you think your better than your father or sister why are you here?, go fail and come back to daddy for more law."

    " You have our WCW world title." Charging the ring the "Future Endeavored talent" take the fight to the 2-3 wwe stars and takes the WCW world title and leaves the ring with downed bodies."

    This is the last we see of shane or the fired employees, until the next wednesday where they put on a whole new WCW.

    Why this time there can be inter-conference fights, but for the time being this give two wrestling companies ( under the same overall name). Of course the WWE is the main owner, but as long as there isn't constant back and forth between WCW(2) and WWE then they both get to act as different enities, since TV shows are the big money the WCW guys can focus on 1 show and pay wrestlers, crew and etc less money. These guys are considered to be part of the WCW brand and not WWE. They never show up on smackdown or Raw less the first time to promote.

    Sure two companies will take some time to get up and running, but hey it is worth a shot. Obviously the other companies can't get 1/8th the TV time.

    Make the NEW WCW show on the WWE Network featuring these stars that people want to see but don't get WWE Main roster love.

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