BREAKING NEWS - War Zone's Assailant Revealed!

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    This past week on Meltdown saw what could be the end of a promising young career in War Zone. Before his scheduled match as a part of the Mayhem Throwdown someone assaulted him and put him through various backstage objects including a table.

    Since then we here at have turned over every stone to find out who is responsible for this disgusting act and it has recently come to our attention through Tokyo Dome security footage that the man responsible is none other than Gino Rizzoli, the best friend of our new Mayhem Champion Tony Mancini.

    We don't know if Tony had had anything to do with this heinous act but what we do know is War Zone is out of action indefinitely due to the injuries he sustained during the attack. We here at wish War Zone a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in the ring soon.

    Stay logged in to for all the last breaking news on this and everything else going on in WZCW.

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