BREAKING - Constantine injured at Ascension 125

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    Word is reaching us at WZCW headquarters that former Heavyweight Champion, John Constantine has picked up a serious injury at Ascension 125.

    It seems that the injury was picked up during the amazing final moments of Ascension last night. Constantine was attacked by both Batti and Eve Taylor after their number one contenders match was ruled as a draw - the result of which was both women moving onto the main event at Lethal Lottery. It is equally as feasible, however, that Constantine may have picked up the injury to his knee during Kagura's successful cash in moments later. At this point, details are thin on the ground.

    What we do know, however, is that Constantine is a major doubt for the Lethal Lottery Match in a couple of weeks time. We spoke to a member of the WZCW medical team earlier and were told not to expect Constantine back in a WZCW ring. The recurrence of the injury that has forced The Power Trip to call his career short at Kingdom Come has almost certainly brought that sad date forward.

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