Bray Wyatt NEEDS To Leave WWE

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Pay Per Ghost, Apr 24, 2017.

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    I should have put more emphasis on the monthly part. Roberts may not have had a great record but he wasn't losing on a monthly basis.

    You are both missing the point. Take a person who knows nothing about wrestling and show them KO. Tell them he is their top guy. They will not be that impressed. Show them someone who looks like Brock Lesnar and they will be impressed. I already know casual fans who do not care about KO due to him being fat. You're assuming that his weight has not turned off any fans at all. This is simply not true. KO is in a business that looks are a major factor in. He has a horrible look.

    You're forgetting that KO got pushed due to injuries. He was only pushed because they pretty much had no one else.

    You are both also missing the point where I said talent can overcome this.

    Fun fact: Daniel Bryan's first major face push (before SS 2013) failed miserably in the ratings. He had huge fan support but was not impressing the casual audience. Now I cannot say Bryan was the sole cause of that (as that would be stupid) but it took time for casual fans to buy into him.
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    Talent can overcome most things but the problem with Wyatt is twofold. As much as I like the guy he's just not that great in the ring. His moveset leaves a lot to be desired, and that spiderwalk is getting on the nerves now. He uses it so often the effect is gone.

    The gimmick has also run it's course. He started out as a cult leader with followers, failed to recruit anymore and then lost the ones he did have. Kind of a miserable cult leader. Then he went on to be the "New Face of Fear", okay then, that failed as well.

    This showing up in the middle of matches and interfering in them has also grown tiresome. Cause we all know doesn't matter who he feuds with he's going to lose and lose big. Wyatt the way he is now will always be the guy who takes two steps forward and three steps back.

    There is nothing wrong with his body type, God knows 80% of the audience probably wears the same size clothes he does. So in reality they should be able to identity with him, but because of his horrendous booking it's hard to get behind him.
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    Saying that Kevin Owens was pushed because of injuries is wrong. Or rather misguided. He debuted on the main roster laying out John Cena of all people and then beat him clean in his debut match. Clean is a keyword here. John Cena was doing one of his best angles of his career in "United States Championship Open Challenge" & he was still defeated. If Vince McMahon would've thought that Kevin Owens is fat or has a horrible look, he wouldn't have given him such a big win in his debut. All the accomplishments of Owens haven't been due to injury or something. It's because Vince obviously sees something in so-called "horrible" look.

    As your point about Casuals turning off due to Owens' look, I think that it has been successfully overcome by Owens' talent. He's already a Triple Crown Champion and even two years haven't passed since he debuted. So I think that his talent has overcome it as you said it can.

    Bray Wyatt's case is different since he hasn't won majority of his feuds. But Owens has.
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    Being fat was part of Yokozuna's gimmick, as a Sumo Wrestler. He HAD to be fat. Bray Wyatt doesn't.
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    Bray is trash and has been trash for over 3years. this gimmick is done. it was ruined when he kept interfering into matches to start new feuds

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