Braun Strowman's Wrestlemania plans

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by Psykohurricane55, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Snugglebites

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    Nov 28, 2016
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    Just have Elias on the stage singing while Strowman cleans house.
  2. Psykohurricane55

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    May 13, 2011
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    Why not, this would be such a entertaining segment on wrestlemania which need more entertainment.
  3. THTRobtaylor

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    I can see a situation where Angle is pushing for it to be Elias, and Strowman refuses... so they say by the time the match starts you MUST have a partner.

    Get's to the match, Sheamus and Cesaro get cocky thinking it's a forfiet and...


    Show and Strow makes sense... gives Show a title win in his last Mania moment, he and Strowman and they give Elias Goldust as his partner... Gives Dustin and Show one more run in the title picture before both inevitably pack it in.

    Or they move War Machine in and have 4 monsters face off for a while before they drop the straps, Strowman beats Show and he retires.

    They haven't done the mystery partner tag title at Mania for some time and it's always a fun moment... when Owen introduced Yoko for example at 11.
  4. Joseph718YaHurd

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    His tag team partner just may be the Big Show ... He just signed a multi year deal according to an article on this site, is it not plausible ? I mean, they have history together... Not to mention he's been out for a while, so he'll at least get a decent pop. They can be friendly rivals, intent on keeping and defending there Titles, leading to a even more intense and heated feud after Strowman becomes #1 contender to the Universal Title. Jealous Big Show leaves Strowman high and dry to be fed to AOP, losing the Tag Titles in the process... an even more , intense and heated feud between the two, one which actually holds more meaning than just a feud between 2 big guys. Guess I'm just fantasy booking but I feel it's a strong possibility.
  5. Starkist

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    The Monster Among Men and his partner the DNA of WWE Matt Morgan. Far fetched I know but still be better than Big Show. I would like his partner to be Neville as they could be a powerhouse/high-flying tag team. Win the belts and just go on a nice long winning spree until an NXT team gets called up or The Club become winners and become strong contenders.
  6. Sexcellence of Sexecution

    Jun 9, 2012
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    Strow & Joe, 100%.

    This would be perfect. An unstoppable monster tag team. Two guys that don't get along at all, but are still dominant. Strowman is awesome but limited, he's not ready to hold a singles championship, especially not a world championship. Putting him in a tag team with Samoa Joe for awhile keeps him protected, and keeps him relevant in a major storyline. It also gives him an opportuntiy to further develop and learn from Joe.

    These two guys could tear through everybdy in the tag team division, before ultimately imploding and facing one another in what I think could be a big time match if handled properly. Storw & Joe, then Strow vs. Joe, could give you months of programming and elevate both guys. This is the best option for his partner at WrestleMania.
  7. Pay Per Ghost

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    Apr 9, 2010
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    And guess what they went ahead with.

    Joe hasn't been cleared, or atleast it hasn't been reported that he has. There were a slew of big men, NXT standouts who could have been called but... yeah.
  8. shooter_mcgavin

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    Braun Strowman picking a kid is probably an attempt to make him appear family friend especially if he is lined up for a World Title run in the future. However it's stuff like this that could make fans turn on him.

    People like Strowman because he's a bad a$$ monster and softening him up, as we have seen in the past, is how fans end up turning on you (see Cena, Nash's 1995 run)

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