Bound For Glory: World Tag Team Championship - oVe © VS LAX

Discussion in '[Hidden] Impact Wrestling' started by ShinChan, Oct 14, 2017.

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    In the latest episode, LAX challenged the World Tag Team Champions oVe to have their title rematch in a 5150 Street Fight. The Champions accepted the challenge and thus, LAX will face oVe for the titles at Bound For Glory.

    What's interesting is that the whole of LAX will participate in this match making this match a sort of handicap one. I don't know what 5150 Street Fight is. Looks like a handicap No DQ match.

    I think that it would be too soon for oVe to lose the tag titles as they won just a couple of weeks ago. So, oVe should retain their titles.

    P.S - I'm still thinking about where Veterans Of War have gone since the tag division isn't deep enough.
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    I'll be honest — I don't care. I don't care about oVe at all. From what I've seen they're like a poor man's Young Bucks, except they couldn't talk their way out of a traffic stop, let alone through what's supposed to be the biggest tag team feud of the year.

    I really, really wish this were VOW in place of oVe.

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