Bound For Glory: TNA Knockouts Championship - Maria Kanellis (c) VS Gail Kim

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by ShinChan, Sep 23, 2016.

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    At Bound For Glory, Gail Kim will face TNA Knockouts Champion Maria Kanellis for the title.

    I am almost sure that Gail Kim is going to win this match considering that she's going to be inducted in TNA Hall Of Fame at the same event.

    Talking about Knockouts Division, TNA hasn't booked them good enough in the past couple of months even when new talents like Sienna and Allie have debuted. Allie has been made a joke and Sienna should've been booked much stronger as a dominant heel. Instead, these two are just lurking around.
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    I completely agree. Two weeks ago when TNA did that battle royal I was actually surprise by the amount of knockouts that are in TNA. Maria(Allie/Sienna) and Gail get so much time, I forgot about Jade, Marti, Raquel, and Madison.

    As for the winner of the match, I am going to have to say Maria retains. Kim winning is the obvious answer at first glance, but Allie has gotten over with the impact zone and from what I hear, she's actually a good wrestler. Having Gail "train" Allie to eventually dethrone Maria would be great.

    Gail Kim isn't retiring, only being inducted into the Hall of fame, so use this angle/storyline to continue to get Allie over with the fans.

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