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    Basically this is meant to be a thread for fun. Fantasy book your Bullet Club vs. WWE Storyline. If you don't want it to happen then don't book it.

    Here's mine:

    WWE VS. THE BULLET CLUB and SummerSlam Roman would defeat Triple H at Mania and would then feud with The Bullet Club (Styles,Balor,Gallows,Anderson,Joe.) Bullet Club would debut and target Reigns. The next week, Reigns would call out Bullet Club and get surrounded and attacked. He try's to fight them off but their are too many men. Sierra,Hotel,India,Echo,Lima,Dela,Shield plays over the speakers of Ambrose and a returning Rollins (who is said to be ready to return to the ring) would run down and make the save. There is still too many men and The Uso's runs down as well. So at Extreme Rules, we get The Bullet Club vs. The Shield and The Uso's. The Bullet Club wins that match. At Payback, Team WWE would lose again. At MITB, Reigns has to defend against DOC and he wins that match. Meanwhile, Styles wins MITB. Ambrose defends against Samoa Joe and loses. Gallows/DOC wins the tag titles in a Triple Threat Match that also involves The Uso's. At Battleground, Reigns defends against Balor and is about to win but Brock Lesnar makes his return and F-5's Reigns costing him the match to Balor who becomes new champion.

    Reigns would call out Lesnar the next night on Raw. Lesnar wouldn't be there until later. Footage of Brock finally arriving is shown and Reigns immediately on the attack and they have a mega brawl leading to SummerSlam. Meanwhile, Seth would come out to the ring wanting to figure out who set up WWE with Bullet Club. He say's whoever did it show their selves. Triple H's music hits and Stephanie comes out on stage instead and say that they were the ones who did it. She tells Rollins to either get with the program and come home to The Authority or be like the rest of these wrestlers and get broken and beaten. Seth says he said out to The Authority twice before and he's not making that same mistake again and declines the offer. Steph says have it your way then and Triple H would attack him from behind with a shovel and beats him with it before dropping him with a pedigree. Triple H makes the feud about burying Rollins (similar to the Bryan feud.) He calls Rollins ungrateful and claims to have plans to finish him at SummerSlam laying down the challenge. Meanwhile, Joe and Ambrose feud is still going on. As for AJ Styles, his next feud would be the debuting Apollo Crews. Crews would join the fray as WWE needs some saving.

    The Fall Of The Cenation: John Cena would return around SummerSlam time to feud with Balor for the WWE Championship. At SummerSlam, Balor wins clean. At NOC, Balor wins agains. This would cause doubt in Cena leading to a HIAC Match at HIAC with Balor winning again causing Cena to disappear from TV until the RTWM 33 (filming Season 2 of American Grits in reality.)

    Survivor Series: At Survivor Series, Joe would be IC Champ,Styles as US champ,Gallows/Anderson as tag champs,and Balor as WWE Champ. The war would come to a head as it will be Team WWE (Reigns,Ambrose,Rollins,Jordan,Gable) vs. The Bullet Club (Balor,Joe,Styles,Anderson,DOC.) The Bullet Club would win and continue their dominance. At TLC, Reigns finally get's his title rematch with Balor and is close to winning but he then get's attacked by a man in a grey hoodie.

    Royal Rumble: Roman would get screwed out of his title match again with Balor by the man in grey hoodie. The man takes off his hood and reveals his self to be none other than John Cena. He would hit him with another Attitude Adjustment for good measure before walking back down the ramp. Meanwhile, Seth would win the RR Match.

    Road To WrestleMania: John Cena explain that he did what he did because he could not let Roman do something he failed to do. He say's Roman is not the New Face Of The WWE and that he his self is still the Face That Runs This Place whether these people like it or not. He yells at them saying they can kiss his ass at this point because it's not about them it's about him. He say's he's challenges Roman Reigns to WrestleMania and let's see how tough he is then because the future has to go through him.

    Seth Rollins begins his feud with Balor over the WWE Championship. At WrestleMania. At Mania, you can either have Balor retain or Rollins regain. Either way, The Bullet Club should jump the winner. If Balor wins then they would turn on him. If Rollins wins they would attack him,leading to a Cash In from AJ Styles.

    The Undertaker and Sting agree to face each other in their last match at Mania' 33.

    The Rock interrupts Randy Orton's "retirement" speech to challenge him to Mania saying that he couldn't retire without first going one-on-one with The Great One.

    Bray Wyatt begins a babyface turn and feud with Triple H because he feels Triple H is ruining the company and running it out of control. He say's stuff along the lines of "power in the wrong hand is dangerous" and "down with The Machine."

    Brock Lesnar and Kevin Owens would also feud on the RTWM 33.
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    :shit: Now that'd be one hell of an entrance onto the main card! I love it. Wouldn't change a thing about the Bullet Club there. Only thing I would change is having HHH vs Rock at Mania instead, and Batista vs Brock too. I like Rollins vs Balor a lot and Roman vs Cena too...big advocate of that match happening. Same with Sting vs Undertaker....but seriously, that whole storyline for the next year is amazing. Good ideas man.
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    That's a great storyline indeed. I didn't like it at first, but you won me over later on. One thing I disliked was Balor beating Cena 3 times in a row..

    Bullet Club debuting as the new "authority" makes perfect sense IMO. Seeing how NXT and AJ Styles were HHH's ideas. It also sets up Seth vs HHH nicely. I believe Owens has to be involved with that feud somehow as well.

    Given the Bullet Club storyline plus with some changes of my own, my Wrestlemania card would look like this:
    Singles match - Battle for control
    HHH (w/ Stephanie) vs Bray Wyatt (w/ Sister Abigail)

    Singles match - Retirement match
    Undertaker vs John Cena

    Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship
    Roman Reigns(c) vs Rollins vs Ambrose
    Reigns regains from Balor at TLC, Rollins win Rumble, Ambrose gets added as the MITB holder

    No Holds Barred match
    Kevin Owens vs Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman)

    Singles match - Control of the Bullet Club
    Balor (w/Nakamura & Itami) vs AJ Styles (w/Doc & Anderson)

    Singles match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
    Samoa Joe(c) vs Orton/Bryan
    If Bryan's healthy enough for another run
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    I'm rather confused by this whole thing. These dudes are debuting together, we're turning the guy who got the huge reception in AJ heel, and they're just going to straight up dominate the entire WWE for an entire year? I have a few questions:

    1) Why would they be heels? Their entire purpose in Japan was being Americans and therefore foreign bad guys. Here, kind of like how they got over in Japan, they'd get cheered every time they come out, so they'd clearly be babyfaces.

    2) The Shield reunion feels very rushed. If you really want to go with this thing, why reveal that night one? That would be a HUGE revelation and one you should build up for weeks if not months.

    3) Why is Joe part of it? Just to have an extra guy?

    4) The Cena thing feels tacked on just to say you booked a Cena heel turn, albeit an illogical one. If Cena sucks and loses 3 straight PPV matches (which was an immense stretch to predict), why then would he be a threat to Roman Reigns?

    5) If the Club are heels, why do they keep winning clean? They didn't in Japan, they're associated with the authority in your case, and they have the numbers. Is that just so you can be the guy who shows "clean wins"? You have heels. They cheat. It would have been more believable that way.

    The problem with 5 becomes that if your heels aren't cheating and winning cleanly, they're babyfaces and have no competition. You booked yourself out of believability. So, while I'm not sure I have the stamina to book a year, let's see what I can do with this thing:

    First off, one member has already debuted in AJ Styles right? And I believe we can safely assume the guys from Japan are coming in March from reports so let's use that as a fair judgment of when they can debut. So here we go:

    AJ gets a singles match with someone, let's say Jericho for whatever reason, at Fast Lane. AJ wins. The next night, he gets a match for #1 contendership for the IC title but is taken out by Sheamus. Next week on Raw, he gets a singles match against him, only for that contest to end in DQ when the League of Nations interferes and leaves him laying. The following week, AJ challenges any member of the League to a match. He gets Rusev and again, he's left laying. The following week, AJ gets bold and says he wants ALL of the League of Nations tonight (I'm assuming Barrett is still hurt in this scenario because it makes it work better). The league comes out right then and there and surrounds the ring. As they get in, music hits. The league freezes and out comes Anderson and Gallows. The fight is on! This sets up a 3 on 3 at Mania, which the yet to be named group wins (it's only described as AJ's friends from his work in Japan)

    After Mania, Barrett returns and helps the League get the upper hand on the new group. Just as the League sets up to injure AJ, Finn Balor's music hits and out he runs! They clear the ring, look at each other, and the familiar hand signal (if they have the right to it) is shown (if not, just call the group The Balor Club).

    We get an 8 man Extreme Rules match at Extreme Rules where the Club of course wins and fans go nuts. The next night on Raw, it's announced by New Day that they're doing a gauntlet match for #1 contendership for their Tag Titles. In 3rd are Gallows and Anderson to a slight surprise. They get a few falls until second to last are Harper and Rowan, who focus only to take out Gallows and Anderson. They do, but after, are attacked by the two, allowing, let's say Golden Truth, to get the win (a filler feud for the Tag Titles). The following week, either AJ or Finn have a match and right before the ending, with one of them on the top rope, the lights go out. They come back on and the ring is surrounded by Wyatts. Commence attack, out come the Club to even the odds, we have a multi-man at whatever stupid named PPV is next. The Wyatts actually win this one when Finn Balor turns on his friends to join the Wyatts. Apparently, the demon was summoned by Sister Abigail's song.

    Eventually Gallows and Anderson get a Tag Title run, but this is already exhausting. I'll take whatever you have to throw at me based on what I've already presented. Let's do it.
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    Really awesome booking there, buddy. If WWE ran with your booking about "Bullet Club", I would be totally glued to all WWE events unlike now. Your booking is really intriguing and entertaining and i a good way to create a hustle-bustle all over the wrestling world. Yet i dont see heel turn of John Cena anytime in future. Unfortunately, We will missing a much awesome side of Cena. :shrug:

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