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    I just finished watching last nights Takeover and going in to it I was worried by its lack of star power and intrigue but boy did it impress me. The tag team match was brilliant, Aries/Nakamura delivered and that Cage match told a magnificent story. Billed as the End of the Beginning, I think it's clear that due to the main roster Draft expansion we're going to be seeing a lot of guys called up. So I'm going to try and book the next event going by who I think will be on the roster.

    NXT World Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs Shinsuke Namamura
    Although they never said Austin Aries vs Nakamura was a no.1 contenders match, I am leaning towards that was what they were going for. Pre match promos had both guys talk about how they deserved a shot at the title which I actually thought was a little premature but I really don't see Nakamura lasting long on NXT. I think they see top dollar in Nakamura and I think by mid 2017 we will see him on the main roster. Joe's outing with Balor was brilliant, particularly the muscle buster off the second rope. I think Joe will find a way to cheat to win against Nakamura to continue a feud that will last through the end of 2016 and I think they'll bring in a few others into the mix.

    NXT Tag Team Championships: The Revival (c) vs Tommaso Ciampa and Jonny Gargano
    This stems back to an episode of NXT where The Revival attacked the duo after losing to them. I think American Alpha will go to the main roster, prematurely I might add, by this point. I see The Revival retaining but last night we saw the Authors of Pain with Paul Ellering (that pairing, wtf!) by attacking Alpha so look for them to make an impact and maybe cost Ciampa and Gargano the match. One thing for sure is that NXT definitely needs more tag teams now.

    NXT Women's Championship: Asuka (c) vs Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax vs Bayley
    This was hard to predict but I see Bayley doing a double shift and performing on both the main and NXT roster similar to Sami Zayn until this event when she waves an emotional goodbye. I can see them going with Carmella rather than Bliss, but I think Bliss is so much more talented and I would actually have her be the next champion, I rate her extremely highly. She's like a young Trish Stratus, the way she carried Blake and Murphy with her mic skills was super impressive. Anyway, obviously Asuka retains but will eventually drop the title.

    Austin Aries vs Andrade Cien Almas
    So I don't follow Lucha wrestling but apparently Andrade is a stud. I'll wait and see. His outing with Tye Dillinger didn't really do anything for me, his finisher looks unimpactful to say the least. Aries needs another win, I think we will see him turn heel and although I would really love to see a TNA stable in NXT with Aries, Joe, Roode and Young, I think keeping them separate is the way to go.

    Bobby Roode vs Tye Dillinger
    Dillinger is perfect for any new superstar debuting and I think this would be a perfect match to kick off Takeover. Perhaps we see Roode similar to Owens begin the night as a face, come out during the main event and assist Joe for the win. Either way Roode should be pushed immediately because the NXT roster is really losing its top dogs now. I can see guys like Moose and Young also getting pushed if signed but Roode if face, behind Nakamura should be one of the faces of NXT.
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    Don't usually partake in these. but what the hell, I'm bored.

    Elias Samson vs Eric Young vs Andre Cien Almas: This is a complete longshot and probably doesn't have a chance of happening considering Samson just fractured his ankle, but I think this would be a really fun match that would mix a lot of styles. If there's one thing NXT needs more of, it's multi-man matches. I can also see Young taking on Almas one on one, but that would probably mean Young would have to turn, which I'm fine with. Low likelihood, but Young will have to face somebody and I don't see them leaving Almas off the card.

    Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode: After Aries' loss to Nakamura, he needs a way to keep his momentum up. Engaging Bobby Roode in his first NXT feud would definitely keep him in the spotlight, so to speak. But it would also mean his second Takeover loss in a row which probably hurts his stock a bit. Lot of history here, would be a logical and fun match.

    American Alpha vs Authors of Pain: Don't know if Gable and Jordan are moving up or if this even has the legs to go two months, but after the events of last night it seems logical. Plus, American Alpha can really make this team by losing to them in their NXT go home match.

    NXT Tag Team Title Match: The Revival vs Garagano/Ciampa: Honestly, Gargano and Ciampa don't have near enough momentum at this point to challenge for the straps but with some soild booking, they can easily get there. They've been sewing the seeds for this feud so I see this match having a strong likelihood of taking place.

    NXT Women's Title Match: Asuka vs Bayley vs Nia Jax: Bayley's still owed her rematch and Jax is the only other women on the roster who's close enough to ready to taking the belt. I think this would be a fantastic match.

    NXT World Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Shinsuke Nakamura: Nothing needs to be said. This would be EPIC STUFF.
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    Yeah, it's a long shot but, yeah, it could be fun. I have a feeling that Almas will be into bigger things by the time TakeOver: Brooklyn comes about because I have a feeling he'll feature prominently in the Cruiserweight Classic. Most participants haven't been announced, including Almas, but it's just something I foresee happening. By the time Brooklyn comes around, the tourney should be down to the elite eight and, who knows, maybe they'll decide to have one of his Cruiserweight Classic matches on the card.

    Aries looked strong in defeat and the story that was told was that it basically came down to Aries making a single mistake. Roode would be a good opponent for him, it's just too bad that their history won't be touched on in TNA since it's basically WWE policy that TNA doesn't exist.

    Their loss last night was surprising and that has people wondering if they're ultimately moving up to the main roster soon. The Authors of Pain look impressive: Gzim Selmani is a former MMA fighter of Dutch and Albanian heritage; he used the nickname of the Albanian Psycho during his MMA career. He had an MMA record of 4-2, but he's only 21 years old. His partner, Sunny Dhinsa, represented Canada in the 2011 Pan American Games and took home the silver medal in the men's freestyle in the 120 kg weight class. So these are a couple of physical guys with legit credentials. Given how over Alpha is, dropping the titles due to being called up to the main roster seems likely.

    They don't have the momentum right now, but it's still a good 2.5 months until Brooklyn and given the fluidity of NXT booking, they can get more out of 2.5 months that the main roster does with most guys in 6 months. This match up is being teased, though I'm not sure if the fact that both Ciampa and Gargano are in the Cruiserweight Classic will have any impact on them potentially getting the match.

    I'd say that this is all but a lock for Brooklyn.

    There's a real possibility, though there MIGHT be something else Triple H has in mind. They've had the NXT tapings for the rest of June tonight and while I managed to resist reading spoilers, Triple H posted a pic on Twitter of him sitting backstage watching the monitor and on the monitor, Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor are in the ring together. Under the pic, Trips tweeted "No sleep 'til Brooklyn... #WeAreNXT" MAYBE this is the very beginning of setting something up, MAYBE it was something done for the crowd to give them a little extra treat after the tapings had concluded.
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    Yeah this is true, I didn't even take the CC into consideration but it's likely it plays some sort of role at Takeover, or maybe none of the participants will even be at Takeover. I could see it being an either/or situation. He has to be one of the favorites to take the whole thing, but if he does have a match at Takeover, I think it will still be an opener. It seems like the crowd is going to take some time to warm up to him, and WWE has the time to build him right. If Samson weren't injured I'm almost certain that he would be Almas' first feud.

    I just feel like Roode and Aries would have some great chemistry and the NXT crowds would most certainly cheer Roode over Aries. It lets Roode come in looking special and keeps A Double around the main event scene. It would also be a great match for a Takeover.

    I've heard of Dhinsa before (wasn't he that guy on Breaking Ground?) but I'm shocked his partner is only 21. These guys look very impressive and I think it's a given that they'll appear on this card. I just can't see who they'd face other than American Alpha. Maybe TM61? I guess it's possible but those guys also seem like a team WWE wants to push strongly. We've seen it before where we've all assumed that an NXT wrestler or team is going to move up, only for them to spend 2-6 more months down. I assume these teams will have at least one match.

    Yeah, I agree with the whole 2.5 months thing. As far as the CC goes, maybe it's used to split these guys? To me, they just don't strike me as legitimate tag team competitors or partners and WWE has some great tag teams waiting in the wings. I don't know, I can see the match happening, I can even see them taking the straps, but it all depends on their booking going forward.

    I always thought that they would never let Balor go up before getting a Nakamura match out of him, so this actually seems very possible. Is there an event in Japan coming up soon? Because if there is, it's highly likely the match takes place there. I'm left wondering if Finn has spent too much time down in NXT. They've beaten the Demon, he's lost a few matches in a row now and to be quite honest, we've seen him do it all more than once already. The last thing left is Nakamura but I said the same thing about Joe. If they want to get every single dream match out of Balor, he'll be in NXT forever. In my opinion, it was a dumb move to bring him back to NXT after the defeat of the Demon. He really should have just went away.

    This also brings up the question. Who the heck would face Joe for the title if this match did happen in Brooklyn?
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    That's a possibility. Though I don't think anyone has ever gotten an NXT title match in their debut.
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    Honestly, he's the only one who makes sense, especially if they are doing Nakamura vs Balor.

    Unless Hideo Itami is coming back soon.
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    Hideo could be a viable opponent for Samoa Joe. Itami was taken out at TakeOver Unstoppable last year. Who debuted that night after the main event: Samoa Joe.

    Joe showing up as a babyface and taking out Itami doesn't make the most sense logically, and NXT is known a bit more for its logic than WWE proper. Personally, I would much rather the Balor heel turn as it at least makes sense when it comes to "who took out Hideo" (Hideo was scheduled to be in the match for #1 contender, which Balor won).

    We can place Joe at the scene of the crime, I just don't love it because it's kind of left field. What did Joe stand to gain by taking out one dude from the #1 contender match?

    I really like the idea of Bobby Roode heading straight into the title scene. KO basically debuted into the NXT title scene and won. He did wrestle a match at R Evoloution and if memory serves me right, a few matches on NXT before beating Sami.

    The can do the same basic thing, or even just debut Roode in the match. He is Bobby Roode afterall. The ackowledged EY as a former World Champion on NXT TV, so undoubtedly they'll recognize Roode. They'll never reference TNA specifically, but they'll reference the relevant World titles.

    If they're waiting to pull the trigger on Nakamura, then you're down to very few matches. It has to be either a returning Hideo, a debuting Roode, or Austin Aries.

    Aries doesn't make the most sense considering he was just booked to lose. The other big thing is all the guys we're talking about aren't active except Aries. We know they're coming, but they're not on TV right now.

    They may have Balor vs Nakamura on TV in July or August to set up Nakamura for Brooklyn. Most likely though we get Itami, but they have to payoff the "who jumped Hideo" storyline. It wouldn't be NXT to just brush it under the rug.
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    I had originally penciled in Nakamura to face Joe at the event following his win at Takeover but now its rumored he's going to face Finn Balor in whats likely Finn's final match. So that does leave a big opening on who could realistically challenge for the NXT Title. After looking at the roster I really think that Roode coming in an getting an immediete title shot makes the most sense. If they end up blowing off the Balor/Nakamura match for a July episode then I'm reverting back to Nakamura vs Joe though.. Aside here is my lineup for the Brooklyn Takeover

    Samoa Joe VS Bobby Roode - NXT Title
    Asuka VS Baley - NXT Women's Title
    The Revival VS TM61 - NXT Tag Team Championship
    Nakamura VS Finn Balor
    Authors of Pain VS American Alpha
    Austin Aries VS Hideo Itami
    Andrade Almas VS Eric Young

    I can see Aries turning heel and attacking a returning Hideo to setup that feud. Almas needs someone to face and a followup feud with Perfect 10 will have run its course by then so why not Eric Young to fill the spot. TM61 are gonna move up the tag ranks fast and rightfully should considering the lack of other teams currently. AA and AoP will settle their feud before AA jumps to main roster. Balor loses to Nakamura to head main roster as well.
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    First of all I think Itami's return happens at nXt: Takeover Brooklyn.

    Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss - This should be a good way to get the Hot Brooklyn crowd behind Carmella and Bliss can get some good heat there.

    Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode - 2 former TNA heavyweights. Wrestling fans know the history and these 2 put on a stellar match. I would have Aries cheat to win and push him toward a heel turn.

    The Revival vs. Blake & Murphy - The Revival put on a clinic and cement their legacy as modern day "BRAINBUSTERS".

    Asuka vs Nia Jax vs. Bayley for the nXt Women's Championship - Asuka continues to roll literally after Nia Jax takes out Bayley and gets "rolled up" for the W.

    Authors of Pain vs. American Alpha - American Alpha win by DQ as Authors lay waste to Jordan & Gable after the match.

    Samoa Joe defends the nXt Title in a Fatal Fourway match against EY, Nakamura and Finn Balor - I would book Itami to return and help Joe by taking out Nakamura. Balor goes for the Coup-de-gras on EY, but is, then hit w/a musclebuster from Joe. Joe puts EY in a submission and EY passes out. Joe escapes the odds and walks out CHAMP.
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    First of all, i'm kinda feeling like this event will be a sendoff for a lot of the top names in nxt with the draft coming up and the rumor that many nxt stars will get call up so having said that here what i think the card should look like

    Asuka vs Bailey - 2 out of 3 fals for the nxt championship. Bailey will probably be the first casulty of the draft as she'S probably will get called up so why not give her one last great match on nxt before she get wasted on the main roster and it would be the end of her story and this feud.

    Authors of pain vs american alpha: again american alpha wil probably be one of those team that will get a called up do to the draft so why not have them put over a new team like authors of pain on the way out.

    The revival vs chompa and gargano for the nxt tag team championship: the've been building this feud for a couple of weeks now so at this point why not, it will be a great match

    Finn balor vs shinsuke nakamura: 2 guys that will probably get called up to the main roster because of the draft so this would be a great sendoff for both guys and leave the nxt fans happy.

    bobby roode debuts vs tye dillinger: why not tye as proven that he is a great talent that's able to make those big name guys look like a millions bucks in their debut so why not.

    Samoa joe vs hideo itami for the nxt championship: 2 things here, first joe will probably be on the main roster at this point so he needs to drop the belt to somebody, second itami will probably be able to comeback by them so you need to close the who attack him storyline from last year. So this would help both guy, for itami, he could get is revenge on the guy who attack him and for joe, he could drop the belt to somebody that can carry the nxt on his back for a couple of months.
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    I had a few of these matchups in my mind.

    Hideo Itami vs. Samoa Joe

    From what I read on the spoilers, Joe doesn't have anyone yet to feud with, and holding out for Itami to return would make sense. We all know Joe is likely the culprit behind his kayfabe injury last year. No way Roode or Young should get title matches so soon.

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Finn Bálor

    Asuka vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax

    Bayley will not get another title shot. If there was a time for a rematch, it should have been at Takeover: The End. From what I have read in the spoilers, momentum favors Alexa. Asuka vs. Nia 1 on 1 again sounds unnecessary, & nobody would buy any hype for Alexa vs. Asuka, so it only seems appropriate for Nia & Alexa in a triple threat with Asuka.

    Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

    Roode vs. Aries 1 on 1 seems like the right decision for both men. Both men have had history with each other, & given Triple H's track record, he doesn't care that nobody knows about two guys' past relationships in other companies.

    The Revival vs. American Alpha vs. Gargano & Ciampa vs. the Authors of Pain

    People are already jumping to conclusions on the main roster status of Jordan & Gable. "They dropped the titles, so that means they're headed to the main roster." Yeah, ask Paige, ask Rollins, ask Big E., ask Sasha. I feel as if while the Revival can make for an exciting match against either tag team, we need to have 1 or 2 more tag teams in the match this year, as Jordan and Gable didn't have the chance to make big waves at Brooklyn last year, & the Authors of Pain should not be left off the next Takeover after their debuts a week ago.

    Bayley and Carmella vs. Beautiful People

    While Bayley & Carmella should not be in a title match, they should still have a match of their own on the card, no question about it, but where? A 1 on 1 match doesn't sound so big, so how about a tag team match? If that's not all for the former TNA talent debuts, & TBP are coming to NXT, it could be a good way to put the "new" talents over & to give one last hurrah to Bayley before she goes to the main roster. What other female wrestlers are there that could be ready for Brooklyn? If Peyton & Billie were to get a push, it already should have happened by now.

    Andrade Cien Almas just doesn't come off as a big of a star to get his own match at Brooklyn, nor should he just be thrown into a random triple threat or 4-way match.

    Eric Young, while I personally don't see the appeal in the guy, they haven't hyped his debut up like they are with Roode.

    No Way Jose, meh. I can't imagine him in the same pool of talent as Balor, Roode, Nakamura, Aries, etc.

    TM61, they need characters before they should be further developed. Miller doesn't look as fit or talented for that matter, as Thorne.

    Tye Dillinger, same as Jose. I can't imagine the guy getting enough momentum to be a believable contender for the cream of the crop in such little time.
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    Going by what happened at the end of tonight's episode of NXT, it appears that they are indeed heading down the road to Balor vs. Nakamura at the TakeOver event in Brooklyn in August.

    It'll probably be billed as a one time deal with Finn Balor moving to the main roster soon afterward and I'm guessing that Balor will put Nakamura over as part of Nakamura heading into an NXT Championship feud with Samoa Joe. Of course, it's still very early but I get the impression this is the direction they're heading. Besides, after a match with Nakamura, there's nothing left to keep Balor in NXT so he may as well end his time in NXT with a huge match like Sami Zayn did.
  13. Jeff Deliverer of Mail

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    Brooklyn Brawler vs No Way Hosé for the opening bout.

    American Alpha vs The Revival vs Gargano and that other guy. Tag team championship. Authors of Pain attack the new champions American Alpha and do an in ring promo with the bodies of three tag teams spread around them.

    Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries. Eric Young runs in to either attack or help one or the other.

    Nakamura vs Finn Balor

    Asuka vs Bailey vs Nia Jax , Woman's NXT title.

    10 man battle royal with the unused NXT wrestlers on the card. Big Van Vader comes out before the bell rings, cuts a promo in the middle of the ring about how crappy all the wrestlers involved are. A 10 on 1 attack on Vader, then the match starts. In the end, a returning Vader double clotheslines two over the top rope and unofficially wins the match.

    Samoa Joe open challenge for the NXT Championship...answered by Cesaro! They have a jaw dropping match to end the show, Samoa Joe wins.
  14. Trill Co$by

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    Dusty Rhodes Qualifier
    The Authors of Pain vs. Bryan Kendrick & Paul London
    In honor of the late great American Dream, the second annual Dusty Rhodes tag team tournament is set to be underway, and hopefully this time it gets a CWC style tournament but with more NXT guys as well. This match, I would love seeing as a great qualifier for the match, and I think the fans would too.

    NXT Women's Championship
    Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka (c)
    Alexa and Asuka are main roster ready. We all know this. But there needs to be a send off match, similar to Bayley vs. Sasha at Brooklyn I, only this time both women will be getting sent off. After the match, the title can be vacated or the champ can pull double duty until she can drop the title.

    NXT Tag Team Championship
    The Revival (c) vs. TM61
    With American Alpha being called up soon and Blake & Murphy splitting, the tag division will need some more oomph to it. This will be the catapult into said oomph.

    New Acquisition Official In Ring Debut
    Tye Dillinger vs. Bobby Roode
    I would've put Alex Riley here, but we all know why that's not happening.

    Dream Match Come True
    Hideo Itami vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
    You can't have Shinsuke leave NXT without having this match take place... you just can't

    NXT Championship
    Samoa Joe (c) vs. Austin Aries vs. Finn Balor
    Aries is a perfect person to put the NXT title on and let Samoa Joe and Finn Balor both debut on SummerSlam or the following episode of Raw. He's got a great following, he's able to carry the brand, and he's got the wisdom to help younger signees find their way. Plus, he's worked with damn near everybody and in every style to be able to adapt adequately.
  15. BestSportsEntertainer

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    1 - Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode - They had great chemistry in TNA.

    2 - The Revival vs. American Alpha - Tag Titles - Not a huge fan of having this again, but the other teams aren't ready just yet. This is Alpha's send-off.

    3 - Eric Young vs. Andre Cien Almas - Why not? They don't really have anything else, and they both should be on the card.

    4 - Asuka vs. Bayley vs. Nia Jax - Women's Title - 3 most talented women in NXT competing for the belt.

    5 - Authors of Pain vs. Gargano/Ciampa - Good first feud for AoP and a pretty big win for them.

    6 - Hideo Itami vs. Finn Balor - #1 Contender (NXT Title) - This would be epic. It's also Balor's send-off and leads us to either Joe or Nakamura vs. Itami.

    7 - Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura - NXT Title - Joe needs a challenger, and Nakamura is the most ready, having defeated Zayn and Aries.
  16. Cub McCallister

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    I thought of a card in my head and I want to put it forward. My card would be:

    1) Austin Aries Vs No Way Jose
    Singles Match. Saw Aries attack Jose on NXT recently, I would add this to the card with Double A getting the victory and possibly moving on towards the world title.

    2) Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa Vs TM-61 (Nick Miller and Shane Thorne).
    Tag Team Match. Add this to the card with TM-61 getting the victory here.

    3) Asuka (C) Vs Bayley Vs Carmella
    Nxt Womens Title Triple Threat Match. I would put this together, I'm not clued up on the current womens division in NXT I would have Asuka retain the title.

    4) Bobby Roode Vs Eric Young
    Singles Match. Weeks before Takeover I would have Young issue an open challenge to anyone on the roster or around the world, in comes Roode to answer the challenge and they put on a decent match.

    5) The Revival (C) Vs American Alpha Vs Powers of Pain Vs The Hype Bro's
    Nxt Tag Team Title Four Corner Elimination Tag Team Match. Add this to the card with Powers of Pain winning the match and eliminating American Alpha to win the titles. This would be the start of a dominating run with the belts.

    6) Samoa Joe (C) Vs Finn Balor Vs Shinsuke Nakamore
    Nxt World Title Triple Threat Match. I would have this as the main event, spice it up a little bit here I don't think I have ever seen a 3 way dance in nxt purely because I know they like to concentrate on two guys at a time, but I would have Joe keep the title here by pinning either Balor or Nakamore it would be a classic match to end a packed show.

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