Big Cass - Injured Or Heat?

Discussion in '[Hidden] World Wrestling Entertainment' started by Jack-Hammer, May 22, 2018.

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    There are a couple of conflicting reports making the rounds regarding Big Cass and his current status.

    The first one going around is that Cass may have suffered a legit injury as he's been seen walking around backstage, and during the European tour, with a noticeable limp. Some feel that it's just Cass working people backstage while limping during the European tour was him selling Daniel Bryan's beating on last week's SmackDown Live.

    The other one is that there could be some heat on Cass backstage over a segment that went screwy a few weeks back. The segment involved Cass and a little person impersonating Daniel Bryan with Cass then "beating up" said little person to get more heat as a heel; the report says that Cass assaulting the little person wasn't approved of by management. Allegedly, it was Cass' idea, he presented it, it was turned down but he went ahead and did it anyway. As a result of this, it's being said that Cass' momentum may be stalled, AKA his push is over, as that's one reason why his MITB qualifying match with Samoa Joe was cancelled. The plan now is a "second chance" match with Daniel Bryan facing Jeff Hardy on tonight's SmackDown Live and the winner challenging Samoa Joe for the final spot in the men's MITB ladder match next week.

    Of course, is Cass is legitimately injured, then it'd also explain why his match with Joe was cancelled. Cass is no stranger to causing some heat backstage as he had some problems before he was injured due to the fact that he was often very vocal and confrontational regarding his support for Donald Trump.

    It could be a combination of Cass having heat and being injured simultaneously. IF Cass asked for permission to do something, was denied, and did it anyway, then he could very well be in the shithouse for who knows how long. IF he's legitimately injured, then it's possible that he may have come back too soon, it could be just a minor tweak or maybe it's something that'll give him some problems from here on in.
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    Somewhat off topic, but while he may or may not have backstage heat, any support he gives Trump will certainly not harm his push or give him heat with management, considering who management is.
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    My own take on Cass, the dude is annoying as fuck. Maybe he's being told to be that way, but whatever, it's less of a John Cleese doing a weird walk annoying and more of an obnoxious prick shrieking his impression of you into your ear annoying.

    It doesn't serve anyone to be in a feud with Daniel Bryan, and have as part of their gimmick that they don't take him seriously. Playing on Daniel's everyman quality as a cheap negative aspect of his character has been attempted many times, and it's never gone anywhere fruitful. If the effort is to have someone shine off of sharing Daniel's spotlight, they should at the very least respect him as a viable opponent.

    Cass' act back in NXT was no different, he was a loud-mouth moron who made lame wise-cracks and sang the Price is Right theme over and over again. Instead of coming across as a big man with personality, he comes across as an immature prick that should just focus on getting better in the ring.

    He's neat as one of the WWE's cocky big men, but he's not in any way compelling as a character. Time-off, for whatever reason, is probably the best thing for him at this point.
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    Who cares? This guy sucks both in the ring and on the mic. I was happy he was away. Now I don't wish injuries on anyone because I don't wanna see guys get hurt just because I'm not a fan of them. Smackdown is just a better show when he's not on there

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