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    I'm talking sequel to a sequel here, so we're talking about at least a trilogy. Sort of makes it easier (or harder depending on your outlook) for horror fans like Mitch since there's so many horror series.

    As for best sequel to a sequel, I'm going to go with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It's certainly a step up from what most people would consider an average to below average film in Temple of Doom. And the addition of Sean Connery was spectacular. He played Jones' father just so beautifully. And their banter back and forth is what really made that movie as great as it was. You could actually see where Junior got a lot of his own personality traits from his father, while they tended to have different philisophical approaches towards their goals. Henry takes a more passive approach, while Junior is more aggressive.

    Also, there's several very good lines in that movie (like I said about the banter), but one of my favorites has always been, for the sheer hilarity in the understatement, "He chose...poorly." Off the top of my head, I truly can't think of a better movie sequel to a sequel.

    Now as far as favorite goes, I think I'd have to go with A Nightmare On Elms Street 3: Dream Warriors. This has always been my favorite movie of the Freddy Krueger series. This movie is the reason that the 4th movie in the series, The Dream Master, was so popular when it came out. Dream Warriors is where we see Freddy Krueger develop into the character that I love him so much for. Here's where he develops his comedic side while still using his creepy horror style. You can easily see it in the early death scenes in this movie, specifically a death scene that I consider to be the greatest death scene in any horror movie I've seen:


    (Little trivia about that scene: they couldn't decide which of the 2 final lines to use before he killed her because they liked them both so much. That's why they used both.)

    Another great scene from the movie is the Freddy Krueger snake scene:


    (This was actually filmed in reverse because when they tried sliding her into his mouth, the lips kept folding in.)

    Freddy Krueger will always be my favorite horror villain. And one of my favorite movie characters ever (which I outlined in a previous thread). This movie is what began that.

    (Honorable mention that could go to either category for me: Die Hard With A Vengeance)
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    As far as a favorite goes, I'd have to go with Underworld: Awakening.

    Sooner or later, every franchise needs that one film, that reminds fans the franchise isn't dead just yet. It might be on life support, but it's not dead yet. Underworld: Awakening is that film. Kate Beckinsale returned to top form as Selene, Awakening easily had the best fight scenes, thrilling action sequences, and from what I remember in theaters, Awakening had some spectacular 3D effects. Plus, I loved the idea of introducing another hybrid to fight alongside Selene in the new war against humanity. Awakening was able to kill two birds with one stone, because Eve (the hybrid) is also Selene's daughter. Plus, I was never too crazy about Scott Speedman's Michael (he always bored me to tears), so I wouldn't mind Eve as a replacement.

    In my eyes, the original Underworld was average at best, Evolution was slightly better, but nothing to brag about at the same time, so Awakening is my pick for the best film in the series. Rise Of The Lycans wasn't terrible, but it was a pretty mediocre film overall. I can understand going the route of a prequel, because if I remember correctly, Beckinsale was taking some time off from Underworld films. And on top of that, you can establish a history of how the vampires VS werewolves war started, and establish the reasons for it, and the major players. But Rise Of The Lycans still sent the franchise in the wrong direction, until Awakening came back and knocked it out of the park.

    When it comes to the best, I'd have to go with Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, because I believe it's the best film in the franchise. Part five (or A New Beginning) being a shit film helps my case. You can't replace Jason as the primary antagonist. You just can't, but part five tried to set it up for future films with John Shepherd's Tommy. Back then, and till this day, Friday The 13th fans still shit on A New Beginning, and deservedly so. It's a messy and stupid film with lazy storytelling, and Jason's fake comeback? Ugh.

    Think of how bad A New Beginning was. Then think of how Jason Lives made the triumphant comeback to reestablish Jason as a bad ass, and give the franchise some life (as much as I want to, I can't ignore the abominations Jason X and Jason Goes To Hell). Jason Lives has one of the best openers you'll see in any type of film. Jason's resurrection with the help of some lighting at the grave site in a night storm is just unreal. Jennifer Cooke is just outstanding, and Jason Lives deserves more credit than Scream, when it comes to breaking the fourth wall. Sorry, but Kevin Williamson (the writer) wasn't the first one to go the "insider info" route.The original Scream receives so much praise, because they mock all the stupid character mistakes and cliches in horror films with some winks to the audience every now and then, using the movie within a movie approach. But Jason Lives got a head start for this type of approach way back in 1986.

    I would also throw Saw III into the hat for the best. Saw III is the last Saw film, where Jigsaw was actually alive, and not shown in fucking flashbacks throughout the whole movie. And the real Jigsaw apprentice, Amanda Young was killed off in III. Saw III was the last good Saw film in the series, because A. the turbulent "there's another game waiting to be played!" cliffhanger/mash-up of clips setting up the next movie trick was still fresh, and B. Jigsaw and Amanda were still alive in the current storylines.

    Saw III signifies the end of quality films for the Saw franchise, because after III, Saw just turned into another shitty horror franchise, dishing out awful and mediocre sequels year after year. The entire series just devolved into a mess of shit, and Hoffman was such a boring antagonist as the next Jigsaw. I know this will sound like fanboy whining, but Shawnee Smith was more entertaining, as the cold-hearted psychotic bitch. Amnada should've been the next Jigsaw, not Hoffman.
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    For Best, I'll go with Goldfinger. Dr No and From Russia With Love were good but Goldfinger was the pinnacle of the Bond series. Oddjob and Auric Goldfinger are two classic villians, and Oddjob's hat is one of the most awesome weapons in movie history. A memorable scene with the "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die" scene and an iconic image/scene with the dead girl's gold-covered body. The theme is phenomenal and probably the best of all the Bond themes. And Pussy Galore is the most popular Bond girl behind Honey Ryder, if not, in the top 5 of the best Bond girls.

    For Favourite, easily Die Hard With A Vengeance for the pairing of Bruce Willis & Samuel L Jackson. Their hilarious banter/arguments tops anything from the previous two movies for me, and Jeremy Irons brilliantly portrays Hans Gruber's brother. While Hans Gruber is a great villian, I think Simon is the better brother/villian. He's smarter & more devious. I was originally gonna go with With A Vengeance for Best aswell, but I figured it would be better if I choose two different films for both categories.
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    Best: Toy Story 3. Considering the high bar that the First two Toy Story movies set, it would seem that a third film couldn't possibly live up to the expectations. There had to be a letdown. Toy Story 2 was so good, no way Pixar could even match it, let alone surpass it...yet they did. It was funny, scary, nostalgic, heartbreaking and joyful, all in the same film. And you cried near the end. Don't even try to deny it. You totally balled your brains out as they are facing their mortality at the incinerator. Toy Story 3 managed to tap into a wide gamut of emotions, not something sequels are exactly known for.

    Favorite: Return of the Jedi. Yeah, it isn't even the best of the Original Trilogy. Shit, most people would rank it 3rd of 3. Last place. But, I was born in 1975. Empire was the very first film I ever saw in the movie theatre. I am a first generation Star Wars fan, through and through. ROTJ gave me the resolution I needed as an 8 year old. It settled whether or not Darth Vader was telling the truth about being Luke's father (spoiler, he is), settled the love triangle set up in TESB, even if it was not an entirely satisfactory way it happened, it gave us the downfall of the Sith/Empire, and the redemption of Darth Vader, who died a hero after destroying the Emperor. Yeah, we had the Ewoks...but ROTJ gave mankind the ultimate cosplay fantasy girl, Princess Leia in the steel bikini. That trumps all Ewok bitching.

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