Balor vs Nakamura

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jeff Deliverer of Mail, Jul 17, 2016.

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    Just watched this on NXT. Top 2 or 3 match of the year. Very good match. Possibly Balors last match in NXT.
  2. ヒュー G. レックション

    Nov 29, 2011
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    Yeah there was some really cool stuff in there, like the exchange on the apron with Balor blocking the legs. Also the "point blank" coup de grace was neat. I don't really rate Balor as high as most seem to though. He's solid but I don't really see him as an "icon" or legit main event player. He's a bit too generic in the ring and especially on the mic.

    Nakamura is great as always but I wasn't keen on how he seemed to forget to sell the leg especially after the match.

    I still really enjoyed the match though! But I think I preferred the tag 2 out 3 falls last week more!
  3. Kyphael

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    It was all right, I echoed this in the comments, a bit underwhelming, due perhaps to the atmosphere, it being a TV match at Full Sail. It didn't feel like they went all out, and why should they for TV, I guess? Zayn/Nakamura felt more epic.
  4. OYDK

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    Probably because it was Nakamura's debut. Also because it was a much better match.
  5. a0161613

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    It was a fantastic match and incredible that it didn't happen on a Takeover. But there was no heat to the build and that's why the Zayn match was better and why it probably doesn't break the top eight in NXT history, for me anyway.

    Those two will have better matches together in the future.
  6. JoeMallard

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    I thought Balor was fantastic,in fact, I think it was one of his best matches yet. The way he kept most of his attack on Nakamura's leg. He showed that he is more than a one trick pony in the ring by working as a heel for probably the first time in NXT. Nakamura's looked the same as he always does, GREAT, but I was impressed with Balor way more. The only downfall of the match was it should of happened in Brooklyn, but I can see why it didn't because it would have left Samoa Joe without a top contender. Another was the cut to commercial ever 5-8 minutes and like the second poster said, Nakamura's no selling the leg.
  7. dalenichol

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    A fantastic match. I don't think it was a classic, by any means, but it was a fitting send off for Balor, in what will likely be his last NXT match.

    Both guys looked great and you could tell that these were two workers that were familiar with each other and this helped the fluidity of the match. I really hope we get to see these two in prominent main roster roles down the line
  8. Dagger Dias

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    It was a really awesome match. I had been disappointed that it was going to be on regular NXT as opposed to at the next Takeover event as this is without question the biggest match that NXT had left. Makes sense what with the Brand Extension coming back this week though, Finn has to be the top NXT draft pick for either Raw or Smackdown. No one else amongst the male wrestlers even comes close. For regular NXT matches, it was the best so far in 2016. Period. It wasn't as good as Sami VS Nakamura, but nothing else has even touched that match. Extremely exciting and fun to watch too. The match delivered in pretty much every capacity.
  9. Jack-Hammer

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    I thought it was a great match. Maybe they didn't go crazy with over the top spots or do super stiff shots, but that's not a necessity for me and such things are part of why there've been more injuries in wrestling than there used to be. Great action, great storytelling, great near falls and a super hot crowd hanging on every move made during the match.

    It didn't bother me that it was on a regular NXT airing as not everything special can be or should be saved for the TakeOver events. The Full Sail audience has been very good to NXT and are their praise for NXT is one of the reasons why the hype of the brand took off in the first place, so giving them a few TakeOver caliber matches every so often is helps keep them happy. As has been mentioned, it's quite likely Finn Balor will make his main roster debut quite soon, there's nothing left for him to do and this match sets up what'll almost certainly be Joe vs. Nakamura in TakeOver: Back to Brooklyn for the NXT Championship.

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