Asuka VS Bayley Or Nia Jax?

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, May 22, 2016.

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    Based just on what's going on right now in NXT, it's pretty clear that Bayley and Nia Jax are the two top contenders for Asuka and the NXT Women's Championship. Given her win over Bayley on Wednesday's episode of NXT, Nia Jax may well be ahead in that particular race. Who should get the next title shot?

    Bayley is ready for the main roster, there's money in the girl if Triple H can keep Vince from screwing with her character and booking. After all, how often do you see grown men wearing the merchandise of a female wrestler like bright blue t-shirts with the words "I'm A Hugger" in big yellow letters? Bayley has that sweet, wholesome, gutsy underdog vibe about her and it has the potential to carry her far on the main roster.

    Nia Jax needs more work before there's even a thought of moving her to the main roster. She's improved a lot, she has a unique look and she does stand out. She's not as flashy or athletic as some of the other women, obviously, nor does she rely on any real degree of sex appeal. What Nia is missing, in my opinion, is that sense of intimidation. She doesn't seem like she's a "monster" so much as she's just a big ol' gal with Samoan heritage that's twice as heavy as most of the other women on the roster. If they can make her ferocious instead of aloof, I think there's potential there.

    I think Nia Jax has more to gain from a bout with Asuka than Bayley. I don't see Bayley regaining the NXT Women's Championship, nor do I see Nia Jax beating Asuka for it if given the chance. However, Nia Jax needs the exposure and she needs the experience of working with Asuka whereas, as I said earlier, Bayley is ready for the main roster. If they can make Nia Jax look like a ferocious beast while simultaneously making Asuka look like a near unbeatable champion, then Jax can really come out of the whole thing looking good even with a loss.
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    I think that it could be Nia Jax.

    They have been teasing Asuka Vs. Nia Jax encounter since a long time.

    Bayley seems to be written off with that leg injury she suffered while facing Nia Jax last week.

    Bayley is totally ready for main roster but I wouldn't call-up her yet. There is no space for her on main roster at present. I would like Bayley to get a farewell match at TakeOver near Summerslam just like Sami Zayn got against Shinsuke Nakamura at TakeOver Dallas. Bayley could be used to put over someone like Alexa Bliss.
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    Bayley should have a match first and lose. Asuka can then take on the likes of Carmella, Eva etc. And then finally lose to Jax via heavy Eva interference
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    If whoever runs the creative team at NXT is smart, the obvious and smartest play at this point would be to make Eva Marie champion.

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