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    Connor: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Ascension where we have plenty of action…

    Cohen: but first the longest reigning champion in WZCW history would like to say a few words to his hometown crowd.


    The crowd cheers as Titus Avison steps on to the stage, a smile on his face and his Eurasian championship over his shoulder. As he walks down the ramp he high fives a few fans who have a TMZ sign before stepping into the ring and demanding a microphone from a ringside worker.

    Cohen: Finally a champion of Titus Avison's calibre getting the reception he deserves.

    Titus smiles as he waits for the crowd to die down. When it looks like they are done he brings the mic up to his mouth only for them to start all over again. After another couple minutes he brings the microphone up to his mouth and does his best to talk over the noise.

    Titus: It's good to be back home in Newcastle but it's even better to still be in the middle of the Euravison Era here in WZCW. I should be fighting in the main event but instead they have me facing PC Stevie Broon.

    The fans boo as Titus says the name of his opponent.

    Titus: I know. You think they'd put me in the ring with someone like Eve Taylor and have a Champion vs Champion match people actually want to see but instead they have me up against the man that couldn't even get it done against the lowest tier Champion in the company.


    Before Titus can say another word the music of one PC Stevie Broon hits the PA system as he walks out on to the stage. He tries to walk to the ring in order to get at Titus but is stopped by Constantine who is wearing a ref shirt. Broon tries to shrug him off but Constantine pulls him in close and whispers something in his ear that manages to calm him down. From inside the ring Titus is watching everything with a smile still on his face.

    Titus: Well, well, well, what do we have here. If it isn't my opponent for Kingdom Come and the ref in my match tonight. How's the body holding up John? I know it's been a while since you've been in the ring. Do you think you'll be able to get down and count the pin when I win tonight or will your body give out like it always does?

    Constantine glares at Titus but stays on the stage still holding back Stevie who wants nothing more than to get at Titus.

    Connor: Titus doing his best to throw not only his opponent tonight off his game but his Kingdom Come opponent as well.

    Cohen: I don't know Cat I thought Titus brought up a good point. Will Constantine's body be able to stand up to the rigors of being in the ring again? I guess we'll find out tonight and at Kingdom Come.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

    Anderson: Hailing from Neo, Japan weighing in at 115 pounds....Batti!

    The crowds cheer as Batti runs from one corner of the ramp to the next, raising her fists. A confetti explosion is triggered each time she does this. She then runs and slides into the ring. Her attention is on the fans as she gives them a smile and rests her back against a turnbuckle post.

    Cohen: You heard what Anderson said Cat, one hundred and fifteen pounds. One hundred...

    Connor: That's one hundred and fifteen pounds of energetic superstar Jack. She has shown us what she can do in that very ring, she can reach down and do superhuman acts that seem nearly impossible.

    Cohen: But this is entirely different, I'm really looking forward to seeing how she can deal with such a massive size difference here tonight! Jabari just might knock her out with a slap, the sheer force of one of his strikes could down an elephant!

    Connor: Well since Lethal Lottery, Batti has been tangled in a personal feud with King Mussel, you have to believe that will play on her mind as well as recent events with Tyrone Blades, she really does look like she has lost a little bit of enthusiasm, I hope she doesn't lose her concentration, she is really going to need it against this giant.

    Cohen: How do you prepare yourself to fight a human tree Cat? There's just nothing you can do to prepare, and with her size she has to be absolutely crazy to be taking this match so close to Kingdom Come!

    Anderson: And her opponent....

    Anderson: Weighing in at an astounding 485 pounds and standing tall at 7 foot 3 inches tall, from Daura, Nigeria. The Nigerian Giant, Jabari Kasem!

    The fans stand and take out their cell phones, getting ready to take their personal videos and pictures of the giant. Several moments go by, Jabari's entrance music has nearly run the full length, Anderson shrugs and Batti is talking to referee Akiyama. He climbs out of the ring and starts talking to people in the timekeepers area.

    Connor: We apologize to the fans at home, ladies and gentlemen we're not even sure if there is going to be a match here tonight, Jabari seems to be missing!

    Cohen: He probably got lost finding his way out of the dressing room!

    Connor:(Listening to her earpiece) I just got word we have a camera out back, lets take you to that feed now.

    The camera is shaky and trying to catch up to a man wearing what looks like a padded football uniform, he's yelling instructions and heading for the exit, he kicks the door open to the parking lot outside, two handlers are trying to stop Jabari from heading towards the street. Jabari points and nods at a WZCW billboard in the distance. His handlers are talking and trying to convince him to head in the opposite direction back towards the entrance. Jabari finally turns around but knocks into the camera ending the feed.

    Cohen: Ha ha! I told you Cat! He made a wrong turn coming out of the locker room! We could be here all night waiting for Jabari to make it to the ring!

    Connor: Well, this is just a bit of bad luck ladies and gentlemen, you saw the feed from out back, Jabari is having some difficulty making it to the ring here tonight.

    The fans react with a mixture of cheers and awe!

    Cohen: Look at this Cat, he's coming out of the service entrance! What is he carrying? Looks like some kind of protective gear!

    Jabari walks from behind the fireworks booth and into the darkness again near a walled area of the crowds, he enters the light again and climbs on the ramp, he smells the white protective gear then makes a face, he drops it on the ramp and walks the rest of the way to the ring. Jabari takes a step and grabs the top ropes to pull himself to a standing position on the apron, he then easily takes a step over the top ropes.

    Cohen: Jabari ATE one of his handlers Cat!

    Connor: Will you stop!

    Referee Akiyama quickly checks Jabari for illegal objects, the giant looks at him confused. Jabari grabs Akiyama and starts searching him as well. A frustrated ref quickly signals for the bell.


    Batti stomps across the ring and stands bravely right in front of Jabari, the crowds roar in laughter at the size difference! Batti's head is barely over Jabari's belly button as she looks up! Batti looks left and right then gently grabs Jabari's hands, she holds them up so his open palms are facing her. The giant looks on completely confused, Batti starts saying "Patty cake..." as she claps her hands on his and then claps her hands. She tells him to do it. Jabari slowly claps his hands together, he seems pleased by this. Batti giggles loudly then claps her hands together and holds her hands up, Jabari mimics her and holds his palms up, she claps his hands again then claps her hands and yells "Patty CAKE!" Jabari looks really happy now! "Now YOU do it!" Jabari mumbles something then claps his hands together, Batti holds up her palms, giggling and her eyes wild with anticipation, Jabari SLAMS his palms into hers and she goes flying backwards across the ring! She does a back roll and falls right out of the ring!

    Connor: Well! Jabari needs to learn a thing or two about Patty Cake!

    Cohen: Give the guy some credit! I bet it was his first ever game of Patty Cake! That could be his new special move, the Patty Cake Slap!

    Batti rolls back in the ring, a far more concerned expression on her face. Akiyama tells her to get going. She blows a raspberry at him and cautiously approaches the giant again. Jabari holds out his fists this time, ready to box with the much smaller wrestler. Batti holds up her fists and does some head fakes, she throws a few shadow jabs then starts dancing around the giant, his eyes are wide as he doesn't understand what's going on. Batti gives the giant a jab right on the nose then grabs him in a bear hug! Her hands barely reach his back as she squeezes with all her might. The fans are yelling in concern and laughter as Jabari seems angered by the attack, he's looking down at her now with a tilted, curious expression. Jabari easily swats her arms away then drives his huge palm into her stomach with a stomach claw hold! Batti screams in pain, Jabari applies more pressure then easily lifts her off of her feet and holds her in the air in front of him, still clutching the stomach claw! Akiyama is in Batti's face, asking her is she's ready to quit. Batti scream no then gives Jabari's wrist a double axe handle, breaking the hold. She lands on her feet, she grabs Jabari attempting a belly to belly suplex but the giant doesn't budge, he grabs Batti's hair and lifts her up over his head with one hand! Jabari starts swinging Batti around like he's playing with a belt, around and around in a circle over his head, he lets go and Batti flys over the top ropes and lands on the ramp, she rolls to a stop half way up towards the titantron!

    Connor: Oh my god! That was just downright disturbing! Jabari just whipped her around over his head like she was a wet towel! I've never seen such a mismatch in power in my life!

    Cohen: Jabari is going to crush Batti, Cat! I said it earlier, this is going to be like putting one of those Smart Cars in a car crusher!

    The crowds cheer as Batti makes it to her feet, she rubs her scalp and slides back in the ring. She seems furious at being rag dolled as she's yelling up at Jabari. The giant holds up his fist and makes a slow run at her, Batti dodges then gives him an axe kick in the hip, he rubs his hand on the area and bounces off of the ropes for another running attack, Batti uses her speed and dodges again, she kicks Jabari in the back of the knee on the way by, he wobbles for a second and rubs the back of his knee. Jabari throws a very slow chop at Batti that she dodges easily and kicks him in the thigh, then kicks him again in the shin, she punches his other thigh then kicks him right on the knee, Jabari has a pained look on his face as he staggers back on the ropes, Batti runs and dropkicks Jabari right in the stomach, he wheezes, she runs off of the ropes, she runs fast at Jabari and leaps but the giant lifts his boot and catches her right on the chest, she stops in mid air and goes flying in the opposite direction, she lands on her back with a thud in the middle of the ring. Jabari takes this time to catch his breath.

    Connor: A very high impact boot by the giant caught Batti in mid flight, stopping her momentum!

    Cohen: Batti was smart to use her speed and to try and chop this man down by attacking the legs, but that boot was like getting hit by a truck! This could be it for Batti!

    Batti tries to sit up but Jabari steps on her hair. She screams and starts punching his leg but he just looks down at her. Akiyama is warning him to let her hair go but he won't listen. The ref is warning him about a DQ but the giant just stares at Batti. Jabari lifts his foot releasing her hair, she breathes a sigh of relief as she holds her scalp, but he stomps her stomach viciously. Over and over again. Jabari continues to stomp Batti until she doesn't move on the canvas. He runs off of the ropes, he jumps but Batti just barely rolls out of the way of a big splash! Jabari lays on his face motionless as Batti takes this time to recover from the stomps. She tries to roll him over for a pin but he won't move. She collapses again, holding her stomach. Jabari raises up to his knees, Batti gets to her feet, Jabari is nearly as tall as her on his knees, he grabs her in a neck pinch hold! She can't move as he squeezes, he slowly climbs to his feet with the hold applied, now towering over her, he releases the hold then claps his huge arms around her for a bearhug!


    Connor: Oh my god no! Stop the match! He'll snap her like a twig!

    Batti slips out of his grasp straight down and does the splits, she does a double punch at both of his knees, she does a kip up as Jabari bends over in pain, she starts giving the giant uppercuts and lefts and rights to the head, over and over again, Jabari swings a punch that Batti dodges, she kicks him in the thigh and delivers a jumping punch to his jaw, Jabari staggers back. The crowds start building a cheer as the tiny superstar starts unloading on the giant over and over with rights and lefts, staggering him back towards the ropes more and more, left, right, left, right, left, right, right, right, right, right....Jabari staggers back to the ropes! Batti runs off of the ropes, she runs at Jabari and jumps, clothesline! Jabari leans back but his feet don't even leave the canvas! Batti takes a breath, she runs off of the ropes again...clothesline! Jabari leans back, one of his feet leave the canvas for a second then back down!


    Cohen: This is crazy! No way is she gonna knock him over!

    Batti runs off of the ropes again...clothesline! Jabari leans way back!! But he lands on his feet again! Batti runs off of the ropes, she does a hand over hand then jumps with an insane clothesline! Jabari topples over the top ropes and lands with a crash on the padded mats!!


    Connor: She did it! She NAILED the giant right over the top ropes!!

    Cohen: I can't believe it!

    Batti falls to the mat exhausted as Akiyama makes his count.


    Jabari pulls himself up to his feet using the apron. He wipes sweat off of his face causing his war paint to smear and make a mess. He staggers and half sits on the commentary table.


    The giant notices the Batti fans cheering loudly, he makes an attempt to grab one of the fans, but the teen boy escapes terrified and throws his sign as he runs through the crowd. Jabari doesn't show interest in the sign as he reaches over the barricade and picks something up off of the concrete.

    6....7...Come on Jabari, get back in the ring...

    Jabari is dumbfounded at the cellphone in his hand. He's looking at it closely. One of his handlers comes by and starts shouting at him, he takes the cellphone out of his hand and points at the ring. The giant is furious, he hits the handler with Bumaye! The devastating Kesagiri Chop sends the handler flying over the barricade and the cellphone flying in the air, it lands back in Jabari's palm. He stares at it again, in pure joy and wonderment.



    Anderson: The winner of this match, by count out Batti!

    The fans cheer as Batti celebrates on the top turnbuckle.

    Connor: Batti with a big win here over the massive giant, the mismatch in size didn't matter Jack, she still found a way to win like a true superstar would!

    Cohen: I'm still in shock that she managed to nail the giant monster over the top ropes to the outside of the ring, what a hand over hand clothesline! Look at him! He's still in wonderland looking at that cellphone!

    Batti celebrates up the ramp as Jabari starts touching the cellphone screen cautiously, like the movements on the screen might cut his hand.


    We cut backstage where Matt Tastic is pacing around in a towel as various women and some men cover their faces. Even though he's not really exposing anything.

    Matt: Mikey!! Mikey, where the hell are you?!

    Matt approaches various people and asks.

    Matt: Have you seen Mikey? No? Dammit. Hey, how about you? Have you seen him? Why are you covering your eyes? No? Dammit.

    Matt runs into Elite Openweight Champion Callie Clark who quickly covers her eyes. Matt seems uneasy to ask her given past history but he asks anyway.

    Matt: Clark. Have you seen Mikey anywhere?

    Clark: Put some pants on you perv.

    Matt: Sorry. I am in a rush. Please, if you've seen him, tell me.

    Clark: Why should I help you? *sigh* Fine. I saw him, shocker, in the catering area. Now get out of my face, perv.

    Matt leaves but turns back around.

    Matt: I should put pants on.

    Clark: I do not want to know why he's looking for Stormrage with no pants on.


    After the commercial break, Eve Taylor is in the ring She holds a microphone in one hand and the World Heavyweight championship in the other. She takes a couple of seconds to compose herself before she looks to speak. Eve seems to have a regretful look on her face, not wanting to look into the camera or at the crowd.

    Connor: Sounds like the champ has something she wants to get off her chest. By the look on her face, it sounds something is conflicting her.

    Cohen: Whatever it is, I hope she has the appropriate time to speak her piece and a respectful crowd to listen to her. She's going in at Kingdom Come as the World champion in the main event; she can't have anything that mentally affects her for the upcoming match.

    Connor: I hope she is looking to apologise and admit the fault of what she has done to Tyrone Blades and Batti. It is the only thing this could be about.

    Eve begins pacing around the ring as she raises the microphone to her lips.

    Taylor: I have something that I need to say before Kingdom Come. It is something that has been weighing on my mind for the last couple of weeks and I need to share the truth with everyone.

    She pauses for a moment.

    Taylor: As the World Heavyweight champion who represents the kind of competition that is showcased here in WZCW but also as a role model and the main image of this great company, I feel it is necessary for me to be completely honest and forthright with everyone here, everyone in the back and the people who run this place. If I do not have these qualities then I am not a true champion and a competitor who does not deserve to hold this prestigious title.

    Eve looks down at the title as some fans applaud the statement.

    Taylor: A few weeks ago you saw my face on television in a different setting, I showcased security footage that saw the challenger to my title Tyrone Blades entering with me inside a motel room and exiting a few hours later. This was done in an effort to prove to Batti, who is Tyrone Blades' partner, that Blades himself was nothing more than a sick, disgusting human being who does not deserve to be challenging for this championship. However, this act has done nothing but cause controversy, tormented the feelings and emotions of everyone who is involved and incited most of you, the WZCW fans, to see me as an awful, depraved person. Tonight, I wish to be honest and clear the air, so if you'll be so kind to give me the platform to explain myself, I'd very much appreciate it.

    The crowd mutters to themselves but ultimately, they give Eve the platform and allow her to discuss it as they remain silent.

    Taylor: I should not have done what I did. It was a mistake that has caused relationships to crumble and I wish I could take it back. Sincerely, I apologise for my actions.

    Eve cannot continue for the moment and takes a few seconds to recollect herself as the crowd begins to clap for the apology.

    Connor: Even though I wanted this to happen, I wasn't expecting her to actually apologise.

    Cohen: She explained why she needed to apologise. She treasures that title more than anything and if she didn't do this tonight, she couldn't be World champion. It's rather classy, I'd say.

    Taylor: I'm sorry.

    It looks as if tears begin welling up in Eve's eyes. The crowd's applause gets louder... but as the camera zooms in on her face, the sorrowful eyes disappear and a straight face appears.

    Taylor: I am sorry I shared that very private information with everyone. I am sorry that I put myself in a position that would expose me to the hatred and the vitriol of everyone online calling me a **** and a ****e. I am sorry that I showed everyone a very intimate moment that occurred between two consenting adults who just wanted to have a little fun for one night before they begin competing in a big main event match.

    The crowd is shocked and begins booing these statements.

    Connor: Too good to be true. We were bamboozled.

    Cohen: Quiet, Seabass. Eve is pouring her heart out here.

    Taylor: I am sorry this wasn't kept a private matter between Batti, Tyrone and myself... but now that it is known and out there, I feel there is an obligation to clear up exactly what happened the night Tyrone Blades visited my room.

    Eve smirks.

    Taylor: Tyrone and I met in a bar. I asked him to meet me and Tyrone Blades agreed. He wanted to come see me and have a few drinks, away from his partner Batti because he needed some "time away" from her. So, he found comfort in me. And let me tell you, he was all over me. Tyrone Blades could not keep his hands off me. It's amazing what a few drinks can do to an unfaithful and chaotic man like Tyrone, huh? We slow danced on the dance floor. We dirty danced on the dance floor. There was a couple of times where I sneaked in a few kisses... and he wanted more. It was at that point that he didn't want Batti any more. He wanted me.

    Eve is smirking and laughing at what happened. The crowd is booing her heavily at this.

    Taylor: Knowing how easily it was to wrap Tyrone around my finger, I led him to my motel room and that's when the real fun began. The things that he did to me that night and the throws of passion we had with each other was like pure ecstasy. No matter how much we threw at each other, Tyrone just wanted more and more... especially when I started...

    Eve brings out her tongue and puts her fingers to her mouth to give a visual demonstration, however...


    ... it is interrupted as Batti returns,charging down the ramp and slides into the ring. Eve Taylor tries to react but Batti delivers a massive takedown spear, beginning to pummel the life out of Eve. Batti is relentless in her assault and completely dominates Eve in the center of the ring. Eve has no chance to react and can only cover up as Batti strikes blow after blow after blow. The crowd is cheering loudly to this assault.

    Cohen: Where the hell is security!? She is not supposed to be out here.

    Connor: And Eve isn't supposed to be acting like this. What a vile and disgusting person she is to even have the hide to describe it to the viewers. There are children watching this program!

    In a raged fury, Batti takes off her boot and looks to deliver the So Kawaii Kick to Eve Taylor. As Eve stumbles to her feet and Batti sizes her up, Mussel is seen sliding in the ring and jumps Batti from behind. Eve quickly exits the ring and recovers as Flex stands over Batti, beating her down. The crowd boos as King Mussel picks up and looks to destroy her with the Mussel Bomb.

    Connor: Why is he out here? Are Eve and Mussel in cohoots?

    Cohen: Could this be a reunion?! It could be the return of Cerberus!

    As Mussel goes to pick up Batti for the Bomb, we see a masked figure enter the ring with a baseball bat. Mussel, seeing this person enter the ring, drops Batti and quickly runs out of the ring. This masked man, who appears with the Hollowed One mask, scares Mussel off. The masked man pulls off the mask to reveal the second member of the Hollowed Ones and good friend to Tyrone Blades, Mr Jones.

    Cohen: Jones? Why is he here?

    Connor: The more important question is where is Tyrone Blades?

    Jones goes over to Batti and makes sure she is okay, grabbing the microphone that Eve dropped in the ring. Batti is still extremely pissed and wants to find Eve but Jones stops her.

    Jones: Batti, Batti, Batti... hold up, homie. It's me, Jones. Look, I know I ain't the person y'all wan' to be seein' right now but I need to fix this shit. Whatever Eve be pullin' on you is a hoax, Batti. My boy Tyrone would never do this shit to anyone, especially to you. He loves you, Batti. I ain't never seen him love anyone as much as he loves you. That boy loves you more than he loves me and I'm his best friend. There ain't nothing Tyrone won't do for you and there ain't nothing Tyrone did with that ho, Eve. Tyrone did nothing wrong, Batti. He would never hurt you. Ever. I swear on my momma's grave.

    Jones pulls away the microphone and tries reasoning with Batti but she shakes her head. Jones keeps repeating Tyrone loves you and Tyrone did nothing wrong.

    Batti: If Tyrone did nothing wrong and truly loves me, he'd be here instead of his boy.

    She then gives Jones a stiff shoulder and exits the ring an angry huff. She is completely pissed and is gone. Jones is left in the ring standing there by himself, frustrated he couldn't get to Batti.

    Cohen: Batti has a point. If Tyrone was true to Batti, why is he not out here to protect her? Meltdown and Ascension are hosted in the same city, same arena. He should be backstage, right?

    Connor: All I know is that-

    Before Sebastian can finish his sentence, Eve Taylor has snuck her way into the ring behind Jones and leans over to the microphone he is holding.

    Taylor: Oops.

    Eve immediately drops to one knee and surprises Jones with a hard-hitting low-blow that causes Jones to drop to the canvas, drop the bat and drop the microphone. The crowd boos heavily as Eve Taylor is laughing heavily at this display in a psychotic way, picking up the microphone. She looks down at Jones before looking at the camera.

    Taylor: With Love.

    She gives a wink and drops the microphone on top of Jones' laid-out body. Taylor immediately exits the ring, grabs her championship, raises it one more time and gets out of dodge before any other shenanigans happen.

    Connor: Eve Taylor is a horrible human being and it makes me sick that I have to call her our WZCW World Heavyweight champion.


    Backstage, Batti is approached by Stacey Madison.

    Stacey: Batti! Batti, I am so sorry about what's going on. Don't let them get to you.

    Batti: You're right. I'll get to them. I can't get to Eve Taylor. So I want Flex Mussel at Kingdom Come. In an "I QUIT" MATCH!!
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    Anderson: This next match is tag team contest scheduled for a single fall. Already in the ring weighing in at a combined weight of 513 pounds, the team of The Beard and Ace Stevens!

    Beard and Stevens receive a fair reaction from the crowd, but already there seems to be some tension between the two men. There was a rumor going around backstage that Mikey Stormrage was MIA making the bout effectively a handicap match. Both men now wanted the glory of beating Tastic for themselves.


    Matt walks down the ramp stopping midway to look at his surrounds. He walks down to the ring before getting on the apron, climbing in, scaling and sitting on the top turnbuckle. He takes his mask off while glaring at his two opponents across the ring.

    Anderson: And their opponent, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, weighing 235 pounds, Matt Tastic!

    Connor: This prospect is not looking good for Matt Tastic. He couldn’t find Mikey Stormrage anywhere backstage.

    Cohen: What a sad, sad day. Unless your names are Beard and Ace Stevens.

    Beard and Ace are still arguing in their corner over who gets to start first. It’s clear that this point that neither wants to tag with the other.

    *Ding Ding Ding*​

    After their argument cools, Ace is the one to fight for his team as he and Matt Tastic square off. Tastic takes one last look at his empty corner before his opponent suddenly darts forward and stuns him with a European uppercut. Stevens grabs Tastic’s left arm and twists it, applying pressure on his rotator cuff. Matt grimaces in pain, but rolls through on the mat, kipping up and using his momentum to reverse the hold. Tastic slowly forces Ace to his knee, keeping the pressure applied on his arm. He wrings his opponents arm behind his back, applying a hammerlock. Tastic forces Ace to the ground, as the former Mayhem champion struggles to get out of the hold. Ace makes it to a knee, and then gets back to his feet. He manages to turn his body enough so that he’s facing Tastic, and with one swift motion manages to take him down at the legs. Stevens nails Tastic with a forearm blow causing him to break the hold. Tastic pushes the man off him and stands, only to be taken down again with an arm drag. Matt recovers quickly, but Stevens picks him up and drops him to the mat with a scoop slam. Ace measures his opponent and nails with a running high knee. And Tastic is stunned! Ace grabs him and whips him into his corner. He follows it up with running clothesline, which leaves the former world champion woozy. Ace grabs his head, and starts to pull him out of the corner, but The Beard makes a blind tag from behind. The big man enters the ring and immediately starts to work over the smaller man in the corner, hitting him repeatedly with stiff looking elbows followed up by a shoulder barge tackle. Tastic falls forward onto his knee but catches himself on the top rope. Beard charges forwards and flattens him with a flying elbow smash! He grabs the smaller man around the waist and sends him flying across the ring with a belly to belly suplex. Matt bounces off the canvas as Beard begins to stalk him like a predator on the hunt. He lifts Tastic up into his arms and walks around with him. There’s not much the former world champion can do but try and weather the storm that about to come. Beard drives him down across his knee back first. Tastic cries out in pain as his spin is compressed. Beard applies a surfboard stretch, using his leg as leverage. Tastic refuses to give up, as the crowd wills him on.

    Connor: Ace Stevens and The Beard are really doing a number on Matt here. And Mikey is still nowhere to be seen.

    Cohen: I bet he’s off somewhere getting drunk right now. Wouldn’t be the first time he’s been plastered backstage.

    Matt struggles against Beards grip and tries to pry his bear-like hand off him, which frees his other hand from his thigh just long enough for Tastic to leap up and knee the big man in the side of the head, which stuns him. Tastic gets up, while holding his lower back in pain. He takes a deep breath and nails the Beard with a standing Enzuiguri. The kick to the head knocking the big man off his feet. With the adrenaline starting to flow, Tastic jumps up before taking the Beard to the mat with a Huracanrana. Tastic is fired up now! He runs, bounces off the ropes, and plants the larger man with a running tornado DDT! Before he can attempt a pin, someone’s music hits.


    Connor: It’s Mikey Stormrage!

    Cohen: This is the break Tastic needs. There’s no way he could have fought a former world champion in the Beard and fierce competitor like Ace Stevens in a handicap match. Even if those two don’t seem to be on the same page, beating up Tastic would have been sport to them.

    The other half of Live Mas hobbles down to the ring, looking a little worse for wear. He hops up onto the apron, as the referee nods at him. Tastic mouths “You good?” Mikey nods. Tastic turns around and walks straight into Beards waiting grasp. The larger man bends him over his leg, looking to finish the match right there, but Tastic escapes and rights himself, and pushes the Beard backwards into his corner. Beard’s head bounces off the turnbuckles, momentarily stunning him. Ace stands clear as Tastic charges forward and nails the big man with a corner dropkick. Beard stumbles forward and drops to a knee. He uses the ropes to pull him to his feet. He takes a step forward when Ace makes the blind tag from behind. Beard turns around, quite visibly upset. He begins to argue with his partner and pushes him off the apron! Ace goes flying and winds up hitting the barricade hard. Mikey drops down from his corner and runs around to the other side of the ring, as Matt measures his opponent. Beard turns around as Tastic hops onto the bottom rope, and springboards off flooring him with a Flying Power Kick! Mikey throws Ace, now the legal man, back into the ring and follows him in. With the crowd cheering them on, Matt grabs Stevens in a pumphandle position as Mikey lifts Beard up into his arms. They look at each other and nod. Mikey slams Beard to the mat with the Game Over as Tastic lifts Ace up and hits the Seismic Toss! They both make a cover, as the referee counts the pin: 1…2…3..! It’s over.

    Anderson: Here are your winners by pin fall, team Live Mas!

    Connor: And just like that it’s over! I can’t believe Beard lost his temper like that. He cost his team the match.

    Cohen: It was an unlucky break. Both of those guys looked to be off their games tonight.

    As Tastic holds his arms high in celebration, Stormrage drops to a knee, holding his stomach. Tastic calls a ringside tech over and asks for a couple of mics.

    Tastic: Dude, where the hell have you been?

    Mikey uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet, though he clearly isn't feeling well.

    Stormrage: I was at the all you can eat fish and chips down at the pub, celebrating.

    Tastic: Celebrating what?

    Mikey burps before he speaks. Tastic clearly doesn't like what he smells.

    Stormrage: I just got word this morning, WZCW brass is putting me into the WZCW Hall of Fame!

    The crowd cheers as Mikey holds one arm on his stomach and one in the air.


    The crowd boos as Triple X and Mark Keaton make their way onto the stage and down the ramp.

    X: Mikey Stormrage in the Hall of Fame? Man, this company has fallen flat if they think he is good enough to be an all time great.

    Keaton: The only thing great about these tools is the great beating we are going to put on them at Kingdom Come.

    X and Keaton are ready to jump into the ring and take out the exhausted pair of Live Mas. Mikey is clearly feeling ill as he readies to fight. Tastic, knowing the pair are too spent to hold their own thinks quickly and hits Mikey in the stomach. The force is too much and he throws up his lunch all over the pair of X and Keaton. The crowd is both elated and disgusted as X and Keaton quickly retreat. Keaton slips while trying to get away, falling. Tastic jumps around the ring with joy as Keaton struggles, with X finally pulling him from the ring.

    Tastic: And that was just a taste of the Kick Assery that Live Mas is going to deliver at Kingdom Come!

    Stormrage: Come Kingdom Come weekend, it will be Game Over for you!

    Tastic pats Stormrage on the back, who lets out one last burp before he wipes his mouth. Tastic exits the ring on the clean side and hypes the fans as Stormrage grabs some water from under the ring to rinse his mouth.

    Cohen: ..........

    Connor: congratulations to Mikey Stormrage for being the third member of this year's Hall of Fame class alongside Constantine and Steven Holmes.

    Cohen: ......
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    Anderson: The following contest is a triple threat match in the Elite Openweight League and is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first , from New York City weighing in at 175 LBS, Vega!

    As the music continues smoke slowly fills the entrance ramp and the loghts flicker with the bass. It's at this point we see the shadowy form of Vega slowly moving his body to the music. As the drumline kicks in two spotlights shine down forming a V with Vega standing in the center.

    After a minute of standing in the spotlight he slowly saunters down the ramp. He walks around the ring and hops onto the guardwall and stands there soaking in the noise of the crowd. After a bit he hops down and walks up the steel steps. After walking around the ring he once again turns towards the crowd before doing a back flip into the ring. Once inside Vega turns and faces the ramp before holding out his fingers in the shape of a gun and takes aim.

    Connor: Vega knows he's one win away from going on to Kingdom Come for a chance at winning the Elite Openweight Championship.


    Anderson: Next from parts unknown, weighing 155 LBS, Wren!

    Her music hits the PA system and Wren walks onto the stage with a somewhat cocky smirk on her face as the vast majority of the fans boo her. She ignores the fans on her way down the ramp except for the few she decides to mock. She walks up the steps and gets into the ring where she simply waits for her opponent with that smirk still on her face.

    Cohen: Don't forget about Wren Cat. With her change in attitude she's in the same boat as Vega. Just a win away from fighting at the biggest event of the year.


    Not waiting for an introduction Vee comes put on stage with a microphone in his hand.

    Cohen: Alright who keeps giving this weirdo a microphone?

    Connor: I don't know Jack but it can't be worse than last time.

    As the music plays a tear comes to his eye. He brings the microphone up to his mouth but the emotion is to much for him and he breaks down crying. After a few minutes of standing there like an idiot he brings the mic back up to his mouth.[/color]

    Vee: God is alive. Could someone play that song again?

    The music he came out to plays again and Vee stands there until a backstage worker comes out and reminds him he's got a match. Hearing that Vee drops the mic and sprints towards the ring. As he gets to the bottom of the ramp he trips over his own feet and falls to the floor, sliding under the ring. When he doesn't come back out ringside workers look under the ring only to find it completely empty. The ref shrugs his shoulders and calls for the bell anyway.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Cohen: What did I just see Cat? And where did Vee go?

    Connor: I'm not sure Jack but the ref has decided to start this match with just the two in the ring. Maybe Vee will show up.

    As soon as the bell rings Wren hits a basement dropkick that sends Vega face first into the mat. She stomps on Vega's back a few times before he gets up and pushes her away. Wren wuickly responds with a few rapod slaps to his face in order to disorient him a bit.

    Cohen: Wren going hard right out of the gate. She's not giving Vega any room to do anything.

    Vega is finally able to find an opening of his own as Wren leanscback for another slap and is able to hit her with a quick jab to the throat that sends her reeling. He closes the gap and peppers her with kicks to her legs before landing a vicious spinning back elbow to the side of her head.

    Connor: Well it looks like Wren isn't the only one thay can use speed. Vega wants this win just as bad and he will do whatever it takes.

    Vega grabs Wren and throws her into the corner where he hits a rapid succession of martial arts kicks and punches that she is having a hard time blocking. After a bit Vega is able to connect with a stiff kick right to Wren's temple that send her crashing down onto the mat. He pulls her to the center of the ring and quickly falls on top of her, going for a quick pinfall. 1…2..kickout by Wren!

    Cohen: It's going to take more than a kick to keep Wren down for the three count.

    Connor: If Vega is able to keep up the speed he just may be able to eventually.

    Vega picks Wren up and throws her back into the corner as the fans are distracted by Gino Rizzoli jumping the barrier at ringside and climbing onto the apron and distracting the ref.

    Connor: Come on what is he doing here? Tony isn't even scheduled to be here tonight.

    Cohen: I don't know Cat but you know as well as I do where Gino is Tony isn't to far behind.

    As if on cue Tony slides into the ring with a steel chain wrapped around his arm and pulls Vega off of Wren and uses the chain to hit him with a devastating short arm clothesline that sends him falling limp into the mat. As Tony slides out of the ring and jumps back over the barrier Gino hops down from the apron and does the same. As the ref turns back around Wren has Vega in position and climbs to the top rope only to hit From east, with love (Skytwister press) and immediately going for the pinfall. 1…2…3!

    Anderson: Your winner of the match by pinfall, Wren!

    The ref raises Wren's hand who quickly snatches it away and rolls under the bottom rope leaving Vega barely stirring.

    Connor: Oh come on, why would Tony cost Vega the match like that. Wren should have been disqualified.

    Cohen: The ref's decision is final Cat so unfortunately for Vega he doesn't get a shot at the Elite Openweight Championship at Kingdom Come.

    Vega slowly gets to his feet using the ropes and stares up the ramp with a look of fury on his face.

    Connor: He may not get a shot at the Elite Openweight Championship but he does get a shot at the Mayhem Championship and with that revenge on the man who cost him here tonight.


    Backstage Vee ADZ is walking in a robe and sash as he holds up what seems to be a bible.

    Vee ADZ: Brothers! Sisters! I've seen the light! I've found God.

    Backstage Bob: He was under the ring?

    Vee ADZ: Yes! And don't interrupt me again. That's- that's heresy.

    Bob: It is? How?

    Vee then throws water at Backstage Bob who starts to smoke as he grasps his face.

    Bob: Ouch, ouch, that burns. It burns! Ouch!!

    Vee ADZ: Heed my words and rejoice, my siblings. Proverbs 17:17 says " A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity." As such, wrestling breeds brotherhood.

    Vee continues walking as a deep, deep light seems to engulf him. He walks towards it. His voice echoing until it can no longer be heard.
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    The camera comes back to the ring and we see Chuck Myles in the ring with Wren. In one hand Myles holding a microphone and a clipboard in the other.

    Myles: Last night On Meltdown we saw Randy Studd win Block A of the Elite Openweight League and join both Callie Clark and Lynx at Kingdom Come and here tonight we have the winner of Block B ready to sign the contract and join them. Wren if you wouldn't mind sign we can make it official.

    Wren takes the offered clipboard and flips to the last page which she signs before handing back the clipboard all without saying a word.

    Myles: Well there you have it ladies at gentlemen at Kingdom Come IX Callie Clark will defend her Elite Openweight Championship against Lynx, Randy Studd and Wren in acFatal-4-Way Match!


    Backstage Stacey is desperately chasing after Batti, finally catching up to her.

    Batti: I don't want to hear any of your lies tonight Stacey!

    Stacey: Listen! I know you don't trust me, but you need to know what really happened. Can you please listen to me?

    Batti sighs and rolls her eyes as she crosses her arms.

    Batti: Fine, let's get this over with.

    Stacey leans in and starts whispering to Batti as we go to commercial.
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    Anderson: This next match is scheduled for a single fall!


    Stevie makes his entrance through the curtain looking absolutely raging with the world. He scans the audience with a paranoid look in his eyes. He makes his way down the ramp and slaps a few hands of the kids at ringside. He makes his way up the steps and uses his time in the ring to scan the room one more time.

    Anderson: Introducing first from Easterhoose, Scotland. Weighing 221 pounds... PC Stevie Broon!

    Connor: A big opportunity for this man right here tonight. Even though he came up just short in his match against Mayhem champion Tony Mancini, a win here may catapult him to new heights.

    Cohen: This guy has a few wins under his belt, but I haven’t been impressed. He’ll be up against the greatest champion in WZCW history tonight.


    Titus walks out to a huge chorus of boos, drowning out the cheers from a few of his TMZ fan club members in attendance. His attendant Rosie, as vigilant as ever, walks just slightly behind him as he walks down the ramp. He raises the Eurasian title above his head before rolling into the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle and points upwards towards the sky, posing with his belt.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, he is the Eurasian champion, Titus Avison!

    Connor: The Eurasian champion faces his biggest challenge it date at Kingdom Come. Former world champion Constantine looks to do the impossible by ending the EurAvison era. The question now is how much has he gotten beneath the champions’ skin?

    Cohen: No matter what games Constantine tries to play, Titus will always be one step ahead. I take nothing away from John, but Titus has been champion for nearly two Kingdom Come cycles for reason. That why he overturned every rock he could find, dug to the ends of the Earth until he found this man…


    The former WZCW alumni comes out on stage dressed in a referee’s shirt. The newer fans are largely indifferent to him, but there’s a few diehard older fans that are giving him a standing ovation. Particularly the members of TMZ.

    Connor: Why did Titus unearth this dinosaur again?

    Cohen: If you don’t understand the reference Cat, then this game is going to be too hard for you to play.

    Referee Michaels slides into the ring. He checks both competitors before signaling for the bell.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Titus looks awfully confident, as he berates Broon as they begin to circle each other. They lock up in a collar and elbow tie up, and Titus uses his grappling base to take the brawler to the mat. He rides the former officer amateur style, showing off his superior technical skills. Titus grabs Broon’s arm and wrenches it behind his back, trying to hyperextend the elbow. Broon’s grunts in pain and turns his body, getting into a kneeling position. He turns his body facing Titus, who transitions the armbar into a hammerlock keeping the pressure applied on the arm. Broon sweeps Titus’ legs out from under him as Broon falls on top of him. Titus still has the hold applied, but Broon lands and few forearm blows forcing the Eurasian champion to let go. A quick one-two punch combo has Titus dazed as Broon gets to his feet. He measures Titus and lands a knee drop, bring his weight down across Titus’ chest. Titus slams his fist into the mat in frustration and stands, as Broon tells him to bring it. They circle each other again, and Titus shoots in fast and scores a takedown, wrestling Broon to the mat once more. But this time he manages to get loose and clocks Titus in the face with a straight right fist. The champ is livid! He shouts to Michaels, “that should be a disqualification!” The guest referee gives Broon a warning as the match resumes. This time Broon charges Titus and nails him with a series of right and lefts hooks that stuns him and leaves him reeling. Broon kicks him in the gut and nails a flowing DDT. He goes for a quick pin fall cover but can only manage a one count before Titus kicks out.

    Connor: Titus and Broon are really taking the fight to each other! Titus has the edge on the mat, but Broon looks to be the better brawler. I’m surprised how fair Anthony Michaels has been so far.

    Cohen: Of course he’s going to call this match fair, Cat. Constantine would have cheated Titus for sure. He made the smart choice here.

    Back in the ring, Broon has Titus lifted high up into the air after applying a front facelock. He drops him down back first onto the mat with a vertical suplex. He uses his momentum and flips himself over on top of Titus in a mounted position and begins to rain down punches as hard as he can. Broon is vicious and is really taking the fight to Titus, and the crowd is eating it up. He lifts his opponent up and gathers him into his arms. Broon slams the champ down across his knee with a backbreaker. He scoops up Titus once more and hits a second backbreaker! Titus body contorts in pain as his body hangs from Broon’s leg. Broon picks him up and delivers a third backbreaker, before letting him drop to the mat. He quickly makes a cover: 1…2… but Titus kicks out again. The champ holds his back in pain as Broon hoists him to his feet. Broon attempts to shoot him into the ropes, but Titus stops him shifting his weight onto his back leg, while still holding his back. He steps forward and rakes Broon across the eyes, giving himself a momentary advantage. He begins to assault the challenger with vicious chops to the chest. A European uppercut leaves Broon stunned enough for Titus to grab him in a side headlock. He leaps up, bounces off the top rope with is feet, using his momentum to send Broon crashing to the mat face first with a springboard bulldog. Titus measures him as he slowly gets to his feet and plants him with a DDT! He stands and heckles the fans, berating Broon for his unimpressive performance. The crowd boos him mercilessly, as chants for the grocery store clerk begin to fill the arena. Titus grabs Broon around the waist and takes him up and over, planting him with a Northern Lights suplex. He completes the bridge and pins his shoulders to the mat: 1…2...but Broon gets the shoulder up.

    Connor: Look at Titus cheating to get the upper hand. Do your job ref; stop him!

    Cohen: Anthony Michaels is doing a fine job calling the shots. Broon’s clearly just not ready for Titus. The champ has him outgunned and outsmarted. I’ll be surprised if this match lasts another 5 minutes.

    Titus scoops Broon up and slams him down into the canvas. He runs, bounces off the ropes, and punishes his man with a knee drop of his own. Titus is now fully in control of the match. Broon tries to get to his feet but Titus wrestles him to the mat once more. He rides him, slapping him in the back of the head. He’s toying with him. Titus grabs his leg and applies the ankle lock! Broon screams in pain as Titus applies pressure. He screams at Broon to tap, but the Scot refuses to surrender. Broon starts to crawl towards the ropes, but just when his hand nearly reaches the bottom, Titus drags him back to the center of the ring. The crowd is electric. The arena is alive as the sit on the edges of their seats, waiting to see if Broon can counter this legendary hold. Broon slams his fists into the mat, and with one sudden motion rolls over and kicks Titus off him. Broon tries to stand but can’t but any weight on his foot! Smelling blood in the water, Titus takes his leg out from underneath him with a low dropkick. He grabs Broon from behind, applies and inverted facelock, and drives him down onto the mat with a reverse DDT! His body lying prone right beside the ring post. Titus smirks and begins climbing to the top rope. Taking his time as Broon slowly recovers, holding the back of his head, while still favoring his ankle. He stands and shakes off the cobwebs just as Titus leaps off the top rope with a flying clothesline! Broon crumples to the mat in a heap as Titus gets to his feet and begins taunt the crowd, making a motion with his hands as if he’s taking out the trash. He measures his opponent. Stalking him. He can feel it. He can sense it! The end is nigh! Broon stands and stumbles forward as Titus kicks him in the gut and swiftly hits the Tit Drop! He goes for the cover: 1…2…

    Titus lifts his head, as if preparing for his celebration victory, but then he realizes something; the ref never counted to 3. He looks over at Anthony Michaels with an exasperated look in his eyes. In disbelief he sees the former WZCW superstars’ hand hovering just above the mat. And then Michaels does something unexpected. He lowers his hand and stands. Titus is enraged! He gets to his feet and demands that Michaels complete the count. The ref shakes his head and tugs on his hair to reveal it was a wig all along. Anthony Michaels was really John Constantine the whole time!

    Connor: What the hell?! It’s Constantine! Constantine was in a wig the whole time. I know Micahels and John bear an uncanny resemblance to each other, but this is just downright insane! How could Titus not have realized this?

    Cohen: This isn’t right! Get that man out of there, this is an unsanctioned match! Constantine isn’t the referee, he has no power here!

    Titus is shocked! He looks at Constantine in bewilderment and shouts, “You can’t play me, John! You have no control here, there’s no way you can change this! I’ll break his ankle. He’ll be in so much pain there’s no way he can take me!” Suddenly without warning, a now recovered Broon grabs Titus’ shoulder and spins him around. He delivers a headbutt, the Glesga Kiss! The force from the blow leaves Titus stunned. Broon kicks him the midsection, places his head underneath Titus’ chest, grabs his wrist, locks his legs, and hoist him up onto his shoulders. He spins him slightly and send him hurdling to the mat back first with the Clean Up in Isle 9! The crowd can’t believe it. The commentators can’t believe it. Titus is down! With a mighty yell, the bruiser hoists Titus to his feet and picks him up. He walks around the ring with him, posing with him, the crowd cheering him on, before running and spinning him around, driving him back first into the mat with a crushing twisting spinebuster called The Check Oot! He covers him as Constantine makes the count: 1…2…3…!

    Anderson: Here is your winner by pin fall, PC Steve Broon!

    Connor: I can’t believe it, Constantine has screwed Titus out of this match!

    Cohen: That decision should be overturned! Constantine wasn’t the official here. Where is Anthony Michaels, dammit!

    Broon and Constantine shake hands as John raises his hand in victory. Titus rolls out of the ring. He’s livid. He looks up and curses John, as the former world champion mouths ‘I’ll see you at Kingdom Come!’ He points at the Eurasian title belt and gestures that it’s his.


    After a commercial break the camera comes back to the ring as Tony Mancini is walking down the ramp with his Mayhem Championship over his shoulder, a large steel chain drapped around his neck and Gino at his side. He talks crap to the people at ringside before climbing the steps and having Gino get him a microphone from a ringside worker. Once he gets it he looks out over the audience with a smirk on his face.

    Mancini: As you all know management has decided to stick me with all the losers of the Elite Openweight League at Kingdom Come with my Mayhem Championship on the line. What you don't know is after having a talk with Chuck Myles and Becky Serra I convinced them that the match needs a bit something more. So instead of a regular Mayhem match where we all know I'd win I figured I'd give the others a fighting chance I was able to make it a bring your own weapons match and everyone should know my weapon of choice by now.

    Tony lifts the chain off his neck and holds it in the air before dropping it on to the ground. The fans cheer at this announcement and as they do Vega, Ace Stevens, Blazing Tiger & Harald Var Krigare all come down the ramp and get into the ring.

    Mancini: Well if it isn't the losers themselves. You heard me right guys you can bring any weapon you want, that way when I beat you and leave Kingdom Come still Mayhem Champion you won't have any excuses.

    As Tony finishes talking he drops both the microphone and his Championship before going after Vega as Gino goes after Var Krigare with Stevens and Tiger attacking each other.

    Connor: It looks like none of these men wanted to wait until Kingdom Come to start the mayhem.

    Cohen: I guess not Cat but if they aren't careful they won't make it to Kingdom Come. They need to save their energy.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for your main event of the evening. This is a singles match scheduled for one fall!


    Tyrone Blades enters from the top of the ramp and walks to the ring with purpose. He’s all business tonight. He slides into the ring, spinning his bat baseball bat in his hand. He tears off his hood and bandanna, staring intently at the entrance ramp. His eyes remain intense and focused.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 225 pounds, Tyrone Blades.

    Connor: Tyrone Blades has had a roller coaster of the Kingdom Come cycle so far. Not only will he be fighting for the world title in the main event of the biggest show of the year soon, but he’s had to deal with scandals from the world champion, while constantly looking out for his girlfriend.

    Cohen: And this is her battle to fight; not his. Blades was dragged into this match because King Mussel demanded it.


    King Mussel walks onto the stage as the fans mercilessly boo him to death. He walks down the ramp, yelling insults and degrading the fans at ring side. He spots a fan with a sign that reads 'proud to be obese!' He rips the sign away from the fan and tears it up throwing the remains back in their face, then he walks down to the ring and rolls inside.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Paris, France, weighing in at 220 pounds, he is “The Commander in Chief” King Mussel!

    Connor: This is a huge opportunity for Flex here tonight. If he beats Blades not only would that give him a huge advantage over Batti heading into Kingdom Come, but it might place him in the world title hunt too.

    He eyes Blades from across the ring and the two engage in the stare down, that quickly becomes a heated battle of words. Both men nearly come to blows when suddenly they see Batti walking down the ramp! The small blonde firecracker shouts something to Tyrone, and stands on the outside, assuming the role of a spectator.

    Cohen: What is she doing here? This is a fight between men! Blades is doing this to defend her honor; not that he must, but that’s the kind of guy he is!

    The referee checks both men and calls for the bell.

    *Ding Ding Ding*​

    Blades and King Mussel waste no time throwing blows, as the emotions from the previous weeks start to boil over. A fistfight in the center of the ring erupts as the crowd is solidly behind the Hall of Famer. Tyrone decks the body builder with rights and lefts, but Flex proves too tough and absorbs the blows. He cuts Blades off with a knee to the gut, and then drops him with a short arm lariat. Flex reaches down and wraps his arms around his waist. He lifts his opponent off the ground with a Karelin lift, before throwing him overhead with a gutwrench suplex. Tyrone recovers fast, but Flex gets behind had takes him over with a release German suplex. Blades shoulders bounce off the mat, as the #1 contender is stunned. Flex mocks him before grabbing him and applying a front facelock. He lifts the smaller man up above his head in a delayed position. All the blood begins to rush to his head as Tyrone’s face starts to change color. On the outside, Batti shouts at Flex, who keeps Blades suspended. He points his finger at her and taunts her, before letting his man fall to the mat. Flex makes a cover but can only keep Blades down for a two count.

    Connor: These two are really going at it. No love loss here. It’s safe to say that both men came to fight here tonight. Who’s going to the be the last one standing, Jack?

    Cohen: Obviously, Flex has a lot more to prove. He’s provoked and taunted Blades, and this match was exactly what he wanted. I just don’t see why Batti must be out here. This isn’t her fight. Tyrone Blades doesn’t need her help.

    Back in the ring Flex tries to apply an abdominal stretch, but Blades counters and grabs King Mussel’s arm and twists it. Instead of rolling through, Flex buries his knee into his opponent’s gut and applies a headlock. He takes Tyrone down to the mat, and holds him there, squeezing his head in his vice-like grip with all the strength he’s got. Tyrone manages to roll to his knees, but Flex has got the pressure locked in tight. He rolls his arms, placing a lot of torque behind his muscles, as Tyrone struggles to free himself. He finally gets to his feet, as Batti on the outside and the crowd cheers him on. He grabs Flex’s waist from behind and grabs his leg from underneath before lifting him up into the air. He slams him down back first across his knee. His Flex stunned, Blades steps back to gain some momentum before charging forward and nailing Mussel with a running high knee strike. He measures his man again before kicking him in the gut and hooking both his arms. He lifts Flex’s big body up and drives him down across his knee with another backbreaker. The maneuver takes more energy out of him than he realizes, so on instinct Blades falls on top of Flex, but can only manage a two count of his own.

    Connor: Blades seems to be in control at this point, and Batti hasn’t done much but play cheerleader on the outside.

    Cohen: Give it time, Cat. As soon as Blades is in trouble, I’m sure she’ll try and interfere on Blades behalf and sabotage King Mussel somehow.

    Tyrone lifts Flex to his feet but the bodybuilder comes to life and assaults him with chops to the chest. Flex grapples him and whips him into the turnbuckle. Flex tries to crush him in the corner with a lariat, but Blades counters with an elbow to the face. He grabs the larger man and pushes him up against the turnbuckle, assaulting him with right and lefts. Flex tries to cover up, but Tyrone’s attacks are relentless. Flex slumps down as Blades begins to stomp away at his abdomen, driving his foot repeatedly into his gut. Flex falls to the mat as Blades uses his foot to choke him against the bottom turnbuckle. The referee sees it and forces him to break the hold. Tyrone backs up and measures Flex, who is still lying on the mat with his head against the turnbuckle. It’s not his usual method, but Blades sees an opportunity and sprints in, booting Flex in the head with a running stomp. He reaches down and hoists Flex to his feet, pulling him away from the corner. He applies a front facelock and falls backwards, driving King Mussel’s head into the knee with the Mo Murda. He goes for another cover: 1…2… but Flex kicks out. Undeterred, Blades continues to pound away on his opponent, determined to wear him down, as King Mussel gets back to his feet. He grabs Flex’s arm, twists it and applies a wristlock. He transitions the hold into a hammerlock, as Flex tries to counter. Blades pushes him head first into the top turnbuckle, stunning him. He tries to nail Flex with a forearm to the back of the head but is met with an elbow to the face. Flex grabs Blades and drives him head first into the turnbuckle. Blades turns around, only to be avalanched by Flex’s body in the corner. The larger man grabs Blades around the waist and throws him with a belly to belly suplex. Blades recovers quickly, so Flex grabs him and executes another belly to belly throw. Blades back bounces off the canvas, and this time he’s a bit slower to recover. Flex grabs him and hits a third one for good measure. Flex gives out a mighty war cry as the crowd boos, loudly voicing their displeasure with this turn of events. The bodybuilder stalks the former world champion with intense eyes that full of malice. As so as Blades gets to his feet, Flex is on him, with his head trapped in a front facelock. He lifts Tyrone up and tries to elevate him into a delayed position to attempt one of his signature maneuvers, but Blades floats over and lands on his feet! He pushes Flex from behind and knocks him out of the ring and onto the floor, right next to Batti. Flex gets to his feet, using the ring apron to steady himself. He meets the smaller woman’s gaze as he takes a step towards her. “Are you going to hit me? Hit me!” He goads her, trying to provoke an attack, but she refuses and puts her hands up, showing the ref that she has no intention of interfering. Flex points at her and shouts, “As soon as I’m done with him you’re next, bitch!” The sound of the stairs being banged behind him gets his attention. He turns around, only to be met with a diving high knee as Tyrone launches himself off the ring steps. He falls to the mat and rolls away. Flex is down!

    Connor: What a move! Flex didn’t even see Blades coming until it was too late. What a fight this has turned out to be.

    Cohen: King Mussel’s been super impressive tonight. If he knocks off Blades here, then that would give him a huge boost going into Kingdom Come. So long as Batti keeps her nose out of the match.

    The referee starts to count; both men are still recovering. Batti comes to Tyrone’s side and asks if he’s okay, but he waves her off. Flex rolls into the ring at the count of 8, and Blades is right behind him. With a roar from each man, they continue their duel in the center of the ring. Flex pummels Blades with forearm shots to the chest, while Blades answers with chops to the chest and kicks to the thigh. The crowd is solidly behind Tyrone, though Flex’s strength pairing with his superior physical conditioning allows him to get the upper hand. He starts to pound on Blades back. His huge fists and monstrous strength driving Blades down, as he’s forced to his knees. With a cry of determination, Blades trips Flex’s legs up with a takedown, and takes him down to the canvas. He mounts the larger man and starts to wail on him with straight right hands and hard as he can. Flex tries to cover up and uses his strength to push the smaller man off him. Tyrone rises to his feet, but Flex cuts him off with another knee to the gut. He grabs Blades and whips him hard back first into the adjacent turnbuckle. He charges in and hits the Body Breaking Diet! The European uppercut stuns Blades, while the forearm smash sends him to his knees. He crawls from the corner and King Mussel ends the barrage with a shotgun kick! He covers Blades: 1…2… But Tyrone kicks out! Flex can’t believe it. He signals for the end. He reaches down and clamps his hands around the waist of his fallen foe. He deadlifts Blades high into the air and holds him above his head in a powerbomb position. He attempts to end the match, but Blades suddenly counters and flips forward, rolling King Mussel up into a surprise pin: 1…2… But Flex kicks out! Blades pounds his fists into the canvas, being a mere second away from victory. Batti cheers him on from the outside as Flex gets to his feet. Tyrone attempts to take him to the mat again, but the larger man counters and gets behind him. The bodybuilder attempts to hit German suplex, but Blades fights out of his hold with elbows to the side of the head, and then stuns him with a hook kick. He runs and bounces of the ropes, Flex spins and attempts to hit his Flexicution clothesline, but Tyrone ducks underneath it. He springboard off the middle ropes and knocks him down with a springboard flash kick. Blades is fired up now! He rears back on his right leg and puts all his forward momentum into a huge superkick, which floors Flex. He runs, bounces off the ropes, and nails him with a running knee to the side of the head, completing the Click Clack! Blades makes the cover: 1…2…3! It’s over.

    Anderson: Here is your winner by pin fall, Tyrone Blades.

    Connor: What a match! Flex gave Blades everything he could handle, but the #1 contender still managed to come out on top.

    Cohen: Blades didn’t need Batti’s help to win from the start. Had she done something to force a DQ she would have ruined this great match.

    Suddenly Batti appears at the top of the entrance ramp, running down swiftly and sliding into the ring as she immediately scrambles over to Tyrone, checking on him as the crowd cheers loudly. Tyrone rolls over onto his back, a questioning look forming on his face as tears fall down her face. He reaches up and wipes them away, mouthing out I'm sorry to her. She shakes her head and hugs him close, pulling away slightly to say everything is alright.

    Connor: Batti has reunited with the love of her life!

    Cohen: This doesn't make any sense, she wanted nothing to do with him after his "encounter" with Eve Taylor.

    Tyrone smiles for the first time in what seems like forever, his smile disappears for a moment though as he shakes his head. Batti insists it's ok to him.

    Eve: What the hell is all this? Batti! Why are you comforting that womanizer! You know what he did to you...and me!

    Eve suddenly comes storming from the back, the World Title hanging off her shoulder with a pissed off look on her face. She jumps onto the apron and stares both of them down.

    Eve: Don't go crawling back to him, he's nothing but trash. But don't worry your pretty little head Batti, whatever's left of him I'll throw in the dumpster like he wants at Kingdom Come.

    The crowd boos as Eve looks around, incredulous at the response. Batti slowly stands up as Tyrone is still struggling from the effects of his match. Batti starts walking towards Eve, her hands balling into fists.

    Eve: Batti! Don't do this I'm on your side! He did us both wrong, let's end him together.

    Just then Stacey Madison appears at the top of the ramp, a solemn look on her face as Batti points towards her. Eve turns towards her, eyes growing wide as she sees Stacey.

    Stacey: It's time the world knows the truth Eve. I can't stand by and watch Tyrone's life be ruined by a lie for a second time.

    Eve: Stacey don't you fucking dare!

    The venom dripping from Eve's voice throws Stacey off a bit, but she clears her throat and regains her composure as she stares down one of her best friends, Tyrone watching confused in the ring.

    Stacey: Eve, I love you, but I won't let this go on anymore. The truth is Tyrone, the footage you saw was doctored. I know you don't remember that night, but Eve certainly does. And the reality is, you didn't cheat on Batti. In fact, you were a perfect gentleman, and all this, this is just her trying to get in your head for Kingdom Come. I'm sorry.

    With that Stacey turns and heads to the back, her head held low as Eve is beside her self as the crowd boos and chants derisive things at her. She looks to jump off the apron and chase after Stacey but she's grabbed by Batti from behind! She's dragged inside the ring but Eve pushes her away as Flex reappears, tackling Batti outside the ring. The two bitter rivals brawl outside as Eve composes herself, but Tyrone suddenly gets to his feet and connects with a super kick to Eve! The crowd roars as Eve is stunned, Tyrone mustering all the strength he can as he goes for the other half of Click Clack! Eve ducks under quickly and rolls to the outside, waggering her finger at Tyrone who collapses to one knee, staring a hole through Eve.

    Eve: No! No! No! You know what Tyrone, I don't need mind games. Stacey may have stabbed me in the back, but I know that you've been a wreck. I got what I wanted out of this, and at Kingdom Come, this title will stay on my fabulous shoulder.

    Tyrone quickly grabs a mic, breathing heavily as he stares down Eve, a wicked, almost unnerving smile forming on his face.

    Tyrone: Y'all know the last person to fuck with me personally was Eve? A guy named Showtime right before Kingdom Come III. And now, I'm going to tear you apart...

    With Love, you fucking bitch.

    The crowd erupts as Eve's eyes go wide as she clutches her title closely to her shoulder as she backs up the ramp, the World Champion and her number one contender staring each other down. Just then Batti chases off Flex, and quickly slides into the ring. Tyrone and Batti look towards one another, and they quickly embrace in the ring, to another joyous cheer from the crowd. Flex scrambles up to the middle of the ramp, holding the back of his head as Tyrone and Batti point towards their respective opponents.

    Connor: What a wild soap opera finish to Ascension tonight Jack!

    Cohen: I knew Eve was lying all along Cat!

    Connor: With that we are out of time here at Ascension. For Jack Cohen, I am Cat Connor, we'll see you at Kingdom Come!

    The feed shifts back and forth between Eve and Tyrone as the feed goes to black.
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