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    * PYRO *
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    Connor: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen to WZCW Ascension at the beautiful Parc des Princes in lovely Paris, France. Don't you love it here in The City of Light Jack?

    Cohen: I'm having a good time. I went to the Lourve yesterday and actually got to see The Mona Lisa. I didn't think it was possible to be even more excited but I am tonight because tonight we start things off with our World Heavyweight Champion.

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemalen at this time I would like to introduce the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Eve Taylor!


    As her music hits she comes out with her World Championship over her shoulder. She smiles and waves at the fans, even high fiving a few of them as she walks down the ramp. She gets into the ring and asks a ringside attendant for a microphone which she quickly gets. Once she has it though she has to wait for the crowd's cheers to die down.

    Eve: Thank you everyone for that wonderful reception. Every time i'm here be it for a wrestling event,in the past for a fasion show or even on a rare personal vacation the people of Paris have shown me nothing but love over the years.

    She tries to continue but again has to wait for a minute for the thunderous cheers to die down. When they do she brings the microphone up to her lips.

    Eve: As much as I would love to tell you all about my times here in Paris there are more important things that need to be talked about if you can believe that. That's why i would like to ask my opponent for Kingdom Come to join me in the ring.

    Connor: What is Eve doing? Why would she invite Tyrone Blades to the ring this close to Kingdom Come? She's been saying for weeks now how she can't stand him.

    Cohen: I have to believe she has something up her sleeve Cat. She didn't become World Champion or the Longest Elite Openweight Champion by being stupid.


    Tyrone forgos his usual entrance and walkd down the ramp with purpose as he keeps his eyes on the woman in the ring.

    Connor: Tyrone is all business tonight. He's not letting whatever Eve may have planned catch him by surprise.

    Tyrone walks up the steps and asks for his own microphone and when given it by a ringside worker he turns around a looks at Eve with a quizzical look on his face.

    Tyrone: I'm going to be honest with you Eve, this is the last thing I expected you to do.

    Eve: That's actually why I called you out here. I've said somethings recently in the heat of competition I'm not exactly proud of and I wanted to apologize.

    Tyrone looks over Eve's face and when he doesn't find anything that hints at deceit he nods his head.

    Tyrone: Apology accepted. It takes guts to apologize to someone especially on live television. Maybe I was wrong about you.

    Cohen: I must be in an alternate universe or something. Am I actually seeing Tyrone Blades and Eve Taylor getting along?

    Connor: Yes you are Jack and I'm just as confused as you are.

    Thinking that's all Tyrone goes to leave butvas he tries to go through the ropes he's stopped by a hand on his arm

    Eve: I'm not done yet Tyrone, I also wanted to talk about our match at Kingdom Come as well.

    With thay said Tyrone steps back in the ring and waits for Eve to continue.

    Eve: People are expecting a bloodbath between us but that's not what I want. What I want is a clean match. No cheating, no outside interference, just the best this company has to offer wrestling for the World Championship.

    A look of surpise crosses Tyrone's face as he thinks about Eve's offer.

    Eve: You want a clean match you got it. After Kingdom Come whoever comes out the Champion will be the undisputed best in WZCW.

    Saying that Tyrone drops his mic and leaves the ring as Eve poses for the fans with her World Championship.

    Connor: Did you hear that Jack? We're going to get a clean main event at Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: I heard it Cat but I'm just not sure i believe it.
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    Tony comes out onto the stage amidst chorus of deafening boos as he adjusts his freshly defended Mayhem Championship on his shoulder. He smirks at them as he walks with a swagger down the ramp, insulting the fans and brandishing his chsmpionship. With Gino behind him carrying the thick steal chain Tony has been keeping close. They slide into the ring and Tony demands a microphone from a ringside worker. Once he snatches it out of the man's hand he looks out at large audience most of whom are screaming obsenities at him in French. He waits for then to quiet down as the camera pans oover to the announce table.

    Connor: The fans here in Paris letting Mancini know just what they thought of his bogus title defense last night on Metdown against Stevie Broon.

    Cohen: And I thought the french people were more respectful than this. This is no way to treat a Champion.

    The fans eventually quiet down as To lifts his title over his head.

    Tony: Still your WZCW Mayhem Champion…

    Tony smirks as the boos flare up all over again only this time they die quicker than before.

    Tony: You guys alsee probably wondering why i'm here on Ascension instead of celebrating. Well you see management is still treatin me and my title like an after thought. They are still continuing with this Travesty of an Elite Openweight League despite giving Callie Clark her rematch before Kingdom Come. Since I'm still stuck facing a bunch of losers i figured I would come over to Ascension and show them what a real champion looks like seeings how at Kingdom Come whoever I'm facing will be leaving empty handed.

    With that said Tony drops the mic and once agaib goes over and sits at the announce table so he can scout his potential opponents.

    Cohen: Welcome back champ. Congratulations on leaving Meltdown with your title.

    Tony: Thanks Jack, once again I showed everyone just why Kingdom Come needs me and the Mayhem Championship in a high profile match up.

    Next to him Cat snorts in disgust while they wait for the next match to start.



    Anderson: The following match is a triple threat match in the Elite Openweight League! Introducing first, from New York City weighing in at 175 LBS, Vega!

    The music continues to play smoke slowly fills the entrance ramp and the lights flicker with the bass. It's at this point we see the shadowy form of Vega slowly moving his body to the music. As the drumline kicks in two spotlights shine down forming a V with Vega standing in the center.

    After a minute of standing in the spotlight he slowly saunters down the ramp. He walks around the ring and hopa ibto the guardwall and stands there soaking in the noise of the crowd. After a bit he hops down and walka up the steel steps. After walking around the ring he once again turns towards the crowd before doing a back flip into the ring as he puts his fingers in the shape of a gun and takes aim at the stage as he waits for his opponents with a smile on his face.

    Tony: You can tell Vega is cocky after last week.

    Cohen: He does have reason to be after his win over Ace Stevens last week.

    Connor: I'm sure Ace is looking to avenge his loss last week so Vega better watch out.

    Tony goes to say something but as he opens his mouth the next competitor's music hits.


    Anderson: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 225 LBS from Dublin Ireland Vox!!!

    The lights go out as atrocities from around the world are shown as a spotlight shines on Vox. He walks down to the ring as the lights come back on. As he walks around ringside he grabs a woman's outstreched hand and smiles at her.

    Vox: Sheri God bless you, let us be the change!

    Vox takes the bills Sheri stuff into his hand before he can walk away. He puts them in his jacket pocket and walks up the steps and into the ring. He takes his jaket and glasses off and stands in the ring staring at Vega as they both wait for the final competitor.


    Anderson: And the final competitor from Brooklyn, NY weiging in at 228 LBS The American Hero Ace Stevens!

    As the opening bars hit he comes through the curtain. He struts towards the ring as he adjusts his hair and high-fives a few fans. He walks up the steps and into the ring where he takes off his jacket and stares at his opponents.

    Tony: Unlike Vega Ace has no reason to be this cocky. He lost a singles match to Vega last week and this week his chances are even less. He won't win this match.

    Connor: He has just as much chance as anyone Anthony. All three men are former Mayhem Champions after all.

    Tony's eyes narrow at being called by his full name but instead of responding in kind he watchds as the ref calls for the bell.


    As soon as the bell rings Ace and Vega both go after Vox who tries his best to block the kicks & punches coming from his opponents. Vega take him and irish whips him hard enough to send him over the top rope and down to the floor. While Vega is doing this Ace is telling the ref some jokes.

    Tony: Vega seems to want this more than the others. Ace is cracking jokes and Vox hasn't even gotten started.

    Connor: Don't count them out yet this match just started.

    Cohen: Ummmm guys I don't think Vega is done yet.

    True to Jack's words Vega looks under the ring and grabs a steel chair and lays into Vox, hitting him over and over again right in the spine. After about a minute he tosses the chair into the ring with Vox going in right after him. As Vega climbs into the ring Ace finally goes to get the chair but Vega gets to it first and nails Stevens square in the face, falling right next to Vox.

    Cohen: Vega going back to his Mayhem roots and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

    Connor: he could at least play fair Jack. This isn't fair.

    Tony looks over at her and chuckles as Vega falls to his knees and puts a finger on the chest of each unconcious man so the ref can count both men down, 1…2…3!

    Anderson: The winner of the match via pinfall, Vega!!

    Connor: What does this mean for the League. Someone is supposed to get a point but both men were pinned.

    Cohen: That's above out pay grade Cat. Better to let management decide that.

    They both look at Tony thinking he will say something but all he does is stare at Vega with hate in his eyes.


    We cut backstage where Matt Tastic is standing in front of a camera.

    Matt: Mikey Stormrage. What I told you last time, about you beating me two years ago, it's just been burning me since. Dammit, I took a chair to the head for you. Look where it got me. I want to shake this monkey off my back and the only way I'm going to do it is by beating you. I challenge you. One on one. At KINGDOM COME!!

    Matt stares down Mikey who appears next to him. Mikey doesn't seem pleased and takes the mic from Matt.

    Mikey: Matt, when you pushed me out of the way, for a split second, I thought you did something terrible to me. But then, I realized that you care. you still care. And that made me feel like I should care even more. I care too much about you. I don't want to fight you.

    The crowd boo's as Matt frustratedly takes the mic back.

    Matt: Why?! You're turning down a match with me at Kingdom Come, Mikey. We don't have any spots on the card. We have to face each other, Mikey. There is no way in hell I'm being left out of Kingdom Come again, do you understand me? Accept the match!

    Mikey once again takes the mic away from Matt and now looks at him sternly.

    Mikey: No, Matt. I will not face you at Kingdom Come. You're being very selfish. You and I may not have a match on the card yet. But I know what I want. I want to finally get back at the man who injured me. I want Mark Keaton!

    Mark Keaton with Big Bad Roadie appear behind the two. No mic in hand but still heard. Matt and Mikey stare at them but make no moves as the tension can be felt.

    Keaton: Man, you guys are gluttons for punishment. Why would I want to face you, Stormrage? I beat you and injured you. I'm not going to waste my Kingdom Come facing you. I want something big. I want a title match. OK?

    Triple X now appears and grabs Keaton, surprising him and Roadie. He pulls Keaton by the collar. Roadie seems too nervous, remembering the chair shot.

    Triple X: You get no Championship opportunities before me, got it? I went through the trouble of attacking these two lovebirds and your fat help to prove I deserve an opportunity and I still haven't gotten anything. You get no title opportunity and neither of those two get their Kingdom Come match. I'm getting mine. And if I got to beat all three of you at once, I'll do it. I'll win the match I didn't win at the Lethal Lottery. Then I'll show I'm deserving of a World title match.

    Mikey: Man, there's so many people here looking to prove themselves. I just want a piece of that rejected 80's piece of Canadian Bacon over there. But if you want to tag along, fine.

    Matt takes the mic away from Mikey in anger. He stares at it and just throws it away, noticing there's no real point to it anymore.

    Matt: No. No. No. NO!! You're not dodging out of this! F**K those two!! I only care about you!!

    Mikey: Oh, I only care about you too, bestest buddy. My darling. But it's kind of clear what we have here. We need to get rid of those two. I propose--

    Matt: I propose a Fatal Fourway. If I win, I get an Elite title match. If Keaton wins, he gets an Eurasian title match. If Triple X wins, he gets his World title match. And if you win, since you're so insistent on tag teaming even though there's no more Tag Team title, you can challenge for the title that replaced them. The Mayhem title. Now bite me.

    Matt leaves leaving Mikey perplexed. Keaton, Roadie and Triple X then look at each other and seeing Mikey alone. They pounce and attack him.

    Connor: Mikey is all alone! Where's Matt!? He has to come back!

    Cohen: Matt has abandoned Mikey Stormrage and rather than going with whatever idea he had, decided to make this weird challenge. Now all these ambitious men are looking to take out the poor modest sucker.

    Triple X grabs a chair as Keaton and Roadie hold him.

    Keaton: I told you! Every time you mess with me, you get hurt!

    Triple X swings the chair, hitting Mikey over the head and cutting him open. But before they can react, Matt Tastic comes storming in again with a steel pipe and chases them away. He then clutches a bloody Mikey and tries to help him.

    Matt: Mikey, are you OK? Come on, speak to me, man! I'm so sorry I left you behind, Mikey. Mikey!

    Matt hugs Mikey tightly as paramedics make their way to help out.

    Connor: A tough scene to watch here. Now both of Live Mas have been injured by chair shots to the head. This has to be stopped.

    Cohen: Matt is rejecting the idea of a Tag Team match. But I don't think his idea has been approved either.
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    Anderson: The following contest is a singles match in the Elite Openweight League and is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first from parts unknown, weighing 155 LBS, Wren!

    Her music hits the PA system and Wren walks onto the stage with a somewhat cocky smirk on her face as some of thecfans boo her and some still cheer She ignores the fans on her way down the ramp except for the few she decides to mock. She walks up the steps and gets ibto the ring where she simply waits for her opponent with that smirk still on her face.

    Connor: Wren acting a little strange towards the fans before her match.

    Cohen: Maybe she finally realized what i've been saying all along. The fans don't matter, what matters is what happens in between those ring ropes.


    Anderson: Introducing next, From Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee ADZ!

    His music hits the PA system but stop as he walks onto the stage with a mic in his hand.

    Vee: I know I have a match with the lovely Wren but before that happened I wanted to take this time to tell you all there is no God. With evolution staring us in the face and scientific breakthroughs happening every day how can anyone believe in some omnipotent being that knows our every move?

    He walks down the ramp as he continues to do what he thinks is proving that there is no God but what he doesn't realize is everyone wants him to shut the hell up. He walks up the steps and as soon as he does Wren smacks the microphone out of his hand as the ref calls for the bell.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Cohen: Thank God for Wren i thought he's never shut up.

    Connor: Everyone is entitled to their beliefs but that is a bit to much.

    They both look at Tony who has been silent since Vee started talking and are surpised to see him with a look of fury on his face and clutching the Cornicello charm around his neck. After a few seconds he takes his headset off and whispers something in Gino's ear that causes him to hand over the thick steel chain and for both of them to walk around the ring in opposite directions.

    Connor: I don't know what he just said but whatever it was it can't mean good news for either competitor.

    Cohen: I know what you mean Cat. The look on the champs face was not happy one.

    As Wren is laying into Vee with lightning fast punches and kicks Gino jumps onto the ring apron and shouts at the ref who turns around and starts yelling at him. On the opposite side of the ring Tony slides in. He stands up and watches Wren throw him into the turnbuckle. Before she can do anything Tony takes her and throws her to the outside. Once that is taken care of he wraps the chain around his fist and as soon as Vee stumbles within arms reach Tony nails him as hard as he can with his chained up fist. Afterwards he mockingly does the sign of the cross over Vee's body before getting out of the ring and tossing Wren back inside. She gets up and stares angrily at Tony as he gets Gino and they both walk up the ramp. Unable to get her hands on him she turns around and notices Vee is still unconcious. She shrugs and goes for the cover as the ref finally turns around in time to count the cover. 1…2…3!

    Anderson: Your winner of the match by pinfall, Wren!

    The ref goes to lift her hand in victory but she snatches it away and turns her attention back to Vee who is just getting to his feet. As he does so Wren measures him up and hits a devestation Reverse Roundhouse Kick that sends Vee straight back down to the mat. The fans boo Wren and she looks out over the crowd and gives them all the one ringer salute as the ref finally gets her to leave the ring.

    Cohen: I don't think she's allowed to do that Cat, is she?

    Connor: I don't know Jack but she is and next week she faces Vega and the man she just beat tonight in a Triple Threat match and if she can win that she's going to Kingdom Come to Wrestle for the Elite Openweight Championship.


    We see Triple X backstage about to make his way to the GM office. Mark Keaton appears behind him.

    Keaton: You know, for all the fighting we were doing, we did pretty well leaving Stormrage hurt like that and Matt weeping over him.

    Triple X: I am just widdling my competition. But right now I need to confirm that match Matt Tastic suggested is happening. Once it is, don't be shocked if I come after you.

    Keaton: Me? You should be thanking me. It's because of me all this came to be.

    Triple X just barges in to the office with Keaton behind him. It seems Myles was expecting company as he just looks at them.

    Myles: How nice to see the two of you. I was expecting you. Please. Have a seat.

    Triple X: No thanks. I just came to make sure the Fatal Fourway is confirmed.

    Myles: Ah. Right. Matt's idea. See, the match was approved by Serra yesterday. But since it involves the Eurasian and Elite titles, it needed my approval first. I was going to do that today.

    Keaton: Great! Looks like we're all set.

    Myles: But Matt called me a while ago. From the hospital with Mikey. Thanks for that, by the way. We're getting the medical bill. I told him I had a better idea. A more clean one.

    Triple X: What idea?

    Myles: He's had such an issue with tag team matches lately. But he accepted this one so fast.

    Keaton: I don't like where this is going.

    Myles: At Kingdom Come, it will be Mark Keaton and Triple X vs LIVE MAS!!

    The crowd explodes as the name is called out but Triple X slams his hands on the desk.

    Triple X: You took away my opportunity at gold for this?! A vanity match for two fools?!

    Myles: Vanity match? X, my boy. I don't think you see the bigger picture here. Yes, it might be the true reunion of a powerful tag team. But what if you beat them? What would I give to the duo who defeated such decorated men? You worked so well together. One got in their heads. And the other left them laying. If you don't mind me saying, gentlemen. I think I can come up with a suitable prize when the time comes. It may be vague. But it may also be big. And, maybe I won't deduct the medical expenses you two have cost us from your downsides. Think about it.

    Mark Keaton and Triple X stare at each other and after a tense pause, they nod at each other in approval.
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    Connor: Well ladies and gentlemen, last week on the main event of Ascension we saw Titus Avison defeat Callie Clark in a great match up, then somebody had a few words for the Eurasian Champion after the match....

    Connor: Tonight Titus Avison will do battle in a pick your poison match and we saw Constantine just the previous Meltdown challenge Titus to a Pure Rules Match at Kingdom Come! What is going to happen next with these two stars as they carve their path to Kingdom Come?

    Cohen: I'm itching to see who it is Cat, I can bet my last dollar it's not going to be an easy match up!

    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, he is the current Eurasion Champion, Titus Avison!

    Titus walks out to the stage in a chorus of boo's and chants, his assistant Rosie is just a step behind his shoulder, just out of the spotlight. Titus stops for a moment and dusts off his title before slowly walking down the ramp. He smirks at a few TMZ faithful by the barricade. He points at them then mouths something to the camera. He climbs in the ring then hands his title to Rosie who steps over by the timekeepers area. The champion climbs the turnbuckle and points to the horizon.

    Connor: Jack, I've heard legends about that man.

    Cohen: This is the Eurasion Era Cat! How lucky are wrestling fans right now, to be living in these be witnessing such greatness in the ring! No other wrestling champion in WZCW has ever held the title as long as he has.

    Connor: Well if Titus can pull it off again on the biggest stage in wrestling, Kingdom Come against one of the all time greats Constantine, he'll reach the absolute pinnacle Jack. That's two full years of defending that title and he's done it in triple threats, tag teams, fatal four ways, you name it.

    Titus paces back and forth in the ring, keeping an eye on the tron, that has stopped playing his music and is showing the WZCW logo. Fans are eagerly awaiting who it is....

    Anderson: Introducing his opponent, from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, King Mussél!

    Shocked expressions from the fans as the muscle bound man walks out on the stage, shaking his arms then flexing them. King Mussel doesn't waste any more time gloating as he slides in the ring, he growls at referee Akiyama to ring the bell immediately. Akiyama argues, he still has to check both men for illegal weapons.

    Cohen: The commander and chief! I love it! What a great match up this is!

    Connor: What a great pick, King Mussel has been on a complete rampage since returning from his injury a few weeks ago, he threw wrestlers out of the ring left and right at the lottery, then fought those two massive giants last week.

    Cohen: Cat, did you know that the average man is 20 pounds overweight? Those kinds of stats really hurt the King. Look at the man, greatest shape of his life, not an ounce of fat on him. With his help, he can make America healthy again. He can end the vicious cycle of fat, this is his world Cat, we're just along for the ride!

    Akiyama checks both men for illegal objects then calls for the bell....


    Titus wipes his hands on his trunks and cautiously approaches King Mussel, who is standing in the middle of the ring, yelling at Titus to fight him. The champion hooks his arms in a collar and elbow tie up with the muscle man. The King pushes Titus hard on to his back. The Eurasion Champion rolls out of the ring, he takes a breather and walks around, his hands on his hips. Rosie walks around the ring but Titus waves her off. Nearby fans heckle him as he climbs back in the ring.

    Akiyama waves both men to get active, King Mussel engages in an other collar and elbow tie up but Titus quickly drops to a knee and transitions to Mussel's back. Titus slaps on a tight sleeper hold, but King Mussel grabs his shoulders and flips him over his head on to his back. King quickly pulls Titus to his feet by the hair, he gives the champion a huge belly to belly suplex sending him flying across the ring and bouncing. Titus staggers to his feet, King grabs him from behind and gives him a massive german suplex, throwing him back across the ring in the opposite direction this time, he bounces hard on the back of his shoulders and rolls over to his side.

    Connor: Wow! He threw the champion clear across the ring!

    Cohen: Twice!

    Flex hauls Titus to his feet, he gives him a hard Irish whip across the ring, Titus hits the turnbuckle hard, King charges in with a hard European Uppercut, then a shotgun kick!

    Connor: Body Breaking Diet!

    King Mussel grabs Titus and heaves him in the air, he nails Titus hard to the matt with a devastating mussel bomb! 1....2...3 !!!


    Anderson: The winner of this contest, by pinfall, King Mussel!

    Cohen: I can't believe it Cat! That was just a dominating performance by King Mussel! I believe Titus just wasn't ready for this man tonight! That is really uncharacteristic of Titus Avison, he has to refocus here! He can't let this loss get in his head tonight!

    King Mussell gets his hand raised, he does a quick flex of his arms then walks out of the ring, he walks up the ramp, pointing at his arms. Titus is sitting in the ring, a baffled expression on his face. He wipes his hand over his hair and climbs to his feet. He stretches his back.

    The WZCW logo on the tron suddenly changes to John Constantine looking directly at the screen, an amused expression in his features. Titus balls his fists and presses them into his hips, he clenches his jaw at the sight of Constantine's expression on the tron.

    Constantine: Tough loss, tough loss there champ.I hope you actually show up to fight next week, because you'll be fighting the newcomer Broon. He's a pretty tough customer Titus.

    Constantine is fighting a smile now, a knowing look on his face, like he's guarding a great secret.

    Titus mouths the word's - Shut up- as Rosie passes his championship to him. He climbs out of the ring and starts walking up the ramp, towards the tron, Constantine looks at them walking towards, like a giant head of a god, watching his followers approach him.

    Constantine: Oh, I almost forgot Titus. Just one more thing, your match with P.C Broon will be watched over by a special guest referee...

    The Power Trips expression changes to a cold serious stare.

    The crowds react with cheers as Titus shakes his head in anger. Rosie says something to him to try and calm him down but the champion watches the tron turn off as he storms up the ramp and through the curtain to the back.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Remarkable Mark Keaton!

    The crowd boos as Keaton makes his way to the ring. He is his usual cocky self, enjoying the boos. He plays his air guitar in the face of a few fans before he slides inside the ring and awaits Matt Tastic.

    Connor: Keaton, with Roadie noticeably absent, looks full of confidence as he heads into a renewed rivalry with Matt Tastic here tonight. You have to wonder how the breaking news that Roadie has been tossed from the building will impact his mindset?

    Cohen: We have seen multiple tricks and schemes from Keaton lately, he is on top of his game and should be oozing machismo, rightfully so. He will be fine without Roadie, Keaton is a man who has accomplished a lot on his own.

    Keaton is rocking out in his own little world as Selina Anderson takes a step toward the center of the ring.

    Anderson: And his oppon...

    Suddenly, Selena bails from the ring as Matt Tastic comes charging into the ring and begins to hammer away at Keaton. Vicious rights and lefts cause the Canadian to retreat to the corner to try to cover up. Keith Morse pulls Tastic away and immediately calls for the bell.

    *DING! DING!*

    Tastic wastes little time in resuming his assault with heavy shots in the corner. He punches away until the referee gets to a count of four. He breaks only momentarily, before he starts back with vicious kicks to the midsection, grabbing the rope for leverage. He continues to fire the kicks until the referee again gets to the count of four. He breaks to avoid another DQ loss, but quickly starts back in with rapid fire chops across the chest. He stops at the count of four again, but instead of resuming with more strikes he runs to the far corner to build up steam before he leaps and hits a big splash, crushing Keaton in the corner. He then tosses him out of the ring and lets out a primal roar, much to the delight of the crowd.

    Connor: Matt Tastic is extremely fired up, and after the events that unfolded earlier in the night, I can't say I blame him.

    Cohen: Can we get a look back at those events, you know, just to see if this heinous assault is justified?

    Cohen: Haha, I just love watching that fat ass get what is coming to him.

    Keaton finally gets to his feet so Tastic starts to bounce and ready himself. He dives through the ropes, launching himself like a missile at Keaton.

    Connor: Tope Suicida!

    Tastic springs to his feet and beats his chest, the crowd one hundred percent behind him. He tosses Keaton into the ring and calls for the end as he climbs onto the apron and scales the top rope.

    Connor: I think Matt may be feeling froggy.

    Cohen: He reminds me of a slimy toad.

    At the last second, Keaton springs into the ropes, crotching Tastic on the top rope. Keaton takes a few seconds to catch his breath before he walks over and hits a couple of right hands to Tastic's face before he climbs up and readies for a superplex. After a brief struggle, Keaton is unable to get the suplex, so he clubs Tastic across the back a few times. This time, Keaton is able to get the suplex, slamming Tastic down to the mat hard. He makes a cover...1!...but one is all that Keaton gets as Tastic kicks out. Keaton grabs a handful of Tastic's hair to lift him to his feet, but the Hall of Famer fires off a series of punches to the midsection to create some space and get to his feet. He creates enough space to get to his feet and tries to fire off a kick, but Keaton catches it. He laughs at Tastic, but Tastic catches him with an enzuigiri and he drops to his knees. As Tastic tried to grab him, Keaton connects with a low blow in clear sight of the referee, who has no choice but to call for the bell. Tastic drops, clutching his huevos.

    Anderson: Here is your winner, by disqualification, Matt Tastic!

    Connor: So Tastic gets the victory, but there is no way this is how he wanted it.

    Cohen: Maybe if he had allowed Keaton a fair fight and not have jumped him before the bell, this wouldn't have happened.

    Keaton starts to leave and walk up the ramp as the referee checks on Tastic.


    Keaton stops and watches as Triple X comes to the stage, steel chair in hand. He nods at Keaton, who nods back and the two rush to the ring and begin the assault. Tastic tries to fight back, but the numbers game is too much. X tosses the chair to Keaton, who takes a couple of practice swings with it as X positions Tastic. He holds him in place and Keaton readies.


    Connor: Thank the Lord.

    Keaton and Triple X turn their attention to the ramp, but the music keeps playing until Keaton and X start to laugh. As Keaton takes the chair to Tastic on the mat, X gets a mic and the crowd boos heavily.

    X: What? Were you expecting a hero to save the day? I'm here to tell you right now, there are no more heroes! Your white knight isn't going to ride in and save the day. This isn't some video game. This isn't some anime. This is real life.

    X and Keaton trade the mic for the chair, and X starts to work over Tastic as Keaton speaks.

    Keaton: And in real life, the bad guys win! And at Kingdom Come, we are going to prove once and for all, that people like Live Mas, who you stupid idiots put your misguided trust in, are nothing but frauds!

    With that Keaton barks at X to hoist Tastic. Keaton then spikes the mic directly into the head of Tastic, splitting him open. X tosses him aside and exits the ring, imploring the crowd to boo him more as he walks away. Keaton takes the opportunity to grab the chair and play a guitar solo with it over the limp body of Tastic as medical personal rush to attend to the Hall of Famer.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first, from Neo, Japan, Batti!

    As her music plays, Batti hops around the stage. She seems to be showing a more serious side tonight, as she seems focused more on the ring than the ten thousand cheering fans who are playing the the beach balls that are falling into the crowd.

    Cohen: I have never been able to stand this girl. It is all fun and games twenty four seven and it clearly distracts her. If she focused half her energy on winning, she would be a Hall of Famer three times over by now.

    Connor: She is a fan favorite with some big wins in her career. She just had a World Title match at Lethal Lottery. She is doing just fine.


    And her opponent, from Milan, Italy, she is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, EVE TAYLOR!

    The champ has a certain swagger in her step as she makes her way down the entrance ramp, her model background on full display as she walks with purpose. She climbs into the ring and strikes a pose on the turnbuckle with her title belt.

    Connor: Eve, never short of confidence, will be coming into tonight knowing she holds a good record over opponent.

    Cohen: She also holds something much more important in her right hand, the WZCW World Championship.

    Referee Jun Akiyama waits for Eve to hand her title off to the ringside tech before he calls for the bell, getting the match started.

    *DING! DING!*

    Eve and Batti are both in a low stance, looking for an opening. They each try to secure a dominant position in a tie up, before they break. This happens a second and third time, with neither able to get the upper hand. Batti gets a little frustrated and charges in, but Eve steps aside and uses Batti's momentum to send her into the ropes. She connects with a dropkick to the back that sends Batti tumbling over the top rope. She manages to hang on and catch herself on the apron. As Eve tries to run and connect with a running boot, Batti pulls down the rope and sends Eve tumbling over. As Eve manages to get back to her feet, Batti runs along the apron and launches into Eve with a spear, THE GLOMP! Batti jumps to her feet with her Neko cat paws taunt and the crowd erupts.

    Connor: See Jack, the crowd adores Batti and she feeds off them.

    Cohen: Yeah, and in the time it took her to play kitty cat, Eve has rolled back into the ring.

    Sure enough, the champ has managed to roll into the ring and is catching a breath against the ropes. Batti climbs onto the apron but Eve catches her with a punch. She hits a couple of more right hands to daze Batti and tries to lift her for a suplex into the ring, but Batti uses the ropes to hang on and block. She hits a knee through the ropes to get a little space and then connects with a sunset flip, the ref is in position...1!...2!...Kick out by Eve. Batti tries to keep some pressure on the champ with an arm bar, but Eve reaches the ropes to stand and forces the break. It isn't more than a second or two later that Batti is back on the attack with a series of quick punches. Quantity over quality seems to be the goal here, as Eve is able to block most of the punches but is forced to back into the corner. Batti climbs onto the second turnbuckle and begins to hammer down right hands onto the champ. The crowd chants along in their native language.

    "Un! Deux! Trois! Quatre! Cinq..."

    The crowd stops as Eve blocks the incoming sixth punch and Eve positions Batti for a powerbomb and slams her down. She stumbles back a bit from the impact of the move, meaning she can't secure a cover.

    Cohen: High impact move by the champ there, leaving both combatants down.

    Eve gets to her feet after resting against the turnbuckle. She starts to stomp on the midsection of Batti before she stops for a moment to adjust her hair. The two seconds it takes are enough to allow Batti to get to wits about her and roll to safety. Eve looks almost upset with herself for allowing her vanity to impede her assault of her foe.

    Connor: Rookie mistake by the champ there, and she knows it.

    Batti is on her feet, Eve allowing her time to recover and the two are back to square one. They go to tie up, but Eve isn't playing this time and simply muscles the smaller Batti into the corner. A slaps Batti across the face, before she follows it up with an open hand slap across the chest. She uses her long legs to get a foot up and choke Batti, drawing a few boos for the barely legal tactic, but she relents at a count of three from the referee. As she relents the choke, Batti tries to catch her breath, but Eve us quick to keep the pressure up after her mistake only minutes earlier. Eve then performs a handstand and wraps her legs around the head of Batti, before flipping over and slamming Batti to the mat. SHe points to the top rope, then at Batti and stomps her foot down. The crowd approves and she climbs for the Stiletto Stomp. She perches on the top rope, steadies herself, then leaps, only for Batti to roll away at the last second and leave Eve to crash and burn. She immediately grabs her ankle, and the look on her face seems to tell the story.

    Connor: This isn't good, Eve has a history of ankle issues, and she may have just injured one of them on that landing.

    Cohen: Extremely tough break for the champ, and so close to Kingdom Come, but Batti needs to capitalize.

    Batti crawls toward Eve on her hands and knees, trying to get to the champ before she can get to the ropes. She grabs hold of the uninjured ankle and pulls the champ toward her. Eve tries to kick out at Batti with her free leg, but the impact on her ankle proves to be too much and she recoils in pain. Batti kicks at the uninjured leg a few times, showing a slim amount of sportsmanship. She snaps the leg back with a leg DDT, hoping to cause equal pain to both legs. She gets back into position and snaps the leg back with a second DDT. She then grabs a leg lock and grapvines herself around the leg, causing some pain to Eve, who struggles a bit before she is able to roll over enough to get to the ropes. Batti takes the ref's warning and backs off, allowing Eve to stand. She urges Eve to rush her, but Eve doesn't bite. Batti approaches Eve instead, who struggles to put weight on her bad ankle. Eve tries to keep her at arms length due to her being unable to get power behind her shots, and Batti is able to work around to a rear waist lock. She lifts Eve and connects with a belly to back suplex. The crowd is coming alive for Batti as she points to her boot and starts to remove it.

    Connor: Batti calling for the Sooo Kawaii Kick. If she hits this, we are going to have an upset on our hands.

    Cohen: Can someone explain to me how taking your boot off makes a kick more impactful?

    The crowd chants Batti's name as she tosses her boot aside and shakes out her arms and readies for the move. Eve is struggling to her feet, the crowd eager with anticipation.


    Batti turns around as the music hits, and is ready to intercept Flex, but the music keeps playing.

    Connor: Where is the coward?

    Cohen: Are you implying you want someone in interfere in the match Cat?

    Frustrated, Batti turns her attention back to Eve, who is on her feet and connects with the Fashion Statement! The same Inverted Stomp Facebreaker she used to defeat Batti and win the World Title at Lethal Lottery. She rolls over into the cover while holding her bad ankle. Akiyama throws his hands in the air frustrated as he slides into position...1!...2!...3! Eve pumps her fist and screams in victory.

    Anderson: Here is your winner, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Eve Taylor!

    Connor: Well it looks like Flex is a no show, but Eve took advantage nonetheless.

    Cohen: You speak too soon Cat. Check the front row.

    On cue, Flex jumps the barricade and starts to taunt Batti. He pulls her under the rope and slaps her across the face before he flexes his impressive physique and the crowd boos. He grabs a mic.

    Flex: Shut Up! While all you French fat asses stuff your faces full of crepes and baguettes and escargot, I'm crafting the world's best physique. So go ahead and boo, but you know this is what a man looks like, and by the end of the night, Batti is going to know her place.


    The crowd erupts as Blades' music hits. He comes sprinting down the ramp, and Flex quickly retreats behind the security who have come out to try to prevent things from getting out of hand. Eve hobbles out of the ring and over to Batti to check on her, helping her to her feet, before she tries to calm Tyrone down. Batti shoots daggers at Eve, who smirks back at her. The entire time Tyrone is staring down Flex, who trash talks Tyrone and Batti. Off camera, Eve says something to Batti, which sets Batti off and she attacks Eve!

    Connor: What the hell?

    All hell breaks loose as Tyrone and Flex start to brawl when security tries to break up Eve and Batti. Tyrone manages to get a bat shot into the midsection of Flex, who stumbles into the crowd. Before Tyrone can follow, more security rush down and restrain him. He throws his bat to the ground and goes to try to help with Batti and Eve, who are still going at it. He tries to pull Batti away, but she fights him the entire way. Once order is restored, Batti starts to yell at Tyrone.

    Cohen: What is this all about?

    Eve, who has retreated to the timekeeper's area, grabs a mic.

    Eve: What's wrong? Lover's quarrel? Maybe I can help clear this up for everyone. I had the guy in the truck help me out with this tape from a few days ago.

    The crowd is stunned. Eve smiles a wicked smile to Batti.

    Eve: Seems that Tryone isn't such a changed man after all. He used you Batti. Just liked he has used everyone before him. Just look at his past, his path to the top has been paved with the bodies he threw down to walk on. You my dear, are no different, and girl to girl, I just couldn't stand to let a man treat you that way.

    Batti turns to Tyrone, who is pleading his case. She slaps him and instead of going after Eve, she evades the security and leaps over the barricade and tackles Flex. She hammers away, taking her frustration out on the muscle bound hulk. He tries to crawl away, but they brawl in the crowd, sending fans scrambling, security in hot pursuit of the pair.


    Myles: That is enough! I have had it with Flex coming in and assaulting Batti and brawling all the place. I've talked to Becky Serra and the board of directors and we have come to a decision. At Kingdom Come, Flex, you will compete against Batti one on one, in a falls count anywhere match! Since you seem to love brawling all over the arena, you should just love this. As for you two, Eve, I expect better from the leading lady of WZCW. You should be setting an example for all the young women in the audience. Shame on you. And Tyrone, you may be the number one contender, you may be a Hall of Fame talent, but from the tape it is clear you are a low level son of a bitch. As much as I would like to make an example of you for your behavior, I have no real grounds to strip you of your title shot. All I can do is say your behavior is that of a pig and I hope you pay dearly for it.

    The final shot as the copyright information flashes on screen is Tyrone, on his knees, head down, as the WZCW fans shower him with boos and debris.
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    Intro, Wren vs Vee ADZ, Vega vs Ace Stevens - Milenko
    Segments - KJ
    Tastic vs Keaton, Eve vs Batti - Yaz
    Mussel vs Titus - Jeff
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