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    Connor: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a warm spring night in Milan, Italy. My name is Cat Connor and I am the voice of WZCW Ascension. Tonight, I am, as usual, joined by the one and only Jack Cohen at ringside. And tonight, Jack, promises to be a very big event indeed.

    Cohen: Of course it is, Cat. Meltdown was a tremendous event emanating from this wonderful stadium in Milan. But tonight, we speed further along the road towards Kingdom Come 9. We already know that Eve Taylor versus Tyrone Blades will take place at the event but will we have more questions or answers tonight?

    Connor: The Elite Openweight Legues continue tonight and we have another tag team match to round off the action. What's more, Titus takes on Callie Clark in what should be an astonighing match of sheer quality.

    After a few seconds of anticipation, Constantine makes his final appearance in a WZCW arena. He has a smile on his face as he walks out in his trademark suit and tie. He stops in the middle of the stage and takes a bow for everyone to see. When he rises, he offers a wave to everyone in the crowd as he begins making his way down the ramp.

    Connor: But for now, ladies and gentlemen, we must talk about the vry sad news that broke on a few days ago. It seems as though John Constantine is finally moving on from WZCW. It was an announcement that many knew would be coming eventually. But it seems as though it is all official now.

    Cohen: I have sat at ringside for the entirety of this man's WZCW career, Cat. Tonight is a big night for Constantine after almost a decade in the company. But it is also a massive night for everyone who has had the pleasure to watch him evolve and perform inside a WZCW ring. Tonight we are truly losing a legend.

    Constantine continues to make his way down the lengthy ramp, stopping every now and then to slap some hands and offer more waves to the assembled masses. He grabs a microphone from the steel steps and walks up the stairs for the final time in his WZCW career. He gets into the ring and walks across the mat for a few seconds, his face telling an emotional story as he looks out into the vast audience.


    As Constantine goes to talk for the first time, the chanting from the fans swells so that he cannot be heard over their noise. Constantine drops the microphone to his side and adopts a wide smile. Tears can be seen in the corner of his eyes as he waits for the chants to die down a little.

    Constantine: No, thank you all...

    A loud cheer goes around the audience as Constantine begins his final WZCW monologue.

    Constantine: For 8 and a half years, I have loved being a part of this company. For 8 and a half years, I have loved coming out here every night and performing for every single one of you. I have been the bad guy more often than not but, regardless, you have always showed me your feelings one way or another.

    The Power Trip stops for a moment, looking out into the audience as he continues to smile.

    Constantine: It's been an eventful 8 years to say the least. But the most important thing for me, is that WZCW has always been the place that I call home.. Just like every one of you, I have been put through the wringer by life on more than one occasion. I have had the same problems as you but, like many of you, WZCW has always been my get-a-way from it all. For all the problems I had, I knew I could always come to my work and perform in front of all of you. I could forget my problems for a few moments every day and embrace the reaction that you were always keen to give me. My only hope, as I call time on my WZCW career, was that I could give the same to you. That you could turn on your TV every week and boo or cheer me. Just for a few moments, you could forget what you were worried about...

    The Hall of Fame superstar falls silent for a few seconds as he contemplates his own words. Clearly emotional, Constantine takes a deep breath in and out as the fans cheer to show him their support after all this time.

    Constantine: I am 46 years of age now, an old man in terms of wrestling. I have seen this company grow from strength to strength over the last 10 years and I have seen you invest more and more time into it. But I'm afraid, that the time I can give to this company is over. My body is sore and tired. As much as I would love to continue in the ring, my body just will not allow it any more.

    Constantine stops again, the emotion in the arena a saddened one. More chants begin to form but Constantine cuts them off before they can really get started.

    Constantine: I have to be honest with you though, I really would have liked to have went the distance and performed in the main event of Kingdom Come. Of all the things that I have accomplished in a WZCW ring, there will always be that one chip on my shoulder that I never got to accomplish that task. I gave it one last shot at the Lethal Lottery but it just showed me that I am not able to reach the levels that I used. The levels that deserve to be in the main event of Kingdom Come.


    Cohen: I'm with these folks!

    Constantine: You know, I really appreciate that, guys. But the truth is that it is time for me to move along. The new generation of wrestlers in this company are going to keep you entertained for years to come. There's nothing left for me to do in this company that I really can accomplish before my body gives out. I'm so sorry...

    Suddenly, the lights go off and a very familiar entrance song begins to play out to the arena. The arena comes unglued as the thought of what could be coming excites them thoroughly.

    Connor: Oh wow, here we go!

    Cohen: What could Titus want with Constantine at this late stage?

    After a few seconds, the EurAsian Champion makes his way through the curtain to the boos of the Italian fans. Titus doesn't seem to care about the way they treat him as he sports his Championship around the stage. He lifts the microphone to his lips and begins talking through the noise.

    Titus: John, I know that we have been through a lot in this company. Like you, I have seen this company go from strength to strength and I want to say that you have to share a lot of the credit for that. There are very few wrestlers who transcend the company and I hold you amongst that company. I just want to be one of the first to wish you well in your future endeavours and congratulate you on everything you have achieved.

    The crowd don't really know what to make of the EurAsian Champion and his words. Nonetheless Titus seems to be serious in what he is saying. Titus stares down to the ring, where a grateful Constantine nods his head in silence.

    Titus: That said, I can't have you come out here and lie to these people like this. Lie to my TMZ? Not on my watch!

    Constantine rolls his eyes and shakes his head in annoyance as Titus continues.

    Titus:To say that you have accomplished everything you set out to achieve just isn't true is it, John? Sure you have been a triple crown Champion and you have gone into the Hall of Fame. But when people remember the great Power Trip and everything he accomplished, will they really say that he did it all? I mean, let's face it, you didn't win the Lethal Lottery and you wont go on to headline Kingdom Come. Hell, you haven't even won the EurAsian Championship! A Championship that I have held for almost 900 days!

    Constantine: Do you have a point, Titus?

    Titus: Of course I do, John!

    Titus gives a sharp laugh.

    Titus: Much like you, people will always say that I have not accomplished everything. As much as I have accomplished, people will always say that I didn't do one thing whilst I could. People will say that John Constantine never took on Titus Avison when the stakes were at their highest. That's why I am challenging you to a match at Kingdom Come!

    The crowd come alive as Titus proclaims the massive match!

    YES! YES! YES!

    Titus: I can't promise you that we'll headline Kingdom Come this year but I can promise the chance of something else. Something that only I can offer you. The chance to become a grand slam champion in this company. So, Power Trip... What do you say?

    With that, Titus falls silent as the crowd roar their approval of the match. Constantine shakes his head and drops his microphone. He gets out of the ring and begins walking up the ramp. Titus steels himself as he prepares for the incoming attack. But Constantine simply walks right past him, one last wave for the fans and through the curtain he goes. The fans in the arena and Titus can't believe it.

    Cohen: Well, it was worth a try, Titus.
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    We immediately cut backstage to where Matt Tastic can be seen arriving at the arena. He steps out of his car and begins making his way towards the innards of the arena. The crowd cheering is only intensified when, from the side of the shot, Mikey Stormrage enters the picture. Matt comes to a full stop as Mikey pats him on the shoulder and gives him a nod of the head - a wide smile appearing on his face at the sight of his Live Mas amigo.

    Mikey: Hey, man. What's up? You ignored me all day long. Aren't we gonna make a plan or something? At least talk? Share a $5 Cravings Deal from Taco Bell like we used to? Come on. Where's the love?

    Matt stares through Mikey for a few seconds, pondering his words and adopting a curious look upon his face. Suddenly, Matt lets out a deep sigh as he shakes his head. He walks off, leaving Mikey in his wake and a chorus of booing echoing through the halls of the arena.

    Cohen: Uhm... What?

    Connor: Yeah, that was very odd, Jack. For as long as I can remember, these two have been on the same page in WZCW. Could it be that Mikey's extended exit from WZCW has something to do with the, seemingly obvious, tension between the two?

    Cohen: Either way, Cat, they're going to be a team tonight and they're going to have to work out their differences.
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    Anderson: The following contest is a triple threat match in the Elite Openweight League! Introducing first...

    Connor: Well, here we go, folks. It's been a while since any sort of league was introduced to WZCW. And with a match against Lynx and Callie Clark on the line, the stakes are very high. Everyone has something to gain and not a lot to lose.

    Cohen: You are absolutely right, Cat. The pressure is off of everyone in these leagues and it should allow their individual skills to shine through. This should be an excellent match, for sure. 3 wrestlers with a lot to prove to each other and themselves. Who gets the early advantage in the league?

    Anderson:.... from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 225 pounds, Vox!

    Lights go out, and a video shows of images of world atrocities in rapid succession for 8 seconds, then a spotlight shines on Vox. The natural lights come on as he begins walking. He walks out wearing his backstage attire and with a microphone in hand. Looks to the crowd to find anyone with an outstretched hand. He grabs their hand, holds them earnestly, asks for their name and says "Gertrude! God bless you! Let us be the change." Eventually makes way to the ring. Begins talking about an issue in the world, how to correct it. Drones on forever about it, to the point where he makes the people in the audience not care at all and are desperate for the opponent to come out to shut this annoying jerk up. "Thank you, beautiful people. God bless you!" He removes his jacket and sunglasses while his opponent comes to the ring.

    Anderson: and his opponent....

    Anderson:..From Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee! A! D! Z!

    He rotates around in one leg followed by a somersault on the floor and bounces up and high raising his both hands. Then he goes to the audiences on the barricade for some fan fair, gets to the ring and Springboards his way in with another somersault on the mat.

    Anderson: and their opponent...

    Anderson: from parts unknown, weighing 155 pounds pounds, Wren!

    She enters a darkened arena with a single ray of spotlight on her with her head down. She elegantly walks down the aisle and spreads her arms across with arena lighting up, soaking in the energy of the arena. She then slowly enters the arena and climbs up each turnbuckle, bowing to the audience with her arms spread across.

    Connors: Now with everyone in the ring, who do you like in this match Jack?

    Cohen: I believe this is Vox's time to step up and start taking names Cat, this should be a fast paced match!

    With all three competitors now in the ring, the referee signals for the bell and the match gets underway....


    The three competitors know that any sort of mistake can leave them in a bad position this early in the match, so it begins very tentatively – all three moving towards the centre of the ring and continuing to stare at the other two. Finally, the stalemate is broken as both Wren and Vox begin pummelling Vee ADZ. The crowd burst into life as the first match of the Ascension Elite Openweight League gets underway. Vee is taking a beating and cannot defend himself against two opponents. Suddenly, Vox grabs him by the neck and tosses him through the ropes and crashing out to the mat.

    Connor: What a quick start to this match, folks. The stakes are high, you can see that a mile away. It's not that important to win the match. But you cannot afford to lose the first triple threat match of the tournament.

    Cohen: And it seems as though Vee is about to be bringing up the rear after the quick coalition between Wren and Vox. It's a tough situation but there always seems to be someone on the losing side of a triple threat match. It's just good strategy to try and bring the odds down in your favour. Eliminating someone early from the running is a good way to do that.

    But Wren is ready for the gap in the action and springs into life – much like her fans in the audience. She immediately begins hammering Vox with stiff shots to the back, backing him up onto the ropes and then peppering him with more shots the face and chest. She grabs his arm and attempts to whip him across the ring. But Vox manages to reverse the Irish whip and it is Wren who scurries across the ring. Vox goes for the clothesline but Wren ducks underneath. Suddenly, she flies through the ropes with a diving shoulder and catches Vee on the chin with the attack. The crowd immediately get to their feet as Wren gets back to hers and looks at Vox in the ring.

    Connor: Well, what a start to the match from Wren. She seems to be right back on form tonight. We haven't seen this sort of fire in the eyes of Wren for an awful long time. A welcomed addition, some would say, that has come at the right time given the stakes.

    Cohen: Absolutely, Cat, you can see what a win in this match means to everyone involved. Those first three points are going to be decisive at the end of the day – mark my words.

    Vox allows Wren to come back into the ring under the bottom rope but immediately sets upon her with some clubbing and vicious strikes as she tries to get back to her feet. The charitable soul from Ireland isn't showing that sort of spirit as he continues to pummel Wren. Wren's body gives out as she finally lies on the canvas. Vox gives the crowd a wink before hitting the far ropes and then hitting Wren with a falling elbow to the back of her head. The crowd take a collective breath in as Wren convulses on the canvas. Vox gets back to his feet and grabs Wren by the head. He pulls her back to her feet and peppers her with a left and a right, so that she is backed up into the corner of the ring. Wren looks stunned by the vitality and explosiveness of the Irishman's attack but she doesn't have time to think any more about it. Vox lands a smash to the side of Wren's head with his elbow that scrambles her senses.

    Connor: Wow! Vox has, somehow, unleashed a frantic and aggressive side of his character just at the right time. Wren started this match with great vigour but she has been brought down to the pace and tempo that really suits Vox more than anyone.

    Cohen: She looks absolutely out of her senses right now, Cat. Vox has pummelled Wren down to the mat and now, all that is left, is for him to deliver a fatal blow that will take a win and the first three points of this match.

    He looks into the eyes of his opponent and then moves backwards, telling the fans that this one is going to be over shortly. He finally makes it to the other corner of the ring and then hits full speed as he runs at Wren. He launches himself into the air, looking for a flying forearm smash to the jaw of his opponent. But Wren has had the time to recover and manages to move out of the way at the last second. She allows Vox to recoil out of the corner before leathering him with a stunning spinning heel kick that puts him on the canvas. She goes for the first pin fall but Vee reaches through the ropes and cracks her on the jaw before any count can be made.

    Connor: Just when you think this match is over, something else comes up and the match swings another direction. It has been a frenetic match and there is so much more to come. Wren almost had the win there but Vee has managed to save his own bacon and Vox's bacon in the same measure.

    Cohen: He could have put 1 point on the board there for the reward of gaining another 2. Let's hope that he doesn't come to regret that decision later on in the match.

    Wren falls backwards at Vee's fist meets her jaw. Vee crawls back inside the ring and looks to mount some offence for the first time in the match. He gets to his feet and begins stomping away on Vox – making the most of the opportunity when it arises. He moves over to Wren without any hesitation and grabs her by the back of the head as she tries to get back to her feet. The crowd boo for the former MMA fighter but he doesn't seem to care, he is dialled in and looking to cause some damage. He clubs the back of Wren's head - sending her back to the canvas one more time. He looks down at her and smiles as he pulls her back to her feet. He tells the crowd that he is going to put this match away as Wren gets back to her unsteady feet.

    Connor: This looks like the reverse Frankensteiner to me, Jack. And if it is, Wren is going to find herself in a world of hurt.

    Cohen: She needs a miracle right now, Cat, that's for sure. Vee has come from nowhere and is about to put this match to bed.

    He puts her in position, almost as if he is looking for the Reverse Frankensteiner. He puts her in a headlock but, in his arrogance to pull off the move, he misses Vox getting back to his feet. Vox runs at both of them and collides with them furiously. Wren tumbles back to the canvas as Vee stumbles forward and smashes his face into the top turn-buckle. Vee turns around and is immediately put into position for WORLD PEICES (Package Pile-driver)! Both men crumble to the canvas as Vox goes for the cover. Suddenly, Wren appears from nowhere and picks Vox up off of the canvas, She tosses him out of the ring and covers Vee! The referee counts the fall! 1... 2... 3! It's over!!


    Anderson: The winner of this contest and awarded three points...Wren!

    Connor: I don't believe it! Wren has stolen this match from under the nose of Vox. He did all of the hard work and Wren has stolen the three points! Incredible!

    Cohen: Just goes to show you, Cat, you need to keep your eyes on the ball in every match in WZCW. Even more so when the stakes are this high. Wren has put herself into the prime position for a shot at the Elite Openweight Championship with such a sneaky win.

    Wren gets back to her feet and slides out of the ring as Vox slides in. He looks at her and shakes his head in disbelief. Wren allows a coy smile to appear on her face as she turns on her heels and heads up the ramp.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the Mayhem Champion... Tony Mancini!

    Connor: Here is a guy who must have a lot on his mind, folks. He recently came up short against rookie Stevie Broon, and seems to be playing second fiddle to the Elite Openweight Leagues.

    Cohen: Something tells me that might come up, Cat. He looks raging.

    As his music hits the Mayhem Champion walks onto the stage with his title over his shoulder, Gino at his side at a long thick steel link chain around his neck. He ignores the fans as he walks to the ring and up the steel steps. Once inside he demands a microphone from a ringside attendant. Once it's given to him he tries to talk but is drowned out by all the boos from the crowd. He tries to wait them out but it takes to long. Eventually he is forced to talk over them.

    Tony: I'm going to keep this simple. This Elite Openweight League is bullshit. Not because I'm not in it, no. Why would I want that hot potato while I have this.

    He lifts up his Mayhem Championship and adjusts the chain around his neck as the crowd boos him again.

    Tony: What's bull is the fact that the ones who don't win get a shot at my championship at the biggest stage the company has ever seen, Kingdom Come IX.

    The fire that has come to Tony's eyes can be heard in his voice as he continues talking.

    Tony: These losers shouldn't even be competeting at Kingdom Come let alone in a championship match. If I had lost my title at the Lottery there would be no way I'd be getting a title shot.

    Gino slaps Tony on the back and tells him something the microphone doesn't pick up. Tony looks at him like he's lost his mind and shakes his head in disbelief.

    Tony: A strike Gino, are you serious? What would a strike accomplish besides me getting my title taken from me? No my friend, let Lynx and Callie have their League, I'll do what I always do and take the respect of these people out here and in the back and it starts at Kingdom Come. I don't know who I'm facing and I don't really care. This belt hasn't meant anything in a very long time and I promise you that will change starting with whoever ends up in the ring with me.

    He stares into the camera and speaks in a steady voice but the fire and anger is quite evident.

    Tony: I want everyone in the back who is in this league to listen closely. Congratulations to whoever wins the Elite Openweight League. You have the chance to win a cut rate championship no one seems to be able to hold on to. To the ones who don't I'm sorry. I'm sorry you won't get your Kingdom Come moment this year. Instead you will contribute to my moment as I use your blood and sweat to start the foundation of what will be the start of the best Mayhem Championship reign this company has ever seen.

    He drops the microphone but instead of walking back up the ramp he walks over to the commentary booth and sits at the empty seat at the end as Gino takes up postion behind his right shoulder.

    Cohen: Hey champ thanks for joining us. I have to say I agree with everything you just said.

    Tony: Thanks Jack, it's nice to know some people around here have sense.

    Connor: I wouldn't call any of the men and women you may face at Kingdom Come losers. They all have just as much chance to walk out with a Championship as anyone else.

    Tony stays silent and just shakes his head as the next match starts.
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    Backstage, Matt Tastic is still wondering around aimlessly in the annals of the arena. He doesn't look pleased with what has happened so far in the night as his expressions tells a story that words never could. Suddenly, his eyebrows rise as another superstar enters his personal space against his wishes.

    Triple X: What's up, Matt, lover's tiff?

    Matt stays silent as Triple X gives his own joke a laugh.

    Triple X: Don't worry, Champ. I'm sure Mikey will buy you a lovely bunch of flowers and watch The Notebook with you tonight. It'll be right as rain by tomorrow.

    Triple X continues to s****** as Matt shakes his head, trying hard not to begin throwing fists towards the anti-hero of WZCW.

    Tastic: You know, for a guy who couldn't get the job done against Titus after saying to everyone who would listen that he would, you'd think that you'd stay a little bit more quiet. You know, since you're a bit of a joke around here now...

    With that, Tastic continues to walk through the arena, this time leaving Triple X furious behind him.


    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a singles match in the Elite Openweight League. The winner gets 3 points while the loser leaves with 0.

    Introducing first from Brooklyn, NY weighing in at 228 LBS, the American Original Ace Stevens!


    The start of the songs plays throughtout the arena and when the beat kicks in Ace comes out to the stage. He struts his way down the ramp as he adjusts his jackdt and hair stopping long enough to high five some of the fans at ringside. He climbs into the ring and throws his hands in the air as he soaks in the cheers.

    Connor: Ace is feeling extremely confident here tonight Jack. He's acting like he's already made it into the Elite Openweight Championship match at Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: That may cost him tonight Cat. Vega is deadset on shedding his Mayhem image and looks to have this eyes on Lynx and his title.

    Tony: Ace just lost his shot at the Eurasian Championship. What makes him or anyone else think he stands a chance at either the Elite Openweight or Mayhem Championships?

    As Ace stares up towards the ramp his music fades out and his opponents starts.


    Anderson: And his opponent, from New York City weighing in at 175 LBS, Vega!

    As the music continues smoke slowly fills the entrance ramp and the loghts flicker with the bass. It's at this point we see the shadowy form of Vega slowly moving his body to the music. As the drumline kicks in two spotlights shine down forming a V with Vega standing in the center.

    After a minute of standing in the spotlight he slowly saunters down the ramp. He walks around the ring and hopa ibto the guardwall and stands there soaking in the noise of the crowd. After a bit he hops down and walka up the steel steps. After walking around the ring he once again turns towards the crowd before doing a back flip into the ring. Once inside Vega turns and faces Stevens before holding out his fingers in the shape of a gun and takes aim.

    Connor: Vega practically feeding off this electric crowd here in Milan while Ace stands there. Both want that crucial first win but only one of them can walk out with it.

    Cohen: Vega needs to be careful he doesn't fall into the same trap Stevens has. This crowd won't win you any matches, they'll only be a distraction.

    Tony: What Vega needs to do is give up this redemption crap. Being nice is getting him nowhere just like it got me nowhere.

    As Cat starts to agrue with Tony the ref calls for the bell and the men immediately start circling each other. They tie up in the middle of the ring and jockey for position until Ace backs Vega up and throws his shirt open before laying in with vicious knife edge chops.

    Cohen: Guys you do realize that the match has started right?

    Cat immediately bites her tongue and tries to hide the slight blush on her face as Tony laughes at her and turns his head and whispers something to Gino.

    Meanwhile in the ring Vega throws Ace off of him but gets hit with a running splash that causes him to fall to the mat where Ace goes for a quick pin. 1… 2..kickout by Vega!

    Connor: Ace doing the smart thing and trying to quickly grab those three points.

    Tony: If it was me in there I would have gotten the pin right there. Just goes to show you the criminal lack of competition for me in this company.

    Cat looks like she wants to argue with him again but instead she just calls the action in the ring as Ace lifts Vega off the mat in order to hit a scoop slam but as he lifts him in the air Vega is able to squirm slightly and slide behind him and hits a vicious elbow to the back of Stevens' head.

    Connor: And just like that Vega has taken control of this match ladies & gentlemen. Anything can happen in a WZCW ring and this is proof of that.

    Cohen: This is why Vega is my pick to win. His time as the longest reigning Mayhem Champion in company history has really honed that killer instinct of his.

    At the mention of Vega being a former Mayhem Champion Tony actually stays quiet but his eyes narrow and he instinctively grabs his championship and pulls it closer him.

    While the camera is focused on the announcers Vega mounted a fallen Stevens and continues to drop vicous elbows onto the unprotected back of his head until the ref pulls him off in fear for Vega's safety. Once he checks to make sure Vega is concious the ref backs off after asking if he wants to continue.

    Tony: If if was me in there I wouldn't be giving Vega time to recuperate. Letting your opponent get his wind back after doing all that damage is ******ed.

    Cohen: Tony, I don't think you can say that word on air anymore.

    Connor: Not to mention it's just plain offensive and disgusting.

    Before he can say something in response the camera goes back to the ring as Ace slicks his hair back and flicks the grease off his hands right before landing an elbow drop right in between the shoulder blades of the former assassin. After he lands the elbow Stevens flips Vega over and lands repeated punches to the facd and upper chest of his grounded opponent.

    Cohen: It looks like he may have heard what you said champ.

    Tony: Even a blind squirrel gets a nut on occasion Jack, I wouldn't put to much thought into it.

    As if on que Vega uses his defensive prowess to dodge the next punch by not only moving his head a few inches to the side but bucking his hips and using his leverage to throw the bigger man off of him so he can roll out of the ring and catch his breath. Stevens quickly follows him out to ringside and goes after him. Sensing Ace coming up behind him Vega jumps on the guard wall and walks it like a tight rope and jumps to the ring apron before getting back into the ring.

    Tony: What the hell was that? Why waste energy instead of just climbing or rolling back into the ring like a normal person?

    Connor: Because some people actually care about giving the fans their money's worth.

    Cohen: Cat will you be nice to our guest? If you keep harrasing him like this and he'll never do commentary with us again.

    Tony nods his head in agreement as Ace sighs and shakes his before climbing back into the ring. Unfortunatly Vega is ready for him with a devestating back elbow as he falls into the pin. 1…2..kickout at the last second by Stevens!

    Connor: Great effort by Vega there. He almost had this match won and the three points in his grasps.

    Tony: A great effort would have been a victory Cat. As an in-ring competitor and a champion I can tell you that was meh.

    With a look of anger in his eyes Vega lands a few elbows to the back of Ace's head before getting up and signaling for the end by taking aim. Vega let's Ace get to his knees before bouncing off the ropes and hitting hin with his finisher The Killshot (Omega's V-Trigger) before falling into the pin. 1…2...3! Vega immediately gets up as the ref counts to three and throws his hands in the air as his music starts playing.

    Anderson: Here is your winner of the match and moving on in the Elite Openweight League with 3 points Vega!

    Once the ref makes sure Ace is ok to stand on his ownhe gets to his feet and raises Vega's hand as most of the fans cheer with a smattering of boos. At ringside Tony takes off his headset so he can slide into the ring and get into Vega's face. The camera doesn't pick up what is said but everyone can see Tony lift his title above his head. Instead of taking the bait Vega looks from Tony to Gino still at ringside and backs up. Once he bumps into the ring ropes he quickly rolls out and walks up the ramp.

    Cohen: Well that was fun don't think so Cat?

    Connor: It was an amazing match Jack. Both men put everything they had into it but Today Vega was the better man.

    Cohen: I was talking about our guest for the match. I've never really talked to him before but I hope he comes back out here soon.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Garth Black.

    A wave of boos greet Garth Black in his street clothes as he walks out on the stage with a microphone in his hand. He pays the fans no mind at all as he walks with a purpose to the ring, clearly something on his mind. He climbs in the ring and the boos get a little louder. Anderson makes her way out of the ring and Black raises the mic to his mouth, not waiting for the boos to subside.

    Black: It looks like the number one contender to the heavyweight championship has returned. That number one contender is me. So the powers that be in the back, take out your pen and write in my name in the main event at Kingdom Come, triple threat match..Eve Taylor vs Tyrone Blades vs Garth Black!

    Black lowers the mic and stares back towards the stage, the fans only now starting to quiet down.

    Black: I can wait here all night, I want my championship match that's owed to me.

    He continues staring at the stage area. He crosses his arms and mouths that he's going to wait all night long.

    The tron lights up, the view is inside the office of General Manager Chuck Myles. He's sitting at his desk with papers scattered around and an IPad propped up in front of him.

    Myles: I hear your request Black. As general manager of Ascension it is my duty to listen to all WZCW superstars in this company, I handle complaints, requests and even entrance budgets every single week. But I'm afraid I have to say no this time, there's no changing the KC main event, it's set in stone.....

    Black: It figures Myles, it figures. Make me jump through hoop after hoop again, just like last time before I can get a sniff at my championship.

    Myles: Don't fret though Black, I do have an opponent for you at Kingdom Come. This wrestler is a former Heavyweight Champion like yourself, a feared striker and submission specialist too. And you'll find out who it week on Ascension!

    A wave of boos.

    Black: No! I won't wait until next week. I'm not leaving this ring until I find out who I'm fighting at Kingdom Come!

    The tron turns off to reveal the WZCW logo. A few minutes of silence then....


    Connors: Whoa look at this Jack! It's Kagura! Kagura is Black's opponent at Kingdom Come!

    Kagura walks out to the stage and stares at Black in the ring, he drops his mic on the canvas and says nothing else as he returns a look of his own, full of ire.

    Cohen: What a match this will be Cat! Two former Heavyweight Champions looking to get back on track to win their title back on the grandest stage of wrestling !

    Connors: Kagura vs Black confirmed here tonight! What else is going to happen here on Ascension? Don't go anywhere we'll be right back!
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    The following contest is a Three Way match scheduled for one fall!

    Introducing first from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, King Mussél!

    King Mussel makes his way down the aisle, passing his shakes at fans. Some of who refuse them. Others take it. One of them drinks in and faints.

    Cohen: The King is back! And he's making America Healthy again one person at a time. And he will make these two giants healthy too.

    Connor: Um, Jack, we're in Italy. But to the point, Flex's first standard since his return is against two 7 foot men. He's going to have quite the hard time here tonight.


    Second, from The Starbreak Cinema, accompanied by Ramparte, standing 7 foot tall and weighing 428 pounds, Grindhouse!

    Ramparte appears on stage, standing proudly as Grindhouse appears behind him, towering over and makes his way down the aisle.

    Connor: Ramparte and Flex Mussel have a very long history. I don't know what his intensions are, but the fact that Grindhouse is being sicced on Flex tonight should be concerning for Flex.

    Cohen: But he's not the only big man in all this.


    And finally from Nigeria, standing over seven feet tall and weighing over four hundred pounds, "The Nigerian Giant" Jabari Kasim!

    Jabari is led down to the ring by his handler as Flex and Grindhouse look on surprised. Jabari is released from his bearings and makes his way into the ring as referee Keith Morse prays to keep things in control and has the bell rung.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    And right away, Jabari charges at Grindhouse, looking to pick up where he left off at Lethal Lottery. He charges towards Grindhouse and tosses him with a Hip Toss. Grindhouse tumbles from the surprise attack, he rolls and ends up falling out of the ring where he tries to get his bearings. Ramparte looks on surprised at how quick his charge was taken out of the ring and turns to the man responsable, glaring at him. He then glares at Flex who has not moved since the bell rung. Not really knowing what to do with either of the two unpredictable newbies. But now things are clearer with just one in the ring. Flex marches towards Jabari and trashtalks at him. The insults fly out of his mouth about Jabari's lack of physique but the words theoretically bounce off the large man and fall on deaf ears. Jabari grabs Flex and Military Presses him over his head. Like King Kong picking up a T-Rex it seems, Jabari tries to find what to do but Flex doesn't just stand still and gets off the big man's hands before he gets them. Being behind Jabari, Flex tries to use his Inverted Backbreaker, but Jabari is too tall to bend backwards. Jabari avoids the move and catapults Flex overhead, sending the muscleman a good 8 feet up in the air and letting gravity slam him down. Flex's body bounces off the canvas as he effectively says "screw this" and rolls under the bottom rope and to the floor.

    Connor: That was a mayor drop for Flex. Jabari is not like other wrestlers here and I got to wonder if Flex will have a hard time adjusting to such a tall opponent.

    Flex seemingly saunters around ringside, holding himself up with the ring apron as Ramparte looks at him shamefully. He instructs Grindhouse back into the ring and he obliges. Now prepared, Grindhouse goes on the attack. He throws a series of chops at Jabari's large chest, pushing back the big man. Once he reaches the ropes, Flex gets on the apron and hits Jabari in the back of the head. Jabari, none the wiser, is not pleased and tenses up, getting quite mad. He turns to Flex who just insults him from the apron, yelling at him. Jabari lets out a guttural roar and goes for Flex who drops down on the apron, pulling the top rope down as Jabari's momentum causes him to flip over the ropes and tumble down. Flex gets back up and gets into the ring, not realizing Jabari actually landed on his feet! Mussel goes for Grindhouse and tosses him with a Belly To Belly Suplex but as he gets back up, showing how proud he is of his display of power, Jabari grabs Flex's leg and from the outside, yanks him to the floor. Flex tries to fight, but is pressed overhead and dropped sternum first onto the barricade in front of the fans who show their bloodlust, cheering this on and wanting more. Jabari turns around as is met with Grindhouse who hits a Throat Thrust and sends Jabari back into the ring where he starts to stomp on Jabari who lays seated on the corner. Grindhouse presses his foot down as Ramparte urges to keep going. Keith Morse not being able to do much given there are no disqualifications in this match.

    Cohen: The ref should really just give up on putting order. That's not gonna work here.

    Connor: He still has to try and watch out for the well being of the wrestlers.

    Keith tries to do something to intervene but is met with a deathly stare from Grindhouse who stalks him. As Grindhouse stops, he turns around and Flex is back. He meets Grindhouse with a Jumping Knee Lift and dashes across the ring for another one directed at Jabari who had just stood up. Flex whips Grindhouse across the ring and upon return, he tries to Press Grindhouse and while he is able to lift him up, Jabari pushes Flex as he turns around. Causing Flex to fall and Grindhouse to fall right on top of him. Jabari runs across the ring, picking up speed, he then jumps and falls on top of the two. Keith Morse drops, confused but makes the count. 1.... 2........ 3-But Flex manages to just barely get the shoulder up.

    Wait a minute. Who would get the cover there? It was two men on top of Flex.

    Cohen: I have no idea. I guess the referee would know what call to make.

    Jabari grabs Flex off the ground, grabbing him by the throat with both hands. He pulls him off the ground but as soon as he does, Flex kicks him down low. Keith Morse being unable to do anything about it. Flex goes behind Jabari and manages to toss him with a big German Suplex. Right after, Grindhouse meets him with an STO and holds him down with a hand across the face. 1......... 2........... 3-But Flex kicks out. Flex starts fighting back with chops and forearms to the head, having to pull down on the bigger man. He goes for another Jumping Knee Lift but gets caught by Grindhouse who tosses him overhead with a Fallaway Slam. Right away, Grindhouse is met with Jabari and a Two Handed Chokeslam. Jabari makes the press for a cover. 1........ 2......... 3-But Flex barely getting up, dives in and barely breaks the cover and saves the match but can't really follow up. Jabari grabs Flex shoves him out of the ring, dumping him right by Ramparte who just looks at him with disgust. Grindhouse goes back to the chops to attack Jabari who retaliates with a Stomach Claw, clenching at the guts of Grindhouse. He then lets go and right away hits a Big Boot right across the face of Grindhouse. The boot of Jabari brushes right through the masked face of his adversary, knocking him down. Jabari follows it up with a single Seated Senton onto the chest of Grindhouse and sits for a cover. 1....... 2......... 3-But Grindhouse just barely gets the shoulder up. Jabari stands up and measures Grindhouse up as he slowly starts to stagger back to his feet.

    Connor: These two men have some very scary stamina. It seems they are still fresh out there.

    Cohen: Of course. They don't have to do much to cause damage.

    Jabari clutches his hand, signaling for the Bumaye but before he can do it, Flex appears. He tries his Inverted Backbreaker once again. This time he's able to bend Jabari backwards and hit the maneuver. Following it up with an Inverted DDT. He grabs Grindhouse and whips him to the apron, hitting him in the corner with the Body Breaking Diet. Charging at him with the European Uppercut, followed by a Forearm Smash and then a Shotgun Kick. Jabari starts to stagger and Flex notices. He measures Jabari and also whips him to the opposite corner of Grindhouse, he follows up, repeating the same dosage. Another Body Breaking Diet. This time for Jabari. With both giants seated on the corner, Flex yells out and charges at both of them. Uppercuts. Forearm Smashes. And Shotgun Kicks. Both giants fall down and Flex see's his opportunity. He grabs the legs of Grindhouse and attempts the Spin & Win. He heaves and he hoes but the big man is not really budging. Grindhouse does move a bit. He's spinning. But it's not really enough for winning. So Flex decides to stop and goes for Jabari. hoping for better luck. He grabs the tree trunk legs of the big Nigerian boy and tries Spin & Win again. It again has very little give and Jabari pulls Flex in, headbutting him and sending Flex right out of the ring again. Jabari gets up but Grindhouse is staggering. Jabari picks up where he had left off early and measures Grindhouse for the Bumaye but Grindhouse avoids the impact. He holds Jabari's hand, doing his best to hold the hand and keep if away from his face. He shoves the hand away and spits Red Mist right on to Jabari's face. Once again, Keith Morse is left powerless to do much. Grindhouse then dramatically stretches his arm out and grabs the throat of Jabari. He proceeds to lift Jabari upward and manages to hold him up for just a tiny bit before slamming him down to the canvas with a big Chokeslam! The lift takes a lot out of Grindhouse who simply collapses on Jabari. But as soon as he does, Flex re-appears and falls on both of them. Not even bothering with pushing Grindhouse away, he hooks Jabari's leg and Keith makes the count. 1........ 2........ 3!!

    Cohen: Wait a minute!

    Keith goes over to Selena Anderson and gives her the official call.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, by order of referee Keith Morse this match is a two way tie!! Here are your winners, King Mussel and Grindhouse!!

    Ramparte looks on furious and yells at the referee who insists that's the correct call.

    Obviously some frustration here as Grindhouse had the match won but Mussel decided to jump in at the last minute. I don't know if that's the correct call. Morse insists it is.

    Cohen: It's a Three Way match. What was he supposed to do? Not count a cover? The King found a way to win. Even if he's sharing it.

    Flex and Ramparte argue over the decision as Ramparte also holds back Grindhouse. The referee gets between the two of them as Ramparte decides to take Grindhouse and leave.
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    Once again, we see Matt stretching. This time is seems like a very small space he's in. He seems grumpy but suddenly, Mikey is also in the tight space with him, surprising him.

    Mikey: We're talking now. What the hell is up? We worked together so great at the Lottery. Now you won't talk to me.

    Matt stops and turns to Mikey.

    Matt: You want to know what my problem is, Mikey? I was worried sick about you after you got hurt. Then it turns out you got better but instead of coming back, you bailed. You flaked, Mikey. You flaked on WZCW and you flaked on me. Now you come back all fresh as a daisy. But now I see it. All this time, me not finding my groove. It all started two years ago. When you beat me at Kingdom Come. Since then, I stopped being the main eventer. I was fine with you getting the spotlight. You earned it. I can admit it. But not anymore. Not after you bailed. I've lost big matches and it all started there.

    Mikey: Then what the hell, man? Let's get back together. Lets be what we always were. We got to the top working together and the moment we split up, it all fell apart. Lets just pick up where we left off. Dude.

    Mikey fistbumps Matt's bare chest.

    Mikey: Lets have fun.

    Live Mas! Live Mas! Live Mas! Live Mas!

    Mikey soaks in the cheers of the crowd, but Matt just scowls at him and shoves the fist of his chest.

    Matt: Wake the hell up, Mikey. We can't keep relying on ourselves. Wake up. These tag team matches? Team up, working together? It's all pointless now, Mikey. There is no gold for us to win together anymore. They killed it. WZCW killed it. We were too good. Guys like Cerberus, The Full House of Daves, even your precious Strikeforce were good. But no one can create that chemistry anymore. Live Mas is a relic along with tag teams, Mikey. It's pointless. I am just going to go out there tonight, win and keep on winning until I can get my rematch for the Elite title I'm owed to break that record. Got it? Mind your business.

    Mikey: Dude. You're not even in the Elite League. What the hell is even up with that? Listen, I get that you're frustrated and all that. But it's no reason for us to be so tense with each other, OK? Here. I got us some KFC, dude. I know you love breasts. And I love thighs! I got us that sweet Woo! Crispy. Woo! Tangy. Woo! Georgia Gold chicken. It's del-

    Matt shoves Mikey and pushes the door to where they are wide open, revealing their small room. Matt gets out of the closet and storms away. Mikey slowly comes out as well. Looking disheveled.

    Connor: Well, that definitely isn't good at all. These two seem so far off of the same page, they might as well be on entirely different books, Jack.

    Cohen: You might be right, Cat. But the fact of the matter is that they better strap on a pair and put their differences behind them. In a few moments, they will be facing a very dangerous duo indeed. If they don't find their old form, they might as well throw in the towel right now.


    Elsewhere, backstage, we see Flex Mussel walking around backstage near the locker room after his match with Jabari and Grindhouse. The crowd boo’s him mercilessly. The “World’s Healthiest Man” doesn’t look too pleased after the result. He’s approached from the side by Leon Kensworth.

    Leon: Flex! Can I get a quick word from you? We all saw what you did to Batti on MD 149. The level of viciousness of the attack aside, many of us are wondering why you did it. Why attack Batti Otaku?

    Flex sneers at the microphone in front of him, as he eyes Leon intensively. He bends down slightly and opens his mouth.

    King Mussel: First off, Leon, it’s King Mussel now. K-I-N-G. Please address me with the proper respect from now on. Second, why did I target Batti? Because I can! Ever since I came back to this company, all I’ve been hearing about is what a big star she’s become. She beat Tyrone Blades. She defeated Kagura. She pinned John Constantine. And the fans and the brass backstage want to compare her career to mine? No, no, no. I’ll admit that she’s done well for herself, but there’s still no comparison between the two of us. I hate that, when people try and throw labels on me. To try and condense my career to a few accomplishments, and then try to compare it to someone else’s. The story of my career isn’t over, not by a long shot. And Batti is just another obstacle in my way on my climb to reach the top once more.
    Leon tilts the microphone to his face.

    Leon: No offense King Mussel, but you sound a little jealous.

    Flex’s eye twitches ever so slightly as he changes his posture to something a but more aggressive. He smirks and leans back down to the mic.

    King Mussel: Jealous? Nah, this goes way beyond that. This is about proving a point. That I’m better than she is, Leon. And really, it’s even deeper than that. But it doesn’t matter right now. I hope Batti responds. I hope she retaliates! Because I’ve got another Mussel Bomb with her name on it. And if Blades decides that he wants to get involved, then I’ll beat his ass too.

    And with that, King Mussel turns and walks away, leaving Leon stunned, as the crowd jeers.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the next match is your main event of the evening. This bout is tag team match scheduled for one fall…

    The opening rift of ZZ Top’s La Grange is heard for about 30 seconds until the music transitions into a more familiar tune.


    The stage is covered in a thick mist as Mark Keaton and Big Bad Roady make their way out to the ramp wearing matching leather jackets. Keaton screams at the crowd, and slaps the massive man on the chest, getting him pumped up. Mark begins to walk down the ramp as Big Bad Roady follows him, yelling at the fans to show them some respect. Mark then bangs his head as he heads to the ring. He slides in and plays more air guitar for the crowd, as Roady climbs the stairs and enters through the middle rope. They fist bump and wait in the ring for their opponents.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at a combined weight of 682 pounds, the team of Mark Keaton and Big Bad Roady!

    Conner: Mark Keaton had an impressive showing at Lethal Lottery, even though he came up short in his Eurasian title match. There’s some bad blood piling up between him and the men he’ll be facing. Surely this match is going to be explosive.

    Cohen: With the sudden influx of monstrous talents, Roady’s been overlooked. He doesn’t have the impressive height that Harald, Grindhouse, and Jabari do, but he’s 460 pounds. Keaton has found himself a dangerous equalizer.


    The crowd pops loudly as Matt walks down the aisle slowly with his hands in his pocket. He stops midway down the ramp and looks around the arena, before getting on the apron, climbing inside, and sitting on the top turnbuckle. He takes his mask off and waits on his partner, while keeping a close eye on his opponents.

    Anderson: Introducing next from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, weighing 235 pounds, Matt Tastic!

    Conner: Matt had a somewhat disappointing run at the Lethal Lottery. Many had him pegged as a dark horse to win the whole thing. But he finished outside the top five.

    Cohen: Matt has nothing to left to prove. He’s done everything in this company already. He won the world title. Won Lethal Lottery. Completed the Grand Slam. And is a Hall of Famer. He should just be content getting to team with an old friend and relive his glory days.


    The house lights go down, as green lights begin to pulse and flicker to the beat. Mikey appears on stage to an enormous ovation. He looks to be in a great mood as he walks down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans and signing impromptu autographs. He rolls under the bottom rope, walks across the ring and climbs the turnbuckle opposite his partner, before shouting “Game Over!” at the fans. He steps down and greets his old friend on the other side of the ring.

    Anderson: And his partner, from Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing 361 pounds, Mikey Stormrage!

    Conner: Mikey made a huge surprise return at Lethal Lottery and did quite well for himself. Live Mas is back for one night only, and what a night it will be if they can get a win here.

    Cohen: That guy is somehow even fatter now than he was before he left.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Mikey and Matt converse in one corner, while Keaton speaks with Big Road in the other. Mark slaps the big man on the chest again to get him fired up, before whispering something to him. It looks like it’s going to be Keaton and Tastic to start things. The two grapple in a collar and elbow tie up in the center of the ring, and Tastic gets the upper hand by trapping Keaton in a side headlock. He wrenches away on the hold. Keaton tries to free himself by elbowing Matt in the gut, but Tastic stands firm. Keaton reaches up and pulls on Tastic’s hair, before yanking him down to the canvas, breaking the hold. Keaton runs and bounces off the ropes, but Tastic leaps to his feet and floors him with a dropkick. Matt twists Keaton’s arm and pulls him towards his corner and tags in his partner. The crowd pops hard, as the much larger Stormrage tosses the smaller man back first into the turnbuckle. Mikey pins Keaton up against the corner and delivers a chop to the chest that echoes across the arena. He spins in a circle, giving himself a bit of momentum, before delivering a short arm lariat. The Remarkable One doubles over in pain, as Mikey plays to the crowd. He backs away and measures Keaton, before running forward, and avalanching him with all 360 pounds of his bodyweight. Keaton drops to the mat in a heap, as all the wind from his lungs is driven out of his body. Stormrage tags in his partner, but before he leaves, he lifts Keaton to his feet, picks him up and slams him down across his knee with a punishing backbreaker. He dumps the smaller man’s body onto the canvas, as Tastic climbs onto the ring apron. Matt slingshots himself over the top rope, and crushes Keaton with a Tope Atomico. He pins Keaton’s shoulders to the mat: 1...2… but only manages a two count.

    Conner: Mikey Stormrage and Matt Tastic are in control here in the beginning, really working over Keaton. These two guys look great. It appears Live Mas hasn’t lost a step.

    Cohen: That spells big trouble for Keaton’s team, especially if they were hoping that Stormrage still had some ring rust on him.

    Back in the ring, Tastic has control of Keaton’s arm. He wrenches back on it, and twists it, before jamming his elbow into Mark’s shoulder. Keaton grabs his shoulder in pain but quickly retaliates by driving his hip and leg into Tastic’s abdomen. He scoops his opponent up, turns, and then slams Matt down onto the canvas. He drags Tastic over to his corner and tags in the colossal Big Bad Roady. The huge man steps on Tastic’s torso and presses his full weight into his stomach and chest, while using the ropes for leverage. The referee counts, and Roady steps off. He pulls Tastic to his feet and shoves his backwards against the turnbuckle. He delivers a chop to the smaller mans chest. And then another. The pain on Tastic’s face is intense. Roady grabs Matt by the hair and flings him across ring with a huge Biel throw. Matt holds his back in pain, as the behemoth stalks him. Roady lifts Tastic up like a small child and holds him in his arms, posing with him as Keaton cheers him on. He takes Matt up and over and sends him sprawling to the mat with a fallaway slam. He grabs Tastic by the arm and drags him over to the corner, and tags in Keaton. Roady headbutts Matt down to mat as Keaton climbs to the second turnbuckle. He leaps off and nails Tastic with an elbow drop to the top of the head! He makes a cover of his own: 1…2… but Matt gets the shoulder up.

    Conner: And now Keaton and Big Road have the advantage. Talk about tit for tat. Roady is such a huge man. You almost don’t even realize it until you’re standing next to him.

    Cohen: Keaton and Roady are working like a cohesive unit. We talk about the team work and the experience of Live Mas, but these two are surpassing expectations.

    Keaton has Tastic trapped in a one-legged Boston Crab. The Puerto Rican writhes in pain as the Canadian wrenches in one of his most well-known maneuvers. Tastic drags himself forward and manages to reach the ropes, as the referee forces Keaton to break the hold. Mark goes right back to work targeting his opponents leg. He drops his elbow on Matt’s thigh and wrenches back, trying to pull the former world champion’s leg out of socket. Matt blasts Keaton from behind with a forearm shot, but Mark responds with an elbow to the side of his head. The rockstar stands and drags Tastic over towards the ropes, wrapping his leg around the bottom rope. He pulls back, using the ring as a weapon, as the referee forces him to break the illegal maneuver. Keaton presses Matt’s leg down against the canvas, and drives his knee into his opponent’s tibila, causing Tastic to howl in pain. Mark drags him away from the ropes and locks in the Boston Crab once more. Matt writhes, reaching forward trying to reach Mikey in his corner. The big man cheering his friend on, as the crowd gets behind him. Tastic manages to spin himself around, and with his free leg he kicks Keaton off him. Matt attempts to stand but finds that he can’t put a whole lot of pressure on his injured leg. Mark comes from behind, and chop blocks him, completely taking his left leg out from underneath him. Keaton grabs him and applies a sleeper hold. He drags Tastic down to the mat, trying to drain the life out of him. The referee checks on Matt, and lets his arm fall once. Twice. Keaton has the sleeper locked in deep. But before his arm falls for the third time, Tastic shows signs of life! He slowly gets to his knees and tries to stand. Keaton won’t give up the hold and tries to drag him down to the mat once more. Matt grabs him and flips him over his shoulder. Keaton practically leaps to his feet, but Matt sinks his forearm into his gut, stunning him. Reaching down deep, he leaps up quick as a cat and takes Keaton down with a hurricanerana. And now both men are down. Tastic turns and stretches his hand out, trying to make a tag. Chants of “Live Mas!” fill the arena as Matt hobbles closer to his partner. But suddenly Keaton cuts him off from behind! He pulls Tastic to his feet by the hair, and in desperation, Matt tries to kick him, but Mark catches his leg. Matt is bouncing on one foot as Keaton looks down and realizes that he’s caught his opponents injured leg! Tastic jumps up and cracks Keaton in the side of the head with an Enzuigiri. Matt leaps forward and makes the hot tag to his partner!

    Conner: And Mikey gets the hot tag! Listen to this crowd, Jack. They love him here in Milan.

    Cohen: I’ll give it to Keaton though, he tried to keep his man down, but Matt outsmarted him. Feigning him with his injured leg like that was an old school veteran maneuver. And now he has this beast to contend with.

    Mikey charges into the ring and knocks Keaton down with a big short arm lariat. He drags Mark to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Keaton bounces off and runs right into Mikey’s waiting arms. The larger man lifts him up onto his shoulders, spins him, and then drops him down with a thunderous Samoan drop! Keaton groans as all the air is driven from his lungs as his chest is compacted. Mikey stands and screams at the crowd, as they chant his name. He turns his attention back to Keaton, but barely catches movement out of the corner of his eye. He turns, only to be blasted by the larger Roady who has entered illegally. Stormrage goes flying backwards, as Roady drags his friend out of harms way. Safe at his corner, Keaton makes a tag, and Roady is officially in the match. Mikey gets back to his feet and walks to the center of the ring. The two mammoth men stand nose to nose and size each other up. Stormrage is a bit taller, but it’s clear that Roady is noticeably larger. Mikey throws a right hook, and Roady responds with one of his own. They trade punches back and forth, with Stormrage gaining the upper hand. Mikey pushes the larger man backwards towards the ropes and tries to bounce him off them, but Roady counters and whips Mikey across the ring. The former world champ runs and bounces off the opposite ropes and clobbers the big man with a running crossbody! The massive collision sends Roady to the mat. Mikey stands and measures his opponent. In a huge feat of strength, he lifts Roady’s massive body up into his arms! He tries to turn him, but the weight is too much, and Roady falls on top of him into a surprise pin: 1…2… But it’s not enough. Roady makes it back to his feet the same time Stormrage does, and this time he lifts Mikey up, displaying some power of his own. Roady turns him and slams the decorated competitor down to the mat. Mikey’s dazed and is a little bit slower to get to his feet this time. Roady delivers a shoulder block which sends the big man flying backwards into the turnbuckle. Roady gets up a huge head of steam and squashes Mikey with a running corner splash! The Indianapolis native stagers forward, as Roady delivers a headbutt, which leaves Stormrage slumped against the corner. He grabs Mikey and pulls him out of the corner. He spins him around and wraps his arm around his head before grabbing his waist from behind. He lifts the big man up and delivers an inverted atomic drop, as Mikey crumbles to the canvas. Roady turns around and starts climbing the turnbuckle. The crowd can’t believe it, and neither can Mark Keaton! Roady turns and stands tall from the second turnbuckle and looks down at his opponent. He jumps and delivers a massive leg drop straight across his opponent’s chest! He makes a cover: 1…2… But Mikey kicks out again!

    Conner: And now it’s the battle of the titans as Stormrage and Roady go at it. It’s not often that Mikey must fight an opponent bigger than him. And Roady’s giving him a good fight!

    Cohen: I’m impressed with this big guy. He might look like a fat tub of lard, but he’s tough, and he’s agile too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man that size do a leg drop off the second rope.

    Conner: And how tough is Mikey for kicking out of some of Roady’s best shots?

    Matt Tastic has recovered and is standing on the apron cheering for his friend. Roady hoists Mikey to his feet and grabs him in a front facelock. He lifts him up and takes him over to the canvas with a big vertical suplex. He gets to his feet and gets into a verbal spat with Tastic. Roady taunts him and proceeds to kick Mikey in the ribs. The two men exchange heated words and Matt attempts to get into the ring, when he feels himself being grabbed from behind. Keaton is on the other side! He drags Tastic off the apron and whips him hard into the barricade! The fans are irate, as Keaton continues to boot Matt in the head! Roady drops an elbow drop on Mikey, and then drags him away from the ropes. He walks back to his corner and tags in Keaton, who has left Tastic in a crumbled mess on the floor. The two wrestlers proceed to double team Stormrage. Roady drags Mikey to his feet, but he suddenly comes to life! He decks Roady with a right hand, and then clobbers Keaton. Mikey delivers a running clothesline to Roady, but the huge man doesn’t go down! He stumbles backwards and holds onto the ropes for support. Mikey grabs Keaton and plants him with a huge Uranage. He turns and sees Roady walking towards him. He grabs the goliath by the waist and lifts and slams him down with his signature Live Mas belly to belly slam! Mikey stands right as Keaton gets to his feet. Keaton throws a wild haymaker, but Mikey blocks it and delivers the Headshot elbow! He turns as Roady makes it to a knee. Mikey plays to the crowd and hits the big man with a Headshot elbow of his own, this time with theatrics! Stormrage pumps up the crowd as he turns and points at Keaton. He stomps over and hoists the smaller man to his feet, before picking him up in his arms. Mikey walks around the ring with him, before lifting him up and slamming him down with the Game Over falling powerslam! He pins Keaton’s body to the mat and covers him: 1…2… But Big Bad Roady makes the save out of nowhere! The crowd can’t believe it. Mikey can’t believe it. And neither can the ref! Roady helps Mark to his feet, and the two men set their sights on Stormrage once again. But before either of them can attack, Matt Tastic slides into the ring brandishing a chair! He nails Keaton with a spine rattling shot to the back, before jamming the side of the chair into Roady’s gut. He raises the weapon and brings it down over the big man’s back. But amazingly it still doesn’t take the big man down. Tastic is out of control! The ref has no choice but to call for the bell.

    Anderson: Here are your winners by result of a disqualification, the team of Mark Keaton and Big Bad Roady!

    Conner: I cannot believe that this match is going to end this way. What is Matt Tastic thinking?

    Cohen: He’s lost his damn mind, that’s what’s happened. He’s a sore loser!

    Conner: Keaton and Roady cheated the entire time, and Mikey had the match won. But it doesn’t matter now because Matt has snapped!

    The crowd boos as Tastic raises the chair and hits Keaton in the face! He raises the steel once more and slams it down across Big Road’s back, finally dropping the big man. Matt screams and slams the chair onto the mat. He raises it again, but Mikey stops him. He looks his friend in the eyes and tries to calm him down. “They’re not worth it! They’re not worth!” he yells. Tastic fires back. “The hell they aren’t! Those [censored language] cheated the whole time! Did you want me to watch as they double-teamed you?” Keaton and Roady roll out of the ring and begin to make their way up the ramp.

    Cohen: What a hothead! This is why he was left out of the Elite League. For this kind of simpleminded behavior. That's why Callie Clark fought so hard to get rid of Mayhem in this company and here he is, proving a point.

    Connor: The shenanigan of Roadie and Keaton brought out an already frustrated Matt Tastic's darker side. I gotta agree. That was mostly uncalled for. We heard how much winning meant to Matt and he just threw it away here.

    As Roadie and Keaton stand on top of the ramp angrily yells at them. Mikey decides to get out of the ring and try to calm him down. He takes the chair from Matt and tosses it away as the two bicker. On top of the ramp, Keaton now holds a mic.

    Keaton: Look at the two of you! Hahaha! This is hilarious! I heard you two were this big tag team back in the day. Alledgedly better than Vis Imperium. But here you are bickering like an old married couple and screwing up matches! Oh, I'm so scared. What a joke!

    Matt tries to give chase, but Mikey holds him back. Matt does not seem pleased at all and yells at Mikey, suddenly Matt pushes Mikey away and *WHAM!!* Triple X hits him in the face with the chair Mikey threw away!!

    Connor: What in the world is Triple X doing?!

    Mikey looks suprised. So do Roadie and Keaton up on the ramp. But not Triple X. He hits Mikey with the chair too, knocking him down. He then turns to Mark Keaton up on the ramp. Mark doesn't look to pleased and pushes Roadie in front of him as Triple X marches up after him. Keaton leaves and Roadie tries to do something. But whatever it was, it's just met with another chairshot, leaving three bodies laid on the ground as assistance comes out to check on all of them.

    Connor: What was the point of this?! Triple X for no reason at all, just came out here and laid everyone out with chair shots.

    Cohen: No reason? There is a reason, Seabass. To make an impact. Three men dropped by one. He wants to show he's worthy of a World title shot and to do that, he's beating people up. I say it's brilliant and bound to get attention.

    Triple X drops the chair and leaves as Mikey crawls and covers Matt after he took a shot directly to the head and is still out cold.
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    Connor: Well, ladies and gentlemen, that truly was a turnout for the books. Tonight has been thrilling so far and the best is yet to come. Callie Clark and Titus headline tonight's show . But before we do that, let's hand you over, just for a moment, to WZCW's Spanish announce team. Ladies and gentlemen, Marco Ribiero and El Vejigante!

    The camera pans to the left to reveal, once again, the newly-founded Spanish announce team. Ribero and Vejigante offer warm smiles as they sit at their desks beside Cat Connor and Jack Cohen. Suddenly, Ribero begins to speak.

    Ribero: Gracias, Cat, y gracias a la audiencia de WZCW. Desde la Lotería Letal, nos sentimos realmente conmovidos por el apoyo que el mundo tiene para un activo de WZCW en WZCW. ¡En el futuro previsible, mi compañero y yo transmitiremos la mejor acción de WZCW en 100% español!

    Ribero hands over to the South American prodigy El Vejigante as he turns slightly to his left.

    Vejigante: ¡Absolutamente correcto, Marco! En todos mis años de lucha, nunca experimenté nada como la Lotería Letal. El camino hacia Kingdom Come está en marcha. Y tal vez, solo tal vez, podría tener una sorpresa en tu camino. Pero por ahora, un evento principal de la noche que todos hemos estado esperando. Titus se enfrenta a Callie Clark y debería ser una epopeya para todas las edades.

    Marco looks curious as El Vejigante speaks but thinks nothing of it as they both smile once again and hand back over to the English team.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following non title contest is your main event of the evening!


    Introducing first from the Far North, weighing 100 pounds, Callie Clark!

    The music hits and Callie comes out. The lights are low at first, but when they come up, the crowd boos. She raises her face, revealing blue glowing contact lenses and her hair dyed white. She makes her way down, her gear matching her accessories as she is in full White Walker gear.

    Connor: Callie, channeling her inner Westeros, coming out in full Game of Thrones gear tonight and it is an intimidating site.

    Cohen: You know if Callie put half the effort into the ring that she puts into dress up, she would be breaking her opponent's record title reign in no time.

    Callie paces around the ring, eyes focused on the ramp, as she awaits her opponent.

    Connor: Callie is looking pretty imposing as the Night Queen. She's good at the mindgames and fantastic at cosplay.

    The lights go off.

    Cohen: She's also against an Oscar winning actor who is one of the best at mind games in the company.

    The lights come on to reveal Titus Avison with his hair dyed black, it's curly, he has a big black fur coat on. He's holding a Theron Daggershield prop sword and has the EurAsian title round his waist.

    Anderson: And her opponent, from Winterfell, he is your EurAsian title...Titus AviSnow!

    Cohen: See Cat, you know nothing!

    Connor: Is this how he hopes to get John Constantine's attention?

    The look on Callie's face says it all, almost as if she expected it. Titus walks slowly to the ramp as boo's reign down. He enters the ring and holds the sword in the air, more like He-Man than Jon Snow.

    Referee Jun Akiyama looks almost in awe of the two combatants as he goes over last minute rules and Titus hands off his title to a ringside attendant. The two wrestlers finish taking off their lavish accessories as the crowd starts to chant.

    "Winter is coming!"

    *DING! DING!*

    The referee calls for the bell as the crowd continues to chant. Titus and Callie circle, a dangerous dance around the ring. The crowd chants grow louder and louder as they circle, and Titus appears visibly angered. He walks to the ropes and points to the crowd.

    "Treat your champion with some respect!"

    The crowd boos, but the distraction allows Callie to strike. She hits a near picture perfect dropkick and sends Titus tumbling over the top rope. He tries to catch himself, but Callie pries his fingers lose from the top rope and he hits the floor. Callie runs, looking like she is going to hit a flip dive over the ropes, so Titus covers up. Callie uses her agility to adjust and simply land on the apron. She then hops onto the middle rope and catches Titus with an asai moonsault. The crowd applauds the athletic show, but they quickly turn to boos as Callie tries to play to the crowd and soak in the moment. The referee warns them to take it back inside the ring, so Callie drags the champ to his feet and rolls him into the ring. She tries to cover Titus, but he rolls away to the ropes. Everytime she tries to grab Titus and lift him to his feet, he grabs the ropes to force the break. The EurAsian champ, almost mocking Callie, uses the threat of the rope break to keep Callie from touching him until he gets to his feet. His ever sly smile never leaving his face. He finally rise to his feet, but Callie simply slaps him across the face, sending him back to the rope retreating. Callie grabs his arm to try to Irish whip him across the ring, but Titus uses his other arm to keep hold of the top rope. He yells at the referee to do his job and step in for the break but he gives Titus a look to say he doesn't care. Callie eventually gets Titus off the ropes and across the ring. She puts Titus down with a double backhand chop. She drags him to the corner, likely looking for the Calliesault, but Titus rolls away. Callie, angered, hops down and soccer kicks the EurAsian champ in the ribs before she connects with a smaller, but still effective, double knee moonsault. She instructs the referee to count as she covers Titus...1!...2!...kickout by the champ after just two. She stares down the referee, unhappy with his count.

    Connor: Mind games from Titus Avison early, but thus far this match is all Callie, who seems unfazed with the tricks.

    Cohen: Give the champ some time. Callie has a lot of big moves and flash, but in the end Titus has the intangibles you just can't teach. Still too early in this for Mr. Avison to be in trouble.

    Callie connects with two quick punches to the head of Titus, who she then grabs by the hair and raises to his feet. She connects with a mighty chop, the crowd voicing their 'woooos' at the move. She connects with a second and then a third, backing Titus up. She uses a push kick to the midsection to back Titus into the corner. She smacks her knee a couple of times and jogs to the far corner. She hypes herself up and then runs toward Titus, who gets a boot up to stop the progress of Callie. She stumbles a bit and Titus hops to the second rope and leaps and puts Callie down with a bulldog. He takes a moment to catch his breath adjust his curly locks. He then stomps down on the hand of Callie, who cries out in pain. He laughs as he stomps a second time, breaking one of her nails in the process. As Titus mocks his opponent by shaking his hand and placing it to his mouth, Callie kicks out at the legs of Titus. He bats her legs away and and kicks her arm away. He readies to stomp on the hand again, but Callie rolls away. He is quick to keep on the offensive though and grabs her by her hair and tights and throws her shoulder first into the turnbuckle. As she lays draped between the second and third rope, Titus approaches and pulls her into legs into the air. He then pulls her out of the corner and lets her fall face first to the mat. Not satisfied, he lines up for a move and takes a few steps back before hitting a big knee drop. He tries a cover...1!....2!...Kick out by Callie, but Titus doesn't seem too surprised.

    Connor: Maybe you are right Jack, maybe I spoke too soon as Titus has turned this one around.

    Cohen: Of course I was right Cat, I'm always right. Titus truly is terrific and is showing as much tonight.

    Titus, just for the sake of showing off, rolls away in a back flip type move. The crowd boos as he appears very happy with himself. He walks to the corner and climbs to the second rope and awaits Callie. She gets to her feet, a little shaken, and turns right into a clothesline from the champ. Not to be outdone by Callie's earlier aerial moves, Titus climbs hops onto the middle rope and bounces a few times. Just as the crowd looks like they are getting amped up for a potential flip or dive, and Callie braces herself, Titus drops to the floor and simply slaps an armbar onto Callie. The crowd boos heavily.

    Cohen: Haha, what a fake out by Titus. A true treasure for us all.

    Callie manages to get a foot on the ropes and force the break before much damage can be done to her arm. The referee steps in and pats Titus, pulling him away. Titus throws his hands in the air, acting annoyed with the ref. As Callie pulls herself to her feet, Titus charges at her. She quickly drops down, pulling the top rope with her, sending Titus crashing to the floor again. Callie takes a moment to shake her arm out before she gets ready for a move to the outside. She hits the ropes, and then hits them a second time, picking up max speed before her leap. Just as she is about to leap, Titus grabs the prop sword from earlier and uses it as a shield to prevent the leap. Callie pulls up at the ropes and Titus looks relieved. He throws the sword aside, only for Callie to launch herself at Titus with a corkscrew plancha.

    Connor: Seems at though Titus and his tricks have caught up to him.

    Callie gets to her feet and is fired up. She grabs Titus and stands him against the ring post where she connects with a double hand chop. Titus yells in pain, but Callie shoves him back to the post and hits the move again. The chest of Titus is quickly turning red as Callie readies for a third chop. Titus tries to fight back, but seems to accept that he is going to get chopped. Just as Callie is throwing her arm forward, Titus allows himself to fall to the ground. Callie slams her arm hard into the post. The crowd lets out an audible gasp at the sickening thud. Callie falls to the ground clutching her arm. Titus crawls away as Jun Akiyama slides outside and checks on Callie.

    Cohen: Just a nasty nasty looking move their. You have to hope Callie is okay and her arm hasn't been seriously damaged.

    Connor: The referee checking on Callie now, and even Titus appears a bit concerned.

    Titus stands over Akiyama and says something to him, before he rolls into the ring and stands with his hands on his hips. Akiyama helps Callie to her feet, but she is still clutching her arm. Titus rolls out of the ring and again goes to check on Callie and Akiyama. The ref makes him keep his distance as Callie tries to move her arm. Akiyama looks concerned as Titus walks over to the ringside attendant and grabs Callie's White Queen gear. He gets back in the ring and holds it under his arm as he starts a clap for Callie, trying to rally the audience behind her. They start to clap, as Titus motions for Callie to come into the ring to get her cosplay gear. She is clearly in pain as she gets inside, but she extends her good hand to Titus, who takes her hand in his. Suddenly he kicks her in the midsection and wraps her arm into the Tit Drop! She falls with all her weight face first onto her arm! He covers her and barks at Akiyama to count the pin. Reluctantly he slides in and counts...1!....2!....3! Titus, through completely underhanded and devious tactics has knocked off Callie. The crowd is none too pleased. Even Selena Anderson has to take a moment to compose herself before she announces the winner.

    Anderson: Here is your winner, Titus Avison!

    As soon as the referee's hand hit three, Titus leaps to his feet and jumps around like he has just won his first World Title.

    Connor: Absolutely despicable actions by Titus her tonight. Callie may have broken her arm, and he just suckered her into the Tit Drop.

    Cohen: No one plays the mental game like Titus Avison. The referee never called off the match and Titus knew it and capitalized. Blame Akiyama for not doing his job to protect the wrestlers.
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    Suddenly, the lights go down in the arena and a very familiar them song begins to play. The crowd are on their feet as Titus spins his head to the side as Constantine's music begins playing.

    Connor: Uh-oh!

    The crowd are on their feet as Constantine makes his way through the curtain. Titus stares him down as Constantine scans the electric audience in front of him. Constantine nods his head in recognition of the excellent reactions he has received all night. He picks the microphone up from his side and begins speaking – everyone in the arena, including Titus, curious as to what he has to say.

    Constantine: You know, Titus, I have to hand it to you.

    Titus tilts his head to one side, taking an expression of arrogance as he continues to listen.

    Constantine: The last few weeks and months have been Hell for me. I lost my ticket to Kingdom Come and then, when I tried to make the most of a bad situation, I was unsuccessful once again. In my depression and desperation, I wanted so badly to headline Kingdom Come. I have to admit, when you threw me over the top rope at the Lethal Lottery, the fire in my stomach was extinguished.

    A loud booing noise goies around the arena at the thought of Constantine finally throwing in the towel.

    Constantine: I met with Becky Serra and Chuck Myles a few days ago and told them that it was time for me to go. It was time for me to ride off into the sunset, with things left to do or not. It was time for the new generation to push on in my stead and begin to create legacies for themselves. Hell, I was content with that.

    More boos meet the words of The Power Trip.

    Constantine: But then you happened. You beat 3 of the best talents that we have in the company at Lethal Lottery – that was very impressive. The way you constantly pull it out of the bag when it counts, it would take something very special to take that title off of you. I think, in some way, people have it in their head that you are unbeatable when it comes to that Championship. I think, in many ways, they fear getting in the ring with you because of it.

    Titus nods his head, a wide smile emerging on his features.

    Constantine: The new generation can't come through whilst you hold onto that Championship forever. You're standing in the way of progress, Titus, and I can't sit idly by and allow that to happen when I know that I can do something about it. I'm not afraid to get in the ring with you, Champ, it's probably the opposite. You fear me, Titus. I know it and you know it. You didn't seriously want me to accept your challenge earlier. Just another way for you to put yourself in someone else's moment. Well, I've got news for you, Champ... I ACCEPT!

    Cohen: YESSSS!

    Connor: What a match we have! I don't believe it!

    The crowd go wild as Constantine allows a massive smile to appear on his face as he points to the Kingdom Come sign behind Titus. Titus stares out Constantine for a moment before staring down at the EurAsian Championship on his shoulder.

    Connor: That's it for tonight, folks! What a bombshell announcement right at the last. For the first time ever, it will be John Constantine taking on Titus Avison for the EurAsian Championship at Kingdom Come! The road to Kingdom Come is already forming ahead of us and what an amazing way to start! But from me and Jack Cohen, it is goodnight!

    Cohen: Goodnight!

    The last shot of Ascension is Constantine pointing towards the Kingdom Come sign behind Titus' back.
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    Callie Clark versus Titus - Yaz
    Grindhouse vs Flex vs Jabari - Killjoy
    Elite Triple Threat - Dave
    Tag Team Match - Echelon
    Vega versus Ace - Milenko
    Segments - Dave and Jeff
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