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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    The camera shows the stage of WZCW Ascension as fireworks and pyro light up the arena. The fans are on their feet in anticipation of what lies ahead of them on the eve of the 2018 Lethal Lottery. The camera pans around the rabid fans as Cat Connor welcomes us to the show.

    Connor: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the 125th edition of WZCW Ascension. Tonight promises to be a hell of a night, that much is for sure. We are here in the Tokyo Dome for a night of wonderful wresting action. I am Cat Connor, voice of WZCW Ascension, alongside Jack Cohen. And Jack, do you have that fight night feel in your stomach?

    Cohen: Absolutely, Cat. You have hit the nail on the head right there. What a card we have on offer here tonight in Asia. The Lethal Lottery is only days away and, on a night where anything can happen, you can bet that extends to tonight!


    After a few seconds, the Heavyweight Champion makes his way through the curtain and onto the Ascension stage. He is greeted warmly from the WZCW loyal and adopts a wide smile immediately. He stands on the stage before nodding to the crowd in appreciation for the reception. After a few seconds, he begins making his way down the ramp.

    Connor: Well, what better way to start Ascension than with the Heavyweight Champion? It has been a big week for Constantine with news breaking of Justin Cooper being released. With that in mind, I wonder what he has to say.

    Cohen: He looks happy enough, Cat. The man who has pushed him to the very limit has gone from this company. Constantine will probably be of the impression that good has finally won over. The thorn in his paw for the last year has been pulled out and he can, finally, try to enjoy whatever time he has left in this company.

    Constantine finishes his walk to the ring and takes a microphone from a stage hand. He climbs the steps and gets into the ring. He saunters around the ring before stopping in the middle. He soaks up the noise form the crowd before beginning.

    Constantine: Can I just say, first of all, that I was just as shocked to hear about Justin Cooper as all of you were...

    A chant of “Thank you Cooper” begins going around the arena. When it becomes clear that they are not going to stop, Constantine allows the microphone to drop to his side - encouraging the chants into whole new level of decibels. After about 30 seconds, the chants begin to die down and Constantine continues.

    Constantine: He and I had enough history to fill a whole career. The matches that we have had, the stories that we have been involved in – all of which was there for all of you. He portrayed a bad guy on the screen but, at his core, he cared for this business more than most. I have hated him every single day for the past two years but, behind the scenes, he worked harder than anyone. It is because of that hunger and drive, that he was able to take everyone's estimations of him and go above and beyond anything anyone ever thought he could. And for that reason, I cannot help but respect him.

    A massive cheer goes around the arena again as Constantine allows a stoic look to appear on his face as he looks down at the Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. Suddenly, he adopts a smile as he continues.

    Constantine: But the fact of the matter is that Justin Cooper is gone from WZCW. And in his place, someone must rise into a position that they never thought possible at this point. Tonight, on the 125th episode of WZCW Ascension, we will crown a number one contender for my Heavyweight Championship.

    Once more, the audience cheer the announcement from The Power Trip. All over the crowd, smatterings of cheers for Batti and Taylor begin to break out, neither one drowning out the other.

    Constantine: I have been here for a long time... Longer than most. But tonight feels like a special night for me. Who knows how many more times I am going to appear on Ascension but tonight will be one to remember. Tonight, we decide who stands between me and my dream to, finally, headline a Kingdom Come event. Tonight, we crown a number one contender, to whom a win will mean the world. Tonight, on the 125th edition of Ascension, we will decide the future. But either way, no one will stand in the way of my dream.

    Constantine allows a smirk to appear on his face.

    Constantine: Good luck.

    With that, Constantine drops the microphone and gets ready for the upcoming match. The crowd give him an appreciative applause as he awaits his opponent.

    Connor: Well, ladies and gentlemen, the Heavyweight Champion is ready for whatever is about to be thrown at him apparently. But are you? Tonight marks a big night for Ascension and a night that you all will not forget. What do you say, Jack? Should we get on with it?

    Cohen: I'm ready, Cat. Let's get this show on the road!
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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Big Bad Roady, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Remarkable Mark Keaton!

    Keaton makes his way down the aisle with Roadie walking behind him. Keaton does not looked pleased as Roadie walks down stoic and stands by ringside while Keaton enters the ring.

    Connor: This is a major match for Keaton. A major opportunity has opened up and Keaton has the chance to grab it if he's able to win here tonight.

    I'm sure he thinks the same way. If he wins tonight, he could turn the World title match at Lethal Lottery into a Triple Threat match.


    And his opponent! From St. Louis, Missouri, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Constantine!!

    Constantine makes his way out to a big reaction as he poses with the title in the top of the ramp. He makes his way down aisle looking dead focused to the ring, but stops as Big Bad Roadie seems to stand between him and the ring. Constantine stares at him before walking around him to get into the ring. He stands on the apron and poses but right there, Keaton knocks him off the apron!

    Connor: That snake in the grass isn't even waiting for the bell!!

    Keaton goes outside as the referee Jurou Akiyama tries to get control of the situation. Keaton outside throws Constantine against the barricade and apron, back to back, over and over. Akiyama tries to intervene but Roadie just stands between them as Keaton continues the assault, throwing Constantine against the ring steps, knocking them off.

    Great plan, but Keaton still needs that pin. He's not getting it unless he lets the match start.

    Constantine drags himself around ringside, trying to get up as Keaton yells at him. As Constantine drags himself to his feet, Keaton bumrushes him but is launched overhead and over the barricade, through the fans. Constantine drops to his knees but slowly makes his way back to the ring and is back inside. Jurou meets him inside and checks on the World Champion who insists the bell ring. Keaton drags himself back up and over the barricade, Roadie grabs him and carries him, dropping him on the apron. Keaton pats him on the back before rolling into the ring.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Keaton gets up and charges but is immediately met with Collateral Damage!! The roars surprised as Constantine is dragging himself to the cover. He makes it very slowly and presses himself over Keaton. 1........... 2........... 3-But the referee waves it off. Constantine asks why since Keaton did not kick out and Akiyama points to a foot on the rope. Constantine is amazed but to the side, he sees Roadie.

    Did Roadie put the foot on the rope?

    He just happens to be there, Cat. Did you see anything? Because I didn't.

    None the less, Constantine looks to press the advantage but Keaton slowly rolls and drops to the ground. Constantine goes for him, but Roadie just stands in the way. Not letting Constantine through. Akiyama tells him to move but he's not interfering. Constantine tries to go around but Roadie once again stands in the way. Keaton manages to get back up and Roadie now gets out of the way. Keaton stares daggers at his adversary and both charge ahead and come to blows at ringside, at which point, Akiyama begins his 10 count. The two simply continue brawling through ringside. 1.......... 2........... 3.......... 4.............Constantine throws Keaton against the barricade........... 5............ 6............ He goes for Keaton but is knocked against it himself. Keaton returns to the ring. Constantine tries the same but Roadie stands in front of him again. Constantine tries to go around him but Roadie sidesteps in front again. Another step from Constantine is met with the same response. 7........... 8............. 9............ Akiyama tells Roadie that he has to step aside of be sent to the locker room. Roadie obeys and Constantine makes it back in before 10.

    Connor: How fair is this? Roadie just tried to get Constantine counted out. He's been a nuisance all match long.

    Cohen: How so? He's been following the ref's orders. He hasn't touched Constantine.

    Constantine makes it back to the ring and Keaton takes advantage. He goes for the Canadian Clutch but Constantine Armdrags him away. Right away Keaton hits him with a Dropkick, making Constantine ricochets off the ropes and Keaton mounts him, spinning him and hitting a Samoan Drop. He hooks the leg for a cover. 1......... 2......... 3- But in the last second, Constantine reverses the cover into a Crucifix. 1.......... 2........ 3-But Keaton kicks out. Both burst onto their feet right away but its Keaton making the first move with a Backbreaker. He keeps a hold and hits a Scoop Slam to follow it up. He goes for a Maple Leaf but before he can turn Constantine around, he starts kicking to get out. He pushes Keaton away and gets back to his feet. Constantine starts hitting a series of Clotheslines, Keaton getting up after each one but Constantine hits him with a Neckbreaker. Keaton reels and Constantine continues the offense with a pair of his own Backbreakers before he picks Keaton up and tosses him overhead with the Isolation. Keaton falls hard and rolls to the ground. Constantine react in frustration with Keaton yet again taking things outside. Constantine tries to go after him, but once again, Big Bad Roadie gets between them.

    Connor: And here we go again. Come on, ref. Get him out of there.

    I gotta admit. He's quite the wide load.

    Constantine has had enough and simply decks Roadie in the schnoz. Roadie reels and is angered by the blow. He charges towards Constantine who uses the big man's momentum to smash him against the ring post, revealing a recovering Mark Keaton who begins to panic. He begs off as Constantine slowly approaches but as he's close enough, Keaton pokes him in the eyes. Keaton charges toward Constantine who despite being temporarily blinded, sidesteps. Leading to Keaton hitting Roadie and bouncing off him. Constantine throws Keaton back into the ring and connects The Axis. 1.......... 2......... 3!!

    Here is your winner, The WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Constantine!!

    Connor: Despite the Big Bad Roadie's meddling, the World Champion was able to come out on top.

    Cohen: Meddling? How was Constantine not disqualified after leading Keaton onto Roadie like that? But sure. Whatever. He's your World Champion. What were you expecting?

    Constantine poses with his belt for the fans before he makes his leave, Keaton trying to pull himself up with Roadie's help, but they both drop to their knees.
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    Backstage, Chuck Myles is fixing through some of the things on his desk, probably looking for a sheet of paper that he will ever find amongst the mess. Suddenly, the door bursts open to reveal Vega in all his glory. Myles looks bothered by Vega's presence at first but soon adopts a welcoming smile for the Mayhem legend.

    Myles: Ah, Vega! Welcome back. I don't think I've had the chance to see you since your return. How are you finding the place?

    Vega offers Myles a coy smile before moving further inside the office.

    Vega: It's... Different, shall we say?

    Myles raises his eyebrows and lets out a breath of air.

    Myles: You're telling me? I was gone for a while too. When I came back, I barely knew anyone and I didn't even know where to start with things. It's a magnificent company this but it seems as though it moves at lightning speed, you know?

    Vega offers Myles an understanding laugh; fully aware of the truth in his statements.

    Vega: Well, that is where you and I are very different then, Myles. You see, I do know where to start.

    Myles: Oh, you do?

    Vega's smile becomes very menacing indeed.

    Vega: Indeed I do. Since I came back to WZCW, everyone has been talking about how long it is going to take me to reclaim the Mayhem Championship. People know me as the perennial Mayhem Champion... And for good reason!

    Myles tilts his head and offers an understanding smile.

    Vega: But I have eyes for a bigger prize now, Chuck. I know you have your hands full with Lethal Lottery preparations but I am telling you that I only need one opportunity to prove my worth! Tonight, I will go up against two of the best that WZCW and I will be successful. I want that Lethal Lottery spot, Myles. I want to headline Kingdom Come!

    Vega finishes and Myles narrows his eyes a little, considering his options and staring at the former Mayhem Champion.

    Myles: You know what... You got it, kid.

    Vega offers him a smile and bows his head and smile as he turns on his heels and heads out the door silently. Myles rolls his eyes at the interruption and continues to search for what he was looking for. Suddenly, the camera feed begins to cut out.

    Connor: Uh, I'm sorry, folks. I don't know what-

    The voice of Ascension's lead announcer begins to cut out so that her voice is only heard in small smatterings. The screen picture begins to fail and soon turns to nothing but a black screen. For a few seconds, nothing can be seen or heard. That is until music begins playing...

    After about a minute, the music begins to fail and the camera returns to a static shot of Cat Connor and Jack Cohen – both of whom have a strange look on their faces.

    Cohen: What the hell happened there, Cat?

    Connor: I have no clue, Jack. But WZCW seems to be entering the twilight zone recently so it is anyone's guess.
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    Backstage, Blades is in the locker room getting ready for his match with Kagura. Suddenly, a dainty knock comes at the door. Blades narrows his eyes as he looks at the nearby door – possibly questioning who would be stupid enough to disturb him this close to his match. Biting the bullet, he speaks out.

    Blades: Come in.

    Almost immediately, the door opens and Kagura peers around the wooden frame. Blades lowers his guard and offers Kagura nod of his head in silence as he continues to make preparations for his upcoming match. Kagura moves inside the room silently as she watches Blades go about his business.

    Blades: You need something, or...?

    Kagura offers Blades a smile as she turns her head away and begins walking towards a nearby bench.

    Kagura: (In Japanese) No. I just came to make sure that you were ready for the upcoming match.

    Blades lets out a laugh and tuts his tongue.

    Blades: Lady, I was born ready to do this, you know. Tyrone Blades, formally Ty Burna. Numerous time World Champion, Lethal Lottery winner, Triple Crown winner, Kingdom Come headline act... Yeah, I'd say that I'm pretty much ready for Vega and Wren.

    Blades cannot hold in his laughter any more as he begins chuckling outwardly.

    Kagura: (In Japanese) I know all about your success in the ring, you know. I just want you to be ready mentally. You've been in such a war with Vis Imperium for so long... To come away from that and just be under the radar again, it must be hard. No one seems to be talking about Tyrone Blades anymore. I just want to make sure that I'm getting the real deal as a tag partner.

    Blades looks stunned by Kagura's words as he stops preparing himself and stares right through her.

    Blades: You know something lady, it suits me down to the ground that no one is talking about me anymore. Did I come back to get rid of Mr Banks and Justin Cooper? Sure. But you are very, VERY wrong if you think that I'm done here.

    Kagura: I didn't me-

    Blades: I know exactly what you meant. Well, let me tell you something, Kagura. I ain't done here by a damn long shot. Tonight, we go out there and show Wren and Vega what we're made of. We work as a team and we'll come through the match as winners. But at the Lethal Lottery, we'll be enemies. I'm not done with winning Championship around these parts. I'm winning the Lethal Lottery and heading onto Kingdom Come... Again!

    Blades looks down at the Queen For A Day briefcase on Kagura's lap.

    Blades: Hell, I might see you there...

    With that, Kagura gets to her feet and offers Blades a smile before heading out of the room – satisfied by Blades' reaction.

    Connor: Well, that was tense, Jack.

    Cohen: It was always going to be, Cat. These tow have lofty goals in WZCW, there is no doubt about it. They are team mates tonight but, as Tyrone Blades said, they will be aiming to outdo each other at the Lethal Lottery.

    Connor: Well, we are about to see how well they can coexist, Jack. The tag match is next!
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    Anderson: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall, introducing first...

    Anderson:...from parts unknown, weighing 155 pounds pounds, Wren!

    The fans stand and cheer as the lights dim to darkness. She enters a darkened arena with a single ray of spotlight on her with her head down. She elegantly walks down the aisle and spreads her arms across with arena lighting up, soaking in the energy of the arena. She then slowly enters the arena and climbs up each turnbuckle, bowing to the audience with her arms spread across.

    Anderson: And her tag team partner.....

    Anderson: ..from New York City, weighing in at 175 pounds, Vega!

    The lights dim again. The soft sounds of "Intro" by The Xx begin to play as smoke slowly begins filling the entrance ramp. The lights flicker on for brief moments as bass drums pound like a beating heart. That is when we can begin to see the shadowy silhouette of Vega playfully moving his body to the music. Just as the drumline kicks in, two spotlights shine down on Vega from opposite sides of the arena. He stands there in the center of a foggy glowing "V" formed by the lights, basking in them, seemingly lost in the moment.

    Eventually, he slowly saunters his way down the aisle, almost staggering down as he contorts his body in different ways to take in as much of the crowd and moment as possible. Vega walks around the ring and approaches the crowd on the camera side. He gracefully hops onto the guard wall and stands there on top of it near the fans with his arms out wide, soaking in the crowd noise as if he feeds off of it.

    After a few moments of standing in glory, he hops off the guard wall and walks up the steel steps at the corner of the ring. Vega walks across the apron and spins around so he's facing the crowd again with his arms draped over the top rope behind him. He smiles confidently before lunging back, flipping backwards over the ropes and into the ring. Once inside, he stands in the center he holds out his hand in the shape of a gun and takes aim.

    Connor: Vega is back in WZCW Jack and his second task is in a tag team contest against two of the hottest wrestlers we have in the company right now!

    Cohen: I wouldn't be too worried about that Cat! Vega has a dangerously fast tag team partner that the crowd is really behind for some reason, she's from an unknown place so I don't get it! How do they know her?!

    Connor: Well, my sources say she has a history fighting over here and....

    Cohen: Wait just a minute! When did YOU get sources?! I know what your sources are, it's the same source as everyone else on the planet, it's called Google Search Engine! Admit it!

    Anderson: And their opponents, introducing first.....

    Anderson:...residing in Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 225 pounds...Tyrone Blades!

    A healthy respectful cheer as a spotlight catches Tyrone making his way through the huge crowd, he's holding his bat high as Mr. Jones is trying to clear a path to the ring in front of him with the help of local security. Fans are hounding Tyrone pretty good as they clap his shoulders and touch his arms. He crawls in the ring and stretches, he hands over his jacket and bat to Mr. Jones and stretches in the corner.

    Anderson: And his tag team partner.....

    Anderson:... from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 145 pounds, she is the Queen for a Day.....Kaaaaaaaaguuuuura !!!

    A thunderous applause as her music plays, pink lights begin to swirl around the stage in a circular pattern, representing the petals of many cherry blossoms falling through the air. A fine mist appears on the stage. She walks down the ramp through the mist, she is suddenly assaulted by thousands of streamers thrown by the energetic fans, she smiles and holds her case up for everyone to see and ascends the stairs, entering between the middle ropes. Afterwards she bows to the side of the hard camera, and awaits her opponent.

    Connor: Wow! Have you EVER seen such a positive reaction from any WZCW fans like this Jack?! The welcome of our QFAD is absolutely mind numbing!

    Cohen: This is probably the most dangerous team WZCW has ever assembled! Remember when these two fought,the contrast in styles, the submission attempts, now they're a team and this is going to be quite a match! I can't wait!

    Connor: The speed advantage would go to Vega and Wren, we've seen plenty of Vega's matches and he really could be the X factor here with his speed, combine that with Wren's already blindingly fast strikes and moves and we just might have trouble following the action here tonight!

    Cohen: Especially for a girl as old as you, get ready for that neck cream because this is going to make your head spin Cat!

    Referee Akiyama checks all four wrestlers for illegal objects. Both tag teams do a little huddle to try and figure out who is starting the match for their team. Wren nods and Vega pats her on the shoulder. Tyrone Blades says something to Kagura and she steps through the ropes and grabs the tag rope. The ref points at the time keeper….

    DING DING! ​

    The crowds are already buzzing as Wren stretches on her side of the ring, Tyrone grabs the top rope and leans down, doing a stretch of his own. Both wrestlers calmly walk to the center of the ring, they grab each other in a collar and elbow tie up and Blade’s pushes Wren down to the canvas fast. He does a quick motion of dusting off his shoulder as he walks to his side of the ring again. Wren jumps to her feet, she holds her hands up for a test of strength. Blades smirks and walks in, he goes to grab her hands but she quickly kicks him in the stomach and jumps over him for a sunset flip that Tyrone kicks out of before the referee can jump down to tap the mat, Wren wastes no motion and dropkicks Blades right in the chest sending him falling on his behind and bouncing to his corner. The fans applaud respectively as Wren steps back in the middle of the ring and motions for Tyrone to come at her again. Blades stand up, he makes on like he’s going to walk to the center of the ring but stops, he looks at Kagura then points, he looks at the crowd, the arena is loud now as they cheer loudly for Kagura to get a tag in. Tyrone tags in Kagura and the place is really buzzing now, Kagura walks towards Wren and both wrestlers do a respectful bow in the middle of the ring.

    Wren goes to kick Kagura in the stomach but her foot is caught, Kagura spins and attempts a footsweep that Wren jumps over, Wren spins with a spinning heel kick that Kagura palms away, Kagura swings a chop at Wren who leans back to avoid getting hit while grabbing Kagura’s other arm, she pulls herself up and jumps at Kagura with a tornado DDT attempt that Kagura slips out of causing Wren to do a back roll on the canvas then bounce off of the ropes, Kagura hops with a shuffle side kick that Wren rolls under and bounces off the opposite ropes, Wren jumps with a front dropkick that connects with Kagura’s chest, but the QFAD uses the momentum to springboard backwards hand over hand and bouncing off of the ropes into a flying knee strike that connects on Wren’s face, causing her to fall and roll backwards, she quickly gets to a knee and stares at Kagura, who is in a fighting stance, ready to do battle again. The crowds take this break in the action for a thunderous applause at both women.

    Connor: Can you believe these two Jack?! What action to start this match!

    Cohen: That was like watching a Bruce Lee movie Cat! These fans are eating it up!

    Kagura and Wren square off again, Wren quickly chops her in the neck then flips her over her side to the canvas. She pumps a super fast elbow drop that Kagura quickly rolls out of the way, Wren makes it to her feet only to receive two blindingly fast palm strikes to the chest followed by a saito suplex to the mat. The QFAD positions Wren’s arm quickly and twists around for an arm triangle but Wren wriggles out very quickly, she jumps to her feet a wags her finger at Kagura. The QFAD nods, she walks over to Blades and tags him in. Wren turns and tags in Vega.

    Tyrone and Vega have a staredown in the center of the ring. Blades grabs Vega’s white dress shirt and says something, Vega mouths words back and both men seem to be arguing now. Blades throws a punch at Vega that is blocked, Vega returns the favor with a right hand, a left to the ribs then a spinning elbow to the jaw in a really fast combo! Tyrone staggers back and holds his jaw, he recovers then takes another swing at Vega who leans away to avoid the strikes then answers back with a right, left combo and a vicious leg kick that makes a loud -SWAT- noise that can be heard from miles away! The fans gasp at the noise of it, Blades clenches his teeth in pain and swings at Vega again, but he can’t hit the speedy wrestler, he swings lefts and rights but is starting to look foolish as Vega easily dodges all the attacks, Blades chases him and Vega runs and does an amazing middle rope springboard combination into a spinning back elbow! Tyrone falls immediately and rolls out of the ring from the momentum. The crowds gasp at the series of events.

    Connor: I don’t think we have anyone on the roster quite as fast as Vega! What blindingly fast striking this man has to avoid a seasoned striker like Tyrone Blades!

    Cohen: I don’t believe I’ve seen Tyrone this baffled by an opponent before! Did you see Vega running on that second rope? That was unbelievable! I don’t think he follows the normal rules of gravitational force!

    Tyrone rolls back into the ring, he makes it to his feet and smiles at Vega. He nods then points at him as if to say – Well Done-. Blades holds his arms out to engage in a collar and elbow tie up. Vega goes to grab hold but Tyrone slaps him right across the face! Tyrone laughs as he takes a step back and holds his arms out again. Vega nods. He engages Tyrone and they get into a proper elbow and collar tie up this time. Blades pulls back with both arms and drops to the canvas, Vaga is propelled forward and he hits his neck off of the second ropes and falls to the mat. Tyrone gets to his feet, he delivers some stiff kicks to Vega’s arms and legs then grabs his elbow, he drags Vega to his corner and tags in Kagura. They Irish Whip Vega off of the ropes then clasp hands for a double clothesline, Vega jumps and does a front flip to avoid their team lariat and lands on his feet, he bounces off of the near ropes and runs at both dumbfounded wrestlers, he plows into both of them with a double dropkick to their chests! They both fall down fast. Vega grabs Tyrone and gives him an arm drag right over the tope ropes, he picks up Kagura, he hits her with an elbow then leg kick, he runs and springboards off of the middle ropes for a flying superman punch that floors the QFAD. He quickly covers her….



    Kagura kicks out! Vega hauls her by the hair to his corner. Wren tags in and they both lay in the boots to Kagura in the corner, over and over again. Referee Akiyama gets in the action and forces Vega to get back on the apron or he’ll DQ him. Wren picks up Kagura, she tags in Vega then picks up Kagura in a bodyslam position, Vega climbs to the top ropes, he jumps and does a double foot stomp on Kagura’s back as Wren lets go, faceplanting Kagura hard to the canvas. Vega covers her again…



    Tyrone hauls Vega by the foot right out of the ring! He lays in a right and left then a jumping knee that drops Vega to the padded mats. Wren runs and jumps off of the canvas at Tyrone! The Hollow One catches her in mid air with a vicious uppercut! Wren falls to the mats as well. Tyrone turns to the fans and shrugs. Mr. Jones can be heard clapping loudly and yelling a joyous profanity at the other side of the ring. Tyrone causually walks around the ring as referee Akiyama scolds him, he steps back to the apron and grabs the tag rope.

    Connor: There’s no denying that these rabid fans here didn’t like those actions by Tyrone. But he possibly saved this match from being over.

    Tyrone reaches out for a tag as Kagura crawls her way across the ring. Vega rolls back in and drops an elbow to her back to stop her progress. He yells something at Tyrone as he grabs Kagura in a headlock. Kagura starts shooting elbows into Vega’s ribs, but she’s still clamped hard in the headlock as she fights her way to her feet, she elbows Vega over and over again until he breaks the hold. Kagura turns to run for a tag but Vega grabs her hair, he pulls her into another headlock, Kagura pushes as they both run off of the ropes, Wren reaches out and tags Vega’s back, Kagura Irish Whips Vega across the ring but Wren gives her a shining wizard to the back on the head right into a Vega flying karate kick to the head! Kagura falls limp to the mat. Wren falls and hooks her leg as Vega exits the ring.



    Kagura barely puts her foot on the ropes! Wren slaps the canvas in frustration. She hooks Kagura’s leg and attempts to pin her again but the QFAD rolls her other arm into a nasty looking kamura arm lock submission hold!

    Cohen: Wow! Look at the torque she has on that arm Cat! This could be it! That thing is ready to break!

    Vega jumps in and kicks Kagura to break the hold right as it looks like Wren is ready to tap out. Tyrone comes flying in from out of nowhere and clotheslines Vega right back over the top ropes! He claps near Kagura to cheer her on as he makes it back to his corner. Kagura rolls to her side. She watches Wren struggle to get feeling back in her arm, Kagura gets to her feet, she staggers over and tags in Tyrone Blades! The fans buzz at the tag this time as Blades jumps in the contest a house on fire! He runs and knees Wren in the face and picks her up for a very fast Pentagon Jr Driver. Vega rolls back in the ring to try and stop the momentum but Tyrone kicks him in the stomach then hooks his arms, he lifts him then spins him into a backbreaker, Vega rolls out of the ring in pain. Wren staggers to her feet, Tyrone walks over and tags in Kagura, he says something to her and Kagura gets set up in the corner, Blades grabs Wren then throws her off of the ropes, he superkicks her in the face followed by the Kinshasa CLICK CLACK causing Wren to spin around knocked out into Kagura’s devastating two fisted heart punch, the Fifth Dance of Amaterasu Omikami! Kagura drops down for the pin on the limp Wren.





    The fans erupt as Tyrone helps Kagura to her feet.

    Anderson: The winner of this contest by pinfall, Kagura and Tyrone Blades!

    Connor: That wasn’t just your normal ending Jack! That is what you would call some real overkill on Tyrone and Kagura’s part, wow!

    Cohen: You’re not kidding Cat! What were they thinking? A Click Clack is bad enough but they combined that with Kagura’s Fifth Dance too, they’re looking to kill people out there! I hope Wren is feeling good enough to continue her career here, maybe she should sue these two dangerous workers.

    Tyrone and Kagura celebrate in the very loud arena, Wren has only just started moving as she rolls out of the ring and falls to the padded mats. Vega watches Kagura and Tyrone celebrate as he backs his way up the ramp, hands on his hips and breathing heavy.
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    Meanwhile, backstage, Eve Taylor is wondering through the annals of the arena. She has a focussed look on her features as she walks with purpose towards the ring. Suddenly, veteran WZCW reporter, Leon Kensworth appears next to her. Thrusting a microphone in her face, Leon grabs his chance for a scoop interview with one of the women who will compete to be number 1 contender. Eve looks less than impressed but stops with a deep sigh.

    Taylor: I am in no mood for this tonight, Leon.

    Leon gulps hard but continues his “interview” in the name of journalistic integrity.

    Kensworth: I guess I just wanted to know how you were feeling with tonight's big match only moments away. Your chance, some would say, to cast aside the moniker of “choker” within WZCW. Do you think that you can do it this time?

    Eve looks even less pleased with Leon's line of questioning and lets out on solitary laugh as she shakes her head disbelievingly.

    Taylor: I thought better of you, Leon. All the time I have been around here. Everything you have seen me accomplish inside of a WZCW ring and this is how you come at me? Like I am a woman in the desperate throws of a crisis? Listen, I have had some ups and some downs in WZCW, everyone can see that. And has there been times when I questioned whether I could get to the very top? Of course there was.

    Eve stops for a moment, considering her words and looking right through Leon.

    Taylor: But I can feel it this time. It's... Different. Constantine got the better of me at Gold Rush after he got an easier run to the final – an homage to his glittering career handed to him by the WZCW top brass. He made the most of it and claimed the Championship. Finally, something has been handed to me and Batti and I promise you that I will make the most of it.

    Leon goes to speak but Eve cuts him off.

    Taylor: The time for questions is over, Leon. You questioning my ability, me questioning the same thing – it's over! The time for talking is done, Leon. Tonight, Eve Taylor casts aside all of the monikers, gossip and doubts about her ability. Mark my words, Leon. I am going on to the main event of Lethal Lottery, And this time, I won't be coming up second best.

    With that, Eve walks off, leaving Leon burnt and alone.
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall!


    The lights are out and as the music hits a spotlit Beard is standing on the entrance ramp with a towel over his head. Beard flings the towel off his head as he bounces up and down and draws the crowd in for more noise with his hands. The lights fly on and Beard throws his hands in the air encouraging the crowd to chant "Beard! Beard! Beard!". He hurries down the aisle slapping hands with his fans. He slaps the stairs as he charges up them before leaping himself over the top rope and dropping to one knee as he bobs his head to his music and the chants of the crowd. He stands up and throws himself chest first into the ropes and throws his arms out as a crooked smile comes across his face.

    Connor: Nice reception by the Tokyo crowd for Beard there. This is a huge match, two former world champions collide.

    Cohen: Titus Avison will be looking to show the world what he can do after his very unlucky loss to Triple X.

    Connor: Don't underestimate Beard, he's taken on and beaten the best. He can do it again.

    Cohen: YES!

    Titus Avison's assistant Rosie steps on the stage, she nods to the curtain as a crew rush out and roll a red carpet. She calls them back and they disappear backstage. The lights dim and spotlights search the arena. A chant breaks out “TITUS IS TRASH! TITUS IS TRASH! TITUS IS TRASH”

    Cohen: Show some respect for your champion!

    Connor: He's not my champion, Constantine is.


    The “TITUS IS TRASH” chants get louder as Titus Avison steps out to the ramp. He has his EurAsian championship around his waist and laughs at the crowd. He walks down the red carpet sarcastically waving at the fans.

    Anderson: And his opponent from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds. For 819 days he has been your EurAsian champion. This is Titus Avison!

    The bell is rung to start the match. Beard pushes Titus into a corner of the ring. He then punches Titus four times consecutively. Beard runs into the opposite corner. He does a Running Elbow. Beard goes to run for the opposite rope again but Titus quickly gets up and climbs to the top rope. Titus uses a Flying clothesline from the top rope which hits Beard, knocking him down. Titus laughs at Beard and looks around at the fans who are boo'ing him. Titus kicks Beard in the side five times. He tries to get a sixth kick in, but Beard grabs Titus' leg and pushes him away as hard as he can. Beard stands up. Beard grabs Titus and does a Snap Suplex. He tries to cover Titus for a pin. The ref begins counting. 1.... 2.... kickout by Titus! They each get up.

    Cohen: Beard has been here long enough to know you are not getting a win against the legendary Titus Avison away that easily.

    Conner: You cannot blame Beard for trying, though. I think he can pull it off.

    Both men are standing in the center of the ring after they stood up following the pinfall attempt. Titus uses a Northern Lights Suplex. He tries to pin Beard, but Beard pushes him off before the ref can even begin counting. They stand to their feet and begin trading punches. The fans cheer when Beard punches and boo when Titus does. They each punch the other five times, before Titus uses a DDT on Beard. He covers Beard for a pin and the ref starts to count. 1.... 2.... kickout by Beard! Titus gets up and pulls Beard up, he then hits a Reverse DDT and again covers Beard. 1.... 2.... kickout by Beard! Titus sits up and is showing frustration.

    Cohen: A near victory for Titus. It won't be long now....

    Connor: Let's not forget Beard is a former World Champion. Both competitors have a difficult task in winning this match.

    Beard gets up. He goes to the ropes and climbs onto the middle rope, attempts a Jumping Elbow Drop from the middle rope but Titus is able to dodge it. Titus approaches Beard and gets hit by a Backbreaker from Beard. He then drags Titus into a corner of the ring and does his Face Wash called the Beard Wash as well as repeated elbows and a shoulder barge. The fans cheer for this and are chanting Beard's name. Beard hits a Belly to Belly Suplex after listening to the fans chanting for him. He picks Beard back up again and uses one of his signature maneuvers, an Exploder Suplex. He covers Titus for a pinfall and the ref starts to count. 1.... 2.... kickout by Titus! Beard rolls over in disbelief. Titus laughs to himself, as he lays down in the ring. A loud "Let's go Beard! Titus sucks!" chant is heard from the crowd.

    Cohen: How dare they! Those fans are being very disrespectful towards a legend!

    Connor: I see it more as they are supporting The Beard. He has my support too.

    Titus grabs Beard and uses a Northern Lights Suplex. He then applies an Ankle Lock. Beard tries to break free, but Titus intensifies the hold. They are in the center of the ring. Beard tries to reach for the ropes to force a break of the hold, but he is not close enough. Titus keeps the Ankle Lock on tight. Beard reaches again for the ropes, he is just barely within reach. He manages to get a hold of the ropes! The ref warns Titus to let go. The ref begins counting to force a break of the hold and Titus lets go. Beard slowly stands to his feet. He tries to do a Spinning Heel Kick but Titus evades it. Beard turns around but he is but Titus' finisher, a Fame Asser called the Tit Drop! The ref begins counting as Titus covers Beard for a pinfall. 1.... 2.... 3! The bell rings to end the match and the crowd all boo Titus heavily.

    Anderson: Here is your winner.... Titus Avison!

    Connor: It may not be a popular outcome, but the better competitor has won.

    Cohen: Of course he did. Titus Avison is the better wrestler. There was no doubt in my mind that he would be victorious.

    Titus holds his belt up in the air to the crowd as a "TITUS IS TRASH!" chant echoes around the arena. Suddenly the crowd start to cheer as Ace Stevens rushes to the ring. Following him is Triple X and behind him is Mark Keaton. They circle the ring as Titus is in the middle.

    Connor: Smart thinking, if they can eliminate Titus first they know the match will be easier. They may as well start on him now.

    Cohen: Stop underestimating Avison.

    The three men enter the ring and again there are boo's. Titus is in the corner with the three men in the other when suddenly, 10 fans jump over the barricade. They're all wearing TMZ shirts and slide into the ring. They stand hand in hand blocking Titus who uses this as an opportunity to exit the ring. Rather than going backstage he exits through the crowd. The TMZ disperse as the three men look pissed.
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    As we return from commercial, the screen seems to be plunged into utter darkness. For a few moments, there is nothing – no video or sound. Suddenly, a familiar voice begins to softly speak amongst the black.

    Voice: It's been a long time WZCW. Too long some would even say.

    The voice goes silent again as the mystery continues.

    Voice: I have watched from afar at the way WZCW has handled itself. I have watched it spiral out of control as bad decision after bad decision is made. I have watched it consume itself with hate, lust and fear.

    Again, the voice goes quiet, perhaps even considering it's next diatribe. The voice is eerily familiar though, punctuated with emotion and anger.

    Voice: People say that you are what you eat. And whilst WZCW has consumed itself with these disgusting characteristics, it has become those very characteristics. The place that I once ruled is a hateful place. The people on the bottom have delusions of grandeur. They believe that they can become the man on top of the mountain and resent those who have success. The fear of not being good enough has turned people into villainous cretins. All of this, ALL OF IT, has turned WZCW into an unhealthy place...

    Again, silence falls. This time, for an even longer period of time. There seems to be some movement going on in the dark before the voice starts again.

    Voice: And if there is one thing that I hate... It's being unhealthy...

    Suddenly, a spotlight shoots onto a wall and the voice stops. The cold, grey, stone wall stands in the picture for a moment. Until, even more suddenly, a red and black flag rolls down the walls revealing something very shocking but amazingly anticipated.


    Voice: You could even say... It's lethal!

    Suddenly, a manic laugh fills the feed that is unmistakable.
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    After a few seconds, the Heavyweight Champion makes his way through the curtain and onto the Ascension stage. He is greeted warmly from the WZCW loyal and adopts a wide smile immediately. He stands on the stage before nodding to the crowd in appreciation for the reception. After a few seconds, he begins making his way down the ramp. He heads straight to the commentary booth.

    Cohen: Hey John, nice to see you here.

    Constantine: Nice to be here Jack, you too Cat.

    Connor: I can't stress how important this match is. This is the first time in over 5 years that a woman will be guaranteed a world title shot. Isn't that exciting?

    Cohen: I don't see gender Cat. What I see is two people who are fighting for the top spot. It's the way of WZCW.

    Constantine: It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. I'm here to see the competition in a way you don't get backstage. I will do anything to get into the main event at Kingdom Come and this is the first step to that.

    Cohen: One more match to go.

    Connor: That's assuming you beat one of these two. They're both former Elite champions so they know what a high profile match is.

    Constantine: I have also won that belt Cat and I was one of the longest reigning champions. Kingdom Come is mine.


    The arena goes dim, with a single spotlight shining at the top of the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor steps in it, with her head looking down. She slowly lifts her head, and slowly looks around the entire arena, before bursting out from the spotlight and amping up the crowd. She marches confidently down the ramp, still in her model strut. As she hits the end of the ramp, she jumps onto the apron, and heads over to the closest turnbuckle. She ascends it Rocky-style, and once again the arena goes dim, with a bright light over Eve Taylor. She slowly holds her hand out, trying to reach for the heavens. As the chorus kicks in, she grabs hold of the spotlight, and the arena comes back to life. Eve is seen standing atop the turnbuckles, holding her arm in the air, with her eyes closed, taking a deep breath. After a second, she opens her eyes, and pumps up the audience, before jumping off the turnbuckle, pointing to everyone in the arena.

    Cohen: Just a reminder that these are the sort of matches that Taylor chokes on, I'm going for Batti with this one.

    Connor: A reminder that in the past 12 months she has grown in maturity and talent. Huge opportunity.

    Constantine: I've beaten her before and will again if I need to, I'm going to that main event. What better way to bow out?


    Beach balls drop from the ceiling and land into the crowd and the ramp. Batti comes out running back and forth and kicking the balls into the audience. She seems overtly excited as she tries to strike a pose but does so clumsily. Batti runs down the runway and slides in. She head bangs to her music and waves enthusiastically at everybody in attendance.

    Cohen: Now this is someone on a roll, Batti has her chance tonight. Especially in her home country of Japan!

    Connor: I do fancy Eve's chances tonight but a Batti win could also be huge.

    Constantine: Let's see if she's got the Tyrone Blades spirit in her.

    Cohen: Didn't Batti beat you last week?

    Constantine: No comment.

    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall and the winner will face John Constantine at Lethal Lottery for the World Heavyweight Championship. In my left corner from Neo Japan, weighing in at 115 pounds, Batti! Her opponent from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds... Eve Taylor!

    Referee Katie Shepard stands in the centre of the ring as the crowd chant. She calls for the bell and we are underway. Batti charges at Taylor with kick to the midsection. She dances around to the other side and hits again. Eve looks frustrated at this and their almost one and a half foot size difference allows the speed advantage for Batti.

    Taylor grabs Batti by the hair and throws her to the ground. Taylor delivers a couple of stomps to Batti who squirms around. She rolls out of the ring to avoid further stomps. Eve leans on the ropes and shouts at Batti. She turns and points at Constantine which gets a cheer from the crowd.

    Connor: Eve already showing her height, weight and strength advantage.

    Cohen: Now she's showing what her Lottery desire is.

    Constantine: I think she's pointing at you Jack.

    Batti climbs the steps and does her Neko Cat Paws much to the crowds delight. She climbs back in and rushes to Eve. Taylor goes with a Big Boot but the height difference allows Batti to duck and she gives a baseball slide right to Eve's ankle. Eve crumples to the mat. Batti goes for a quick cover. Kickout at one.

    Taylor forces Batti off her as Eve now returns to her feet. She grabs Batti and hits a Northern Lights Suplex. The mat crashes as Eve looks to the turnbuckle. She climbs up and the crowd start to go nuts. Eve signals for the Stiletto Stomp and leaps from the rope. Batti somehow is able to roll out the way. Eve smashes off the mat and holds her ankle. Batti uses this to her advantage and climbs the top rope.

    Connor: Smart by Batti, she's already worked on the ankle and that gives another advantage.

    Cohen: The thing is though, can she capitalise on it?

    She signals for the GLOMP! She waits until Eve stands to her feet. Taylor turns to face Batti and she leaps with the diving spear. She covers! Shepard stars the count. 1...2...Taylor gets her foot on the rope. Batti argues with Shepard that it was a three but she's not impressed. Katie tells Batti it was a two count.

    Taylor picks herself up and Batti, once again, slides in at the ankle. She gives a few swift stomps as Taylor holds this in agony. Batti takes her boot off and the crowd go nuts. They know the Sooo Kawaii Kick is coming. Batti bounces back on the ropes and waits for Eve to stand. She does but is bent over. Batti leaps to do the scissor kick but Taylor stands up and catches Batti!

    Delayed Saito Suplex by Eve Taylor on Batti takes an advantage. She then sets up Batti for the Fashion Statement. She hits Batti with the Inverted Stomp Facebreaker. Taylor goes for the pin but Batti also has her foot on the ropes! Shepard counts. 1...2...3! The bell rings as she looks over at Batti's foot.

    Connor: Batti's foot was on the ropes!

    Cohen: The referee's decision is final.

    Constantine: She's coming over to have a word with Anderson though.

    Anderson: Referee Katie Shepard has stated that due to Batti's foot being on the rope the pin does not count!

    The crowd pop huge for this. They break out into a Batti chant.

    Connor: Listen to the crowd here Jack! They are going crazy. Don't forget that Batti grew up not far from here.

    Cohen: If the referee called for the bell then it's final, she can't change her mind.

    Constantine: This works well for me, tire them out some more and then I can main event Kingdom Come.

    Taylor is livid at Shepard but the crowd and Batti don't care. They're behind their countrywoman as another huge Batti chant starts. Taylor grabs Batti and whips her into the turnbuckle. Taylor charges but Batti slides under her legs. Taylor crashes into the corner and Batti Irish Whips her into the other corner. She collapses to the floor in a seated position.

    Batti gives her Bat-Shit Insane look and rushes to the corner as she hits Eve Taylor with the Bronco Buster! The crowd are electric and Batti runs back to the other corner to do it again. She rushes but Taylor just pushes her down.

    Connor: Batti oozing confidence here

    Cohen: Never underestimate Eve Taylor, that push there showing Batti's still got a lot to learn.

    Batti rolls out of the ring once again but Taylor follows her. The begin to trade kicks and punches on the outside as Katie Shepard begins to count. 1. Taylor is hit in the ankle again by Batti. 2. Batti goes for a second hit but Taylor throws her by the hair into the barrier. 3. Taylor delivers some stomps on Batti. 4. Boo's reign down on Taylor as she poses. 5. Taylor picks up Batti and whips her into the steel steps. 6. Taylor waits for Batti to stand. Designer Clothesline! The Pendulum Lariat knocks Batti flying. 8. Taylor picks Batti and goes for another delayed Saito Suplex. Batti is in the air! 9. Eve Taylor's ankle gives way and both ladies crash to the ground! 10! The bell rings!

    No one can quite believe what they are seeing as both Batti and Eve lie on the outside of the ring. Both of them have struggled for so long to get to this point and now there is no clear finish to the match Constantine gets to his feet and looks at the referee in the middle of the ring. The referee drops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring, Shee goes over to Selena Anderson and tells her the decision.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, as a result of a double-count-out, this match has been ruled as a draw.

    A sudden and furious chorus of booing rains down on everyone concerned as both Eve and Batti adopt a look of sheer sadness and disappointment. Both Eve and Batti eventually roll into the ring and take in the reception from the fans – their booing suddenly turning to cheers for the efforts of both women superstars.


    A massive applause goes around the arena as the General Manager of Ascension, Chuck Myles appears on the stage. People already know that he is here to sort this mess out and the anticipation in the air is almost palpable. Myles makes it half way down the ramp before he lets out a deep sigh. Myles turns on his heels in frustration and runs his hand through his hair as he thinks about his next move. All three competitors around the ring look at the GM with a nervous look on their face.

    Myles: This can't be the way that Ascension ends, damn it! Curve-balls and lack of resolution might be what Becky Serra is trying to achieve on Meltdown but it will not happen here! Mark my words!

    Another cheer goes around for Myles and his stern words. Myles has another think and then lets out another sigh – almost as if he was working up to something big. Finally, he seems to calm down a little and adopts a smile to his face. Myles looks at Batti, then at Eve Taylor as a massive cheer goes around the arena.

    Myles: That match really was something special, you know. These people in this arena knew that they were seeing two women who wanted nothing more than to break that glass ceiling. And at ringside, I watched a Champion with utmost respect for the show he was seeing. A Champion who is looking for some of the best matches he can be a part of in his short time in WZCW.

    The camera turns to Constantine who looks down at his Championship and nods in agreement with Myles.

    Myles: That's why I have no doubt that the Heavyweight Champion will not mind one ounce that I am officially making a massive announcement right here and now.

    The crowd buzz with anticipation.

    Myles: At the Lethal Lottery, John Constantine will defend that Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match! Against both of the wonderful competitors in the last match – Eve Taylor and Batti!

    The crowd burst into life as both Batti and Eve throw their hands up in the air at the announcement. Batti falls to her knees in pure joy as the thought of a chance to win the Heavyweight Championship really hits home.

    Connor: Wow! What a huge announcement from our GM there, Jack. Batti and Eve must have thought that this match was beyond them. They both put so much into this match and the result was a cruel blow to both of them. But, in an amazing twist of fate, they BOTH advance to the Championship match at the Lethal Lottery! Constantine will have his hands full now.

    Cohen: Well, John told us that he wanted to headline Kingdom Come as the final piece in his legendary career. And everyone knows that doesn't come easy. He'll have to do things the hard way if he is to make sure that dream becomes a reality. One more match to get through and he's made it.

    Batti and Eve continue to celebrate inside the ring but a shadow soon falls on the whole ordeal as Constantine begins climbing the steps and gets into the ring. The crowd go ominously quiet and Constantine walks over towards Eve Taylor, showing no fear of the former catwalk model and one of his fiercest adversaries. He looks Eve in the eyes for a moment before turning on his heels and heading over to Batti. The Power Trip looks down at his other rival before allowing a smile to appear on his face. He goes back into the ring and holds the Championship above his head, standing right in the middle of the enclosing rivals. The WZCW logo appears in the corner of the screen as all three stare up at the Championship belt.

    Connor: Well, what an image that is, Jack. Three competitors who have everything to prove and everything to lose too. Who goes on to Kingdom Come? Join us at the Lottery to find-

    Cohen: Wait a minute!!

    Suddenly, Batti pulls the arm of Constantine and nails him with the KAWAII KICK (Scissor Kick)! The crowd take a massive intake of breath and shock as Constantine stumbles backwards and right into the grasp of Eve Taylor, who immediately nails him with the FASHION STATEMENT (Inverted Stomp Facebreaker)! The crowd are totally stunned by what they are seeing as both Taylor and Batti look down at the Heavyweight Championship on the canvas. Both share a smile as they stand in the middle of the ring – thinking they got the better of the World Heavyweight Champion. When suddenly...

    The crowd explode into life like nothing WZCW has ever seen before as Kagura makes her way out onto the stage. She has her Queen For A Day briefcase in one hand and a referee trailing behind her. She stands on the stage for a moment, considering her options. Eve and Batti stand in the ring, mouth ajar at what they are now seeing. Kagura gives a slight nod of her head before running down to the ring and handing the referee the briefcase. The crowd are so noisy that Anderson can't really be heard amongst their voices.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, Kagura is cashing in her Queen For A Day briefcase! Therefore, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the WZCW Heavyweight Championship!!

    Connor: Oh my God! Jack, oh my God!

    Cohen: We have a Championship match, Cat! I don't believe it!

    The referee signals for the bell and Kagura jumps on top of The Power Trip! She immediately goes for the pin and the referee counts the fall. Eve Taylor and Batti stand on the outside of the ring, their mouths haven't shut since Kagura's music hit. 1... 2... 3!! It's over!


    Cohen: OH MY GOD!!

    Anderson: Here is your winner... AND NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... KAGURA!!

    Kagura gets to her knees and is handed the Heavyweight Championship. She simply cannot believe that she has done it. She gets to her feet and holds the Championship aloft. The last image shown on WZCW TV is Kagura holding her new Championship above her head; the tears streaming from her eyes as Batti and Eve stand on the outside of the ring...
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    Constantine versus Mark Keaton - Killjoy

    Kagura/Blades versus Wren/Vega - Jeff

    Titus versus The Beard - Dagger

    Eve Taylor versus Batti - Lee

    Segments - Dave
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