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    The scene that greets us after the introduction is not the typical scene. Instead, it is of a metal garage door rising to reveal a bright yellow sports car. On the front of the car, the logo for Lamborghini can be seen glistening on the front hood. The car pulls into the garage as the camera waits for the big reveal. The engine comes to a halt and the door opens - revealing none other than the owner of WZCW, Mr Kenneth Banks. His silver hair is combed perfectly and his dapper jet black suit reflects the prestige of the man himself. Suddenly, Leon Kensworth makes his appearance, microphone in hand.

    Banks: Ah, Leon! Thank you for meeting me here.

    Kensworth: Uh, you're welcome...

    Banks: Everyone, come in closer! Yes, even you! Get in here!

    Mr. Banks finishes shouting down the corridors of the arena as everyone within earshot of the owner makes their way into a circle around him. A smile appears on Banks' face as all eyes finish on him.

    Banks: There is a reason that we are starting the show right here tonight. All of the people in the audience were probably hoping for their moment of fame as we are welcomed to Ascension. Well, not tonight.

    A smug look crosses the face of Mr Banks.

    Banks: This is my show, God damn it! Everyone out there wont want to hear what I have to say but it is about time that they accept the reality of the situation. I am the owner of this company and what I say bloody well goes. I showed everyone just a measure of my power when I made the handicap match with Titus for the EurAsian Championship and, tonight, I will flex my muscles even more. That's a promise.

    For a second, Banks goes quiet as Leon continues to hold the microphone under his chin.

    Banks: You know, Leon, I was never a lover of the finer things in life. I made a fortune being a frugal man. They say that spending big is the quickest way of going from a prince to a pauper. I kept that mantra for my entire life. Every penny was a prisoner because I worked so hard for every dime I had. But recently, I have developed a taste for the finer things in life. It's about time I started enjoying myself, don't you think?

    Mr Banks looks at Leon as he nervously nods back at the owner.

    Banks: Like this car for instance. It cost me almost $500,000, can you believe that?

    Leon shakes his head this time.

    Banks: As I wrote the cheque for the car, it almost broke my heart, Giving away almost half a million dollars for just one car when I have 4 more at home? That's a bold move. Even for me.

    With that, Mr Banks moves back to the car and begins buffing a portion of the hood with his suit jacket.

    Banks: I said to myself, there is no way that this car could ever be worth that amount of money. I don't part with money easily but even that seemed extortionate. But I have to tell you soemthing, Leon, I have never had a smoother drive to work. The way the car makes you feel with your foot on the pedal is something I have never experienced. All eyes were on me as I drove around the city tonight, it was exhilarating to have that much power under the hood and in the minds of people. And as I was driving, I was constantly thinking to myself that I could get used to that level of power...

    Banks suddenly explodes into life.

    Banks: And if I feel like that in a car, imagine how good I can make myself feel here tonight! I am the only power-broker in this company, God damn it! And tonight, you will all bare witness as to just how powerful I can really be...

    With that, Banks presses the panel on the key to lock the car and walks away, leaving Leon flabbergast.

    Connor: That's an ominous sign, Jack. It amazes me that Banks is talking about flexing his muscles and finally making everyone aware of how powerful he can be. Hasn't he been doing that for the last 6 months!? Gets you wondering just what is in store for everyone that finds themselves lined up against the boss.

    Cohen: Well, Blades and Constantine are definitely here tonight, that's for sure. I wouldn't like to know what they are thinking after that display.

    Connor: Regardless of that, folks, welcome to Ascension 121! I am the voice of Ascension, Cat Connor. Tonight, as usual, I am joined by Jack Cohen. And what a night it might turn out to be. But, without any further ado, let's get the show underway. It's time for the first match of the night.
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall!


    Wren enters a darkened arena with a single ray of spotlight on her with her head down. She elegantly walks down the aisle and spreads her arms across with arena lighting up, soaking in the energy of the arena. She then slowly enters the arena and climbs up each turnbuckle, bowing to the audience with her arms spread across.

    Anderson: Introducing first from parts unknown, weighing 155 pounds pounds, Wren!

    Connor: Wren's got a big challenge tonight, but I think she can come out victorious.

    Cohen: You do know who she's facing, right?


    The lights go out in the arena as the music begins. As the song kicks into gear with guitar and drums, white lights flash and pulse all around the arena. Triple X appears on the stage, looking out to the audience in attendance with a look of pure hatred in his eyes. He walks down the ramp with purpose, eyes forward. Along the way he gives the middle finger to a couple of fans who boo him from the front row. He gets to the ring and hits the apron. When the music hits the chorus he throws his hands up in the air forming an X, before entering the ring and getting into the face of Wren.

    Cohen: I'm so glad Triple X is back. If only the fans would agree with me.

    Connor: Not sure if it's Triple X himself but more of his actions that they dislike.

    The bell rings to signal the match having begun. Triple X shoves Wren so hard that she falls down in the center of the ring. The fans boo this. Triple X kicks her in the stomach six consecutive times and the fans' boos get louder with each kick. Wren slowly gets up, only to be hit by Triple X's big forearm smash to her face. It nearly knocks her down again but she regains balance. Triple X tries to do another forearm smash but she ducks and does a reverse roundhouse kick followed by two punches to Triple X's side. She goes around behind Triple X. He turns to face Wren and she hits him with a Spinning heel kick! This knocks Triple X down and Wren covers him for an early attempt at a pin. The official counts. 1.... 2.... kickout by Triple X!

    Connor: That was close! Wren almost pulled it off.

    Cohen: Nonsense. Not when she has Triple X for an opponent.

    They both get up. Triple X grabs Wren's leg. She twists herself around and does an Enzuigiri kick. This sends Triple X across to the other side of the ring as it caught him off guard. He springs off the ropes and rushes at Wren who tries to do a sunset flip but Triple X dodges it. He grabs her and does a Sit-out Gordbuster. Wren is down. Triple X begins kicking her again, much to the crowd's disappointment as they are boo'ing him loudly. He kicks her five times before picking Wren up. Triple X drags her into the corner of the ring. He proceeds to punch her and then kick her several times in rapid succession. The official goes over in between the two competitors and yells at Triple X to stop. He throws up his hands and grins as he steps backward, still facing Wren.

    Cohen: The official should know better than to get in the way of Triple X like that.

    Connor: He did what he needed to do. Now Wren can rest for a brief moment.

    The ref checks on Wren and then steps back. Triple X is leaning up against the ropes at the other end of the ring. Wren gets up, still in the corner. Triple X runs at her and she elbows Triple X in the face right as he gets to her. Triple X takes several steps back before trying to run into Wren again, she rolls out of the way and Triple X hits the turnbuckle! Wren is in the center of the ring now and Triple X takes a couple of steps backward, in an attempt to regain his balance. He turns around and Wren jumps up on top of him. She punches his head and the fans cheer for this. She lands many punches and the fans count along with the punches. 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! After the seventh consecutive punch she does a Hurricanrana on Triple X! They both get up. Wren grabs Triple X in an attempt to do a Running bulldog but Triple X breaks free just before the impact and he runs for the ropes, springs off, and hits Wren with a Springboard Tornado DDT. He covers Wren for a pin. The ref counts. 1.... 2.... kickout by Wren!

    Cohen: How was that not it!? Triple X had her defeated right there!

    Connor: Do keep in mind that Wren almost became Eurasian Champion. It's not unlike her to pull off a win against a major opponent.

    Triple X is the first to get up. He stands in preparation to attack. Wren stands up and is hit by a kick in the chest by Triple X. He follows this with a Spinning Roundhouse Kick. The fans voice their dislike of this and Triple X mocks them from inside the ring which only intensifies the boo'ing. Wren has stood up while Triple X was mocking the fans. She attempts a Missile dropkick but Triple X is able to evade it. He hits her with a forearm smash that sends her back down. Triple X covers her for another pin attempt. The ref counts. 1.... 2.... kickout by Wren! They each get up and Wren immediately does a Missile dropkick. This time it was successful. It sends Triple X down, allowing Wren to try an attempt of her own at a pin. The ref starts to count. 1.... 2.... kickout by Triple X!

    Connor: The frustration must be getting to Wren by this point. What else can she do to win?

    Cohen: Nothing. Soon Triple X will emerge as the winner.

    The two competitors stand up. They grab each other and Triple X does a Reverse STO, which sends Wren into the bottom turnbuckle of the ring corner behind them. He runs for the ropes on the other side of the ring while Wren tries to get up. She stands to her feet and makes her way to the center of the ring, Triple X tries to hit a Springboard Tornado DDT and misses. Wren had rolled out of harm's way. Triple X is down. Wren hits him with a Shining Wizard. She grabs Triple X and tries to do a Sunset flip but he reverses it and shoves Wren away. Triple X climbs up to the top of the turnbuckle and hits Wren with a Whisper in the Wind! He quickly climbs up to the top rope again. Triple X does his finishing maneuver, a Springboard 450 Splash called the Singularity! He covers Wren for a pin and the ref is counting. 1.... 2.... 3!

    Anderson: And here is your winner.... Triple X!

    Cohen: Yes! Triple X has shown just what this federation has been missing out on while he was away.

    Connor: Wren did very well also. I'm proud of her effort tonight.
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    We transition to the backstage area where Stacey Madison is standing by with the reigning Elite Openweight Champion, Callie Clark. Clark is taking up most of the camera shot and forcing Stacy as far left as she possibly can without actively shoving her to the side with full force.

    Madison: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest – Callie Clark!

    Clark: Uh, that would be the reigning WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, the most fabulous, most followed on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter out of the entire roster and the highest rated on the WZCW Wiki – Callie Clark. Geez, do I have to do your job for you also?

    Stacey’s stare could kill, it’s ice cold, nevertheless she proceeds.

    Madison: The world has been wondering since last night, why did you slap Matt Tastic?

    Clark: That washed up loser, he is nothing more than a disgusting rat of the very division that caused the end of my sister’s wrestling career. A promising career cut short because of the Mayhem division and Matt Tastic, that sicko is someone who thrives off that environment. I saw it on Meltdown, I saw the devastation that took place and it made me sick to my stomach. I slapped him to remind Matt of his place in this company now. He is no longer the king of the Mayhem division, he isn’t winning titles, in fact he isn’t even close to even challenging for one.

    Callie glances at her title belt.

    Clark: I showed up on Meltdown to let the world know that the real stars are on Ascension. I carry the flag for this brand and Meltdown is nothing but a second-rate product so long as I reside on Ascension. I saw how barbaric they had to get last night to draw in a few viewers, Matt Tastic thrived in it and that’s utterly pathetic. I’ve spoken to Mr. Banks and put forward the idea that all Mayhem Rules matches be banned forever, in the best interest of myself and my fellow wrestlers.

    Huge boos from the crowd as Callie smirks, it quickly fades as Matt Tastic steps into the shot.

    Tastic: Shut the hell up.

    Clark: What? You can’t talk to me like that! I’m the champion, this is my show.

    Tastic: I don’t know who whines more, you or some of these smarks who chase me around at three in the morning at airports. Look, my head freaking hurts right now. I’ve had three coffees this morning alone and apparently, I’ve still got kidney stones to pass.

    Madison: Kidney stones…

    Tastic: It’s a long story, Stacey. Listen up kid, I’m not here to chat with you or offer advice. I don’t give a shit about what you dress up like or how many idiots follow you on the internet. You act like you’ve been here for years but you have barely had enough time to wet yourself. In that ring, I’ve lost more blood than flows through your entire body right now. I’ve got the scars to prove it!

    Matt steps closer to Clark who looks a little freaked out.

    Tastic: You did say one thing that was right, the mayhem division is my past. You know what is my future? That title belt on your shoulder, Callie. Washed up, am I? Three straight wins say otherwise and so does the general manager of YOUR show.

    Clark: No, that can’t be right. You don’t deserve to be in the ring with you. People like you don’t get to share the ring with me!

    Tastic: We’re going to be sharing the ring and the Elite Openweight Championship will be on the line whether you like it or not. At Unscripted, it’s you versus me and we’ll find out just how good you truly are.

    Shocked by the revelation that Matt Tastic will challenge for the title at Unscripted, Clark storms out of the interview area and can be heard shouting the name of the general manager.

    Connor: Breaking news, Matt Tastic has been named as the number one contender for the Elite Openweight Championship and will face Callie Clark for the title at Unscripted. What a turn of events we have seen.

    Cohen: Three straight wins will get you into the thick of things and Tastic has seized his opportunity with both hands. It’s been a year since Tastic challenged for a title, the last time being Unscripted 2016 where he failed to capture the World Heavyweight Championship. He has lost matches at the last two Unscripted events and will surely want to put that streak to bed.

    Connor: Regardless of that, ladies and gentlemen, big things are shaking here tonight. And now it is time to see another superstar who has recently returned. Our next match is upon us.
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    Anderson: The following contest is set for one fall!


    Anderson: Introducing first from Brooklyn, New York, weighing 228 pounds, the American Superman... Ace Stevens!

    Ace waits for the opening bars and comes through the curtain as the beat kicks in. As he walks toward the ring, Ace struts, adjusts his hair, jacket, slaps five with some fans and oozes coolness which people travel from all over the country just to get a glimpse of for a split second.

    Connor: A big chance for Ace early on in his return to WZCW. He suffered a defeat at the hands of the World Champion in his first match but he won last week. A win tonight would be huge for him in terms of placement at Unscripted.


    Anderson: Introducing from New York, New York, weighing 100 pounds, the WZCW Elite Openweight Champion... Callie Clark!

    As the music kicks up Callie struts out onto the stage and strikes a pose dressed as Poison Ivy. The entrance ramp is turned green as ivy sprouts from within and spreads as Clark walks down to the ring. The entire arena is green and rose petals begin to fall from the roof of the arena, Clark slipping underneath the bottom rope and holding her title belt high as she gets in the face of Ace.

    Cohen: The hero of a generation for her role in removing Batti as a staple of this great television program. I hated this weeks when Batti would start the show. This is a champion we can be proud of, CC!

    *Ding Ding*

    The match begins with Clark taunting Ace, she points to the Elite Openweight Championship sitting in her corner and reminds Stevens that he has never held the gold before. Never one to be outdone, Ace steps back into his corner and puts on his sunglasses. He yells that they’re custom made and proceeds to demand a lock-up while wearing the shades. Callie is insulted at the idea of her opponent wrestling in shades, she snatches them faints putting them on herself before dropping the sunglasses onto the canvas and stomping them into tiny pieces! Loud boos from the crowd as Callie laughs, she kicks some of it at Ace and that causes him to charge in wildly. Callie ducks a bunch of punches and stomps on Ace’s feet, this quick move is effective as it allows Clark to connect with a Sling Blade! Callie rolls Ace over but he struggles free and never allows a pinfall attempt. Clark and Stevens get back to their feet, Clark tries to sling Ace into the ropes but he counters and sends her flying. On the rebound, Clark leaps over Ace, lands safely on the ground and slaps the hell out of his face when Stevens turns around. Stevens stumbles a bit, Clark goes for a clothesline but Ace counters into a scoop slam! The crowd cheers as Ace rubs his face, a red mark appearing before picking the champion up and connecting with a knife edge chop to the chest.

    Connor: You can tell these two do not like each other. Stevens is a competitor who we believed was destined for great things but never found his way to success outside of the Mayhem division. I’m sure he looks at someone as young as Callie Clark, who has achieved such great success, and has a hint of jealously.

    Cohen: No doubt, and I think Clark has a dislike for Stevens because he came back with such fanfare and has been gifted this opportunity. She has had to work from day one, she was unknown and it took her a lot of hard work to get to be a champion.

    Ace backs Callie into the corner and hits a combination of kicks. He executes a snapmare and then nails Clark in the spine with a hard soccer kick. A cover is made by Ace. 1… 2… Kick Out! Clark is lifted to her feet by Ace, he attempts a swinging neckbreaker but Clark spins free and rakes his eyes. With a blinded opponent, Clark takes advantage by hitting a Pele Kick! This knocks Ace into a corner, Clark follows up with a step up high knee which smacks Stevens in the jaw. She proceeds to elbow him in the face as she is perched against his body in the corner. At a count of seven the attack is countered, Ace lifts her up and catches Callie on his shoulders for the Airplane Spin. Round and round they go until Clark spills free onto the outside ring apron, Ace is a little dizzy himself, as is Clark but the champion gathers himself and springboards back into the ring and nails a knee strike! It connects right to the head of Ace and Callie makes her first cover of the match. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Cohen: I thought she had it, CC!

    Connor: Neither competitor willing to go down easy. This match could have huge implications for the Elite Openweight Championship scene in the near future.

    Callie gets to her feet, running her hand through her hair and sighing. That was a golden chance but the move fell just short of securing the victory. With an air of confidence, the champion grabs Ace by the collar of his shirt connects with a second Sling Blade. This time it’s followed up quickly by a standing moonsault with double knees and a cover. 1… 2… Kick Out! The champion slaps the mat in frustration as the crowd begin chanting for Ace. She cannot believe it, immediately grabbing Ace by the arm and pulling with all her might. Stevens begins to struggle but Clark drives her knee into the side of his head to stop any attempt of escape. Pointing to the sky, Clark leaps up with head control and executes a perfectly timed Tornado DDT! Again, Clark hooks the leg for the pin attempt. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Connor: Ace Stevens refuses to give up in this contest. He has been beaten up badly by the reigning Elite Openweight Champion for a good portion of this contest but somehow he stays alive.

    Cohen: She’ll put him to sleep sooner or later. Clark is a battle tested champion.

    Ace Stevens head must be spinning, his eyes look glazed over and Clark can sense her chance to put this match away. To rid herself of another contender that could challenge for her title. Clark slips to the outside, climbs the turnbuckle and leaps into the air for the Spiral Tap… Ace rolls out of the way at the last second but Callie tucks and rolls. She is back on her feet quickly however Ace strikes first with a high knee. It smacks Clark hard, she is stunned – Ace nails a European Uppercut which sends Clark spinning into the ropes. Suddenly, the top and second rope get tangled with Clark trapped amongst them. The fans are going wild as Ace raises a fist, the champion is trapped and cannot escape what is coming. Punch after punch, the fans counting along as Ace Stevens hammers away on the unprotected Elite Openweight Champion. Clark is in huge trouble, the ropes finally untangled and she stumbles right into the arms of her opponent. Stevens nails a butterfly suplex and hooks the leg for the cover, his free hand counting along with the fans. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Cohen: The champion stays alive!

    The fans are fully behind Ace as he gets to his feet. All the momentum has switched to his side, he picks Clark up and connects with another knee strike! Down goes Clark and Ace ascends the top rope, he points to the downed champion and proudly drops the elbow! No cover is made, the arena is going nuts and Ace is feeding off the energy. He stomps his feet, slaps his elbow and lines up his final shot. Punchline is coming, he is going to win this contest – Ace spins, the elbow is on target – until Clark drops to her knees and nails a low blow right in front of the referee.

    Connor: That utter cheater!

    Cohen: Only ever been pinned once, CC! That record stays alive because of the brilliance of the Elite Openweight Champion. It seems like Callie picked up a few tricks on her visit to Meltdown last night!

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, Callie Clark has been disqualified therefore your winner… Ace Stevens!

    There is no celebration for Ace Stevens as he struggles to his feet, the low blow connecting right on the spot. The referee checks on him as Callie Clark skips up the ramp holding the Elite Openweight Championship proudly above her head. The fans boo as she holds up an L with her left hand and gives her title belt a quick peck.

    Connor: What a cheap way to end a match. If you’re going to lose do it the right way. Callie Clark would have lost. She was done, Ace had her in the exact right spot and she took the easy way out. That’s no champion I support.
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    Inside the office of Ascension General Manager, Becky Serra, we see the door fly open and in walks a very upset Batti. She is on the verge of crying as she slumps down in the chair at the front of the desk. Serra closes her laptop and looks genuinely concerned.

    Serra: What’s the matter, Batti?

    Batti: You know! Everyone knows and that’s what makes it the worst. I didn’t do anything wrong. Tyrone didn’t do anything wrong. We did was what right and now we’re being punished by that big, stupid, bully!

    Serra: Batti, you must be careful. Your tongue could make this worse for you. If I could make this easier than I would, believe me. You were a good champion, you dealt with a lot for this show and I cannot be thankful enough. You’re stronger than you think, than they think and tonight you must show that strength.

    From her chair, Batti looks up while rubbing her eyes.

    Batti: You could change the match, Becky. I know you could. Please, don’t make me fight my friend. Please, it’s not right. Call off the match, Becky. Please!

    Serra: I’m sorry, I can’t. This isn’t my decision. It’s from Mr. Banks and his word is final even over that of the General Manager. It's a punishment for Tyrone, you know that. He wants to see Blades pushed to the limit and said that it has to be competitive at least.

    Batti: You don’t see Vis Imperium fighting each other. Those bullies get to pick and choose what they do and when they do it while the rest of us are pushed around. It’s not right, Becky!

    The General Manager takes a moment to gather her thoughts. She gets up and walks around the desk, leaning on the other side right next to Batti.

    Serra: I know but I can’t stop it. However, I can modify it slightly. I know you took the loss inside the Elimination Chamber at the Anniversary Show hard. You were fantastic but fell short right at the end. So, if you win tonight, I’ll give you a chance at redemption, to prove you should’ve won and been the very first Queen for a Day. If you beat Tyrone Blades than I’ll book Batti versus Kagura at Unscripted, one on one.

    Batti’s eyes light up at the chance of proving herself against the woman who got the better of her the first time. A moment in history, if things had gone slightly different than Batti would’ve enjoyed the glory.

    Batti: Okay, I’ll do it.

    The former Elite Openweight Champion rises from her seat and heads for the door. She pauses, looks back at Becky and smiles before exiting the office.

    Connor: Well, that’s just thrown everything up in the air. In the battle ordered by Mr. Banks between two close friends in Tyrone Blades and Batti, if Batti wins than she’ll get to the chance to avenge her loss to Kagura at Unscripted.

    Cohen: The plot thickens, CC!
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    Elsewhere backstage, we see the smiling face of Stacey Madison. She gets her cue and begins addressing everyone.

    Madison: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Triple X!

    With that, a deafening chorus of booing rumbles through the arena and into the annals of the venue. Triple X goes to speak but is suddenly cut off at the sound of the audience's disdain for him. He begins smiling so much that it is almost as if he is ready to burst into a laugh in defiance at the reaction.

    Triple X: Would you listen to that, Stacey? These people really are just the most stupid people on the planet, huh?

    X continues to smile as he poses the question towards his interviewer. Madison chooses not to speak and vacantly continues staring at her guest.

    Triple X: I mean, the whole time I was away I kept hearing about just how bad to the bone that Flex Mussel was. I heard that he was in the main event of Gold Rush and that he was about the best talent that WZCW had to offer. But I also heard about just how much the people in this company hated him – how he was booed out of every building that WZCW visited. So I come back and really take care of that pretender and what do I get in return for my good service? Booed out of the building just like the steroid junkie! Laughable really.

    X shakes his head as he considers his own words. Madison goes to take the microphone from his mouth but he quickly steals it back and removes it from her hands completely.

    Triple X: You know what irks me even more than that. Stacey? You know what makes me even more sick to the stomach than these fans changing their minds about who they like every 10 minutes? The fact that they don't appreciate everything that I have done for them. Those boos, the same ones you just heard, are just typical of the way that these fans think they own the superstars. I took my body through hell and back to please these morons and what did I ever get for it? A nice, lengthy time on the shelf to lick my wounds and realise what was important.

    Again, X turns to Madison with a derisory look on is features.

    Triple X: Well, this time around I am doing everything for me. I am here for the Heavyweight Championship and I will do that without the help of those morons out there. In fact, I will run right through any of the supposed heroes that think that they have what it takes to stop me. Because the sad truth is that these fans make you think that you an do the impossible. But the sooner people realise that beating me is beyond impossible, the better off they will be.

    With that, X drops the microphone and walks off; leaving Stacey with a confused look upon her face.

    Connor: Strong words from the recently-returned Triple X, Jack. What do you think?

    Cohen: I think that he is right about everything, Cat. Triple X has proved in the past that he has all of the ability to go right to the top of this company. People ought to stay out of his way or they could face his wrath. They wouldn't like that, I am sure.
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    Anderson: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first, from Times Unknown, weighing 204 pounds, he is.... The Melanistic Jaguar.... Lynx!

    A countdown appears on stage as the song plays. As the chorus hits, Lynx appears on stage. He makes his way down the aisle as his partner follows out.

    Anderson: His tag team partner from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 225 pounds, Vox!

    Vox starts handing out papers about something. Most fans just seem to throw it away. He hands one to Lynx who just looks at it bewildered.

    Connor: This is weird.

    Cohen: Two guys who seem to freak out over minor things. Doesn't seem all that weird to me. Plus they've both have had a good amount of success lately. Makes sense to me.

    Connor: I never said it didn't make sense. I just said it was weird.

    [YOUTUBE]96Uu_S8-dzM[/YOUTUBE] ​

    Anderson: Their opponents, first from Tallinn, Estonia weighing 151 pounds, "Ms. Unorthodox" Yemrez Reqonic!

    Yemrez makes her way down the aisle with her arms crossed and frustrated.


    Anderson: Her tag team partner residing in Venice, Italy weighing 240 pounds, he is the WZCW Mayhem Champion, The Ladies Man Randy Studd!

    Cohen: Now this is weird. Weeks ago Yemrez faced Studd and failed to defeat him. Now they're teaming up.

    Connor: I get the felling Yemrez isn't thrilled with this.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Lynx decides to start the match but the other side has issues starting. Studd wants Yemrez to start. But she just stands in the apron with her arms crossed. Studd just throws his arms up. He turns around and eats a Dropkick from Lynx, knocking him down. Lynx tags Vox who comes in with a Headlock, cranking on the Mayhem Champion's head. Yemrez just looks on crossarmed. Studd tries a Back Suplex but can't. He manages to lift Vox up but Lynx stretches his arm out and manages to make the tag. he quickly leaps into the ring and hits a shot to the stomach to stop him. He grabs Studd and hits a Falcon Arrow, then making the cover. 1............. 2......... 3-But Studd kicks out, stretching his hand out for the tag but he's too far. Lynx pins him to his corner and hits a pair of Knife-Edge Chops and a pair of forearms. Vox then takes the tag without Lynx asking for it and he doesn't look happy. Vox insists and Lynx steps out.

    Now both sides seem to be at odds.

    Cohen: I love this. No one gets along.

    Vox locks in a Sleeper Hold, wrapping his hands around Studds neck. He holds the muscly man down but not for long as he tries to once again, Back Suplex his way out. This time though, Lynx just stands and watches. Vox and Studd both drag themselves across the ring and both make tags. Yemrez and Lynx look at each other and after a short beat, they spring to action, both jumping over the ropes and going into action. The exchange chops back and forth. Yemrez hits a pair of Shoulder Blocks and Lynx counters with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Lynx gets up but so does Yemrez. She pulls Lynx back and hits him with a Chokehold STO. She follows that up with Nigh The Bliss.

    Connor: Yemrez is really getting things going here. She's could get it done here but she's gonna have to do it on her own.

    Well, it's not like Lynx is having it any different.

    Yemrez goes up the top rope, looking for the Upshot but Randy suddenly tags her which distracts her questioning what's he doing. Studd comes in and hits a series of Clotheslines to Lynx in the corner. He hits a Leg Lariat and whips him across the ring and catapults him with a Back Body Drop. He whips Lynx to the corner and mounts him, hitting a series of punches. He reaches 10 before he starts grabbing his crotch. But there's a problem with the corner he sent Lynx to. It's Lynx and Vox' corner. And Vox takes the tag. He knocks Studd off the corner, climbs it and hits a Double Foot Stomp. He whips Lynx across the ring who knocks Yemrez off the apron. As that happens, Vox hits World Pieces and makes the cover. 1............. 2.......... 3!!!

    Anderson: Here are your winners, Lynx and Vox!!

    Vox has his arm raised by the official while Lynx walks by not too happy, but the gameplan worked do he just has his hand raised.

    Cohen: Studd picked the wrong corner. Vox has just pinned the Mayhem Champion! That's got to be a huge momentum boost leading up to their match at Unscripted.

    Connor: It was a match of odd pairings and one side managed to keep their head in the game. Yemrez tried her best, but Studd seemed to not be thinking straight on this one.
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    Backstage, Leon Kensworth is standing outside the locker-room as Constantine exits. He is halfway prepared for his main event match later tonight against Logan McAllister. Constantine holds an empty roll of tape and tosses it in the bin as Leon begins to chase after him.

    Kensworth: Constantine, a quick word.

    Constantine: Keep up, Leon. Ask your questions as you wish, I have a main event to prepare for and I’ve run out of tape.

    Leon struggles to maintain pace with a prime athlete like Constantine.

    Kensworth: Your match later tonight, any thoughts on it? After what happened last week is it personal?

    Constantine: No, Logan and I have nothing that is personal. He is a pawn being used by a snake that keeps slithering by poisoning anyone who has the misfortune of encountering him. For too long people have sat idly by while Vis Imperium has run wild. I started it and now I must be the one to finish it but guys like McAllister must see that they aren’t part of the special group. He isn’t protected. He is just as worthless in their eyes as the rest of us. People need to wake up and realise this isn’t a war between Vis Imperium and myself or Tyrone or Titus.

    He stops and faces Leon.

    Constantine: This is Vis Imperium vesus WZCW, and if we lose than nothing will ever be the same again.

    Kensworth: I’m sure you saw the announcement regarding the Eurasian Championship at Unscripted. What are your thoughts on that?

    Constantine: Typical, it’s what I’ve come to expect. Banks will bully and twist the rules to suit himself wherever he can. LeBelle and Keaton are gifted but they don’t have the experience that Titus carries with him. He has forgotten more than they will ever know. I trust he’ll overcome the odds. And…

    Horror comes over the face of Kensworth as he lets out a scream.

    Kensworth: Watch out!

    An unknown man clotheslines Constantine from behind and begins hammering away with punches. It’s not a member of the roster, in fact it’s a member of the backstage crew. His shirt sharing the logo that is seen on all outfits woren by WZCW backstage employees. He stands up and looks around the scene, people are horrified but they do nothing! The match grabs a steel chair and swings it down at Constantine, it’s blocked as Constantine kicks upwards from his back. The chair is knocked away as the man stumbles into the way.

    Cohen: We’re live right now as Constantine is under attack by a member of WZCW staff, a backstage worker, unnamed at the minute, and we suspect he is trying to cash in on the fifty-thousand-dollar bounty put up by World Champion, Justin Cooper.

    Constantine gets to his feet, the man charges again however this time Constantine strikes first and nails a knee to the stomach. In one shot the man crumbles, clearly outmatched. Constantine grabs him by the head and tosses the man into a vending machine. The crew member is knocked out cold; Constantine takes a knee and catches his breath.

    Kensworth: Are you alright, John?

    Constantine: I’m fine. As I said, it’s not personal. These people have just been poisoned and I plan on saving them all, whether they like it or not.

    Throwing a saddened look towards his latest attacker, Constantine continues his way to the trainer’s room in preparation for his match later tonight. People begin to gather round the knocked-out staff member and call for assistance.

    Connor: We’ve just seen what greed can do. Hardworking people become crazy and lose all sense of themselves. That guy, he wasn’t a name, he wasn’t known but the lure of 50k spoke to him. It’s poisoned him just like Constantine said.

    Cohen: Not all the attackers are going to be out of shape men in their fifties. One of these days somebody who deserves that money is going to step up and then Constantine is in for a rude awakening. Oh yes, Vis Imperium always wins in the end and this will be no different.

    Connor: You may be right, Jack. And one man who will be feeling the might of Vis Imperium right now is Tyrone Blades. Cornered into a match against, probably, his only remaining friend here tonight. Tyrone Baldes versus Batti could be one for the ages or one to forget. But we will find out right now.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall.

    As Batti's music begins, the traditional beach ball entrance does not seem to fit her mood. Batti comes through the curtain with a solemn look on her features. There is no kick off the beach balls into the audience and a distinct lack of energy. Batti shakes her head slightly as she begins making her way down the ramp towards the unwanted match that she has been entered into.

    Anderson: Introducing first, weighing in at 115 pounds... Batti!!

    Connor: It is really easy to feel sorry for Tyrone Blades here tonight. This situation is obviously a punishment for Blades in the fight against Vis Imperium. But, moreover, it is actually a bigger punishment for Batti. She is the one who has to go up against her best friend and, as if that wasn't bad enough, it's the Hall of Fame superstar Tyrone Blades.

    Cohen: It's not ideal, Cat. But there is definitely a lot on the line here tonight. Batti needs to win this match to get her revenge on Kagura for the KFAD loss. But she has been on a roll recently too. No one is giving her a chance tonight but imagine what a win would do for her career and title ambitions.

    Batti continues down the ramp until she reaches the bottom of it. The energy of her entrance seems like a distant memory as she slides under the bottom rope and talks with the referee. She turns head head as the lights go out to signal the arrival of her friend and enemy.

    After a few moments of searching, the camera finally spots Tyrone Blades at a far entranceway. He has his baseball bat over his shoulder but a look of weary anguish in his eyes. The fans cheer for him loudly and try to get pictures with him as he begins making his way towards the ring. But Blades seems like he is in a daze as he marches forward – clearly not looking forward to what is to come.

    Anderson: And her opponent. Weighing in at 225 pounds... Tyrone Blades!!

    Connor: Well, you said it, Jack. This is not something that either of these competitors are looking forward to. But I guess you are right in some respects – Tyrone Blades must have known what he was getting into when he took the fight to Vis Imperium and Mr Banks. This is the bed that he must lie in unfortunately.

    Cohen: Too right, Cat. It's not a nice situation but, given what could have been thrown at him, this is getting off lightly for someone up against Mr Banks.

    Blades continues to make his way to the ring before hopping over the barrier and out into ring side. He tosses the bat to the floor and rolls into the ring. Immediately, Batti moves towards him and embraces him warmly. The fans are cheering for both the competitors but Blades seems unmoved. He taps Batti a few times on the back in confort before moving backwards and staring at her.

    DING! DING!​

    The two superstars stand across the ring from each other, looking deep into the others eyes and not knowing what to do. Batti and Blades move into the middle of the ring, remaining silent as they come closer to each other. Inaudibly, Blades and Batti begin talking to each other as a look of concern begins to grow on each of their faces. After a few moments, they share a quick hug and then suddenly burst into action. Batti is bouncing on her toes as Blades cracks his knuckles and both head into the corners of the ring. The fans let out a cheer of pure excitement as the two wrestlers show that they are willing to do what it takes. Suddenly, both wrestlers come together in the middle of the ring with a tie-up. Blades gets the better of it after a second or two – using his noticeable size and eight advantage to his benefit. He puts Batti in a swift headlock and cranks up the pressure on her neck. Suddenly, Batti manages to shove Blades towards the ropes. As Blades hits the ropes and returns, Batti goes for the shoulder block but simply smashes into her opponent and falls to the canvas. The crowd let out a collective laugh as Blades allows Batti to get back to her feet. Unlike the fans in attendance though, Batti is not laughing. The two competitors begin circling the ring again before eventually going for another tie-up. This time, Batti ducks under the arms of her opponent and immediately jumps on his back, locking in a sleeper hold and cracking the pressure onto Blades' neck. Blades stumbles around for a moment before walking backwards and crashing into the corner of the ring, breaking the hold with the impact. Blades lets out a sigh as he turns around to see Batti clutching at her back and grimacing.

    Connor: And now, Jack, we see the real terror of this match for Blades. He is so much bigger and stronger than Batti but it is clear that neither competitor really wants to do major damage to the other. Blades obviously has the physique advantage but it seems to me that he is worried about using that advantage to the best of his ability.

    Cohen: Agreed, Cat. This is a horrible situation for both competitors but Blades has brought this on himself. He went up against the boss of this company – his employer! If he didn't think that Banks would make him pay in the sickest way possible, then you don't give Mr Banks enough credit.

    Blades allows Batti to stumble back to her feet as he looks at her glumly. Batti finally reclaims her vertical base and runs at Ty, looking to land a clothesline and take Blades down. But Blades manages to successfully evade the blow. Batti looks furious about her miss but Blades seems more disheartened than anything else. Blades looks at Batti for a moment and then shakes his head in disapproval. He turns away and makes for the corner of the ring and – probably – an exit from this match. Suddenly, Batti runs after him and nails him with a stunning drop-kick that sends Blades hurtling towards the ring-post. The impact of Blades colliding with the post sends a shudder down the spine of most people in attendance. Batti winces at the impact but knows that she has to capitalise on the mistake of the Hall of Fame superstar if this match is to end quickly. She pulls Blades back to his feet and then nails him with a well-executed back-breaker. Both hit the canvas with grim impact as Batti transitions into the pinning predicament. The referee counts the fall but only manages to get a count of 1 before Blades rolls the shoulder out and the match continues.

    Cohen: Why didn't Blades just allow Batti to pin him right there and then? This match would have been over and we could have put this whole sorry episode behind us.

    Connor: Remember what Becky said to Batti earlier, Jack. If she thinks that this match wasn't contested in the way that Banks intended for it to be, then she is out of Unscripted and she can kiss any change of revenge against Kagura goodbye. And don't forget that Blades, under the moniker of Burna, is a Hall of Fame calibre superstar. He's not going to surrender any match that easily.

    Batti gets back to her feet and waits for Blades to reclaim his own vertical base. As he does that, she runs at him and nails him with a stunning axe kick that sends him reeling backwards into the corner of the ring. Mercilessly, she puts her boot to his throat and begins chocking the life from her opponent. Ty struggles against the move but Batti seems to have it locked in deep. After a few seconds of the referee's count, Batti relinquishes the hold and allows Blades to fall to the canvas in a seated position. Batti moves across the ring and signals to the fans in attendance that she is going to hit the bronco buster. The fans give her a great reception as she runs back across the ring and nails Blades with the aforementioned move. Batti gets to her feet and gives the audience a taunt before pulling Blades out of the corner of the ring and leaves him lying on the canvas. The erratic weeaboo gives one more taunt as she goes outside the ring and onto the apron. The fans in the arena seems really excited about the pace at which the caffeinated midget is going about her business and especially so as she begins climbing up to the top rope. In the ring, Blades is regaining his senses once more and is getting back to his feet. It looks as though Batti is looking to land the diving spear from the top rope (GLOMP). She dives at the man of which she shares an affinity and nails him with the lunge! She hits the canvas hard but manages to roll over and drop a hand over the chest of Blades. The referee counts the fall. 1... 2... Kick out from Blades!

    Connor: I don't know, Jack, Blades seems a half yard off of the pace of this match. It seems as though Batti is fired up for the match but Blades isn't quite there. Could the emotional toils of this match really be playing on the mind of Blades that much?

    Cohen: Listen, Cat, there are people I was friends and more with during the times when I wrestled. But when I heard that ring bell, I knew that it was my job to give the fans what they paid for. This is a punishment for Blades, no doubt. But right now, he is just taking a beating and not being the professional that he is supposed to be. It's no wonder that Banks hates him!

    As the pin-fall attempt to fails, Batti brings both of her hands to her face in an act of sheer disappointment. She slowly rolls onto her knees and looks down at Blades on the canvas. She takes a deep breath in and gets back to her feet. She grabs Blades by the neck and begins pulling him to his feet. Once that is done, she looks for the Irish whip into the fair ropes. But it doesn't exactly go the way that Batti has planned as Blades reverses the move and whips Batti into the ropes. Batti is probably expecting a clubbing clothesline but Blades surprises everyone when he takes her down with a stunning drop toe hold. Batti slams into the canvas hard and Blades immediately goes for the roll up. But he only manages a count of 1 for his first pin-fall attempt as Batti manages to get the shoulder out. Quickly though, Blades is upon Batti and making her pay for her energetic start to the match. He rolls her over and locks in the crucifix to both of her arms. Suddenly, he manoeuvres his body and puts Batti in another pin attempt. This time, he is not even able to get a count of 1 before Batti manages to pop out of the pin attempt and keep the match going. Both wrestlers spring to their feet as the pin fall attempt fails. Batti nails Blades with a sharp kick to the gut that bends him over double. She grabs him into a headlock, possibly looking for the DDT. But it is Blades who gets the better of the move when he uses all of his strength and power to flip Batti over his head and bridges for the cover once more. This time, Blades manages to get a count of 2 before the count is broken.

    Connor: Hmm! I'm not sure that Mr Banks is going to be too pleased with the efforts of Tyrone Blades her ladies and gentlemen. There is no doubting that he is trying to put Batti away. But the argument could be made that he is not giving it 100%. It seems like a very technical approach to the match from the Hall of Fame superstar.

    Cohen: I did notice that too, Cat. Blades has proven himself to be somewhat of a brawler inside of the squared circle. Tonight is a radical departure from that standard for sure. That said, he was only a half second away from ending the match right there. Plus, Batti seems very invested in the ending of this match. He needs to find a other gear if he wants to put it away.

    Batti and Blades both get back to their feet but there is a look of rage on the features of the weeb. She marches right over to Blades and pushes her hands straight into his chest – sending him backwards towards the ropes. Blades hits the ropes and bounces back towards his opponent. But instead of using the opening to leather Batti with some sort of clubbing blow, he keeps his arms at his side and his head turned away from the blonde in front of him. Batti looks even more annoyed with the inaction of her opponent and shoves him again. But the result of the shove is the same as Blades refuses to lay his hands on Batti in anger. Suddenly, a slap to the face is the result of Blades' inaction. The crowd take a sharp intake of breath as Blades turns back to Batti with a look on anger on his face. Batti pushes him one final time and, this time, Blades does go for the clothesline. But Batti has it well-scouted and manages to duck underneath his flailing arm. Suddenly, she gets behind Blades and rolls him up with the pin-fall attempt. She grabs his belt and hold them for the 1... 2... 3! Batti has done it!

    Connor: I genuinely don't believe it, Jack. Batti, a relative stranger to the world of professional wrestling, has just knocked off the greatest superstar that this company has ever produced. What an upset here tonight!

    Cohen: Hmm! I'm not so sure, Cat. For one, Batti has proven herself to be a very good wrestler in the short time that she has spent with us. Additionally, this could not have been an easy match for Tyrone Blades to take part in. Don't get me wrong, this is a massive result for Batti but there is no doubting that Blades seemed very reluctant to give her both barrels.

    Connor: Now that I would agree with. It seemed as though Batti was annoyed with Blades at the end there when she realised that he was taking it easy on her. But she used her emotional ties to her opponent to get the anger out of him. And more importantly, she used it to make him make a mistake for her to capitalise on. Very impressive stuff.

    Anderson: Here is your winner... BATTI!!

    Batti lets go of Blades' belt as the match ends. Both Batti and Blades get back to their feet and immediately stare each other down. Blades looks pissed about the way that Batti ended the match. But after a few seconds, the anger on his face seems to subside and is replaced by a wry smile. Batti lets an enormous smile appear on her features as she looks at her “bestest” friend. She runs at him and throws her arms around him in celebration for her biggest win of her career. Blades allows it for a second before raising her hand to the audience.

    Connor: Well, it remains to be seen what Mr Banks will think about that match but Batti has beaten Tyrone Blades here tonight. It's a big win but I don't think this is the end for Blades.

    Cohen: And not forgetting that Batti has no booked her place at Unscripted against Kagura. The Queen For A Day might have her hands full with Batti after such a massive win.
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    Backstage, we see Mr Banks walking through the annals of the arena. He has a massive smile on his face after the last match. Suddenly, he is joined by the General Manager of Ascension, Becky Serra. Becky looks like she is in a hurry and blurts out her question.

    Serra: Sir, I was wondering if I could get a word with you about something?

    Banks: Make it quick, Becky, I am on my way out to the ring to make a big announcement.

    Becky swallows hard before coming clean.

    Serra: I didn't think that Batti was going to be able to beat Blades tonight. I said to her that she could have a rematch against Kagura at Unscripted if she won. You have to believe me, I never thought that she would be able to-

    Banks: It doesn't matter, Becky. After that humiliation for Blades, any match Batti gets is a just reward.

    With that, Mr Banks walks away from the General Manager and into the guerilla position backstage. Without any warning, his entrance theme begins.

    After a few seconds, the owner of WZCW makes his presence known to everyone in the arena by walking through the curtain. He is immediately greeted by a massive swelling of hatred and booing from the fans. Banks, however, cares very little about his reception and , instead, holds his arms out to his side to welcome the loud response of the fans. He soaks it all in for a moment before heading down the ramp towards the ring.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the owner of WZCW... Mr Kenneth Banks!!

    Connor: It is certainly unexpected but Mr Banks is on his way down to the ring after earlier promising that he would flex his creative muscles for everyone involved with WZCW to see. I guess now is the time that is about to unfold, Jack. I wonder what he has on his mind?

    Cohen: Well, thankfully he seems to be in a good mood after watching Tyrone Blades get beat by a caffeinated midget. It was a very ominous start to the show but after that result, who knows what it could be.

    Banks continues to walk down the ramp amongst the booing of the fans, the same wry smile on his features as he marches. Once he reaches the ring, he collects a microphone from the metal steps and gets into the ring. One final massive boo from the fans greets him but, like before, he cares very little for any emotion that the fans have to give.

    Banks: Wasn't that tremendous, ladies and gentlemen? Wasn't that what you people buy your tickets for every time that WZCW rolls into town? The fall of the mighty is a tale that will forever hold a lace in our hearts. Face it, we love to see someone considered powerful brought down to size. David versus Goliath, the fall of the Roman Republic, the Miracle on Ice and now Batti and Tyrone Blades! Ha!

    The cruel laugh of the owner of WZCW only serves to give Mr Banks a more hostile reception after a thoroughly heartfelt encounter only minutes beforehand.

    Banks: I told you, Blades. I told you to stop what you were doing and everything would have been okay. But for the longest time you have consistently been a thorn in my paw. I warned you that if you kept getting in my business, annoyed that your time as leader of WZCW has passed, then I would systematically take you apart and bury you. Your arrogance and bravado would not allow you to stop and now I have you right where I want you. Vis Imperium is the future for this company, whether you or these idiots out here believe it. And if you dare stand in the way of my absolute power one more time, I promise it will be the last time that you ever do.

    The look of evil on the face of Mr Banks is enough to turn the stomach of a WZCW fan but it soon fades away and is replaced by a wide smile.

    Banks: But, ladies and gentlemen, the show must go on! I am not going to bore you with Tyrone Blades any longer, he is nothing to me. Instead, I am reaching out to the locker room and offering them the opportunity of a life time. I have been running the rule over this company for a long time and now is the opportunity for me to reward some wrestlers for their part in this production. That is why I am announcing a four way match at the Unscripted PPV. The winner of the match will be given a title opportunity at the earliest opportunity. The title they will compete for will be down to the choosing of the fans as a vote for the event. The options will include the Mayhem Championship, the EurAsian Championship and the Elite Openweight Championship. The participants will be, in no order – Yemrez Reqonic, War Zone, The Great Milenko and Ace Stevens!

    For the first time, a cheer goes around the arena. A cheer that is only amplified when none other than Tyrone Blades makes his way out onto the stage. At first, people can hardly believe that he is there but the look on Mr Banks' face soon gives everyone the dose of reality that they need.

    Banks: Blades, I am warning you before you even get started. You have already been humiliated once tonight, Don't make me-

    Blades: Shut the fuck up!

    Banks: You can't talk to me like-


    A massive cheer goes around the arena as Banks is silenced.

    Blades: Week in and week out, everyone has to listen to you and your shit about Vis Imperium. Everyone out here and in the back has to see those goons being paraded as the best that this company has to offer. Even now, you talk about them as if they are the best that this business has to offer! It's a fucking joke, man. If anyone is being humiliated her tonight, it's you, boss...

    Banks: You don't have-

    Blades: I'm not done, asshole. I'm gonna make this short and sweet, Banks. I want into that handicap match at Unscripted. Your time of making unjust calls to satiate your own lust for tyranny is coming to an end. People are sick to death of you making excuses for the poor performance of the team that you continually champion. You say that they are the future but they will be a thing of the past if they keep on the losing streak that they find themselves in. So, I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse, Banks. Put me in the match and if Titus and I win, Vis Imperium has to disband.

    Banks immediately starts to laugh manically.

    Banks: Why on God's green Earth would I do that, you fool? I hold all of the cards in this game that we are playing. You work for me, Blades and since I can't fire you, I will take great pleasure in torturing you until the day that you quit.

    Blades allows a smile to creep across his face.

    Blades: I had a feeling that you were going to say that. That's why I brought a sweetener to the deal. You want rid of me so bad, I can fucking feel it, man. That's why I am saying to you, man to man, that if you're team wins, I will officially retire from WZCW and you will never see me again.

    All of a sudden, a massive swelling of boos goes around the arena. Banks thinks about it for a second before allowing a determined look to cross his features.

    Blades: I knew that might not be enough to sway you into a decision, Banks. But thankfully, I brought another sweetener to the table.

    At that, Blades turns to the tron and it flickers into life. After a few seconds, the camera lifts from a shot of a concrete floor to reveal the luxury Lamborghini that Banks drove in on. A few seconds later, both Jones and Titus walk into shot. There is a massive cheer as both men retrieve baseball bats from out of shot and then sling them over their shoulders – their faces bright with a massive smile plastered all over them.

    Banks: Don't you dare, Blades! I mean it!

    Blades: I'm gonna ask you one more time, Banks. Leave it to the fans at Unscripted. They can vote on it, for all I care. If Titus and I win, Vis Imperium disappear. But if your little group wins, then Titus will lose the EurAsian Championship and I will be out of your hair for good. Just how much faith do you have in the supposed future of this company.

    Banks is absolutely livid as Blades stops talking. He urges people at ring side to do something to stop Blades but there is nothing they can do to help. Suddenly, Blades gives Titus and Jones the signal and they both adopt an even bigger smile than before. They both walk towards the car before simultaneously bringing the bats down onto the wind-shield of the car; smashing it into hundreds of pieces of glass.


    Titus takes his bat and takes off one of the wing-mirrors with one clubbing blow. Jones, meanwhile, makes a break for the back pane of glass. He brings the bat down on the glass over and over again until there is no glass left where it was. A massive cheer goes around the arena as Banks rages inside the ring – shouting obscenities at members of staff but it doesn't help. Titus fetches a knife from out of shot and punctures the tyres mercilessly. Jones uses his bat to smash in a side window and opens the door from the inside. He ushers Titus into the vehicle and Titus wastes no time in slashing the upholstery of the seats with the knife. Banks can't take it any longer! He shouts out an angered cry...


    With that, a massive cheer goes around the arena. Blades gives Titus and Jones the signal to stop just as Titus grabs a flame-thrower from out of shot. He almost looks disappointed that he isn't going to get to use it.

    Banks: At Unscripted, all of this will come to an end! Your career will be the first thing to go! And when Vis Imperium has destroyed the last morsels of your dying career, this company will be free of you forever. If anything, Blades, it is going to be so rewarding ridding this compnay of you once and for all!!

    Blades allows a massive smile to cross his features as he looks down the ramp at the WZCW owner.

    Connor: I don't believe this, Jack! Mr Banks has added Tyrone Blades to the handicap match for the EurAsian Championship! But more than that, the fans will decide if they want to see the end of Tyrone Blades or Vis Imperium! One of them will not survive past Unscripted! This is huge!

    Cohen: Tyrone Blades just made the biggest mistake of his entire career. These people can't wait to see the back of that goon! Good riddance.

    As we go to commercial, the final shot of the destroyed car can be seen.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

    Anderson:... from Boston, MA, weighing 275lbs pounds, "The Son of Boston" Logan McAllister!

    As the bells hit the lights go dark, before green lights begin pulsating to the beat of the song, the letters L-O-G-A-N slowly appear on the video screen. At roughly 30 seconds in, we see Richard Goldman strut out with a big smile on his face as he stops at the ramp and turns towards the now emerging Logan McAllister. Logan walks out, going to the left on the stage and doing the same thing on the right side before coming back and walking with a purpose down the ramp. When he approaches the steps he runs up them, before walking slowly to the middle of the ring edge, leaning back on the ropes and staring out into the crowd. Logan then enters the ring posing in the center of the ring, jersey open and arms outstretched(ala bret hart) while Mr. Goldman simply applauds and smiles

    Connor: Look at the smug look on both Logan and Richard Goldman. I hope Constantine wipes these expressions off of these guys! Logan has to answer for his attacks on The Power Trip and Eve Taylor.

    Cohen: Why don't you just get out your Constantine pom poms and chant his name from the table Cat?! You won't here any biased commentary coming from this end of the table, I'll be calling this one right down the middle! As always!

    Connor: Give me a break!

    Anderson: And his opponent .....

    Anderson: ... from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds, Constantine!

    As the intro begins playing, the arena falls into complete darkness. With every smash of the drum, a few golden lights flash through the darkness. As the music begins and the guitar begins playing, the arena is bathed in an ocean of golden lights. After a few seconds, a spotlight shines down on the center of the stage, revealing Constantine with his chin dipped to his chest. He raises his chin as he raises both of his arms out to his side, soaking in the reaction of the fans - both positive and negative. He makes his way down the ramp and climbs the steps into the ring. Once in the middle of the ring, he dips his chin again and raises his arms out one more time. He quickly looks over his shoulder as Logan makes a mocking attempt to sneak attack him. Constantine paces around the ring, eager for the bell to ring.

    Cohen: Now here's the marked man Cat, that 50 thousand dollar bounty always on the mind of the Power Trip. He's got to be thinking - Who's Next?! Who is going to outright attack me next?!- We saw a regular member of the WZCW crew attack the man! He is not safe from anyone!

    Connor: We've witnessed The Power Trip go through worse things than this Jack!

    Cohen: Ya but he's in the twilight of his career!An old dog who's managed to survive major wars in the ring over the years,it's left him vulnerable and weak! Justin Cooper's 50 thousand dollar bounty has been a stroke of brilliance Cat, that's why Vis Imperium will continue to thrive long into the future, because of the smarts of it's Championship Leader.

    Connor: While both men are getting checked for illegal objects by Referee Morse, let's talk about why Logan attacked Eve Taylor? Do you think Vis Imperium have been scouting Logan and he could be an ace in the hole for these men in the future? It's obvious they influenced his attack during that tag team match on Meltdown.

    Cohen: And don't forget Logan jumped all over the chance to get his hands on that 50 thousand dollar bounty too! You can buy a LOT of things with 50 thousand dollars Cat! I bet after this match we'll see Logan move out of Boston with his 50K and buy a house in the southside community of Toledo Ohio. I hear you can get a four bedroom house there for 44 thousand dollars!

    Connor: Well, he hasn't collected that bounty yet Jack, if he destroys Constantine here tonight then its a shoe in. But really....44K for a four bedroom house there?

    Cohen: Ya, my third cousins twice removed girlfriends Aunts sisters caretaker has a house there.

    Referee Morse is finished with his checking of both wrestlers, he motions for the bell...


    Constantine slowly makes his way to the center of the ring, Logan stretches his neck and meets him there. They start talking and stretching right in front of each other. The Power Trip starts to get angrier and angrier as he mouths some aggressive words right in Logan's face. The Son of Boston mouths off right back as both men press their foreheads right into each other as they scream curse words. Constantine backs up and fires off a right hand, Logan replies with a right of his own. The Power Trip fires off a right and left and Logan answers with a right, left, right, left...Constantine blocks the last punch and fires off a right, left, blocks a punch, right, right, right, and a winding right that staggers Logan on the ropes. Constantine runs and clotheslines Logan right over the top ropes to the padded mats outside the ring!


    Constantine stomps back to the center of the ring and points at himself and mouths that he's going to continue to kick ass. Logan makes it to his feet, clearly upset as Goldman walks by and gives him a few words of advice. Logan rolls back in the ring. Both men stand in the center of the ring again. Constantine goes to punch Logan but the Son of Boston quickly dodges it and grabs The Power Trip in a bearhug, he heaves him over his head for a high belly to belly suplex! Constantine lands hard and Logan is all over him, he hooks his hands around his waste and hauls him to his feet, he nails a german suplex! Logan springs up quickly, he pulls Constantine by the hair to his feet, he hits The Power Trip with a T-Bone suplex then a quick cover...



    Constantine kicks out but Logan mounts him high and starts laying in hard elbows on his head, The Power Trip tries to block the shots with his forearms but the powerful strikes make it though his defense!

    Cohen: Logan with a suplex clinic and now he's going to rip Constantine's face off with elbow smashes!

    Connor: Come on ref! Get in there and get Logan off of him! He's not allowed to do that!

    Morse finally breaks the mount but the damage is already done. Constantine's face has red marks and he looks like he's in a daze from the blows. Logan struts around the ring to boo's from the crowd. He says something to Goldman who laughs at his statement. Logan waits for Constantine to struggle to his feet, Logan runs and nails him with a high knee, knocking Constantine back down to the mat. He runs and drops a knee on Constantines leg, The Power Trip lets out a louder yell than normal as he clutches at his knee. Logan looks at the man and a realization comes across his face, he kicks Constantine in the knee, then again and again while Constantine wriggles around on the mat in a lot of pain. He hooks the leg of The Power Trip and lifts it off of the mat, he flips over Constantine for a single leg boston crab but Constantine quickly grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. He pulls himself right out of the ring. He walks around, slightly limping, trying to get feeling back in his leg.

    Logan follows him out, he runs and kicks Constantine in the back of the knee, knocking him to the padded mats instantly. Goldman applauds, he stands near the downed veteran and starts mocking his injury. Constantine takes a swing at the man but Goldman is too far away. Logan drops an elbow on The Power Trip as referee Morse gets his count out to 4...

    Logan rolls back in the ring and tells the ref to count faster.


    Logan smiles and bounces on his toes,


    Logan raises his arms in expectation of victory. Constantine barely makes it in the ring! He rolls to the middle of the ring, holding his knee. Logan doesn't look impressed. He kicks Constantine again, watching him squirm more in pain. Logan drops a knee on Constantine's knee, causing him to yell loudly again in pain. He grabs Constantine and hauls him to his feet, he gives him a front face lock and lifts him in a verticle suplex position...brainbuster to the mat hard! Constantine looks knocked out cold!


    Foot on the ropes!

    Connor: Wow! I thought that was it there, he barely got his foot on the ropes. Constantine has to climb back in this match or this one is going to be over!

    Cohen: Logan is fighting a really smart fight here,he's exploiting the knee injury, he's taking his time to pick Constantine to pieces here!

    Logan stomps the top of Constantine's knee, trying to hyper extend the knee on the rope. Constantine claws at the canvas in pain, he crawls backwards, trying to get away from Logan. Logan smiles and looks at Goldman, he stalks towards The Power Trip, Constantine kips up!!!!!

    The AXIS!!! Boom! The high angle slam nails Logan on the mat out of nowhere!




    Anderson: The winner of this match, by pinfall...Constantine!

    Constantine points at his knee and mouths - Wrong one- He raises his arms in victory as Logan rolls out of the ring. He kicks the steel steps and screams at Goldman, who follows the stunned man back up the ramp.

    Connor: Logan wasn't working on Constantine's bad knee Jack! He was working on his GOOD knee! The Power Trip was playing him this whole match and waiting like a coiled snake!!

    Cohen: What a mind punt by The Power Trip!Ha ha haa! I can't argue with those tactics Cat! That's how the man has made it this long in this company, he cheats and tricks people to win!

    Connor: Oh cut it out! Constantine used his veteran smarts and won this match fair and square!

    Constantine climbs the turnbuckle, trying to hide how much pain he's really in, the eyes don't lie but his smile does as he poses for the cheering crowd as Ascension fades to black, the WZCW appearing in the corner.
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    *Matches to be announced*

    Confirmed matches:

    WZCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Justin Cooper (c) versus Constantine

    WZCW Eurasian Championship
    If Vis Imperium win whoever scoes the pinfall becomes Eurasian Champion and Blades will be forced to retire from WZCW; if Titus/Blades win than Vis Imperium must disband forever
    Titus (c) and Tyrone Blades versus Vis Imperium (Keaton/LeBelle)

    WZCW Elite Openweight Championship
    Callie Clark (c) versus Matt Tastic

    WZCW Mayhem Championship
    Randy Studd (c) versus Vox

    Kagura versus Batti

    Fatal Four Way
    Winner receives a title shot at either the Mayhem, Eurasian or Elite Championship
    Yemrez Reqonic versus War Zone versus Milenko versus Ace Stevens


    Constantine versus Logan McAllister - Jeff
    Tyrone Blades versus Batti Otaku - Dave
    Wren versus Triple X - Dagger
    Ace Stevens versus Callie Clark - Prophet
    Lynx & Vox versus Randy Studd & Yemrez Reqonic - KJ
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