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    * PYRO *
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    Connor: We are back with Ascension coming to live just days after the historic Kingdom Come event. Thank you for letting us into your home once again. I’m Cat Connor and as always, I’m joined by my broadcast partner, Jack Cohen. Jack, after a very successful Meltdown event, what’s going through your mind in the world of WZCW?

    Cohen: It’s an exciting time, CC. We’ve got a new World Champion, a new Elite Openweight Champion and Vis Imperium retained. Ascension is the place to be tonight. These fans here are in for a treat. We’ve got an action-packed show tonight. Constantine against Mark Keaton – the battle of Vis Imperium. What a main event!

    Connor: We will also see Xander LeBelle, or perhaps his manager Andrew Adonis, against Batti. That’s going to be a test for either man as Batti is so unpredictable. You really cannot plan for her. It’ll be interesting to see what happens and how the most intelligent duo deal with Batti.


    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome, Austin Reynolds!

    The crowd cheers as Reynolds makes his way out onto the stage. He is dressed casually, jeans and a t-shirt, and still shows the aftermath of his vicious match against Abel Hunnicutt. A few bandages around his shoulder area and he lets out a groan as he slides under the bottom rope while entering the ring.

    Cohen: TRAITOR! This man absolutely disgusts me with the way he has acted over the past few weeks. Betraying Vis Imperium and going out of his way to nearly cost them the tag titles. Does he have no integrity, CC? Is this man truly without any respect for him or his peers?

    Connor: Austin Reynolds stood up for himself in a way that has connected with the WZCW fans. He has gotten a lot more support from them lately than ever before. He stood up for what was right and slayed the monster, Abel Hunnicutt, at Kingdom Come. He was a big underdog but he pulled off the win.

    Cohen: Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the rumours. Apparently, that may have been the last time we ever see him compete. Hunnicutt hasn’t been heard from since his defeat to Austin Reynolds.

    Connor: That’s not the only rumour I’ve heard today, Jack.

    Cohen: What are you talking about, Cat? Spill the damn beans. What have you heard?

    Before Cat can reply, inside the ring Austin Reynolds has a microphone in hand and has begun signalling for silence. He looks around at the crowd, smiling, and lifts the microphone to his lips.

    Reynolds: Ascension. What can I say about this place? I’ve had some of my greatest victories and suffered my most horrible defeats right here. Battled the best, the elite in this business, and I’ve worn the Elite Championship in one form or another twice, representing this brand of WZCW proudly each time. It’s safe to say that Ascension is my home.

    The crowd cheers and Reynolds nods his head.

    Reynolds: So, what better place to do this than my home. I’ve wrestled for a long time. I’ve had a great career. I took Ty Burna to the very limit during his yearlong undefeated reign. Runn Reynolds Runn, you guys remember that? I’ve had a lot of fun times in this ring and made so many memories that I not only will I remember forever but also that you fans will remember long after I’m gone.

    Another cheer goes up, many in the crowd chanting “Thank You Reynolds” as the Ratings Winner takes a moment to soak it all in.

    Reynolds: Come on guys, don’t make this harder than it already is right now. Look, you can only do this for so long. I came back for one final run. I wanted to get my life back on track and wrestling was the way to do that. It’s all I’ve ever known but now I’m ready to embrace the next chapter in my life, I’m ready to embrace my family. To do that I need to close this chapter, I need to end this run and say goodbye.

    The camera shows several signs made by fans with ‘Reynolds’ mentioned. Some fans are crying as Reynolds take a breath.

    Reynolds: Before I go, I want to say thank you. I want to thank every fan of WZCW. You have made my life so much better and now I want to take what you all gave me and pass that onto my family. To my peers in the back, I thank you for pushing me to the limit and making me discover that next level of will power I didn’t know existed. Finally, I want to thank my family. It’s not been easy but I hope that through this wild ride we have come out stronger and united, thank you so much.

    His eyes begin to water and Reynolds brushes his face with the sleeve of his shirt. The crowd cheers and Reynolds takes a final look into the camera.

    Reynolds: This is farewell my friends. It’s been a hell of a ride. It’s as I said on day one, ‘Hey... just leaving now... You won’t believe what’s going to happen... I’m going to be a huge star!’

    Another cheer from the crowd and Reynolds looks up, his eyes watering as the fans chant his name.

    Reynolds: I wasn’t just a huge star… I am, and as will be, the Ratings Winner. Farewell, my friends.

    The microphone drops onto the canvas. It’s thud echoing, the fans rise and clap their hands together as the lights dim to give Austin Reynolds a spotlight. He takes a bow in the centre of the ring and exits, waving to the crowd. For a moment, he seems to be thinking about heading up the ramp but instead Reynolds walks around the front row shaking hands and high fiving fans, the last time he will get to do this in his career. A final goodbye.

    Connor: What a farewell speech by Austin Reynolds. One of the greats to ever step foot in the ring and I’m honoured to be here on his final night. A true competitor and one of the great Elite Champions we have ever seen. Not to mention his influence over the younger talent. So many growing up wanting to be him.

    Cohen: I’ve always been a huge fan. Told everyone from day one he was going to be something. No wonder he defeated Abel Hunnicutt last night and what a way to go out. Defeating a monster at Kingdom Come as your final match. A wonderful moment.

    Connor: Jack, you called him a traitor earlier.

    Cohen: You must have misheard me, CC. I’ve always had the upmost respect for Austin Reynolds. I cannot wait to see what he does in life after wrestling. I wish him and his family all the best. I’m that kind of guy.

    Connor: Sure. As my partner mentioned we would like to wish Austin Reynolds all the best in his future. Thank you for the memories and all the hard work you put into WZCW. We would not be here without your contribution to this business. A great champion, competitor and friend to all those in WZCW. Thank you.
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    We transition to the locker-room where Xander LeBelle is in a suit, his Elite Openweight Championship over his shoulder, and Andrew Adonis standing by his side looking rather annoyed. They are joined by Leon Kensworth, he approaches them and looks at LeBelle.

    Kensworth: Gentlemen, a lot has been going on lately with you two. A huge win at Kingdom Come to capture the Elite Openweight Championship. We’ve seen that you, Xander, are still refusing to compete against females. You are supposed to face Batti tonight, will you compete or will you hide behind your manager yet again?

    Adonis: Excuse me? Hide behind! How dare you, Leon. This is a man of brilliance and intellect. He will not be forced into the such barbaric forms of combat including fighting women. No, that would be a slight against him and all my client stands for.

    Leon continues looking at LeBelle.

    Adonis: If you are wanting a word from my client you are sadly mistaken. He has taken a vow of silence for this week considering these recent events.

    The champion glares at Leon, adjusting his title, but never says a word.

    Kensworth: I take it that you will be facing Batti, Andrew?

    Adonis: I must! This little… beast of a girl must be dealt with. These games she is playing with my client are not acceptable. We want her gone. Xander and I must be rid of this freak and tonight I’ll do just that. I will shut her up once and for all. She cannot defeat the greatest minds that ever lived. That is something I can guarantee. Now go! We have things to discuss. Enough time has been wasted on you.

    Quickly, Leon and the cameraman are shuffled out of the locker-room and the door is slammed in their faces. Leon shakes his head, clearly frustrated he didn’t get a word from LeBelle.
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    [FONT=&quot]Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall![/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Anderson: Introducing first, from Beverly Hills, California, weighing at 273 pounds, Preston Scott Cunningham The Third[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]As Preston Scott Cunnigham’s music hit, he appears on the ramp, throwing his arms up. He walks down the aisle trying to ignore the fans as they boo they him. He enters the ring and more boos followed.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot] [FONT=&quot]Cohen:[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot] Now here’s what I call royalty! This young man already carries himself like a true champion.[/FONT][/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Connor: [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Or just a spoiled brat. I can’t tell.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Anderson: And his opponent.... Making her way down to the ring, Gabi Clark![/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]She comes down the ring, taking her selfies as she walks down the ramp. She strikes a pose at the end of the ramp allowing the crowd to take a few pics of her before entering the ring where she takes one final selfie posing on the ring apron.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Cohen: [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Here’s comes one of my favorite rookies! Do you know she has over a million followers on Twitter and Instagram? I totes follow her.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Connor:[/FONT][FONT=&quot]I don’t know about that. Isn’t she a little old for you?[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Prescott has his sights fixated on Gabi, who’s still waving to her fans in the crowd, blowing kisses and posing. This angers Prescott to no ends as he yells at the referee to ring the bell.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Ding! Ding! Ding![/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Before Gabi could even think, Prescott drops her with a quick running big boot. Gabi hits the mat hard and winces in pain, holding her jaw. Before Prescott could do further damage, Gabi retreats between the ropes to force the referee to refrain Prescott. As he argues with the referee, Gabi hits him with a clubbing elbow to the back of his head. He falls to the mat, clutching the back of his head, barely being able to sit up on the mat as Gabi delivers a running back elbow to the back of his head which almost knocks him out.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Cohen:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] The elder of the Clark sister has definitely come out with a plan to dismantle a man almost twice her size. She has almost knocked out Prescott Scott Cunnigham with that last elbow to the back. [/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Connor:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Absolutely! Even if I don’t agree with her methods, she is showing that brains trumps brawn any time of the day.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Prescott is trying to make it back to his feet, still groggy from that hard elbow to the back of his head, but Gabi seems in no mood to give him any space. Before he could stand completely, she runs from behind to hit him with a bulldog, flattening him again. The young man tries to stand up again, but Gabi hits him with Shutout! out of nowhere. [/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Connor: [/FONT][FONT=&quot]That’s it, I guess! Gabi hasn’t allowed Prescott to mount any kind of offense. [/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Cohen:[/FONT][FONT=&quot]Yes, all that’s left for her is to cover him and this match would be over. At least her next insta post would be sooner.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]However, she doesn’t go for cover. She holds Prescott’s face up, pointing towards her jaw and screaming at his face, still mad about the kick from earlier. She slaps him in the back of his head and moves back, allowing him to regain some of his sense.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Cohen:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] What is she doing? Why isn’t she covering him?[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Connor: [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Probably because she wants to put an exclamation point to the end of this match.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Before Prescott could even open his mouth properly, he becomes pray of the double play. Prescott is completely knocked out. Satisfied by her work, Gabi rolls him over to his back and goes for the cover. The referee goes down for the count.[/FONT]




    [FONT=&quot]Anderson: Here’s your winner via pinfall, Gabi Clark!!![/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Cohen:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] That is some performance from one of the newest members of our roster. She might have added at least a million followers just by this performance.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Connor: [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Gotta agree with you there, Jack. She was ruthless in this match and while she continues tagging with her sister, she’s made a strong case for a singles title as well.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Gabi climbs out of the ring, changing her expressions to all smiles, posing for pics while clicking her selfies while referees tend to Prescott in the ring. She waves to the crowd as the arena fills with significant number of flashes.[/FONT]
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    We quickly transition to backstage, where The Clark sisters are celebrating with each other.

    Callie: Yes we did it! We have a win, the world is ours.

    Gabbi: We have this sister. Today PSC III, tomorrow...THE WORLD!

    Callie: Fantastic! We're going to win the tag team championship to show that the Clarks are something special.

    Gabbi: Yes, no one can put a stop to that. Future tag team champions of the world. It's a good feeling.

    Callie: Do you think we could be the greatest women in WZCW?

    Gabbi: Of course.

    Just then Batti Otaku walks past.

    Callie: Hey Batti! What's up?

    Batti ignores the Clark sisters, she looks focused and heads on her way. A rare moment of seriousness may be what's needed to defeat Xader LeBelle.

    Gabbi: What's her problem?
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    Elsewhere, we find Garth Black standing holding a microphone. The backdrop is a classic promotional sheet with WZCW’s logo placed throughout. Black lets out a small laugh, staring at his feet, and slowly begins to lift his head.

    Black: Here we are yet again. The dawn of my return to the top of the mountain and yet nobody says a word. No video packages, no time spent in the ring and surely not a guest spot on some television show. No! It’s all about him. Justin Cooper, I’ve seen him running around being shown off like the brand-new toy. Everyone wants a piece of him but they’ve got no time for me.

    He rubs his head and stares into the camera.

    Black: I fight just as hard as any of those idiots in the locker room. I’ve achieved more than half of them and I’ve taken down the biggest names in this business. Tyrone Blades, Mikey Stormrage, Matt Tastic… they all failed to beat me. I’ve proven myself time and time again facing the elite in this business.

    His voice becomes low and calm.

    Black: So, you listen here, Justin Cooper. I want you to realise what is hunting you down at Aftershock. I want you to look into my eyes and see that I don’t give a damn about your record against me. Two wins against me? You may have that but you will not get a third. You’re the hunted. You are the one with the target on their back and this week I’m going to take back the World Championship. You’ve never experienced being hunted as World Champ and I think you’re going to crumble. This dream of yours took six years to occur, now it’s going to take three shows to die!

    A long pause by Black, he steps closer to the camera and again his voice is calm.

    Black: I’m going to beat you bloody. I won’t get the satisfaction I crave by just beating you, Justin. I need to see you pleading for mercy. To see you begging me to pin you and take the World Championship. Only then will I make the cover. Only then will I claim what should be mine. At that point, your breaking point, will I truly be satisfied. Aftershock will be your end and the beginning of my second reign as World Champion.

    The challenger stares into the camera as it fades to black. A hard look on his face, his eyes not blinking and pure hatred oozing from his eyes.
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    The Following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Yonkers, New York, weighing at a 275 lbs, Anthony Mancini!!

    Tony comes out and makes his way to the ring, waving to the fans.

    Mancini tried to win the Tag Team titles alongside Xaitlyn Serpiente at Kingdom Come, needless to say, things did not go as planned.

    Cohen: What a historic benchmark that was. I don't want to take anything away from anyone, but lets call a spade a spade here. Vis Imperium dominated. Lets see if Mancini can bounce back.


    And his opponent, from Paris, France, weighing 220 lbs, he is "The Healthiest Man Alive", Flex Mussel!!

    Boos pour down hard over Mussel who appears on stage. His swagger showing he is unfazed by the reaction of fans as he makes his way to the ring.

    Connor: Flex Mussel may have retired the newest member of the Hall Of Fame, one of the most decorated wrestlers in history in Matt Tastic. He is riding a huge wave of momentum here, tonight.

    Cohen: No doubt. Matt once said I've called all his matches. I don't think he's wrong and it's weird to know he's not around and may not be around, because of that man right there.

    Both men are all set for the match. The referee makes sure everything is clear. While Mancini circles the ring, focused, Flex simply pays no heed.
    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Mancini continues to circle, trying to keep his guard up and find an opening. Which, in this case, anything is an opening as Flex is just not bothering with any defensive stance. Mancini grows tired and simply goes for the collar and elbow tie up, locking it successfully and forcing Flex to pay attention. Mancini takes advantage and wrings the arm, twisting and stretching it. While Flex shows some discomfort, he continues to show no heed. Mancini twists and stretches the arm as Flex tries to power through the pain. Mancini tries to whip Flex across the ring to no success, bending his knees as much as possible for the best leverage he can get but no dice. Instead, Mancini returns to the arm, this time elbowing and kicking it. Mancini again attempts the Irish Whip, but Flex this time pulls the arm and knocks his opponent down with a Clothesline.

    Connor: Flex beginning to warm up here. He's not gonna win just stonewalling his opponent like that.

    Cohen: I don't think he just wants to win here, Cat.

    Following that, Flex simply looks on as the crowd boo's. Mancini gets back up and clubbers Flex from behind. Flex covers up as Mancini overwhelms him with pelts to his back. With Flex bending forward from the blows, Mancini hits him with a Swinging Neckbreaker. The crowd delighted by Flex seemingly getting his just desserts. Mancini goes to the top rope and leaps for a Guillotine Legdrop but Flex gets out of the way, letting Mancini crash and burn. Flex facelocks Tony as he rebounds and starts to lay hard knees straight to the chest. Seemingly defenseless as Flex continues, hit after hit, the referee admonishing him before he flings Mancini across the ring. Flex poses for the crowd, taunting them as they boo.

    Cohen: Flex is not sweating Mancini here at all. I'm not sure if its all that smart, but Flex is in the zone now.

    Mancini has a hard time getting up after those shots as Fle methodically approaches him, grabbing him by the crown of his head. Mancini still has a fighting spirit in hi, and hits several kidney shots, leveling Flex and finally making him show a face of concern. Mancini finally gets his Irish Whip, as Flex dashes across the ropes and hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. Mancini presses the advantage with a cover, 1....... 2........-But it doesn't go past 2. He pulls Flex up, hitting a pair of forearm shots to the face and whips Flex to the corner. Quickly follows it up with a charge and a hard knee in the corner. Flex stumbles after the blow and Mancini quickly hits him with a DDT. He quickly goes for a lateral press, 1........ 2......-But only gets 2.

    Connor: Wow. Tony's getting his in. He's pressing the advantage.

    Cohen: Yeah, but he's gotta go for the ace in the hole quickly because as soon as Flex gets his opening, it's done.

    Mancini measures Flex who staggers to his feet after the DDT slowly. Seeing his opportunity, Mancini hits his patented Sidewalk Slam, the crowd rallying in favor of Mancini. He claps to keep them going, measuring Flex, who seems to make his way to his feet on spaghetti legs. Mancini grabs him for Riposa In Pace, but as he gets him up, Flex elbows him. Mancini tries it again but gets another elbow for his efforts. He releases, clutching the back of his neck. Flex builds momentum with a series of forearm shots of his own, before whipping Mancini to the corner. He executes his Body Breaking Diet. An Uppercut to Mancini, followed by a Forearm and a Shotgun Kick. The blows making Tony step away gingerly from the corner. That lets Flex raise Mancini up in the air and hit the Full Body Fitness V2. Flex taunts the crowd as they boo loudly at him. He then turns to make his cover. 1....... 2..........- But Mancini gets the shoulder up at 2. Flex lets his frustration build as he pounds the mat and argues with the referee. Giving Mancini time to recover. He surprises Flex with a Schoolboy, clinching as much as he can. 1......... 2........ 3-But Mussel just barely manages to kick out. Right away he shows clear anger as he spots Mancini. Both charge at each other, Mussel swing with his Flexicution but Mancini ducks and gets behind Flex, catching him on the turnaround. He attempts Riposa In Pace but Flex once again elbows his way off the move. A second attempt on his part and Flexicution connects!! He presses down on Mancini as he makes the cover. 1......... 2.......... 3!!

    Here is your winner, Flex Mussel!!

    Mancini gave it a good effort.

    Connor: Flex just seems on a whole other level now.

    Flex immediately requests a mic from ringside and is handed one as Mancini rolls out the ring and is being checked on my the referee.

    Flex: I'd like to get one thing straight immediately, what you all saw tonight is only a fraction of what I'm capable of. My talent is being wasted, I've retired Matt Tastic and have beaten four former World champions including the current one Justin Cooper. I shouldn't be in the under card twiddling my thumbs I should be the number one contender for the World championship. There's no one better or more deserving than me, and I will no longer be disrespected and not given what I deserve. I've destroyed both Garth Black and Justin Cooper and I will outclass whatever competitor you think is worthy of the next shot. I want the WZCW World Heavyweight championship, and I'm going to run through this entire roster until I get it!

    The crowed boos as Flex drops the mic and begins exiting the ring.

    Connor: Flex has made it clear he's on a mission, and if what he's done in recent weeks if any indication of what he's willing to do for the World title, the WZCW should roster definitely be on notice.

    Cohen: This new Flex is about to be a forced to be reckoned with.
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    Anderson: The following contest is schedule for one fall!


    The crowd erupts with joy as hear the now familiar theme of Batti Otaku. Beach balls begin to fall from ceiling as Batti runs onstage and begins kicking them all throughout the arena. She begins headbanging with the crowd before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. She waves to all the fans cheering before turning her attention back to the ramp as her playful persona seems to take a backseat as she does some last minute preparation for her match.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Neo Japan, Batti!

    Connor: Despite being unsuccessful at Kingdom Come Batti has a huge opportunity tonight to gain a win over the new Elite X champion and even get a future title shot. Should the champ even decide to compete tonight

    Cohen: What’s that supposed to mean Cat?

    Connor: We all know the champ has a history of not wanting to step in the ring with the women of WZCW.

    Cohen: He’s a gentlemen of course he doesn’t want to do that.


    The crowd boos as a single spotlight is shone on the entrance ramp and Andrew Adonis steps into it. The crowd knows all too well that Xander has no intentions of competing tonight and has instead sent out his manager. Adonis pays the jeers no mind however as he shadow boxes down the ramp. About half way down he begins bathing in the attention of camera flashes and takes his sweet time getting to the ring. He can see even see Batti becoming more annoyed by the second and decides to take even more time getting to the ring.

    Anderson: And her opponent, this man is a mixed martial artist holding a professional record of 9 wins, 0 losses, weighing in tonight at 232 pounds, fighting out of Hollywood, California, USA, "Astonishing" Andrew Adonis!

    Connor: Why is Xander continually allowed to do this?

    Cohen: Because he’s better than you Cat, deal with it!

    Adonis continues to soak in the attention near ringside and an annoyed Batti decides hit a baseball slide kick to back of Adonis sending him face first into the barricade. She exits the ring and begins hammering away on him leading to ref calling for the match to start. The fans begin cheering on as Batti continuously attacks Adonis on the outside as he tries to cover up. Eventually Batti chucks him under the bottom rope inside the ring.

    Cohen: Completely disrespectful and uncalled for way to start this match!

    Connor: Batti and Adonis are no strangers to each other. Batti is looking for revenge from previous encounters.

    Before getting in the ring Batti hi fives a fan. And just as she gets under the bottom rope Adonis immediately begins stomping on the shins of Batti. She yells out in pain as stomps a few more times before pulling her to the center of the ring and does a double leg takedown. With Adonis now firmly in control he begins hitting Batti with a barrage of elbow to the forehead. She’s able to cover her face for her most of them but a few land perfectly leading to a few minor scars on her forehead. Adonis then transitions into an arm wrench but can’t fully extend into it as Batti is using all of her strength to try to stop him. The two continue a tug of war on Batti’s arm and the weaboo warrior can tell she’s about to lose causing her to give Adonis a straight head butt causing him to release the hold and fall backwards. Batti also suffered the damage of the blow however as she cannot capitalize and can only roll towards the ropes and tries to pull herself up. The small cut she had before is now much bigger due to the headbutt and trickles of blood begin flowing down her nose. Adonis shakes the cobwebs out and sees Batti getting to her feet. He then pops up and charges right at her. Batti sees him coming and pulls down the bottom rope causing Adonis to go barrelling down to the floor. Batti then notices the blood on her face and this seems to only motivate her more. She climbs to the top rope and looks to hit the dabbing elbow drop! She dives off the top as the crowd looks on in amazement only for Adonis to barely move out the way causing Batti to crash and burn!

    Cohen: Ha! Look at the little bird get squashed.

    Connor: Batti may be seriously injured after that crash and burn.

    Cohen: That’s why it’s called high risk folks, Batti may have just taken herself out of this match.

    Batti holds her arm in pain as she landed on it crashing down to the floor. Adonis notices this and quickly locks in the arm wrench only causing further damage. Batti yells out in pain as Adonis only applies more pressure on the hold. He then uses his strength to pull Batti up by the arm and whip her body first into the barricade. He decides to leave her there and enter the ring looking for a countout victory. Batti almost seems lifeless as Adonis gets to the top rope to taunt her and the fans as the ref begins to count.




    4! Batti begins to move and clutches her injured arm.


    6! She uses her good arm to pull herself up off the barricade as the fans attempt to will her on.

    7! Adonis notices his opponent is up and gets off the top rope and to prepare for her re-entry into the ring.

    8! Batti gets to her feet and makes eye contact with Adonis.

    9! Batti hesitates as she’s not sure what her next move should be, but before the ref can finish his count of ten she dives under the bottom rope breaking the count! Adonis is more than ready however as he once again prepares to stomp on Batti’s shins. However, she’s ready this time and rolls between Adonis’ legs quickly maneuvering herself behind him. She then hits the Batbreaker! Adonis clutches his back in pain and Batti follows up with a wind up punch taking him down the ground. She then makes a cover! 1..2...Adonis kicks out!

    Connor: Batti is quickly learning from past matches and evolving to her opponents!

    Batti doesn’t let up and she gets to the top rope and leaps off this time successfully nailing the the dabbing elbow drop! She however connect with the bad arm causing a delayed pin attempt. Once she does hook the leg Adonis reverses into a chicken wing hold in the middle of the ring! Batti seemingly has nowhere to go as Adonis only continues to wrench it in harder and harder with every second. Batti is outmatched in strength so she can’t drag herself to the ropes. The pain only grows greater with each second and she knows she can’t grapple her way out. Left with no options she raises her arm in the air and it looks as though she’s about to tap until he uses her hand to grab Adonis and rolls into a pinning predicament! 1...2...Adonis is forced to let go of the submission hold. Both he and Batti pop up and Batti nails a perfect Axe kick causing Adonis to stumble backwards in the corner. He falls down in the corner and Batti follows up with the bronco buster. The crowd goes wild as Batti repeatedly goes up and down on Adonis. They even start to count each side she slams down on his head. Batti starts to get too much into it however and Adonis uses the momentary distraction to grab Batti’s legs and reverse into a Boston Crab wear-down. He then decides to start stomping on the back of her head repeatedly! The ref considers a stoppage until Batti grabs Adonis’ foot during a stomp and bites into it!

    Cohen: What the hell is that?! Where’s the DQ ref?!

    Adonis grabs his foot in pain and stumbles towards the ropes. Batti gets to her feet as a woman possessed and blood now all around her face. Adonis isn’t sure what to do as they lock eyes. He tries to go for a knockout punch but Batti ducks under and in one foul swoop takes her boot off and nails and another axe kick! Adonis is completely stunned and Batti kicks him in the gut, bounces off the ropes and nails a So kawaii kick! She hooks the leg! 1...2..3!

    Anderson: And here is your winner, Batti!

    Cohen: What a complete travesty!

    Connor: More like a well-deserved victory for Batti. She may be line for a title shot.

    Cohen: How? She didn’t beat the champ!

    Connor: Well she did beat the champ’s manager, Xander may have to watch his back.

    Batti makes it to her feet and the ref raises her arm as the fans go crazy. She wipes the blood from her face and then gets on the top rope to celebrate as the ref checks on Adonis.
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    Connor: Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has certainly been an eventful-

    Connor: Wait a minute! What is Mr. Banks doing here tonight? We don't have any memo about him having some air time...

    Cohen: I guess when you're the owner of the company, you get all the time that you please, Cat. And after everything that went down on Meltdown, maybe Mr. Banks feels as though he owes the audience an explanation?

    Connor: I seriously doubt that, Jack.

    After a few seconds, Mr Banks makes his way through the curtain and out onto the stage. When he becomes visible to the audience, they greet him with a flurry of boos that almost drown out his entrance music. Banks doesn't let it phase him in the slightest, however, as he stands with both of his arms raises out to his side and his eyes shut – sucking in all of the hate from the crowd. After a few more seconds, he opens his eyes and begins making his way down the ramp, smiling widely to everyone as he passes.

    Connor: This is very odd indeed. It's not every day that the majority owner of WZCW makes his presence felt on weekly television. But this is becoming somewhat of a habit for Mr. Banks. And what's more, these fans are letting him know what they think about him.

    Cohen: I don't think he gives a damn what these fans think of him, Cat.

    Mr Banks continues down the ramp until he reaches the ring. He goes up the steps and gets into the ring. He marches across the ring and collects a microphone from a stage hand at ringside and then walks back into the middle of the ring. He brings the microphone to his mouth but the fans are not done with telling him what they think of him just yet. Their noise drowns out any thoughts of speaking. But Banks merely smiles and allows the crowd to have their say.

    Connor: I guess you're right, Jack. He clearly doesn't give a damn. In fact, he seems to be enjoying it.

    After a few more seconds of booing from the fans, Mr Banks finally finds a gap in the noise to begin speaking.

    Banks: I'm going to get right down to business, folks. I wasn't supposed to be out here tonight and, judging by some of your reactions, I'm willing to bet that most of you wanted it to stay that way?

    Banks' question is greeted warmly by the fans in the arena as they begin booing once more. Without a care, Banks continues speaking.

    Banks: A lot has been said about my actions last night on Meltdown. Now, I wanted to come out here and clarify a few things before it gets out of hand. At the end of the day, WZCW is mine. Everyone of you may hate the idea but I paid millions of dollars to hold the right to say that and now I do. I try to involve everyone of you as much as I can in that enterprise and I think we have had some success with that brand of ownership. When we needed to find new champions and new challengers, I often thought about what you all would like to see. Look at the success stories of Matt Tastic and Mikey Stormrage for proof of that. I am a fair owner and I do everything in the interests of making this business entertaining for all of you...

    The owner of WZCW raises a pointed finger towards the fans at ringside and slowly spins on his heels to encompass his surroundings.

    Banks: But then, a few days prior to Kingdom Come, I was tortured and verbally assaulted by one Tyrone Blades.

    A massive cheer goes around the arena. Banks raises a smile in the corner of this mouth as the cheers come thick and fast.

    Banks: Yes, to some of you, it might be an entertaining thought. The billionaire owner of WZCW held to ransom by someone he pays to be here. I guess, in another life, I might have found it funny too. But this is no laughing matter. You see, as I pointed out, this is MY company!

    Soon enough, a rather more serious expression begins to form on the face of the WZCW owner.

    Banks: Maybe I was wrong in the first place? Maybe I was wrong to think that this could be a democracy. Because just when you begin to give you people an inch, you'll take a God-damned mile! Just when I begin treating you people like equals, you act like the gutter scum that you undoubtedly are!

    Suddenly a chorus of deafening boos start.

    Banks: Oh, shut up! You've had your say for too long! This is MY company and I'll decide how we go forward! You threw your weight and allegiances behind The Hollow Ones. These were the same people that tied me to a chair and abused me for hours. And now that The Hollow Ones are paying the price for those actions, you want to treat me like the bad guy?! The same person who gave you everything he had to give? The man who treated you like kings whilst you act like paupers? Well, no more!

    Banks collects himself as he begins foaming at the mouth in anger. He takes a deep breath amongst the booing from the fans. After a few seconds, he beckons for something in the backstage area. A moment later, a stage hand comes through the curtain holding something in a red sheet. He rushes down towards the ring and goes up the steps. Banks orders him to stand still in the middle of the ring as intrigue begins to circle the arena.

    Banks: Like I said, this is MY company and I will decide just how best to bring this company into the new era of success that it demands. And when you consider success, you have to consider Vis Imperium! Has there ever been a more dominating and uncompromising stable in the history of this company? Headed by John Constantine, Vis Imperium endures above all else. That's why, when I needed help, there was only one place that I knew I could go.

    More booing greets the celebration of Vis Imperium.

    Banks: These two men stuck their neck out for me when no one else would. When I was targeted, they stood up for me and righted the wrongs that existed in this company. It was then that I realised just how good they were. So good, in fact, that they have run all competition out of the tag team division. Who stands against them now? Who dares to?

    Banks' question falls on deaf ears as the fans continue to boo him relentlessly. Banks doesn't care though, he is in the zone and clearly emotional.

    Banks: So there is only one thing left to do. There is no doubt in my mind that Vis Imperium are the greatest tag team to ever grace this company. It is for that reason that I announce that the tag team division will no longer exist. Forever more, Vis Imperium will reign as the final Tag Team Champions!

    The booing from the fans is suddenly amplified and mixed with confusion as Mr Banks signifies that the Tag Team Championships will no longer be defended in WZCW. The camera scans the crowd as most of the fans sport a look of confusion.

    Banks: But fear not. You all seem so keen to have no sense of control of this company. As I pointed out, I have always been a man of the people. And if you are so keen for mayhem to ensue...

    Mr Banks beckons for the stage hand to come closer to him before pulling the sheet from the item, revealing...



    The crowd comes alive as a new Mayhem Championship is revealed to them. The booing that once filled the arena for so long is washed away with loud cheering and celebration.

    Connor: I don't believe it, the Mayhem Championship is back in WZCW! What we thought was gone forever has been remade and looks more beautiful than ever!

    Banks: Oh, you like that, huh?

    The fans continue to cheer.

    Banks: Well, here's something you wont like. I need to ensure that this Championship is held by a worthy person. I can't have people like Tyrone Blades and Mikey Stormrage competing for this Championship. In fact, what this Championship is the exact opposite of what you all want it to be. This Mayhem Championship will stand for excellence and a reminder to all of you that I am in control of this company. To that end, I need two challengers that ooze quality. I need two men that have been great Champions. I need...

    The crowd falls silent as Banks does.

    Banks: Vis Imperium!!

    Banks lets out a maniacal laugh as the crowd boo once more.

    Banks: Yes, ladies and gentlemen! The following match will be for the newly-created Mayhem Championship. And when it is settled, and a new champion is crowned, don't expect it to go anywhere!

    With that, Banks drops the microphone and exits the ring. The fans in the arena don't quite know what to make of the announcement from the owner of WZCW and it shows on their faces as he leaves the stage.

    Connor: What a huge announcement, folks. Mr. Banks, the owner of WZCW, has resuscitated the Mayhem Championship from the depths of oblivion. The fans of WZCW have wanted this for so long. But they are not getting it all their own way. The Tag Team Championships seem to have been retired at the same time. And, if that isn't bad enough, John Constantine and Mark Keaton will compete for the new Championship momentarily!

    Cohen: And that's only fair, Cat. They were just stripped of their Tag Team Championships after all. And whoever wins it will usher in a glorious time in the history of WZCW. This company needs more strong Champions like Titus.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your main event of the evening and is for the WZCW Mayhem Championship!


    Anderson: Introducing first from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds, Constantine!

    After a moment or two of the music playing to the arena, Constantine finally makes his first appearance on the stage. Constantine slowly paces from side to side on the stage before stopping on the middle of stage. He dips his chin to his chest as the chorus kicks in. The lights dim in the arena save for one spotlight that shines down on The Power Trip. As the music continues, Constantine throws both of his arms up into the air as the light begin circling in the arena and the lights come back up. He makes his way down to the ring without slapping any hands or even focussing on the fans at ring side.

    Cohen: What a brilliant decision by Mr. Banks to make this for the newly reinstated Mayhem Championship. Fans all over the world have been begging for the title to return for years and finally they get their wish. Not only that but they’re either going to have Constantine or Mark Keaton as their new champion. What a way to kick start the division again. Two of the best in the company and great choices for a champion.

    Connor: I think this alliance between Vis Imperium and Mr. Banks is downright sickening. Where is the professional integrity? Mr. Banks has found himself two wolves to do his bidding and they’ll just go after whoever he tells them to. This title should be contested amongst everyone. A tournament for the gold, not some farce match between his handpicked goons.

    Cohen: Ah, stop your complaining. This is a wonderful day and we are blessed to see these two wrestle. Nobody else comes close to deserving the opportunity more than either of these two. Mr. Banks made the right decision and I’m sure these two men are going to give us one hell of a show.

    He enters the ring via the steps and mounts the turnbuckles. He throws both of his hands up once more as the music stops. His eyes dart towards the Mayhem Championship sitting at ringside. One of only two titles Constantine has never held.


    Anderson: And his opponent now residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing 225 pounds, Remarkable Mark Keaton!

    Loud boos echo over the arena as Mark Keaton struts onto the stage. His hair is wet, the golden locks falling across his forehead, and Keaton begins to walk down to the ring with an electric guitar strapped across his back. He laughs at one of the people in the front row, calling them fat, before handing a young lady a business card with his phone number and hotel room on it.

    Cohen: This man is favoured to win WZCW Rookie of the Year tomorrow night on Aftershock. I can say that he is the only option. A true champion and somehow who has shown the ability to cut throats when needed. He was being held back by Justin Cooper. He’d never have got this shot playing second fiddle to that ‘hero’ or whatever the hell he calls himself.

    Connor: I can’t say I agree with that, partner. Mark Keaton has been impressive but he wasn’t being held back by Cooper. Keaton since leaving has been more violent than ever. He was in a good place and was a fair competitor but since joining Vis Imperium he has showed that he doesn’t care how, all he wants to do is win at any cost.

    Cohen: He is a fighter. A true warrior and you saw how valuable he was at Kingdom Come. He determined the outcome of at least two matches. Keaton is a power player here in WZCW and I can see him going into managing once his wrestling career in the ring is completed.

    Keaton takes off his guitar and leans it against the steel steps on the outside of the ring. Slowly, Keaton slides into the ring and locks eyes with Constantine. Tag partners, members of Vis Imperium but tonight they fight for gold. They shake hands in the middle of the ring, the bell sounds and all hell breaks loose. Mayhem has returned.


    Keaton thrusts his hand into his pocket and pulls out brass knuckles. He grins, nodding his head and his eyes are wide, perhaps even mad. He dares Constantine to charge him as they circle the ring. Keaton swings a wild right hand with the brass around his fingers but misses. Another punch is thrown and this time Constantine gets clipped in the shoulder. Keaton rushes forward and begins hammering away at Constantine with the brass knuckles. Mostly hitting his shoulders and arms as Constantine covers up and gets into the ropes. No breaks however under Mayhem Rules and Keaton continues to strike, now getting the head of Constantine. Sensing that he is in big trouble right now, Constantine sucks in a breath and tackles Keaton to the floor. They roll around the ring and Constantine pulls the brass knuckles off, throwing them to the outside of the ring before headbutting Keaton! He gets the mount position and follows up with elbows as his own body is showing bruising from the earlier attack. In between forearm shots Keaton manages to push Constantine away and he rolls to the outside of the ring, looking for those brass knuckles. Not wanting a repeat of the opening moments Constantine quickly follows and grabs Keaton by the head. He pulls the golden hair competitor over to the steel steps and slams his head into it, knocking him down.

    Constantine leans against the apron of the ring and takes a moment to gather himself. At his feet, Keaton is crawling, Constantine steps to the side and drops a knee across the back of his head. To his right, the brass knuckles sit and Constantine steps over to them and picks them up. The crowd want him to use them but The Power Trip throws them under the ring. He smirks, flicks the curtain up and pulls out a steel chair!

    Cohen: Here we go. This match is about to take a real step into the mayhem division of old.

    Connor: I think Keaton is stirring over on the other side of the ring. Constantine has removed the brass knuckles, lost forever under the ring, but Keaton is sure to have a few other tricks.

    The sound of steel smacking the ring apron rings in the ears of the nearby fans as Constantine tests out his newly found weapon. He makes his way around the ring, chair in hand and approaches where he last saw Keaton. Mark is not there. Constantine looks around and at the last second notices the figure diving over the top rope from inside the ring, holding a steel trash can! Both men go down in a heap as Keaton flies over the top rope and the trash can bend around the head of Constantine. The crowd cheers for the chaos and Keaton is the first man to his feet. He grabs Constantine by the tights and throws him into the ring where he makes the first cover of this match. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Sitting on his back side, Keaton surveys the scene and plans his next move. He scurries to the outside of the ring and throws both the trash can and steel chair over the ropes before sliding in himself. Across the ring, Constantine has gotten to a vertical base and gets raked in the eyes by Keaton when they collide. He stumbles, waving his arms around to protect himself but Keaton ducks, grabs hold and connects with a delayed piledriver onto the steel chair. He makes a cover. 1… 2… Kick Out!

    Connor: I thought that might be it. A huge piledriver by Mark Keaton onto the steel chair.

    Cohen: Constantine is one of the greatest of all time. It’ll take a lot to stop him from claiming one of two titles he has never held.

    The unrestricted nature of the match is flowing through Mark Keaton as he plans his next assault. He grabs Constantine by the head and punches him, then sends him into the ropes but on the rebound Constantine hits a lariat. Constantine is the first man to his feet, he picks up the chair and slams it into the back of Keaton. Another shot, followed by a third and a fourth which strikes the head. Keaton goes down and Constantine hooks the leg. 1… 2… Kick Out! The chair is still in his hand as Constantine stands before driving it down into the throat of Mark Keaton. Legs kicking as Keaton struggles and Constantine only releases it to pick Keaton up and connect with vertical suplex across the steel trash can! With an arm across his chest, Constantine makes the cover on Keaton. 1… 2… Kick Out! The wheels are turning for Constantine after that kick out. Rolling to the outside, Constantine gingerly makes his way over to the announce desk. He yells for them to move out of the way and rips the cover off. A large monitor sits inside and he yanks it free, bringing with it a few cables.

    Back into the ring, Keaton’s world is spinning. A lot of pain running through his body and some more has just arrived as Constantine charges forward! Crack. The monitor is smashed into Keaton’s skull and it is pouring blood. A crimson mask, his golden hair red and Constantine’s hands are even a little bloody. With a loud roar, Constantine lifts the monitor up above his head and smashes it down across the back of Keaton’s huddle body from the first shot. He then follows up by wrapping the wires around Keaton’s neck!

    Cohen: Oh my! Constantine is choking the life out of Mark Keaton. That shot with the television monitor has him oozing blood. They might have to stop this.

    Connor: For Keaton’s own good he should tap at this point.

    The official is right there as Keaton crawls to the ropes but it’s no use. It will not cause a rope break in this contest. Blood is pouring out of his forehead and it covers the hands of Constantine as he chokes Keaton with the wires. As Constantine pulls with all his might however, the blood is causing the wires to slip from under the chin. Keaton slips free and before Constantine can reapply the choke, Keaton elbows him away. They are only a few inches away from each other, Keaton’s face is red all over and he executes a dropkick. It takes everything he has and knocks down Constantine. Even then, Constantine is back to his feet first and he goes back over to the monitor. He goes for another strike but Keaton hits a low blow! The monitor is dropped, the cords are ripped out by Keaton and he begins whipping Constantine. Repeatedly striking his back, leaving huge marks, before Keaton scrambles over and grabs the steel chair. He takes aim and swings, falling over in the process, and cracks Constantine right between the eyes.

    Both men are down and Keaton begins to stir. He must use the ropes to stand at this point from all the blood loss. He stumbles to his feet, sees Constantine and spits some blood at him before exiting the ring. He very well may have fallen through the ropes but lands on his feet, much like a cat would. Keaton turns to the crowd and spots someone holding some popcorn. He rips it free and stares into the buttered treat. Slowly he begins to turn towards the ring.

    Cohen: What do you think he has planned, CC?

    Connor: A trip to the hospital most likely but right now? I have no idea.

    On wobbly legs Keaton enters the ring. He stares over at Constantine, through his thick coat of blood. Constantine is pushing himself off the canvas but cannot see what Keaton is doing right now. The crowd are on the edge of their seat as Keaton holds up the popcorn. Then, he tips it upside down and the popcorn is scattered over the ring. He points to the mess and then at Constantine. The crowd cheers, Keaton is a mad man! A kick to the stomach is his way of greeting Constantine and Keaton forces him over to the mess. A right jab connects and Constantine wobbles. Another connects and Constantine wobbles a little more. A combination follows and Keaton is using everything he has got to try and knock Constantine into the popcorn but The Power Trip will not fall.

    In his crimson mask, Keaton screams, runs off the ropes and goes for the VHS Lariat to finally knock Constantine over only to be countered by a back drop! Keaton flies up into the air and crashes down onto the popcorn! He lets out a wild scream, pops back up to his feet and is shaking. Bits of popcorn stuck to his body.

    Cohen: No! That man has a family and dog!

    As Keaton turns around he is met with trash can shot to the head which knocks him to his knees. The blood still flowing as he looks up and can barely see Constantine standing before him. A second later, he feels his own electric guitar smash across the back of his head. It breaks into pieces, Constantine throws it to the side and Keaton is finished. Constantine falls into the cover. 1… 2… 3!

    Connor: Thank goodness that is over now someone get Keaton to a damn hospital.

    Cohen: A war between friends here tonight and Constantine has come out the winner. What a respectable champion we have for the Mayhem Championship.

    Anderson: Here is your winner and the NEW WZCW Mayhem Champion – Constantine!

    Connor: And just like that, the Mayhem Championship returns to life here tonight.

    Cohen: I thought that title was dead and buried. But I suppose that with such a lasting legacy, it was only a matter of time before it resurrected, taking the place of the Tag Team Championships. What a world.

    The referee presents the new belt to it's new owner, raising it high in the air in celebration. Constantine drops to his knees, clutching it in joy as Mark Keaton has a hard time getting up, defeated. Confetti begins to shower over the ring, in celebration of the moment. Constantine soaks in the hallation. He sees Keaton getting up and stumbles over to him. Trying to embrace him, but Keaton pushes him aside. Constantine extends his hand, Keaton thinks about it and shoves it aside. But hugs Constantine instead, hopping on him.

    Connor: Seems things are OK in Vis Imperium despite the loss for Keaton.

    Cohen: That's pretty shocking. Keaton's not known for his rationality. I would've exp-Wait, what the--?!

    Suddenly, footsteps are heard from the commentary booth and we cut there, and spot TYRONE BLADES! Pipe in hand, he stops in front of the ring as a shocked Constantine and Keaton lock eyes with the furious armed man. After seconds of the situation setting in, Tyrone dash in but Keaton and Constantine bail, running as if they've just seen a ghost. Tyrone stares daggers towards Vis Imperium as they stand at the top of the ramp, hanging on to each other as well as hugging the newly commissioned Championship in fear while Tyrone looks on furious from the confetti showered ring.

    Connor: At Kingdom Come, these men attacked Tyrone Blades as he was calling out our president Kenneth Banks. It's clear Tyrone is looking for revenge and will more than likely want to know why they chose to attack him that night.

    Cohen: I see rage in those eyes, Connor. Not like the days of Ty Burna. Not a sinister anger. But just blood curling rage at two individuals. He wants to hurt them.

    We get one last look at Tyrone in the ring as we fade to black.
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    Prophet – Opening, Constantine versus Keaton, Black segment,
    Killjoy – Mancini versus Flex
    Dynamite – Batti versus Andrew Adonis
    Lee – Clarks Segment
    Dave – Banks Segment
    Cyberpunk – PSC III versus Gabi Clark
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