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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    The opening pyro welcomes the fans to the final stop before the most unpredictable event of the year; Lethal Lottery. The camera moves around the sold out Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas. An amazing atmosphere tonight as the crowd cheers wildly while being shown on camera. Several colourful signs are shown and then the camera cuts to the announce desk where Cat Connor and Jack Cohen are at ringside.

    Connor: We are live for the final Ascension as we approach Lethal Lottery. Cat Connor broadcasting live from a packed house here in El Paso, Texas. As always I’m joined by my broadcast partner, Jack Cohen. Can you feel the excitement in this building, partner? I’m ready for Lethal Lottery this Sunday but who knows what is going to go down tonight.

    Cohen: This crowd is deafening! They are pumped for tonight and they should be. We’ve got a stacked card tonight, including two thirds of Vis Imperium! After the cowardly actions of Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton on Meltdown both of them are going to get what they deserve; a beating at the hands of the most dominant stable in professional wrestling. I can’t wait to see Abel Hunnicutt tear the glitter and leather off Mark Keaton and for Austin Reynolds to put that loudmouth Justin Cooper back into his place. Guys around here getting to big for their boots, that’ll get sorted tonight.

    Connor: Not only will we see that heated rivalry continue but the World Heavyweight Champion, Garth Black, will be in action for the main event of the evening. It’s the return of the Second Coming, whether they agreed to it or not due to the order of Ascension General Manager, Becky Serra. They’ll take on Mikey Stormrage and his seemingly best friend, Eve Taylor in what is a blockbuster main event.

    Cohen: How in the world Mikey is able to have Eve as a best friend is beyond me. Watch her drop him once he is beaten by Garth Black. She can’t actually like him... can she?

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome... Eve Taylor!


    The arena goes dim, with a single spotlight shining at the top of the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor steps in it, with her head looking down, almost as if she is doubting herself. The response from the live crowd is intense, men and women cheering wildly. She slowly walks step-by-step down the ramp, treating it like a fashion runway, with her head slowly rising. As she gets halfway down the ramp, and the chorus kicks in, Eve Taylor raises her head, and shoots her arm into the air. Flames shoot out from behind her as she stands with her hand raised, looking directly towards the ring. Then, Eve heads to the ring, climbing up onto the ring apron, and ascending the turnbuckles throwing her same arm into the air to the applause of the crowd. She looks out to the audience, pointing around the arena, showing her support for the fans who support her.

    Connor: We were just speaking about her and Eve Taylor will open the show. A lot has been said about Eve Taylor going into the match this Sunday. So many people calling her the odds on favourite to win the Lethal Lottery and go to the main event of Kingdom Come. It’s going to be a lot of pressure for Taylor considering the amount of support she is going to have as we can see from the reaction here tonight.

    Cohen: She’s been one of the most unstoppable competitors throughout the last year. It was at Lethal Lottery last year that Eve Taylor started that historic Elite Openweight Championship reign. She’s making a habit of making history at Lethal Lottery. I think it’s going to take something special for anybody to stop her this Sunday.

    Taylor is handed a microphone as her music fades out, the crowd cheers her again and causes the former champion to smile. She walks into the middle of the ring and holds the microphone to her lips, slowly as to allow the fans to settle down.

    Taylor: Based on that reaction it sounds like you are all ready for Lethal Lottery this Sunday. I can understand why. We are approaching Kingdom Come, the biggest event of the year, something we all dream of headlining each year. For me, this time last year I was fighting for the Elite Openweight Championship and then I went on to hold it for longer than anyone else. I made history at Lethal Lottery last year. I will make history AGAIN!

    Cheers from the crowd; Taylor brushes her hair to the side and points to the fans.

    Taylor: For the past twelve months you fans have seen me put everything on the line inside this ring. I fought harder than ever before to keep the Elite Openweight Championship. I defended it over and over again until I couldn’t lift my shoulders off the mat but even then I refused to quit. I have proven myself time and time again and here I stand waiting for an opportunity. I’ve been waiting on the sideline since Unscripted for an opportunity at what I feel like I’ve earned; the World Heavyweight Championship! I have earned a shot at the title because I beat the last two men to hold the gold.

    A round of applause for Taylor and her success.

    Taylor: Now, Mikey and I get along great. We’re friends and tonight we will defeat Garth Black and Phoenix in the main event but don’t think that means I’m willing to step aside for him. I want the World Heavyweight Championship, no matter if it’s Mikey or Garth holding the gold. I’ve beaten them both, I beat them when they were at the peak of their powers and supposedly were the best in the world but I took them both to the limit and won! This Sunday I take the final step towards what I have earned through hard work. Lethal Lottery is everything I’ve been waiting for; it means more to me than anyone else. Lethal Lottery, winning and going to Kingdom Come, it means...

    She pauses, looking down at the floor and slowly raises her head.

    Taylor: Everything.

    Once again the crowd cheers.

    Taylor: This is the single most important focus in my life, both professionally and personally. Every vision I've had for my life revolves around me being the sole survivor, and winning the Lethal Lottery. I cannot... no, I will not imagine a future where I do not challenge for the World title at Kingdom Come. There is no Plan B. There cannot be a Plan B. I shall not prepare for the possibility of losing by conceiving, or merely thinking of, a Plan B. I must win. I have to win.

    Focusing on the camera, Taylor has a wild look in her eyes and stares intensely.

    Taylor: I. Will. Win.


    Black: I can only take so much of your ramblings and we’re not even halfway through the show and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to restrain myself.

    Most of the women boo but a smattering of men cheer for Black. He walks onto the stage with the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship wrapped around his waist. He stands on the stage, not looking likely to walk down to the ring, and begins pacing back and forth.

    Black: Dreams are nice when you go to sleep but it’s time to wake up now, little girl. Sleepy time is over and you’re in my world now. My world where I am the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion and you are nothing more than a jealous woman who just isn’t good enough. You can try and break all the glass ceilings you want but at the end of day, I’m standing here with what you have wanted for so long but have never been able to get. You’re just not good enough and this Sunday, you’ll still be the same inadequate little girl who doesn’t know her place.

    Eve shakes her head and goes to speak but Garth cuts her off.

    Black: No! Shut up! I sat in the back listening you and now it’s time for you to learn something. I’m the champion and you are not. Get that through your head. You haven’t been dominant. No, you’ve been stuck in the middle of the card while I’ve been in the main event. You beat me last week, fine, but when it comes to the big matches I get the job done. I’m the guy who wins when it matters and the moment the pressure reaches a boiling point I believe you’ll crumble.

    Black unhooks the World Heavyweight Championship and slings it over his shoulder. Taylor stares him down from inside the ring.

    Black: You don’t have what it takes to be World Champion just like Mikey Stormrage doesn’t have what it takes. How long did he hold this title? Five minutes or was it a ten? You two together still don’t have the right kind of stuff to be World Champion. So I hope you’re watching on Sunday as I beat your friend again and crush his dreams just like I’ll crush yours if you somehow win the Lethal Lottery match. Cinderella isn’t real and neither is a world where Eve Taylor becomes WZCW World Heavyweight Champion.

    Taylor: I’m not Cinderella. I’m Eve Taylor and this Sunday I’m going to win the Lethal Lottery. And when I standing in this ring with confetti falling, the crowd chanting my name and my ticket to the main event of Kingdom Come booked. I’ll think of you and I’ll smile. Either I’ll go to bed that night dreaming of the image of you laying on your back as Mikey wins the WZCW World Championship for the second time or I’ll be dreaming of the ass whoopin’ you’re going to get from me at Kingdom Come!

    Black is furious on the stage and holds the title belt high in the air. He yells into the microphone, Taylor looks on with a sly smirk on her face.

    Black: Neither of you will take this from me. Two on one, I’ve beaten those odds before and I’ll do it again. I’ve had the world against me and still I came out the other side as World Champion! If you think that after all that I’m going to lose my title to someone like... you. Oh, you’re even dumber than that fat idiot who thinks he actually has a chance on Sunday. Both of you are in for a reality check and on Sunday, I’m the guy who is going to give it to you.

    Black tosses the microphone and then holds the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship above his head to a mix of cheers and boos. Taylor watches on from inside the ring, looking at the man who she may very well face in the main event of Kingdom Come if he retains and she wins Lethal Lottery. She turns to the crowd and makes the belt sign on her stomach which receives a cheer from the audience. Eve exits the ring and begins making her way to the back, turning once she gets to the stage where Black stood, now long gone, and waves to the crowd.

    Cohen: That was intense! Could you imagine if that is our main event for Kingdom Come VIII? Garth Black just put Eve Taylor on notice that her dreams aren’t a priority for everyone else around here.

    Connor: Everybody believes they are going to win Lethal Lottery and Eve Taylor is betting on herself. She wants it. You could say she needs this win. People want to see Eve Taylor take that next step and as she said, she has beaten both Mikey Stormrage and Garth Black while they were World Heavyweight Champion.

    Cohen: I can’t wait to see these two go at it during the main event. I’m sure they’ll be trying to tear each other apart after this confrontation.
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    Backstage, we see Johnny Klamour standing alongside the man who will competing momentarily, Vee ADZ. Vee doesn't look very concerned with what is to come for him as he sports a wry smile as Johnny gets his cue from production.

    Klamour: Here we are backstage, with none other than Vee ADZ. Kid, I gotta ask you about the stipulation that you're up against in the upcoming match. Randomly drawn from a hat, you and Xaitlyn Serpiente will compete to see who will be number 1 in the Lethal Lottery match. It goes without saying that no one has ever won the Lethal Lottery match from the first entrant spot. So, just how important is winning this match here tonight?

    Vee widens his eyes as Johnny finishes his epic monologue and thrusts a microphone into his face. Collecting himself for a moment, Vee thinks about his answer before speaking.

    Vee: I have been with WZCW for a little while now and I know the history of the Lethal Lottery match. But let me make one thing clear, Johnny, I have never backed away from a fight or a challenge. The Lethal Lottery match will be a challenge, no matter what entrant number you get. 30 men and women will compete to become the person who will main event the biggest match in WZCW. With that sort of inspiration on their mind, everyone will be fired up enough to challenge me.

    Vee stops for a moment, catching his breath and silently thinking about the test that waits for him.

    Vee: But entering at number 1 in the Lethal Lottery match would be something quite impossible. Legends of this business have not won the match, never mind from the number one spot. But tonight, I have it in my hands to control my own destiny. A win tonight over Xaitlyn Serpiente would ensure that I boost my chances of getting a favourable entrant spot in the Lethal Lottery.

    Vee gets a little more fired up as he continues to talk.

    Vee: Tonight, I face off against Xaitlyn Serpiente, knowing that a win over her would be the first step to accomplishing the seemingly impossible. I will win tonight, Johnny. And come the Lethal Lottery, I will be victorious then, too.

    With that, Vee turns away and storms off towards the ring.

    Connor: Vee looks very fired up here tonight, folks. He knows, as well as anyone, what is at stake tonight. As Johnny pointed out, no one has won the Lethal Lottery from the number one spot and getting that number is as good as getting a death sentence. He will want to do everything to avoid it.

    Cohen: Standing in his way though, is Xaitlyn Serpiente. She may not have won a match in WZCW yet but her performances have been improving steadily. If a lack of motivation were her reason for not picking up a W yet, then she has all of the motivation that she needs now.

    Connor: Either way, ladies and gentlemen, that match is up next!
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall and the loser of this match will enter the Lethal Lottery at number one!

    Connor: This will be a very bitter sweet match. Both competitors have experienced big losses recently and...

    Cohen: Nothing can be worse than losing this match! Needing to beat another 29 competitors at the Lethal Lottery match is damn near impossible, for even the best in the business.

    Connor: Have a little respect for their loss, Jack. That is just a horrible thing to say.

    Cohen: It's true though.

    Anderson: Making his way to the ring from Crawley, south east England, weighing in at 185 pounds... VEE! A! D! Z!!

    Vee makes his way out and the crowd pops loudly. He is visibly moved and applauds the crow back. He heads to the ring and stops at someone holding a sign saying “RIP CJ”. Vee mouths a thank you and climbs in.

    The crowd goes silent as we wait for the lights to go out and Xaitlyn to appear.

    Anderson: And his opponent, being accompanied by Brendan Sto...

    The crowd gasp in shock. Vee looks astonished.

    Cohen: Holy crap! That's hilarious.

    Connor: I think that's the first I've heard Anderson make a mistake, and the worst time to do it.

    What happens next is something quite amazing. Vee turns to Selena Anderson as referee Katie Shepard also comfort her. The crowd then stand to their feet and clap. Anderson has a tear down her face but it's not Selena they are cheering for.

    **Xaitlyn**Clap. Clap. Clap** **Xaitlyn**Clap. Clap. Clap** **Xaitlyn**Clap. Clap. Clap** ​

    The lights go and return back on. Xaitlyn is stood holding Enette round her neck as the Cyan light focuses on her. She's stood outside the ring and does a lap around giving her gratitude to the crowd. She places Enette outside the ring where Brendan would normally be and enters the ring.

    Anderson has already made her way out of the ring as Shepard calls for the bell. Immediately Vee delivers a Mawashi geri and Xaitlyn is knocked over. 1..2...kick out.

    The bell goes.

    Cohen: That wasn't a kick out, that was a three. Your girl was distracted.

    Connor: It would seem so, Katie has signaled it was a three count.

    Anderson: The winner of the match as a result of pinfall...Vee A.D.Z.

    The crowd are in a mix of emotions as Vee and Xaitlyn look at each other wondering what has just happened. Xaitlyn gets to her feet and runs her hands through her hair in frustration. She goes over to the referee and tries to tell her that she kicked out of the pinfall. Vee doesn't seem to care as he raises his arm in victory. The crowd can't believe what they have seen. It was obvious to everyone in the arena that Xaitlyn kicked out of the fall but Katie Shephard has signalled for the bell and this match is in the books. Suddenly, a huge cheer goes around the arena and the camera focusses on the stage area, where Becky Serra is now standing with a curious and thoughtful look on her face.

    Serra: Did Xaitlyn kick? Did she not? It doesn't matter, people! I can't overturn a decision that a member of my staff has made, it would make that person look weak and I just won't have it.

    A small echo of booing comes from the fans who would like to see the match redone.

    Serra: I hate to say it, Xaitlyn, but you will be the number one entrant in this year's Lethal Lottery Match. You will have to do what no one else has done before and outlast 29 other men and women to claim victory. However, what I can do is make it up to you.

    Suddenly, a curious cheer begins to spiral.

    Serra: You have been wronged here tonight, that much is true. Vee, I don't believe it was your fault but you are hardly faultless in all of this. For that reason, I have decided that instead of being the number one entrant in the Lethal Lottery, you will enter the match at number 2! Good luck!

    Becky gives a huge smile as a massive cheer goes around the arena. Vee looks utterly shocked as Becky turns on her heels and heads back through the curtain. Vee slowly turns his head to Xaitlyn, who gives him a wry smile as the lights go out. When light returns, she is gone; leaving Vee in the middle of the ring looking ragind and a little bit stunned.

    Connor: Wow! What a huge announcement, folks. For the first time in history, we know the number one and number 2 entrants in the Lethal Lottery match. But let's head backstage for a moment...
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    Backstage, we see the forlorn figure of the giant, Abel Hunnicutt, sitting on a bench in the locker room. To his immediate left, the Elite Openweight Champions, Austin Reynolds, sits beside him. Both men sit in silence in the empty locker room, the absence of Steven Holmes seemingly weighing heavily on the minds of both of the Champions of Vis Imperium. Suddenly, the door in the corner of the room bursts open to reveal the figure of John Constantine, the other half of the Tag Team Champions.

    Constantine: Look at the two of you...

    Constantine allows a look of venom to appear on his features as he makes his way inside the room. Both Hunnicutt and Reynolds lift their heads as The Power Trip draws nearer.

    Constantine: You have allowed the absence of Steven Holmes to cripple you with fear.

    The Power Trip stands in front of his stable mates and shakes his head in sympathy.

    Constantine: As far as we know, Holmes is on the other side of the world tonight. We can't control that. It seems that recently we haven't been able to control very much. But need I remind the both of you that we are the Empire of Force? We are the Tag Team Champions and the Elite Openweight Champion. Between us, we hold 3 quarters of the gold available in WZCW. And to look at you now you wouldn't have a clue that was true.

    Constantine puts his hands on his hips and lets out a deep sigh.

    Constantine: But I have had enough of this. We don't need Steven Holmes to be out mouthpiece tonight. His business interests may have been leaked, and I have every sympathy for that, but we are wrestlers at the end of the day. And with that in mind, our business is the business of wrestling. Steven Holmes can go and mop up all of the leaks that he likes but we have to regains control of our own destinies tonight, gentlemen...

    The Power Trip lets his words trail off as a thought begins to form in his maniacal brain. Suddenly, a smile appears on his face.

    Constantine: For too long we have had the brunt of poor managerial decision and pandering. How many times have we bested Logan McAllister and Cooper and Keaton? Well, mark my words, tonight marks the end of the road for their fairytale. I don't need Steven Holmes to do any negotiating for me, that;s for sure. If management want to leave our match as a mystery until Lethal Lottery, then they're going to feel the full force of Vis Imperium!

    With that, The Power Trips spins on his heels and heads for the door again. He stops suddenly and turns back towards Abel and Austin for only a moment.

    Constantine: I'll sort this out right now. Mark my words. In the meantime, Abel, you have a match. Go out there and crush Mark Keaton once and for all!
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Detroit City Michigan, weighing 225 pounds, Remarkable Mark Keaton!

    Keaton headbangs his way to the ring as he sets for his match. Placing devil horns in front of the fans to their delight.

    Connor: Keaton seems calm despite being engulfed on what seems to be a flat out war with Vis Imperium.

    Cohen: Weekly group fights between Keaton, Coope and seemingly McAllister trying to fight off the group. It's gonna come ahead and I doubt it'll be pretty for these three men.


    Anderson: His opponent is one half of the WZCW World Tag Team Champions, he is Abel Hunnicutt!

    After a moment or two of nothing, the lumbering giant finally makes his way out onto the Ascension stage. He has a strange look on his face and curiously walks out alone, with no Steven Holmes to accompany him.

    Connor: It is so strange seeing Abel without Steven Holmes here tonight, Jack. Just what is going on with that lately?

    Cohen: I don't know, Cat. But let me tell you something, Steven Holmes is a conqueror. You think of many a great conquerors in history. Napoleon, Alexander The Great, did these men stop because they had an injury? Of course not. And Steven is a modern day conqueror. He might not be here tonight but Abel carries that same spirit.

    As soon as Abel enters the ring, Keaton goes from fun loving to letting out his frustrations and tees off on the larger man. Stomping away as he tried to get between the ropes. The referee separates him but he will not let up. Abel manages to shove him away creating enough separation for the ref to ring the bell.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Keaton wastes no time getting back into the thick of things as Abel still can't shake him off. Keaton pummeling away as Abel shoves him several times to no avail. Keaton continues to pummel away, but Abel, at the behest of his master outside, changes tactic and instead pulls away to the ropes, tripping Keaton through them to the outside. The referee admonishes Abel and as Keaton gets back into the ring, Abel kicks him right in the face. Keaton backs away to the corner and Abel starts clubberin' away. He hits several rib shots as well, making Keaton drop his guard. He picks him up and drops him face first on the turnbuckle for the Snake-Eyes and slams him down to the mat with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Making the cover right after. 1..... 2....... 3-But Keaton gets the shoulder up.

    Cohen: Abel showing why he's a Tag Team Champion. Dominating with his size.

    Connor: Don't forget Keaton was the one in control early on.

    Abel keeps going and whips Keaton across the ring. Steven at ringside cheering on his apprentice. Abel almost like a bear, mauls Keaton with a Double Ax Handle. Rather than go for a cover this time, he pulls Keaton up. He holds his adversary up, almost like prey but Keaton isn't giving up any time soon and hits a Jawbreaker on the larger foe. He starts hitting a series of blows to the face of Abel and then catches him with several Arm Drags. Abel quickly getting up after each one but bit by bit he loses speed. Keaton then lifts him up and drives the larger Abel in a nice display of physical strength and drops him onto his knee for a Backbreaker. Keaton makes the cover, 1........ 2........ 3-But it's a futile effort as Abel kicks out at 2. Keaton grabs the leg but Abel pulls him in and sucker punches him. Keaton doesn't let up though and both men collide with a hard Double Clothesline. Both men down, the referee begins to administer the ten count. Keaton responds the same way as Abel as both men try to get to their feet, the referee's count at 5 before he stops.

    Connor: I feel Keaton's speed will come in play here. He's capable of reacting faster than Abel.

    Cohen:Does it matter? I mean what good is speed against brute force? Abel is unstoppable.

    Connor: Then how did he end up layed out on the canvas?

    Keaton does in fact get to his feet faster and hoists Abel onto his shoulders, spinning him around several times before dropping him with a Samoan Drop. He goes to the top rope and leaps hitting the Lucha Elbow. He makes the cover, 1........ 2...... 3-But Abel, just barely gets the shoulder out. Keaton doesn't let that get him down and he gets set for the Very Rude Awakening. He measures Abel as he gets to his feet but before he can execute the move, Abel knocks Keaton with a Big Boot. He then beats on Keaton over and over again as the referee has to intervene. Abel won't stop and the referee has to pull him out. He's distracted chasing giving Keaton just enough time to get up. Abel turns around to be met by a Manhattan Drop from Keaton, he immediately hooks a front facelock and hits him with a Snap Suplex, Abel's back hitting the turnbuckle. Keaton wastes no more time and tries to pull Abel up but has difficulty with the larger body. He quickly goes for the Very Rude Awakening and turns Abel over but Abel gets out of it. Keaton charges but Abel twists him overhead and hits him with the World's End and makes the cover. 1......... 2........... 3!

    Here is your winner, one half of the WZCW Tag Team Champions, Abel Hunnicutt!!

    Wow. How do you stop this guy?

    Connor: Keaton was giving it his all but Abel just needed one blow.

    As the match ends, Abel lurches over towards the edge of the ring to collect his Tag Team Championship. He hoists it above his head as a look of venom appears on his face. He rolls out of the ring as Mark keaton begins to come to.
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    Connor: Ladies and gentlemen we are back from the break and Mark Keaton is still recovering from a hard match against Abel Hunnicutt. Fierce rivals leaving everything out there in the ring tonight.

    Cohen: A tough match no doubt but once again Vis Imperium comes out on top. Keaton put up a good fight but this kid can’t stop the monster that is Abel Hunnicutt. It’s just a small taste of what is coming his way if Cooper and Keaton dare challenge Vis Imperium for the gold once again.

    Inside the ring Mark Keaton pulls himself off the canvas using the ropes and leans back in the corner. His golden hair mixed with sweat, his body bruised and his will completely exhausted. Keaton turns towards the ring crew and signals for a microphone; someone rushes to the ring apron and hands it off to Keaton.

    Keaton: Ah, that didn’t go as I planned. I may look messed up right now, ah, but you should see the other guy.

    He wiggles himself to a vertical position and steps forward into the middle of the ring. The crowd give him a round of applause for his efforts tonight.

    Keaton: It’s been a rough month or two for not only me but my partner, Coops. We been on this ride a long time, baby! A long time, this ride called championship success and right now the ride has hit a bump in the road. Right now the only thing standing in our way of becoming TWO time WZCW Tag Team Champions is Vis Imperium. Now I know most of you probably think they got our number. You think that? Well it doesn’t matter because Mark Keaton gets all kinds of numbers, baby! Woo! Yeah, I got all your numbers and the number I got for Vis Imperium is 9-1-1 because that’s what you’re gonna need after you fools step into the ring with us.

    Keaton waves his hand in the air for the crowd to be silent.

    Keaton: Lethal Lottery is coming. My first ever time being in the Lethal Lottery Match and I’ve been thinking about what it means to me. What would this place look like if Mark Keaton won the Lethal Lottery? Glitter, leather and a whole lot of sexy women! Oh, yeah! Remarkable, I can promise you that. While I may have to pull double duty and whoop Vis Imperium all over the ring earlier in the night, you can be sure Mark Keaton is focused on the Lethal Lottery.

    Keaton brushes his hair with his left hand and raises his voice.

    Keaton: It means main eventing Kingdom Come in my first ever Kingdom Come, dude. Imagine it, WZCW Tag Team Champion Mark Keaton vs. WZCW Heavyweight Champion! Spielberg couldn't write that stuff! Once me and Coops work together to throw everyone out of the ring, including Vis Imperium, we will take on each other.

    He simulates tossing people over the top rope and then takes the centre of the ring again.

    Keaton: Once I throw Cooper out and win the Lethal Lottery match I'm charging right towards Kingdom Come! So get your VHS tapes ready to illegally record the show people! Anyone who feels like they've got the guts to take me on in the Lethal Lottery will get beaten, and lay at the feet of Remarkable Mark Keaton!

    Keaton drops the microphone and plays air guitar as his music plays him out.

    Connor: No lack of confidence from Mark Keaton. You heard it here tonight, Mark Keaton plans on winning the Lethal Lottery and becoming one half of the tag champions on the same night. That would be a historic moment for someone as new as Mark Keaton. All within a year of joining WZCW.

    Cohen: He doesn’t stand a chance so long as he drags Justin Cooper along. Keaton has the attitude of a star but you become the company you keep and Cooper is a lacklustre footnote in this organization. Keaton throwing Cooper over the top rope would be a blessing for all of us.
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    We cut to backstage where Eve Taylor is sitting down. Mikey Stormrage walks in and the two make eye contact.

    Mikey: Ready for tonight? Garth Black and Phoenix against us!

    Eve gets up from the chair she was sitting in.

    Eve: Garth and Phoenix have a lot of history together. What we have is different though, and they cannot win against that.

    Mikey: Still think we should be a real team and have a name....

    A couple of seconds pass before Eve breaks the silence.

    Eve: Mikey, we talked about that already. We both are seeking the World Heavyweight Championship in the end. It wouldn't work.

    Mikey: I know. I understand. Tonight we are teaming up though. It'll end with us celebrating in the ring again like when I was at ringside for your match against Garth, only this time we are both gonna be competing in the match.

    Eve: Sounds good to me!

    Mikey nods in agreement. He exits the room. Eve looks off in Mikey's direction.

    Eve: Are you sure you're feeling better though?

    She follows him out as we fade out to black.
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    Connor: What an amazing night it has been as we close in on Lethal Lottery this Sunday. A lot of exciting stuff left on the show with the main event between Eve Taylor and Mikey Stormrage taking on the World Heavyweight Champion Garth Black and Phoenix. A reunion of the Second Coming for the first team in years.

    Cohen: Did you expect anything less from our General Manager? She always delivers the biggest blockbuster matches for us. I’m telling you this could be a pay-per-view main event, the return of the Second Coming, and the fans are getting it for free! A great night of wrestling which is only going to get better and Lethal Lottery is this Sunday. It’s an exciting time for WZCW, partner!

    Connor: Stay tuned for the main event later on which is a preview of the World Championship Match this coming Sunday. Speaking of the General Manager, I’m being told that she is on her way to make a major announcement!


    Right on cue the General Manager of Ascension, Becky Serra, makes her way out from behind the curtain. She makes her way quickly to the ring, picking up a microphone from the steel steps as she climbs into the ring. The crowd waits as her music fades away and Serra walks confidently into the middle of the ring. Her hair falls gracefully as the crowd slowly begins to boo; Serra shakes his head in disgust.

    Serra: Ladies and gentlemen, we are less than a week away from one of the biggest nights on the WZCW calendar. Lethal Lottery promises to be an exciting time for not only you the fans but the competitors who will be fighting for the opportunity to change their lives by main event Kingdom Come. A chance to achieve their dreams and gain riches like never seen before while competing for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. Only one can win the Lethal Lottery so as the General Manager of Ascension, I’d like to say good luck to everyone involved.

    Serra takes a pause and then raises one finger in the air.

    Serra: However that is not why I am out here. No, Ascension has always been the show where blockbuster announcements are made and tonight is no different. While chaos may run wild on Meltdown it does not exist on my show. The actions of Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton on Meltdown, attacking Vis Imperium, was downright disgraceful and nothing more than an act of cowardice!

    The crowd boos immediately; Serra ignores them and continues.

    Serra: While I condemn the actions of these men, after a long consultation with John Constantine it has been determined that Vis Imperium will defend the WZCW World Tag Team Championships against Cooper and Keaton at Lethal Lottery in a Six Man Elimination match. Not only will the match be for the tag titles but in the same match Austin Reynolds will defend the Elite Openweight Championship against Logan McAllister.

    The crowd goes wild at the announcement of the Six Man Elimination Tag Match for Lethal Lottery. Serra smirks arrogantly, knowing she has gotten one over Meltdown.

    Serra: So let me make this clear for all you out there who struggle understanding these things. I know my genius is far superior than the common intellect of you fans but try to stay with me. Vis Imperium will defend all of their gold against Cooper, Keaton and McAllister in a Six Man Elimination match at the Lethal Lottery. That match also includes the Elite Openweight Championship and should Cooper, Keaton and McAllister win, then they will claim both of the championships.

    Once again the crowd cheers for the confirmation of the major match. Becky hands the microphone to a crew member and is assisted as she steps out of the ring. A few fans stick their hands out over the rail but Serra makes certain not to touch them as she makes her way up the entrance ramp.

    Cohen: I told you that Becky Serra always delivers the goods here on Ascension. Vis Imperium defending both the WZCW Tag Team and Elite Openweight Championship is huge! A brilliant match added to an already exciting Lethal Lottery card.

    Connor: Well it has been confirmed tonight. We had speculated for weeks about if Cooper and Keaton were going to get a rematch for the titles they lost at Unscripted. It has come but not the way in which they had expected I would think. The same can be said for Logan McAllister who put on a strong showing against Austin Reynolds last week for the Elite Openweight Championship. He will get a rematch but not the one on one match he had been asking for.

    Cohen: These guys wanted to fight Vis Imperium, well now they get their chance. All three stuck their noses where they didn't belong and Constantine has found a way to get rid of all three problem starters at once. They want to act like an alliance well now they have to work together to defeat the strongest force in professional wrestling. If Logan McAllister wants to become the Elite Openweight Champion he has to help Cooper and Keaton win the Tag Team Championships, and vice versa.

    Connor: It'll be elimination rules which throws another element into the whole thing. You could be up 3-1 and still end up without a championship.

    Cohen: It wouldn't be the first time this year a team went up 3-1 and still managed to walk away without a championship. Ha!

    Connor: The match is set but the tension behind this match still burns tonight as coming up next we will see Austin Reynolds, the reigning Elite Openweight Champion, take on Justin Cooper. Two veterans go head to head, can Reynolds go 3-0 in consecutive weeks against the challengers for Lethal Lottery or will Justin Cooper shock the world yet again? We find out next!
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    Anderson: The following contest is a singles match and is set for one fall.


    Cooper makes his way out to the ring with a smile on his face as the crowd cheers him on. Still unsure how to handle such a reaction he awkwardly waves to fans on the aisle as he proceeds to the ring.

    Anderson: Introducing first from Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, Justin Cooper!

    He slides into the ring and mounts the turnbuckle, shouting something unintelligible and points up to the sky. His grin only widens as he takes a final bow before sitting down and, apparently, examining his fingernails.

    Connor: A big time rematch from last month before Unscripted between Justin Cooper and Austin Reynolds. Of course, Austin Reynolds came away with the victory in their first meeting and then followed it up by beating Eve Taylor for the Elite Openweight Championship. This rivalry between Austin Reynolds and Justin Cooper reached a whole other level on Meltdown when Vis Imperium was forced to retreat as Cooper and Keaton nailed Reynolds with Dysfunctionality.

    Cohen: An act of cowards. Attacking Vis Imperium without any warning. Truly disgusting and this guy is going to be put back in his place just like Mark Keaton was earlier in the night. Austin Reynolds isn’t losing to Justin Cooper.

    The camera swings to the entrance ramp where Austin Reynolds, with the Elite Openweight Championship over his shoulder, emerges from behind the curtain. The crowd boos him loudly, his eyes never acknowledging them as he walks down to the ring.

    Anderson: And his opponent from New Jersey, weighing 240 pounds, he is the reigning Elite Openweight Champion... Austin Reynolds!

    Cohen: Since his return Austin Reynolds has been on fire. He’s been one of the best in the world and that’s why he’s the reigning Elite Openweight Champion. Vis Imperium made a brilliant decision to bring him back into WZCW. He hasn’t lost a step and tonight he’s going to prove why he’s the best.

    Connor: Austin Reynolds will defend that title as part of the Six Man Elimination Match at Lethal Lottery. Cooper will be involved in that match also but he can’t win the Elite Openweight Championship, only Reynolds or Logan McAllister can walk out with that championship. It’s going to be an interesting to see which team is able to work together more effectively.

    Cohen: Oh come on. Vis Imperium has been working together for months. This team of Cooper, Keaton and McAllister have just been thrown together in five minutes. They don’t have the chemistry or the trust in each other like Vis Imperium. They’ll fall apart on Sunday when things start going wrong. I’m predicting a 3-0 sweep for Vis Imperium.

    Reynolds enters the ring and holds up the Elite Openweight Championship. The gold sparkling under the lights of the arena. He hands it to the referee and gets right in the face of Justin Cooper. They exchange words while the referee hurries over to the side of the ring to hand off the title. Afterwards the official backs both men up, turns to his left and calls for the bell.


    The match begins and immediately Cooper looks for the takedown, trying to get the match on the ground to prevent his injured knee from being targeted, but Reynolds is just a step quicker and manages to get out of the way. Reynolds swiftly moves behind Cooper and applies a headlock. The grip allows him to twist and turn Cooper as they roll around the ring, Cooper struggling to break free. Slowly they begin to stand, the headlock still applied, and Cooper fires off an elbow to the ribs of Reynolds. This causes separation and Cooper whips his opponent into the ropes. On the rebound Cooper throws Reynolds over with a hip-toss and dives into a cover. 1... Kick Out! Not even close and Reynolds rolls away, gets to his knees and shakes his head at Cooper for even trying to pin him so early. Cooper smirks and tells Reynolds to stand up like a man. Ever so slowly, Reynolds stands and the two men lock up in the middle of the ring with the champion getting the better of the situation. He moves behind Cooper, connects with a forearm to the back, runs off the ring and rebounds as Cooper bends over and connects with a swinging neckbreaker! Reynolds hooks the leg and places a forearm across Cooper’s face as he goes for the pin. 1... 2... Kick Out! The crowd cheers for the kick out; Reynolds grabs Cooper by the wrist and drags him over to the ropes. He turns him around by the leg and places his injured knee on the bottom rope - Reynolds jumps high in the air and comes down with all his weight on the knee!

    Connor: Oh my god! He just attacked the knee of Justin Cooper. That knee which has been giving him trouble for months now. We’ve heard reports all week that Cooper has been cutting it close to not being cleared to compete and Reynolds is clearly going after what he believes to be a weakness.

    Cohen: Brilliant strategy by the Elite Openweight Champion. Reynolds is a smart man and he’s going to show Cooper that you can’t come into the ring with an injury and expect to win.

    Screams of pain from Justin Cooper echo throughout the arena. Reynolds is attacking the knee like a wild dog, jumping on it, punching it and driving his own knee into the joint of Cooper’s. The crowd watches on as Cooper clutches at his knee and Reynolds is forced back by the referee. From the corner of the ring Reynolds stares proudly at his work and tells the referee that this match is done. Cooper struggles towards the ropes, leaning himself against the bottom rope to elevate himself. The official begins checking on him and asks if he can continue. A few moments pass and Cooper slowly reaches his hand up and grabs the top rope. He pulls himself to a vertical position, gritting his teeth to fight off the pain, and Reynolds begins to approach him. He can’t believe it, Reynolds shakes his head and delivers a swift kick to the knee which puts Justin Cooper down! Immediately the referee steps in and sends Reynolds back to the corner where he is showered with boos from the crowd. Once again the referee asks if Justin wants to end this match but the veteran screams, “No!” He pounds the mat in frustration and then looks out into the crowd. They begin cheering loudly as he pushes himself off the canvas, staying near the ropes and using them for assistance. The referee is still standing by just in case when Reynolds moves in. He taunts Cooper by walking with a limp and yells that no one legged man is going to beat him. The arena is silent, Reynolds stands only inches away from Cooper who has his head down looking at his knee whilst pain rushes through his entire body. Then out of nowhere Cooper looks up at Austin Reynolds and spits right in his face!

    Cohen: He spat in Austin’s face. This wannabe just spat in a champion’s face!

    Connor: Defiant as ever Justin Cooper isn’t going to let this match be stopped due to injury and he’s not backing down from Austin Reynolds.

    All hell breaks loose when Cooper lunges at Reynolds, taking him down to the ground and unloads with a combination of forearms and punches. He has the Elite Openweight Champion covering up and trying to get to safety but Cooper is able to keep control on the ground. He is all over Reynolds who does his best to block some of the shots but most are landing. Finally he is able to grab the ropes and that forces the official to split them up. Cooper struggles to a vertical base without the support of the ropes and looks to keep the pressure on Reynolds but he is hit with a thumb to the eye. Blinded for a moment he turns his back on Reynolds and gets nailed with a chop block to the injured knee. Reynolds wipes his face, the remainder of the spit dripping from his hand, and then he pounces on the knee again. He stomps on it a few times and then pulls Cooper to a vertical base. His eyes filled with rage as he throws him over with a belly to belly throw. Cooper lands right where Reynolds want and the champion scurries to the corner, climbs the second rope and connects with an elbow drop onto the injured knee! Cooper tries to roll away but Reynolds pulls him back and hooks the leg. 1... 2... Kick Out! Feeling like he can end this match Reynolds quickly moves into position and locks in the Texas Cloverleaf. Cooper is in all sorts of trouble as the pressure is once again targeted towards his knee and he finds himself in the middle of the ring. He begins crawling towards the ring ropes, the arena cheering him on but the hold is so tight! Reynolds is pulling with everything he’s got, Cooper is fighting to stay in this match and the ropes are just inches away... he got there!

    Cohen: I thought Reynolds had it won. It’s clear that Cooper is wrestling on borrowed time. He can’t last much longer.

    Connor: The longer this match goes on the more I’m wondering if Justin Cooper is going to be able to make it to Lethal Lottery. Reynolds might be happy with injuring him tonight and making it 3 on 2 at the pay-per-view.

    Reynolds is forced to break the hold and he steps away from the action for a moment. He wipes his forehead with the back of his hand and the crowd boo the smug look on his face. He’s in total control right now and can see victory coming within moments. Cooper is still on the canvas when Reynolds grabs him by the wrist. He pulls Cooper violently over into the corner, turns him around and lifts Cooper up looking for the Atomic Drop. To the shock of Reynolds, the move is countered as Cooper slips off the shoulder and lands behind him. He shakes his leg and pushes forward, knocking Reynolds against the turnbuckle and rolling him up into a cradle. 1... 2... Kick Out! Reynolds is the first to his feet and can’t believe he almost got caught. He spins around and runs at Cooper only to get hit with a scoopslam! Cooper screams out and the crowd gives him a round of applause. He stands, somehow fighting through the pain, takes a few steps back and a few steps forward instead of his normal running off the ropes and drops three consecutive elbows into the heart of Austin Reynolds. After the third, Cooper grabs the leg for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out!

    Connor: By some miracle Justin Cooper has found a way to stay in this match and now he’s got the momentum. He’s the one putting a beating on Austin Reynolds. What a moment this would be if he managed to get the win.

    Cohen: Austin has to stay focused. He’s let this injury cloud his judgment. You can’t let Justin Cooper stick around because he’ll end up stealing a win from you right before your eyes.

    For what feels like the first time in the match, Justin Cooper has control. He fights back to his feet and grabs Reynolds by the arm. A stiff punch to the jaw connects and Cooper follows up by grabbing the head and nails a Devil Lock DDT! The crowd cheer as Cooper goes for the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! He can’t believe it. Cooper slaps the canvas, clearly frustrated, and rubs his knee. He looks at the referee and checks that Reynolds kicked out. All he can do is shake his head. Cooper looks to continue but is dropped by a kick to the knee by Reynolds off his back. Reynolds crawls over to the ropes and pulls himself off the mat. The champion looks angry and runs forward, kicking Cooper in the head. He then picks him up and connects with the Atomic Drop which failed earlier, this time keeping a tighter grasp on his opponent. Reynolds hurries into a cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! It’s no good for Reynolds either as both these men start to wonder what will put the other person away. With the crowd booing, Reynolds marches towards Cooper. He looks towards the corner and uses his shoulder to drive Cooper back into the turnbuckle. From here Reynolds rushes towards the opposite corner, lines up his shot and runs towards Cooper. He flies through the air and hits a running backsplash. Cooper stumbles forward and is lifted up by Reynolds into a Backpack Stunner - which connects! 1... 2... Kick Out!

    Cohen: I thought Austin had it! That combination would’ve put almost anybody away.

    Connor: This is a contest between two of the very best in this company. Both men have held gold and they are battling for our viewing pleasure tonight. This heated rivalry has left neither man wanting to give up this victory.

    He can see the finish line. Reynolds can sense that Cooper has very little left in the tank. He watches as Cooper, his eyes looking glazed over, attempts to stand. His leg shaking from the pain of his knee. It’s hard to watch and the fans hold their breath as Reynolds moves towards him. The champion grabs Cooper’s legs and begins twisting and turning them. Reynolds is looking to apply Silence and force Justin Cooper to tap out days before the championship match at Lethal Lottery. It’s almost locked in when Cooper begins to fight. He shakes his fist in the air and receives a cheer from the crowd. He hasn’t been placed on his stomach just yet and is about ¾ of the way there. Reynolds applies his weight trying to lock in the move but suddenly a leg comes free and it kicks him in the face.

    The hold is broken and Reynolds stumbles away from Cooper, who reaches for the ropes and pulls himself off the ground. Reynolds rubs his jaw, shocked that Cooper had some fight left in him and returns to finish the job. Unfortunately for him, Cooper is not done and meets him with Your Final Verse! No - Reynolds delivers some quick elbows to break the hold and save the match. It would have been over. Cooper is dazed but manages to grab hold of Austin’s wrist as he falls backwards. Both men are looking for that one big shot and with Cooper holding his wrist, Reynolds yanks him forward and kicks him in the stomach. This forces Cooper to bend over but he’s still got wrist control. Reynolds doesn’t seem worried and hooks the head before lifting Cooper up - End Of! Wait, Cooper twists the arm and is able to slip out behind Reynolds. With the wrist still in his grasp, Cooper spins Reynolds around and nearly takes his head off with a thunderous lariat - Remix! The crowd goes ballistic as Cooper falls into the cover. 1... 2... 3!

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match, Justin Cooper!

    Cohen: That wasn’t a three! It couldn’t have been a three count. No way does Justin Cooper have what it takes to beat Austin Reynolds. He’s the Elite Openweight Champion, he can’t lose to Justin Cooper. What does this mean for the match on Sunday? What happens if Justin Cooper is able to do this again when the titles are on the line? Vis Imperium could walk out without any gold.

    Connor: A huge victory here tonight for Justin Cooper. He has pinned the reigning Elite Openweight Champion and may have shifted momentum in this rivalry for the first time against Vis Imperium. We will have to tune into Lethal Lottery to see the madness of the Six Man Elimination Match for both the Tag Team and Elite Openweight Championship. I can’t wait.

    Inside the ring Justin Cooper is helped to his feet by the referee. He watches the replay of the finish and has a huge smile on his face. Cooper waves to the crowd who give him a round of applause. Meanwhile, Austin Reynolds rips his championship out of the hands of a crew member at ringside and retreats up the ramp. He disappears behind the curtain as the show takes a commercial break.
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    Backstage, we see Phoenix getting ready for the upcoming match. Suddenly, the World Heavyweight Champion storms into shot and stares a hole through his former ally and fierce enemy. For a moment, there is nothing but hatred as both men exchange a look of sheer venom. Black's nostrils flare as Phoenix gets in his face but quickly takes a step back.

    Black: I don't care that WZCW Management continue to punish me week in and week out. I don't even care that they have chosen you as my tag team partner to take on Eve Taylor and Mikey Stormrage tonight. What I care about is putting Romeo and Juliet out of their misery once and for all tonight. At this rate, their rivalry with me is starting to take the same shape as ours.

    Phoenix narrows his eyes as Garth gives a totally insincere giggle.

    Black: It doesn't matter what has gone on between you and I in the past, Phoenix. What matters is making sure that Eve Taylor and Mikey Stormrage, the pet projects of Management, aren't allowed to make fools of us for the sake of nostalgia. Do you know what people are even saying about you? You've become a j-

    Phoenix fires back immediately, cutting Garth off in the process.

    Phoenix: I know what people have been saying, Garth! You think I am blind to everything that has been going on in WZCW? You think that I don't see the headlines and what people are saying about us tagging again? The second coming of Second Coming, they are saying. I'm riding your coattails once again, they're saying.

    Phoenix looks utterly raging as Black slowly nods his head.

    Phoenix: I couldn't care less about your title, Garth. The fact that you are the Heavyweight Champion in this company is nothing more than a mere detail to me. But tonight, I am planning on showing those critics just how good I am. You don't have to worry about me 'letting the team down', Garth. Eve Taylor and Mikey Stormrage have a beating coming their way, one way or another.

    With that, Phoenix turns on his heels and storms away from the Heavyweight Champion, who sports a surprising smile as he is left alone.

    Connor: Hmm! Interesting stuff from the two former members of Second Coming, Jack?

    Cohen: Listen, Cat, these two guys have all of the talent in the world. Some people might be saying that they are over-matched in this match against Eve and Mikey. But let me tell you something, they have something more than talent: they have a purpose. On the eve of the Lethal Lottery event, both men have a lot to prove to everyone.

    Connor: Either way, Jack, the stage is set. A huge tag team match is our main event of the night. And that match is next!
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    Anderson: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall and is your main event of the evening!


    Anderson: Introducing first from San Francisco, California by way of Indianapolis, Indiana, weighing 325 lbs... Mikey Stormrage!

    Green strobe lights flash in rhythm to the music until Stormrage makes is way onto the stage where he throws one hand in the air at the top of the ramp. As he walks to the ring he high fives and interacts with the fans. He rolls into the ring and climbs onto the second turnbuckle where he yells and performs his Game Over taunt for the fans.


    Anderson: And his tag team partner making her way down the run way from Milan, Italy, weighing in at 156 lbs... Eve Taylor!

    The arena goes dim while a single spotlight shines on the top of the entrance ramp. Eve steps into the light with her head looking down almost as if she is doubting herself. She walks down the ramp as if it's a catwalk with her head slowly rising as she walks. She stops halfway down the ramp and as the chorus kicks in she raises her head the rest of the way and shoots her arms into the air as fire shoots out from the stage behind her as she stands there with her hands raised looking down towards the ring. After a few seconds Eve walks to the rings and climbs on the turnbuckle where she again throws her arms in the air before pointing out into the cheering crowd.

    Connor: These two have developed quite the relationship over the last few weeks, Jack. It's rather heartwarming to see this instead of men trying to kill each other week in and week out.

    Cohen: It makes me want to throw up. Both of them should know that there are no friends in professional wrestling. This week they're teaming up but with the Lethal Lottery coming up they could end up opponents.

    While the announcers talk Eve and Mikey talk to each other in the ring while they wait for their opponents.


    Anderson: And their opponents, introducing first making his way to the ring weighing in at 223 pounds, trying to escape from the gutter... Phoenix!!

    The music hits, and spotlights search the arena for Phoenix. Some time after the lyrics start, they find him making his way toward the ring from literally anywhere other than the entrance ramp, head and face covered by his hood and bandana. When he is found, all the spotlights focus on him and the rest of the arena’s lights go dim. He makes his way into the ringside area, slides under the bottom rope, and tears off his entrance attire.

    Connor: Last week on Ascension this man came up short in his match last week against Justin Cooper so you have to think he's going to be extra motivated for the win tonight.

    Cohen: Of course he's going to have a little bit of ring rust after being away from wrestling for years. But if there is anyone that can get the best out of Phoenix it's Garth Black. They're former WZCW Tag Team Champions as Second Coming and now Black is the World Heavyweight Champion.


    Anderson: And his tag team partner from the Last Chance Saloon weighing in at 15 stone he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion... Garth Black!!

    Black walks down to the ring with his Championship belt around his waist and a bottle of water in his hand. On the way to the ring he he stares at the camera and says the Mikey and Eve don't have a chance tonight. When he gets to the ring he slowly climbs the steps as he acknowledges all the fans in the arena. He takes a sip out of his water bottle as he stands next to his partner before tossing the bottle out of the ring.

    Connor: The last time these two were in the ring together they tried ending each others careers. No one thought these two men would be in the same ring again let alone on the same team after all these years.

    Cohen: Anything can happen in the world of WZCW, Cat. They may not have thought they would be in this situation but the both love winning so I'm confident they can work together her tonight.

    As Eve and Mikey decide who is going to start the match, Black just walks to the apron while Eve gives Mikey a pat on the shoulder and walks to their side of the ring.

    Cohen: Looks like it's Mikey and Phoenix starting this match up for their teams. Mikey has faced the best in this company but he's never faced anyone like Phoenix and I don't know if he'll be able to handle it.

    Connor: This isn't the first time Mikey has been the underdog. No one thought he would beat Matt Tastic at Kingdom Come or Constantine for the World Championship either. If anyone can find the answer to the Phoenix question it's Mikey Stormrage.

    Mikey takes Phoenix completely by surprise and starts laying into him with lefts and rights, causing him to stumble back into the corner before hitting him with a huge Sidewalk Slam as he comes back out. He goes for the quick cover but Phoenix powers out after the one count.

    Cohen: It's going to take a lot more than that for Mikey to put away a man like Phoenix.

    Mikey picks Phoenix up to hit another Sidewalk Slam but he is able to hit Mikey with a step-up eniziguri that casues him to to fall back giving him time to hit vicious kicks to the legs of Mikey.

    Connor: Not a bad plan by Phoenix here, take away the legs of the bigger man and he can't use his size against him.

    Cohen: Did you read a book of cliches before we came on the air or something?

    As Phoenix continues to kick Mikey he falls to a knee giving Phoenix the chance to land one huge kick to his head before he goes over to his corner and tags in the World Champion. Black gets into the ring and stalks his fallen challenger who crawls to the ropes and uses them to slowly get to his feet. Black grabs Mikey and whips him into the corner were he climbs to the second rope and lays into Mikey with punches while the fans count how many land.


    When he hears the fans count ten he jumps down and kicks Mikey hard in the gut before hitting a big monkey flip. He stares at Mikey lying on the mat before quickly going for the pin. 1...2... Kickout by Mikey!

    Connor: Garth Black has been on Mikey since he got in the ring and almost got the win there. Mikey has to get over to Eve so he can tag her in.

    Cohen: There's no way he can make it, Cat. He's on the opposite side of the ring from her.

    With that said Black walks over to Phoenix and slaps him hard on the chest in order to tag him in. As he climbs through the ropes and onto the apron, Phoenix stares daggers at him when all of a sudden Mikey is there and flips him into the ring before stomping on him and pulling him up for a short arm clotheline that knocks Phoenix down to the mat.

    Connor: Mikey's found a hidden reserve I didn't think he had.

    Cohen: I don't know if he's that smart. He's always shown more guts than brains inside that ring.

    Mikey looks down at Phoenix and grabs him by the arm so he can slowly drag Phoenix to his side of the ring where he tags in in Eve to the cheers of the fans in the arena. Eve wastes no time as she picks Phoenix up and hits him with vicious knife-edge chops to his chest that backs him into the nearest corner where she lays into him with with the Fashion Statement. Seeing his partner in trouble Black goes over and gets in Eve's face but before he can get physical the ref gets in his face and tells him to get back to his corner but during the distraction Phoenix is able to kick Eve right in the knee, causing her to fall back as she clutches her knee in pain.

    Cohen: And that's why Phoenix is one of the best in this business. Even after all those years away his ring IQ is still second to none. I see nothing but huge things in this man's future.

    Connor: Maybe but Phoenix can thank Garth Black for that distraction.

    Cohen: What distraction? All he was doing is making sure his partner wasn't hurt or anything. Why is it his fault she can't pay attention to what's going on in the ring?

    Phoenix pulls himself out of the corner and grabs Eve by the head and pulls her up so he can hit a snapmare followed by a hard kick to the back of her head. He quickly picks her up again and dragon whips her into the corner so he can hit a huge stinger splash on Eve in the corner.
    Connor: Ever since Phoenix took out her knee Eve has been unable to mount any offence. She needs make a tag and she needs to make it before Phoenix can do any more damage to her knee.

    Phoenix watches Eve as she slowly gets to her feet, gingerly stepping on her bad knee to test it out but as soon as she puts a little bit of weight on it Phoenix is right on her stomping on her already bad knee. He pulls her out of the corner and once again dragon whips her and goes for another stinger splash but this time Eve rolls out of the way causing Phoenix to land hard in the corner, slamming his head on the top turnbuckle.

    Connor: This may be just the chance Eve needs to get to Mikey. Phoenix is still out after hitting his head on the turnbuckle.

    Cohen: She needs to get over there before he comes to his senses but I don't think she'll be able to make it on one leg.

    Eve claws her way to the ring using the ropes while putting pressure on her good leg but before she can tag in Mikey, Phoenix dives at her and clips her bad knee causing her to fall down. Phoenix stands up and grabs Eve by the hair only to be slapped in the face and hit with a huge enziguri giving Eve just enough time to dive at Mikey for the tag before collapsing in the corner. Mikey climbs into the ring and hits a huge running body block followed by a Samoan Drop into a seated senton before going for the quick pin. 1...2..2 ¼ Kickout by Phoenix!

    Mikey stares at the referee in disbelief but goes back to Phoenix and picks him only to have him hit an Incinerator before pulling Mikey over to his corner and climbing the top rope. As he jumps off for the Final Flight, Black tags himself in at the last second so when Phoenix goes for the pin the ref waves him off and tells him that Garth tagged himself in. Garth walks past Phoenix, smirking at him as he picks up Mikey telling him to watch how a champion does it before hitting Mikey with the Black Out and goes for the pin. 1...2...3!

    Anderson: Here are your winners, the team of Phoenix and the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Garth Black!!

    Phoenix climbs back into the ring and confronts Black. The two men exchanging words about the ending of the match.

    Cohen: The team of Mikey and Eve showed a lot of heart but in the end it was the tag team experience of Phoenix and Garth Black prevailed and gave them both a big win heading into the Lethal Lottery.

    Connor: I may not like it but you're right. They may not have liked teaming together but the Second Coming reunion tonight was successful. Garth Black has pinned Mikey Stormrage less than a week away from their World Heavyweight Championship Match at Lethal Lottery. You've got to wonder what effect that will have on Stormrage going into the pay-per-view.
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    Segments: Dave, Prophet, Dagger
    Mikey Stormrage & Eve Taylor versus Garth Black & Phoenix - Milenko
    Austin Reynolds versus Justin Cooper - Prophet
    Abel Hunnicutt versus Mark Keaton - Killjoy
    Vee ADZ versus Xaitlyn Serpiente - Lee

    Sorry about the delay, guys and gals. Obviously, you know the reasons for said delay but it's still nto what we want. Regardless, the boards for Lethal Lottery will be up in a few hours, complete with NEW match descriptions... ;)

    Rep these guys for all of their hard work.
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