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    A very mixed reaction meets Garth Black as he makes his first appearance on tonight's edition of Ascension. Some of the men in the audience seem to be totally into Garth Black but some of the higher pitch noises suggest that the women and children of the WZCW audience don't support the efforts of Garth Black.

    Connor: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the 107th edition of WZCW Ascension, coming to you live from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Last night's episode of Meltdown brought the house down as more and more blocks were put in place for Unscripted 2016. But tonight, we ascend once again and move towards Unscripted at a vast rate of knots.

    Cohen: This crowd is electric tonight, Cat, you can really feel it. After last night's events, there is so many questions that these fans want answers to and I have a feeling that we might just get them here tonight.

    Connor: Let's hope so, Jack. Of course, I am the voice of WZCW Ascension, Cat Connor. And I am pleased to, once again, be alongside the voice of WZCW, Jack Cohen. Tonight promises to be a huge night for everyone involved in WZCW and starting tonight with Garth Black is a signal of that intent.

    Garth makes his way down the ramp at a reasonably slow pace, taking everything in and enjoying the strangely positive reception for him. Once he reaches the bottom of the ramp, he immediately slides under the bottom rope and runs across the ring; mounting the turn buckle and looking out into the crowd with a smile on his face.

    Connor: Garth Black has been enjoying his cult status in WZCW as of late, that much is obvious. But what must be more pleasing to him, is the way that he seems to have driven a wedge between Matt Tastic and Mikey Stormrage; fuelling the fire between the two as they head into a Championship encounter at Unscripted 2016.

    Garth dismounts from the turn buckle and retrieves a microphone from a stage hand.

    Black: Well, well, well...

    A huge smile seems to appear on the face of the beaten Gold Rush finalist.

    Black: Over the last few weeks and months, I have been vilified and marginalised by the faces that run this place. I have been given the entrance of a jobber, I have been refused shots at the Heavyweight Championship, even though Matt Tastic won the match at Gold Rush under very suspicious circumstances.

    Suddenly, an unheard of smattering of booing begins going around the arena at the mention of the Live Mas member.

    Black: But through it all, I knew what I was doing was right because you people; you people started to cheer for me. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't make a difference to me either way if you boo or cheer for me. But I know just as well as Vance Bateman and Becky Serra that the vocal majority of the people in a WZCW audience want change at the very top of this industry. They are tired of seeing the same old faces being rewarded for doing nothing of note. And they are tired of seeing the little guys of this business being forced into meaningless feuds and matches because Management has nothing for them.

    Black loses himself in thought for a moment; an action that seems to draw another positive reaction from the crowd, who seem keen on the passion with which Garth Black speaks.

    Black: Since Gold Rush, I have made it my mission to make sure that Becky Serra, Vance Bateman and Mr Banks know that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated anymore. This business will burn to the ground sooner or later, with the betting being on the former, if something doesn't change and soon. There is a reason, after all, that the roster numbers in this business is in the toilet.

    Black shakes his head in resentment; possibly thinking about a by-gone era that used to exist.

    Black: Here we are, in 2016, and Mikey Stormrage and Matt Tastic are still on top of the card. Wake up, people! This is not something that these people want to see! These people want to see creativity and hard work rewarded, not jobs for the boys and certainly not the same 4 people constantly cycle from title shot to title shot...

    Again, Black loses himself in his passionate words as more support seems to come from the packed crowd.

    Black: If this company ends tomorrow, how many people would benefit from it? How many people in the back will look back on their careers and think to themselves that it was done on their own merits and not backstage politics? WZCW would like for you to all to believe that everyone is treated the same and everyone has the same opportunities but that's not the case. If this company ends tomorrow, so very few will leave this company having made a profit. That's just the way things are here.

    Connor: We are sorry about this, folks. We will bring you some in-ring action as soon as this buffoon finally exits the ring. What garbage.

    Black continues.

    Black: But if this company does end tomorrow. I can hold my head up high, safe in the knowledge that I tried to make it better. And safe in the knowledge that I upset the apple cart. I was the one who fought the establishment and I was the one who drove a wedge between the Live Mas partnership!

    Black's temper begins to flare as he continues.

    Black: I was the-

    With that, silence hits the arena as all power to the microphone is cut from the production truck. Black continues to mouth his words until he realises that no one can hear him. Taking the microphone from his mouth and looking at it, Black lets out a little laugh. Tossing the microphone away, Black continues to laugh as he exits the ring and walks up the ramp.

    Connor: Well, thank God for that. I thought he would never stop.

    Cohen: We do apologise for that, everyone.

    Connor: Moving swiftly on, we have a stacked card for you all tonight. But first, let's head backstage to where Johnny Klamour is, hopefully, with someone more interesting than Garth Black, It is the debut of young Xaitlyn Serpiente tonight and she should be live...
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    The camera flicks to a steady shot of veteran WZCW interviewer, Johnny Klamour against a WZCW backdrop. With a microphone in one hand and a look of concentration on his face, Johnny seems ready for his interview.

    Klamour: Thanks, Cat, and welcome backstage. I am, of course, Johnny Klamour. And in a little bit, I am going to be meeting with the newest talent on the WZCW roster. A woman of diversity and a woman of sheer delectable danger; that woman is Xaitlyn Serpiente... I think I pronounced that properly anyway.

    Klamour allows bemused look to cross his features but he presses on regardless.

    Klamour: Not much is known of Xaitlyn Serpiente at this point other than the fact that she is an expert at handling snakes. And whilst that sounds like my sort of woman, I am in no rush to get up close and friendly here tonight. But with a triple threat match against Noah Ryder and Luke Manson in the offing for tonight; let's get to know her a little bit better.

    Johnny opens up his body to welcome the new WZCW rookie into the frame. But Xaitlyn seems completely unphased by the interview and simply breezes past Johnny. With her trademark snake hoisted high on her shoulders, Xaitlyn cuts the figure of someone not to be trifled with. And whilst Johnny may regularly be upset by the way people treat him in interviews, he doesn't seem to be in any rush to chase the rookie down and complete the job.

    Klamour: ...Christ!

    After Xaitlyn disappears out of shot, none other than Luke Manson appears in it; a large smile on his face as he stands beside the gob-smacked Johnny.

    Klamour: What a woman...

    Manson: You're right, Johnny. A woman like that can almost be addictive. And I've got a lot of experience with things like that. And let me tell you this, Johnny, the addictive ones are always the worst ones for you.

    Johnny turns around in a daze and is somewhat frightened by the appearance of Luke Manson.

    Klamour: Huh... What?

    Manson puts one arm around Johnny as they continue to watch Xaitlyn make her war towards the arena.

    Manson: She's new, Johnny, don't take it to heart. She doesn't know what the lay of the land is yet. But I'll tell you one thing, Johnny, WZCW is only for those who can learn to adapt quickly. This is the promised land for people who want to be here. And for people who are not grateful for everything they get whilst they are here, well, lessons are very quickly doled out.

    Manson stops for a moment, collecting himself.

    Manson: I gave everything just to get to this point and I owe some very scary people some serious money just to get into this company. And if someone like her is unappreciative of the time and effort that WZCW want to spend on her, then lessons will have to be dished out. I'm thankful of everything I get in a WZCW ring. And tonight, that little number might get taught the exact same lesson.

    With that, Manson begins walking towards the arena in the same way that Xaitlyn did. Johnny, seemingly still transfixed on Xaitlyn from before, stands motionless until the screen goes black.


    Connor: Well, folks, Luke Manson made the most of a bad situation for Johnny there. But will he be able to make the most of the following situation remains to be seen.

    Cohen: Tall words from the rookie, Cat. Sometimes you are better just shutting your mouth and letting your actions dot the talking. Maybe Xaitlyn had it right all along.

    Anderson: The following is a Triple Threat Match, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Queens, New York, weighing 212 pounds, Luke “THE MAN” Manson!!


    Luke comes out to his blaring music and flashing lights. He stares at the crowd with glee and walks down the ramp high-fiving the fans at the ring side. A few cheers light up the arena from the members of the WZCW audience who recognize him. Manson stops before climbing up into the ring and pumps up the audiences by waving his hands at them.

    Cohen: This old man has really got some guts, Seabass. Not every 38 year old would be walking down to a ring after an assault by Garth Black. Kudos for that.

    Connor: How old are you Jack?

    Manson's music dies as Anderson gets ready to announce the next competitor.

    Anderson: And his opponents. First, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 222 pounds, "THE UNFORGETTABLE" Noah Ryder!


    Noah walks out, arms pounding his chest. He cups his hands over his mouth and calls out the 2 opening lines to the chorus before eagerly hopping his way down to the ring. His music stops abruptly, Noah looks around confused, only to see Backstage Bob running down the ramp with the KFAD briefcase. They both have a brief conversation, apparently Bob trying to convince Noah that the briefcase belongs to him. The KFAD winner eventually accepts the briefcase and walks down the ramp and walks straight to the time keeper’s area.

    Noah Ryder: I can't exactly remember but something tells me that this is mine. Remind me to take this back after the match, alright?

    He hands the KFAD briefcase to the Time Keeper and hops into the ring. He stands next to Luke Manson and Selena Anderson as the latter is ready to call the final competitor of the match.

    Cohen: Jesus! Noah Ryder can't even remember that he has the King For A Day briefcase. The deadline to cash it in will likely pass before he even remembers that he can cash it in. I don't think Eve or Titus are worrying.

    Conner: I wouldn't feel sorry for him too much, Jack. He has moments of clarity, for sure. And Titus and Eve would do well not to consider themselves out of the woods. Noah has lots of potential and the right to challenge either of them at a time of his choosing.

    Anderson: And their opponent, making her WZCW debut, Straight Outta Hell, weighing 175 pounds, “THE DEVILESS” Xaitlyn Serpiente!!

    The fans at the ringside starts to scream in horror as Xaitlyn walks through the crowd wearing her ‘pet’ snake Ennette around her neck. She jumps up the apron and carefully hands the snake over to her manager Brendon Stokes, before entering the ring and stands face to face against the two giant men.

    Cohen: Where do these people get their ring name and nickname from? And why is she carrying a snake to the ring? I am terrified! I miss Gino Gallucci, at least he brings Pizzas.

    Conner: I thought you hate Gallucci’s Pizzas…


    As soon as the bell rings, Xaitlyn gets face to face with Luke Manson and delivers a stiff Knife-edge chop. Then she trash talks in Hindi at Noah Ryder and presents him with a Knife-edge chop as well. But both the men looked unfazed and unmoved by her. Seeing that, she starts to deliver furious chops at both of them. She hits the rope and charges at them only to get double clotheslined and falls back first onto the mat. Luke and Ryder looks at each other, nodding their head. They pick her up and throw her out of the ring over the top rope.

    Soon after that, they circle the ring before locking themselves in a collar-elbow tie up. Both men struggle to out power each other, eventually, being the bigger man Noah Ryder manages to push Luke to the ropes. The referee intervenes between them not before Noah hits his own knife-edge chop on Luke's chest. With his opponent wiggling in pain, he Irish whips him to the opposite rope. On the rebound, Ryder takes Luke down with a snapmare and delivers a stiff kick to the back. He gets on the mat and locks his older opponent’s head in a three-quarter face lock trying to wear him out.

    Conner: Good plan by Ryder. First taking out one of the competitors and then wearing down the other. He has come to this match absolutely prepared.

    Cohen: I have to agree with you Cat and that sickens me.

    Few clap sounds can be heard from the crowd as Luke starts to pump his hand and pushing his body up. Once they both get onto their feet, Luke elbows Ryder in the gut forcing himself out of the hold. Then he pushes him at the ropes, upon his return, Luke "The Man" Manson welcomes him with a big boot. But the KFAD holder ducks underneath it and hits the ropes and springboards back with a vicious Elbow connecting to the jaw of Luke, knocking him down. He immediately goes for the first cover of the match! Before the referee could get down to count, Xaitlyn pulls Noah by his legs out of the ring and slams him onto the barricade. She yells at Noah before kicking him in the head crashing to the barricade!!

    Cohen: What a vicious kick to the head! I won’t be surprised if she takes control of this match from here Cat.

    Conner: I don’t know, Jack. This is the first time we see her in the ring, we have to wait and see to know what she got in her arsenal.

    She climbs up the apron and screams something at the fans in Hindi. Before she could get into the ring, Luke hurls himself at her with a big boot over the top rope. She collapses onto the apron by that impact. With more than half a feet tall than his female opponent, he uses that as leverage, pulls her up and hip tosses her into the ring. Not giving the time for breather, he hits a couple of standing elbow drops to the Indo-Spanish sensation’s back. He rolls her and hooks the legs for the pin. One... Two... Kick out. Outside the ring, Noah manages to get on his feet, still holding his head. On the inside, Luke raises Xaitlyn up to the vertical base and knees her gut a couple of times. Then he Irish whips her to the ropes and goes for a clothesline. But the former MMA fighter, Xaitlyn ducks underneath it and throws herself out of the ring with a suicide dive crashing Noah again into the barricade. In the process, she hurt her shoulder as well; she whimpers in pain clutching her right shoulder. The crowd cheers for the acrobatic effort of the young rookie.

    Cohen: This is why one shouldn’t gamble with the fancy moves.

    Conner: She seems to be pain. But I don’t think she will give up now. She clearly has some sort of advantage over both of these men.

    Luke hustles out of the ring to find both of his opponents are on the floor grumbling in pain. He pulls Noah up to his feet, locks him in a front face lock and attempts a suplex. Just like he had read the mind of his opponent, Noah Ryder reverses that move and hits a snap suplex, flooring Manson against the barricade. He pounds his chest crazily and swifts his stare to Xaitlyn as she is stirring to get on her feet. Returning the favor of what she had done a while back, he kicks straight to her head knocking her down.

    The crowd starts to react to the match by the series of offense shown by the competitors. Few “Let’s go Ryder” chants can be heard amongst the crowd. The crowd gets louder each time as he pulls up Luke Manson to his feet and hits a front suplex onto the barricade. With his opponent squirming in pain, he rolls him into the ring and goes for the cover. One… Two… Kick out!! He grabs his hair in frustration, pounds his hands hard on the mat. He rises up to his feet only to meet with a running crossbody from Xaitlyn, who came out of nowhere. She starts to hit a flurry of closed-fist punches at Ryder. He desperately tries to avoid those punches by lifting his forearm but the Mixed Martial Artist finds her ways to deliver those punches connecting to his jaw.

    Cohen: Get her out of the ring! Closed fist punches are illegal! Come on ref, what the hell are you doing!!

    Conner: That’s a desperation move from Xaitlyn, Jack. She needs to be aggressive to overcome these two heavier and taller opponents! I have no complaints regarding the way she fights.

    Finally, the referee manages to stop Xaitlyn from pounding on Noah Ryder. She argues with the referee, for which the crowd responds with a boo. She ignores the referee, makes Ryder to sit on the mat and goes for a penalty kick! But the KFAD winner ducks under that rolls her up for the pin.



    Thr… No Kick out!!!

    Once she wiggles out of the pin, she sprints at Noah Ryder and tries to hit the Running Hip Attack, but Noah catches her midair and nails her down with the BLUE THUNDER BOMB!!! Not giving a time to spare, Ryder locks her up in a sleeperhold, squeezing her nerves. Instead of keeping her down on the mat, he raises up to the feet without breaking the hold. He lifts Xaitlyn off her feet with that hold, constricting the life out of her. The referee tries to intervene him to release the hold. But before that, Luke Manson hustles from behind, with all his might, he lifts Ryder up and nails him down with a BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX! Sending both Ryder and Xaitlyn crashing onto the mat!


    Eventually Ryder releases Xaitlyn off his submission, to clutch his back and crumples in pain. Xaitlyn is seen dead on the mat with no limb movement. Luke examines both his opponents, climbs up the nearest turnbuckle. He hits the air and nails a perfect MOONSAULT on Xaitlyn!!

    Conner: MANSault!!!

    He struggles to get on his feet, holding his back with one hand and the other clutching the turnbuckle. Out of nowhere, Ryder sprints across the ring and crashes Manson’s face with the running Big Boot, BLOW RYDER!! He rolls him down and falls over him for the pin.




    Anderson: Here is your winner, the King for a Day, Noah Ryder!!!

    Cohen: What an incredible match!A real showing from these three superstars. Three superstars who had a lot to prove and can all leave with their heads held high after an exhilarating contest.

    Conner: Absolutely incredible, Jack! Ryder getting his much deserved win. He came up with a game plan and he picks up the win here!


    Inside of her office, Becky Serra sits behind her desk. On the nearby TV, a frozen picture of Garth Black can be seen. Becky stares at intently as a look of frustration and anger appear on her face. In her hands, two two remains of a snapped pencil can be made out. She shakes her head before throwing half of the snapped pencil at the TV and turning around in her desk chair. Suddenly, a knock at the door frightens her as she fixes her suit and hair.

    Serra: Yes, come in...

    After a moment, the door creeps open and the face of Backstage Bob can be seen poking around it. With a smile on his face, he peers into the room. Becky offers him a welcoming smile as she waves him inside.

    Serra: Robert! How nice of you to make it around here to see me.

    Bob stands motionless in the middle of the room awaiting his instruction as, from behind her desk, Becky Serra gets to her feet. The smile on her face is as intimidating as it is beautiful and Bob sense deviousness.

    Serra: Tonight is a big night for Ascension, and for WZCW as a whole, Bob. For the last few weeks, we have been, as Mikey Stormrage put it, a ship battling through the high seas. People look to myself and Vance to steady that ship. But over the last few weeks, one persistent thorn in our paw seems to be beating us again and again.

    Bob: Oh you mean Garth Black? I think he's been brilliant!

    Becky looks appalled at the thought.

    Serra: You think it to be brilliant that he puts all of us at risk his increasingly brutish and dangerous behaviour, Robert? You have to agree that he has been like a wild animal of late, with something on his mind and no real way of expressing it, he has proved himself to be nothing more than a nuisance. And the way that he has tried to impose himself between the main event of Unscripted is nothing short of disgusting.

    A revolted look on the Ascension General Managers face is soon couple by a shudder of dread. Moving around Bob in the middle of the room, Becky continues talking.

    Serra: Tonight is the night, Robert. Tonight is the night that I, Becky Serra, am finally able to remove that thorn from the paw. Tonight is the night that I regain control of the ship and steady it in increasingly uncertain waters.

    Becky stops around the back of Backstage Bob.

    Serra: Tonight is the night that we extinguish the flame of Garth Black once and for all.

    Bob: Oh...

    Becky begins walking around Bob again, making her way around the hapless backstage worker in an increasingly menacing way.

    Serra: Tonight, Garth Black goes one on one against the man who's life he has been making a misery for weeks now. Tonight, Matt Tastic will finish the job that he started at Gold Rush a few weeks ago. And most importantly, tonight will mark the end of this little revolution from Garth Black. After the match tonight, no one will be supporting Garth Black with hash tags or anything else. Matt Tastic will destroy Garth Black and I just want to make sure we are ready to mark that momentous occasion.

    Finally, Becky makes her way, full circle, around the backstage worker until she is face to face with him.

    Serra: And that's where you come in. We need the works tonight, Bob. Balloons, streamers, confetti; THE WORKS! Tonight is a night for celebration and we all have to do our part...

    With that, Becky motions her head towards the door and Bob makes his leave; a smug look of happiness on the face of the Ascension General Manager.
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    After a moment of darkness, the smiling features of the best agent in Hollywood finally appears on the screen. Smoking, what looks like, a very grand Cuban cigar; Andrew Adonis is glittering in every sense of the word. As the camera widens, Adonis looks over both of his shoulders as his expression changes to one of concern. But upon realising that nothing is stalking him, his wide smile returns to his face.

    Adonis: Has it really been two weeks already?

    The talented agent lets out a slight laugh as he presses on.

    Adonis: Has it really been two weeks since my client was ruthlessly attacked at the hands of Ty Burna... Tyrone Blades... Whatever!? A few weeks ago, Xander LeBelle stood in my office as we shared some of the best cigars that money can buy. On that day, friends, I asked the World's Greatest Mind for two things. Firstly, I asked him to come with me on a journey that would propel him towards the top of sports entertainment. And my only other request was that he trust my judgement.

    Adonis' speech is somewhat muffled as he keeps the cigar burning between his lips. Taking it from his mouth and flicking it onto a handkerchief in his other hand, Adonis shakes his head in disbelief.

    Adonis: Something quite extraordinary happened two weeks ago, ladies and gentlemen. Two weeks ago, I was caught off guard as Tyrone Blades repeatedly raised a steel chair above his head and then brought it down on the back of my charge, Xander LeBelle. But in the same way that lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, I will not be made to look foolish twice in a row.

    The camera widens again as Xander LeBelle finally comes into shot. Xander, like his representation, is smiling widely; almost as if nothing had happened last time.

    Adonis: This kid, Xander LeBelle... Well, he's lightning in a bottle, ladies and gentlemen. He is a better story than Hollywood could even conjure up. And whilst sparks fly from this superb specimen, his opponent is barely a flash in the pan.

    Adonis puts one arm around Xander LeBelle, nodding his head in appreciation for his client.

    Adonis: Tony Mancini lies in wait for my client tonight but he will find himself hopelessly outmatches by the greatest mind in the world today. Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen, my WZCW revolution begins now...

    With that, Andrew Adonis gives Xander a pat on the shoulder as LeBelle wonders out of shot. Adonis takes another deep puff on his cigar before crushing it out on a nearby wall and walking off behind his client.

    Connor: Well, ladies and gentlemen, Xander LeBelle really found himself up against the odds last week after being viciously attacked at the hands of Tyrone Blades. His match was, rightly, pushed to Ascension but I'm sure the effects of such a beating were not easily put to bed.

    Cohen: Excuses, Cat! Justin Cooper was the better man on the night.

    Connor: Regardless, big things are expected from Xander LeBelle here tonight and Andrew Adonis is certain that it is going to happen.


    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, your perfect silence has been requested, so that Xander LeBelle may make his entrance.


    The crowd falls silent once the music starts, and Xander appears in the entryway, puffing on a cigar. As he starts his walk to the ring, his manager, Andrew Adonis, appears behind him. He drops off his cane at ringside, and enters using the steps, handing his cigar and sunglasses to the ref, before mounting the turnbuckle, and turning his attention towards the ramp.


    The crowd comes to life, relentlessly booing the smug Italian as he makes his way to the ring, his friend Gino in tow. The two wrestlers lock eyes, and don't break their stare as Tony and Gino get into the ring. Tony and Xander are almost nose to nose with their respective seconds handling most of the trash talking.

    Anderson: This match is scheduled for one fall! To my left, hailing from the City Of Light, weighing in today at 215 pounds..."The World's Greatest Mind"...XANDER! LEBELLE!!

    The crowd lets their feeling be known as Xander apparently misreads the boos and poses in admiration of his legions of "fans".

    Anderson: And to my right, weighing in at 275 pounds...He is from Little Italy...TONY! MANCINI!

    Before Selena finishes Mancini's name, Tony winds up a big right hand that surprises the French diplomat, knocking him to the mat!


    Gino and Andrew both exit the ring in a hurry as Tony begins putting his size 13 boots to Xander's ribs! Xander crawls to a rope and grapevines himself around it, signalling for a timeout! The referee waves him off, explaining there are none, but Xander reminds him he is a diplomat!

    Connor: The referee is certainly not going to bend to that kind of behavior and antics, is he? I mean, the fans clearly don't have a favorite in this match, and want to see some fists fly, so why not let them?

    Cohen: If she doesn't want to end up in a French prison, she will do exactly as Mr. LeBelle instructs her, Cat!

    Xander uses the ropes to get to his feet, and tries pulling out his wallet to bribe Tony! He stretches out his hand with a wad of bills sticking out of it, and Tony accepts! He stuffs the money in his pocket, and the fans are losing their minds!


    Xander walks to his corner, and motions for his sunglasses and cigar,, but Tony surprises him again, this time with a W.G.T. to the back, crushing him against the turnbuckle! Xander hits the canvas in a heap, and Tony poses on the turnbuckle over him!

    Xander rolls off the canvas, hitting the floor on the outside, as Andrew comes to his aid, using a golden silk handkerchief to wipe the sweat from his brow and fan him off. After getting some help to his feet, he is back in the ring, breaking the referee's count at 5! Tony gives him a gesture that appalls the crowd!

    Cohen: This kid Tony's got some guts. I like it!

    Connor: What exactly did that gesture mean, Jack?

    Cohen: I believe it's an old Italian way of telling someone to go fornicate themselves, Cat.

    Xander charges at Tony, but Tony sidesteps him and connects with a fisherman suplex! Both men hurry to their feet, and this time Xander stops short, catching Tony telegraphing the move, and smashes him in the face with a knee! Tony crumbles to the mat, and it's now Xander's turn to mount the offense, landing a series of right hands to the already large nose on the Italian! Gino gets on the apron, to try and break it up, but only draws the ref's attention! He argues that Xander is using a closed fist, and earns an ejection for his efforts!

    Connor: Gino getting himself sent to the showers will certainly serve as a disadvantage to Tony in this match, Jack. He's now basically fighting a 2-on-1 battle!

    Cohen: Well, brains aren't exactly what the Mancini Family is known for, and now they've put themselves a man down in this fight. Xander is smart enough to capitalize on this. He is the World's Greatest Mind, after all!

    Tony is able to use his size advantage to break up Xander's offense, but is met with a snap DDT the moment he gets to his feet! Xander goes for the pin, hooking the leg!


    Tony shoves Xander off, and rushes to his feet. The two meet in the center of the ring, hooking into a collar-and-elbow tie-up that Tony easily gains the upper hand in, shoving Xander into the corner. He leans his weight against his opponent as he tightens the leather knuckle-length glove on his right hand, and then connects with a chop that silences the crowd. Another one drops Xander to a knee! He walks to the center of the ring, playing to the crowd's boos, and rushes in, trying to take off Xander's head with a knee!

    Xander blocks the knee, and connects with a hard STO out of the corner! Tony lands awkwardly on the back of his head, and gets up, but can't seem to regain his balance! Xander sees this, and rushes him with a combination of knife-edge chops and strong shin kicks! Tony is doubled over, and Xander completes the combination with a hard elbow to the back of the neck! Tony hits the mat face first! Xander sets him up for The Rose's Thorn!

    Cohen: Hey, Cat! How ironic would it be, if Tony lost this match to a Curb Stomp?

    Xander has Tony's arms locked, with his foot in place, but doesn't have quite enough strength to lift the much larger Italian for the maneuver! He lets go, allowing Tony to catch his breath and get to a knee, before taking him out with a guillotine leg drop! Tony's face is red with anger as he jumps to his feet and charges Xander again! Xander can't escape the raging Italian, and is tackled through the ropes to the outside! Tony begins delivering rights and lefts at a breakneck pace!

    1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6!

    The referee's count has no effect, and here comes Andrew, wielding Xander's cane!

    7! 8!

    Tony catches him out of the corner of his eye, and levels him with a big boot! He picks up the cane, and prepares to use it himself, but Xander dives for the safety of the ring, and breaks the ref's count!

    Tony rolls in after him, still clutching the cane with both hands, lining up his shot on Xander's skull! As he pulls back his swing, the referee grabs the cane, and throws it out of the ring! Tony looks incensed, his whole body shaking with rage! As he stalks the ref, Xander crawls to the corner, and finds a small velvet pouch that Gino left before being escorted from ringside by security! He dumps its contents into his hand, and it's Tony's brass knucks!

    Cohen: Sometimes being The World's Greatest Mind requires a bit of luck, and that's quite the find he just made there!

    Connor: But if he uses those, he'll get immediately disqualified! I'm sure he doesn't want to take a loss here, especially to a low-rate thug like Mancini!

    Tony sees Xander toiling with the bag, and rushes to the corner, pulling Xander up by his hair, and mounting the turnbuckle, delivering 10 hard punches directly to his opponent's face! After he hops down off the turnbuckle, and with his back to the ref, Xander lands a clear shot with the brass knucks, right on the bridge of his nose!

    Cohen: Fuhgedaboudit!

    Connor: With the cane out of play, it appears he has taken a page out of Tony's book, using his own brass knucks against him!

    Cohen: He truly is a Class Act, isn't he, Cat?

    Tony falls straight back, blood pouring from his nose. Xander falls right next to him, stuffing the knucks into his pants as the ref checks on Tony! He crawls over Tony's body, and drapes his arm over him for the pin!


    Anderson: Your winner...XANDER! LEBELLE!

    Xander instantly leaps to his feet and races around the ring, celebrating his victory while his manager collects his belongings. As he gets in the ring to celebrate with the winner, Xander comes to a stop, and waits as his sunglasses are placed on his face, and his cigar is re-lit. He looks down at his opponent, and then leaves the ring with his manager following him.

    Connor: That man really should be an actor! He stole that win, but I can't say Tony wasn't about to do the same with Xander's own cane.

    Cohen: You're right! He should be an actor, a handsome gentleman like himself!

    Once Xander and Andrew exit the curtain, Gino races out to check on Tony, helping him up and to the back.


    We go backstage one more time to where Backstage Bob is seen in the production truck. Fiddling with some knobs and some buttons, Bob tuts and shakes his head in frustration. After a moment, none other than the EurAsian Champion, Titus, makes his way into the truck. Bob jumps with a start as Titus makes his way inside but soon allows a welcoming smile to cross his features.

    Bob: Oh, it's you. I thought it was going to be Becky again.

    Titus matches the warm expression of the firm fan favourite as he moves further inside the truck until he is standing over Bob rather ominously. After a tense few seconds, Titus plops himself down on the chair next to Bob and lets out a deep sigh.

    Titus: I know how that feels, man. Watching what you do, watching what you say, scared of what everyone will think and say to you... It can be exhausting sometimes; I get it.

    Bob: I know, right? The last few weeks, she has been all over me to get things done and she hasn't given me any peace and quiet. I guess it all comes back to the Garth Black thing. The way I see it, Black has made her and Vance look really foolish and, for one reason or another, the want to stop him before he can do any more damage to their plans.

    Titus allows a look of curiosity to cross his features as he looks at the frustrated backstage worker, who is still fiddling with knobs and buttons.

    Titus: And that's what brings you here, huh?

    Bob gives Titus a slight laugh as he stops fiddling with buttons.

    Bob: Ridiculous, right? Becky summons me to her office earlier and tells me to have some sort of massive celebration planned for when Garth Black is pinned by Matt Tastic later on. Truth be told, I don't really know what I am doing with things like this. I got the balloons, the confetti and the streamers up to the rafters easy enough but timing has never really been my thing. And with everyone seemingly too busy to help me out, I have to figure this out by myself.

    Titus continues to listen to Bob as an idea crosses his mind.

    Bob: I give up!

    Titus: Bob, listen, don't worry about it. Maybe it is fate that I was walking past this way when I seen you. You know me, I came from the home of pageantry and pomp. I came from a scene all about releasing balloons and streamers. Hell, enough times I have made it happen myself. Tell you what, Bob., You take off and I'll sort this out for you.

    Bob stops prodding away at buttons and looks at Titus; not knowing which expression to select.

    Bob: I don't think I can do that, Titus. I have strict instructions to release this after the Matt-

    Titus: Matt Tastic and Garth Black result? I get it! I bet you've got lots to do, Bob. How long have we been in this business together for? You can trust me to do this for you. Go get on with your own work. Or better yet, grab yourself a cup of coffee and take a load off for a moment, you look exhausted.

    Bob: I do feel a little tired.

    Titus: You see! This is for the best...

    With that, Bob considers his options before standing up and patting Titus on the shoulder.

    Bob: Remember, only after Matt Tastic pins Garth Black tonight?

    Titus: You can trust me, Bob.

    Bob swallows the last of his reluctance to leave Titus alone and walks through the production truck and exits at the far end; leaving Titus alone with a look of deviousness on his face.

    Connor: Uh-oh!
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    Theron makes his way through the curtain dressed down in casual clothes and sporting a wide smile as he does. His T-shirt is a new design and as he holds it out for everyone to see, he lets out a laugh. Behind him, his real life girlfriend and on-screen manager, Tiffany follows; a thick black folder clutched tightly to her chest and a smile on her face also.

    Connor: Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is a surprise. Theron Daggershield, of course, is not scheduled to be wrestling here tonight. But word is reaching us that he has a special announcement to make tonight.

    Cohen: After last night, he is lucky that he is still walking to the ring. Maybe he is announcing that he is retiring, Cat? Haha!

    Jack's laughing seems to strike a chord with Cat as Theron continues to make his way down the ramp, up the steps and into the ring.

    Connor: I find that highly unlikely, Jack. Theron has faced huge odds before and, on each occasion, has risen to the challenge and overcome it. A cowardly attack from Steven Holmes and Constantine is nothing that Theron isn't used to by now. And mark my words, he will come through this even stronger than before.

    Theron retrieves a microphone from ringside after helping Tiffany get in the ring. He allows a wide smile to cross his features as the fans show their appreciation for an unannounced Theron Daggershield appearance.

    Theron: Thank you all.

    A cheer goes around the arena as Theron's modest words are met with appreciation.

    Theron: Tonight, I have a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it. I guess that's the con of turning up unannounced. Luckily enough, the Queen of Elevation has given me a little bit of time to talk to you guys.

    Another cheer goes around in support of Becky's decision.

    Theron: Kirilah has been telling me over the last few weeks that I should try and reinvent myself. In those weeks, I have made a few decisions that have changed the way I am presented around the World Gladiatorial Combat Federation. Some of those changes have come easy and some of them haven't been so easy. But the fact of the matter is that I have to try and get back to the top of the mountain and the World Gladiatorial Heavyweight Championship.

    A third cheer, much louder than the rest, goes around the arena as Theron mentions reclaiming the Heavyweight Championship within WZCW.

    Theron: Reinventing myself has given me a new lease of life as I try to get back to where I should be. As I move into the future, I guess more changes will probably come. But when we move forward, we shouldn't neglect the past. At last year's Uncalled For event, the current World Gladiatorial Heavyweight Champion, Michelangelo Tempest, made his intentions clear when he issued an Open Challenge.

    A curious air of anticipation grips the crowd as Theron's smile continues to widen.

    Theron: So, it is my great honour to reveal that, at Uncalled For 2016, I will be hosting my very own version of an Open Challenge. I know that this is the first step on the journey to reclaiming the Gladiatorial Heavyweight Championship and I cannot wait to share that moment with all of you. Thank you.

    Tiffany gives Theron a clap as both exit the ring and head up the ramp.

    Connor: Well, there you have it, folks! Theron Daggershield has looked to the past and seen how successful Mikey Stormrage has been since Unscripted last year in his Open Challenge, and has decided that he might benefit from the exact same thing.

    Cohen: It's a big announcement, Cat. But I fear that Theron may have just bitten off more than he can possibly chew. There are a lot of people in WZCW that would love to get their hands on the Warblade of Mystra and now they have the opportunity to do so.

    Connor: And he'll be ready for them, Jack. Mark my words.
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    Backstage, Noah Ryder can be seen penning something into a small notepad that rests upon his King For A Day briefcase. Scratching his head and flicking through the pages, Ryder looks utterly stumped at some of the things he is reading. Suddenly, the figures of Theron Daggershield and Tiffany breeze past him with smiles on their faces. Stopping for a moment and allowing a curious look to appear on his face, Noah begins thumbing his way through some of the pages until he comes to a stop. Studying the page, Noah is deep in thought.

    Ryder: Theron Daggershield... Theron Daggershield... Where are you?

    Thumbing through a few more pages, Noah finally comes to a complete halt. Moving one of his fingers across the many lines of text, he finally finds what he is looking for.

    Ryder: Gold Rush, 2016. I teamed up with Diabolos to take on Theron Daggershield and Luke Manson in a losing effort.

    Closing the book slowly, Noah silently contemplates the loss that he can't remember. Turning his head towards Theron Daggershield making his way down the corridor, he allows a smile to appear on his face. He stands up, puts the notepad in his pocket and walks the other way down the corridor towards the office of Becky Serra.

    Connor: A very ominous look from Noah Ryder, folks. Could it be that he is gearing up for a crack at the former World Heavyweight Champion at Unscripted?


    The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Handicap match!!

    Introducing first from Crawley, Southeast England, he is the #1 Contender to the Eurasian Championship, this is Vee A.D.Z.!!

    Vee appears on the stage to a very good reaction. He plays to the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp.

    Connor: Vee has a very big opportunity coming up as he looks to win his first Championship here in WZCW. But it won't be easy as he has to defeat one Titus Avison who has been on a total roll since the Lethal Lottery.

    Cohen: I don't even think he'll make it. I mean, seriously. It's 2 on 1 tonight. That's pretty crazy when you think about it. The kid has no chance.

    His opponents! First, from Independence Mental Health Institute: Independence, Iowa, he is “The Left Hand Of God”, John Doe!!

    The recently unmasked John Doe makes his way to the ring. Not showing any interest in the crowd as they boo and heckle him. He simply gets in the ring.

    Connor: Jack, do you feel John Doe has had a change since losing his mask?

    Cohen: Of course. That's always a psychological issue. It's just a matter of how he'll bounce back.

    From Keystone City, Kansas, he is the current reigning Eurasian Champion, this is Titus Avison!

    The Eurasian Champion appears on the stage. Cofident and with his title clenched on his shoulder. He looks on at the crowd booing him. But he doesn't let that bother him as he marches down to ringside happy as can be. He walks around ringside and asks for a mic before heading to the ring.

    Titus: Ladies and gentlemen, I stand here tonight so proud of my accomplishments. Knowing how I have truly brought great prestige to WZCW. After seeing last night our supposed World Champion fall at the hands of what is a lesser Champion, I now know for certain that it is solely I who carries this brand across the mainstream. Sure, Eve Taylor is clearly a great competitor and it was clearly ignorant of Jack Cohen and Garth Black to say that “she's a girl”. I do recognize she is great. But she isn't a multi-time Oscar winner and she's not a mainstream figure. Neither is Zee.

    Connor: Vee.

    Titus: Dee? Oh. Vee A.B.C.? I don't know. Some letters of the alphabet. Point is my boy, you're not ready for this greatness. You may never be. So tonight you will all be able to celebrate with me. The gift….. Of me.

    Titus drops the mic and enters the ring but John Doe tells him to just stay on the apron. He insists on starting, wanting no part of the arrogant Champion.

    -Ding Ding Ding-

    Doe and Vee circle the ring for a bit and quickly lock up. Vee manages to trip Doe and locks a front chancery. But the Left Hand Of God is a slightly more imposing figure standing 3 inches over and 30 pounds heavier. He shoves him off and Vee tries to approach but is met with a Roaring Elbow. Vee steps back and bounces off the ropes, ricocheting and hitting Doe with a Single Leg Dropkick. Doe hits the mat but gets right back up. He whips Vee across the ring as Titus seems to be posing on the apron. Back away from the ring, he then proceeds to get down and pose with his title. Vee comes in with the momentum and is met with a Springboard Back Elbow from John Doe. He gets up and spots his partner just boistering around ringside. He turns back to Vee and is met with a couple of hooks to the gut, stunning Doe. He catches him with the Mawashigiri across the back of the head knocking Doe down. Vee realizing the urgency covers. 1……… 2……-No, Doe gets the shoulder up.

    Connor: I realize it's a handicap match but I still don't think it's an excuse for Titus to just loaf around like this.

    Cohen:……..he called me out…….he threw shade at me……I was just calling it like I see it. Cat, you're a girl. Right?

    Connor: Would you cut the schoolyard talk?

    Vee stays on Doe as Titus sees his partner is having trouble. He gets back to the apron and lazily stretches his arm out asking for a tag from the clearly predesposed John Doe. Vee hits a few kicks and grabs the arm, but Doe hooks a front facelock. He tries a Vertical Suplex but a shot to the ribs prevents that and Vee follows it up with a Northern Lights Suplex. 1……. 2……..-Titus comes in and breaks up the fall. He yells at Doe for getting covered like that as Vee looks at his rival. Titus seems to pay no heed to him as Vee goes back to Doe. Doe fights back though and knees Vee. He hits a couple of clubbering blows and hits a Neckbreaker. Both men go down but Doe doesn't stay don't for long. Titus claps sarcastically for his partner as Doe gets up. He looks on and proceeds to slap Titus in the face.

    Connor: TAG!!

    Doe tosses Titus to the ring and makes his way out, heading up the ramp. Titus is caught by surprise, shocked from the slap and the throw. Vee see's a golden opportunity and hits the Moonsault Slam. He dashes to the ropes and climbs them. Leaping off them with confidence and hitting the Airbourne End on Titus! He hooks the leg! 1……...2……...3!!!

    Here is your winner, Vee A.D.Z.!!

    Cohen: I don't believe it! Titus got pinned!

    Connor: I told you he wasn't taking this serious. The fact that it was a handicap match ended up not mattering at all. Now Vee has a pinfall victory over the Champion.

    The referee raises Vee's hand in victory as he celebrates the win. Titus looks on shocked as he staggers back to his feet. Vee points to Titus in confidence over his accomplishment before exiting the ring as Titus clutches the belt.

    Connor: I guess there won't be a celebration for Titus toni-Wait, I guess there is!

    As Titus stands in the ring pouting, confetti and balloons start to pour down to the ring. Raining over Titus who looks no bewildered. Vee laughs and points from the stage as confetti covers the head of the Eurasian Champion as he looks on angrily at his challenger. Fans can be seen laughing too.

    Cohen: I don't believe it. It was a malfunction. Like with Garth Black.

    Connor: Either all, Vee picks up the big win heading to Unscripted.


    Connor: Well, folks, that was a Hell of a match. But how funny it was to see Titus finally get a taste of his own medicine; the fans lo-

    Cohen: Wait a minute!

    With that, the camera cuts from a fixed shot of the commentary duo to a more chaotic shot of the backstage area. There, the first thing than can be seen is Luke Manson crashing over a buffet table filled with food and drink for the production team. After a second or two, none other than Tony Mancini makes his way into shot with a smile on his face. Looking through the wreckage, Mancini grabs Manson by the hair and pulls him back to his feet.

    Connor: What is going on? Someone needs to get out there and help Luke Manson before Tony Mancini kills him!

    Cohen: Nonsense, Cat, let these two settle their differences!

    Connor: We don't even know what their differences are, Jack. And if they have fallen out, or don't see eye to eye, then their differences should be settled in the ring. I swear this place is coming more and more chaotic as the weeks go past!

    Peppering Manson with a few stiff right hands, Mancini then grabs him towards the wall and tosses him into a metal shutter that is half-closed. Manson hits the steel face first and then crumbles to the stone floor. Not content with his work just yet, Mancini ruthlessly stomps away at the man in recovery; a sick look of aggression now etched up his features.

    Mancini: I haven't forget, Manson...

    Luke Manson cries out in pain as Tony gives him one last stomp to the face for good measure.

    Mancini: You were warned! Pay your debts, or pay the price. I'll be seeing you later...

    With that, a few WZCW officials and security staff make their way into the shot; putting themselves between Tony Mancini and Luke Manson finally. Tony smiles wryly and offers a laugh as he turns on his heels and walks off as if nothing had happened.

    Connor: Absolutely ruthless from Tony Mancini, folks. I have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of those two squaring off. But next up ladies and gentlemen, a match that has become very personal, very quickly.
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    Anderson: The following contest is set for one fall and is your main event! And is a Mayhem Rules match!


    Garth appears onstage to a mixed reaction of sorts. Children and mothers boo to the highest degree while older male fans are praising him like a god. He walks to middle of the stage holding a water bottle. He takes a swig and then looks at the camera and says “This time there’s no lighting mistakes to save you Tastic”. He then proceeds to walk down the ramp and takes off his local sports team shirt and tosses it into the crowd. He enters the ring and then takes one last drink of the water bottle before tossing it out of the ring and waiting for his opponent.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from the Last Chance Saloon, Garth Black!

    Cohen: If Garth wins tonight we’ll never hear the end of it…

    Connor: Indeed we won’t…but after what’s happened in recent weeks. Garth will do whatever it takes to get under the skin of Live Mas and get his hands on the World title.


    Tastic comes out to his usual massive ovation. He seems incredibly focused tonight as his eyes have not left Garth. He eventually gets down the ramp and enters the ring anxiously waiting for the bell to ring.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, "The Invincible" Matt Tastic!

    Connor: Tastic will be doing his best tonight to not only defend the honor of Live Mas but also stop any detractors who claim his Gold Rush win was unjust. Not just that, but it's been insinuated but not confirmed that if Garth Black wins, he might just be inserted into the match at Unscripted.

    Cohen: I can’t believe this, but I’m putting all my faith tonight in Matt Tastic.

    The bell sounds and both men sprint to the middle of the ring and begin delivering repeatedly blows to each other. Tastic eventually gets the upper hand and does a double leg take down and begins hammering away on Garth. The veteran does his best to block shots from the former world champion and eventually he escapes his grasp. He tries to roll under the bottom rope and outside to the ring but Tastic grabs him by the leg and pulls him back to the center to stomp away on him. With each stomp and well placed strike Tastic seems to get more and more volatile. He becomes so focused on hurting Garth his stomps become more and more reckless and careless. Garth eventually notices this and catches one of Tastic’s leg, trips him to get him off balance, and once Tastic pops back up and he’s met with an STO takedown! Black now realizes he needs to take advantage of the current situation and goes to the outside and pulls two steel chairs from under the ring. He tosses it under the bottom rope and then proceeds to pull out a ladder. He gets it on the apron and Tastic tries to hit a baseball slide but Black moves out of the way just in time, and as Tastic gets to the outside Black nails him in the face with the ladder! Black smirks at his handiwork and then props the ladder up between the apron and the announce table. He then picks up Tastic by the hair and attempts a belly to belly suplex! Tastic is however able to wrap his legs around Garth and block the attempt. He delivers repeated elbows to Garth’s face stunning him long enough to hit a snap powerslam straight on the floor!

    Connor: Both men seem to be evenly matched tonight and know what the other will do, however the Mayhem Rules will surely make this a very different type of contest.

    Tastic shakes the cobwebs out and gets to his feet surveying his options around him. He goes under the ring and pulls out a table much to applause of the rabid blood thirsty fans and throws it into the ring. He picks up Garth and throws him head first into a barricade! He then picks him up and chucks him under the bottom rope. He follows goes for a quick cover 1…Garth kicks out! A small uproar of fans begin to chant Garth’s name and attempt to motivate him back into the match up. Tastic then picks up a steel chair and takes a wild swing at Garth but misses! Garth then quickly picks up the other steel chair from behind smacks Tastic in the back! The former world champion lets out a yell of pain and falls forward on the ropes. Garth then swings the steel chair at Tastic’s leg taking away his balance and taking him down to the mat. Garth then repeatedly swings the steel chair hitting every limb of Tastic and refusing to stop! Older fans cheer on while younger one watch on in horror!

    Connor: If this continues on much longer Tastic won’t even make it to Unscripted!

    Cohen: Unfortunately there’s not much anyone can do as there’s no disqualifications!

    Garth then loges the bent up steel chair between the second and third turnbuckle. He picks up the other steel chair and puts Tastic’s leg in between it. He then gets on the second rope and stomps Tastic’s leg crushing it in between the chair! Tastic screams out in pain and the ref backs Garth off for a second to check if Matt wants to continue the match. After he’s able to calm down a bit Tastic refuses to quit and Garth rushes over and begins repeatedly stomping on the leg! Tastic holds onto the bottom rope but it does him no good and Garth picks him up by the injured leg and smashes it down on the ground. Garth smirks at his handiwork and then begins to taunt Tastic. Fans begin to boo and Garth goes over to a fan wearing a Live Mas T-shirt and begins mocking him. Tastic is in such incredibly bad shape he can’t capitalize on the distraction. Garth begins to soak up both the hate and the love of the crowd as he knows victory is near. But in the few second Garth is taunting fans Mikey Stormrage runs down the ramp and slides under the bottom rope. Garth turns around and the World champion hits a Falcon Punch! Older fans boo while younger fans go crazy with anticipation!

    Connor: The World champion might have just turned the tide of this match completely!

    Cohen: But if this causes Tastic to win we’ll never hear the end of it from Garth.

    Stormrage taunts a downed Garth and then looks to his fallen friend Tastic. He can sense him trying to get to his feet and then proceeds to leave the ring and head back up the ramp and to the backstage. Garth is stunned and shocked and notices Tastic healing up and pulling himself up by the ropes. He doesn’t want to lose the once crucial advantage he had and charges at him. Tastic sees is coming and gives him a back body drop sending Garth crashing through the ladder on the outside! Garth is out cold on the outside but Tastic can’t capitalize! His leg is still in incredible pain. He begins to slowly move under the bottom rope and does his best to pick Garth up but he drops him on accident. He can’t support Garth’s and his own weight on a bad leg. He tries one more time and his barely able to get him under the bottom rope and inside the ring. He struggles to get back in himself and finally makes the cover 1…2…THR-NO! Garth just barely kicks out! Tastic is almost deflated by what’s happening but he instead decides to focus his attention on the table. Garth is still pretty out of it so Tastic decides to prop up the table. After doing so he picks up Garth looking to hit a Headache Driver but Garth repeatedly head butts him until Tastic is forced to release the hold and both men are bleeding from their foreheads. Garth then picks up Tastic looking to hit the Blackout but as he propels him into the air Tastic reverses into a Hurricanrana and sends Garth head first into the steel chair between the turnbuckles!

    Connor: Both men are injured and hurt now but that one maneuver may have just put the contest in Tastic’s favor!

    Garth is now stunned and bleeding. Tastic struggles to make it to his feet on a bad leg and goes for a Guillotine wheel kick! His bad leg stops it from being completely effective however and Garth gets hit with minimal impact! He then yanks Tastic up and sends him across the ring with a German suplex! Tastic folded completely and falls backwards on his knees. Garth charges at him but Tastic pops him right into the air with a pop up gutbuster! Garth is now writhing in pain but Tastic’s injured leg causes him do the same! Still Tastic attempts to fight through it and eventually picks Garth up again. He tries to bring him over to the table but Garth delivers a picture perfect low blow stopping Tastic in his tracks. He then brings the Gold Rush winner to the table and delivers a Headache Driver!

    Cohen: Talk about insult to injury, hitting him with his own finisher!

    Tastic is completely out. Garth makes the cover 1…2…3!

    Anderson: And here is your winner, GARTH BLACK!!!!

    Connor: Well it took a low blow and a hell of a fight but Garth got the job done tonight. Now it's just a matter of if management will take the words of these men into consideration.

    Cohen: And beating the number one contender in the process, this may be trouble for Live Mas. Garth may in fact make it to Unscripted.

    Garth gets his arm raised in victory but he quickly looks back over to the fallen Tastic. He then feels the blood dripping down his face and proceeds to go to the outside and grab another steel chair. Tastic is now trying to get to his feet but he is struggling and in no position to defend himself. He signals that he’s going to injure Tastic’s other leg but he’s suddenly interrupted-


    Connor: Mikey is here to save Matt! I knew that the beef between the two couldn't last, Jack. These two men are brothers to the end and no Championship can come between that bond.

    Cohen: Shame, really.

    The world champion can be seen sprinting down the ramp with his own steel chair as Garth waits in the ring prepared. He waits for Mikey to get in the ring and almost goads him in closer as Mikey swings the chair, misses Garth who slides under the bottom rope, and Mikey clocks Tastic in the back of the head instead! Mikey is left horrified watching his friend bleeding on the ground while Garth taunts him up the ramp.

    Cohen: Jesus!

    Connor: Garth may have done an excellent job tonight putting that essential wedge between Live Mas..

    Cohen: Not Garth, Cat! Mikey did this!

    The show goes off the air with Garth laughing at what just transpired as Mikey falls to one knee in silent contemplation over his actions.
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    Credits Pending.
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    Opening / Segments - Dave
    Ryder versus Manson versus Serpiente - Prince Vee
    Mancini versus LeBelle - NSL
    Theron Announcement - Dave
    Vee versus Titus & Doe - Killjoy
    Garth Black versus Matt Tastic - Dynamite

    A special thanks, once again, to Prince Vee for stepping and helping us out with a guest writer spot. A very good effort for the first time writing a match. Cards will follow very shortly.
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