Ascension 105: Ramparte vs. Garth Black (Gold Rush)

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    As soon as Ramparte passed through the WZCW curtains and away from the public's view, he collapsed. Perspiration blinded him and he called out for help. No words came. In a rabid fervor, he swiped at the darkness. Technicians begged him to stay still. "No!" The Recluse mouthed and wiped at his smoldering eyes. Mute and unable to see, he crawled along the gorilla position gesturing for a towel.

    A hand touched his arm. Batti? Kagura? He sat frozen like a sculpture. In his bouts of helplessness all he heard were voices.

    Batti: "Rammikun! That bakka bitch did my senpai wrong! So not kawaii!" :(

    He wanted to tell her to stop talking like a lunatic, but only air left his lungs. She embraced him like a teddy bear.

    Batti: "Oh ishhhh here comes Johnny Klamor."

    Ramparte tried pulling the young ditz off of him. He tried expressing his disdain for interviewers. But he didn't know sign language and Batti was stronger than she looked.

    From the sound of it, Johnny was speaking to a camera.

    Johnny: "Just a moment ago we witnessed a strange development between Gold Rush Contestants Ramparte and Kagura Daikonran. Having some strange sway over one-half of the most decorated tag teams in recent memory, Kagura rendered Ramparte mute. Here is my handkerchief, Ram."

    He passed a fine cloth to Batti, who spastically went to work scrubbing at The Recluse's eyes. He bellowed wordlessly in pain. Vision came back to the bookworm and he observed the camera bitterly. He tried prying Otaku off a second time. He was trapped.

    Johnny: "We know Ramparte cannot speak at this time, but luck would have it his valet, Batti Otaku, is here with us tonight."

    The former tag team champion looked at Klamor, dumbfounded. He couldn't tell him that Batti was just a maid at his estate. He couldn't get away and tell them he doesn't do interviews. He shut his eyes and pretended this wasn't happening.

    Batti: "It's so good to be here Johnny-chan. And I must say, you look handsome for somebody that is obviously overworked!" ^_^

    Johnny Klamor chuckled, and nodded at the camera as if there was some in-joke being made.

    Johnny: "Oh yes yes, but let's not talk about me. Let's talk about your client, Ramparte. If he could communicate with us right now, what do you think he would tell the folks at home?"

    Ram's eyes snapped back open. He did his best to look completely serious. For those that could read lip, he mouthed "KILL. ME.".

    Batti: "Oh I'm sure he has a few choice words for his attacker. He'd go on about how he knows darkness and Trinity and some book references blahr-de-blahr-de-blahrrr..."

    His face reddened in embarrassment. He shook his head no. Nobody paid him any attention.

    Johnny: "I agree. Your client is well known for theatrics. But let's drop Kagura for a moment, eh? Let's talk about his next opponent."

    Batti: "Aye! Kag got his tongue, though. Hehehe." ;)

    It physically hurt him to roll his eyes. Johnny Klamor laughed at the pun right along with her.

    Johnny: "Very good, very good. I like you, Miss Otaku. Class act. But let's get serious for a moment. Ramparte must face Garth Black next week for a chance to enter the Gold Rush Semi-Finals. Garth had just defeated the odds-on favorite, former World Champion Theron Daggershield. As we all know, Ramparte has never beaten Theron. He cost him his first loss in the company if my memory serves me right. But Garth Black is out to cement himself as THE competitor of the year. How do you think Ramparte feels about his upcoming opponent?"

    Holding her employer down, the hyper blonde did her best angry face. She looked like she was pouting.

    Batti: "My Rammikun isn't afraid of no vet with a chip on his shoulders! Look at him-" >.<

    She jerked her head over to her captive.

    Batti: "Ram-chan has a more superior Superiority Complex. Does Garth Black know the difference between an English Shakespearean sonnet and an Italian Petrarchan sonnet? Well does he? Do YOU?"

    Johnny: "I uhh I have no honestly clue."

    The obsessed fan began to turn red with anger. It contrasted with Ram glowering red in humiliation.

    Batti: "Eggsactly! No one knows what the FUCK those things are! Except Ramparte. He cares so much for the meaningless ishhh that when it comes to the important stuff like kicking Garth's teeth in, he'll do wonders. Senpai is a muthafuggin' genius and Garth is that old crusty poser trying to fit in with the cool kids. Garth got lucky against Theron. That's it. Ramparte's the young up-and-comer with an already more impressive record than that shmo." [/FONT][/SIZE]


    She said this matter-of-factly. Ramparte was turning plum now due to suffocation. Relief came to him in a rush as Otaku released him and stood up. She placed her hands on her hips and stared the interviewer down. Johnny was at least two feet taller than her.

    Batti: "My client is more than ready for Garth Black. He's more than ready to take on the Semi-Finals. He's more than ready to become the 2016 Gold Rush Winner...and perhaps be World Champion himself!"

    And with that, Batti pulled Ramparte up from the ground and escorted him out of the building.[/SIZE]


    The Next Day...At The Park


    Ramparte sat at a small table with a blanket wrapped around him. A magnetic chessboard showed that Black had White in a checkmate. The elderly man that played The Recluse left the park in a huff. He wanted to smile, to savor some kind of little victory. But Kagura and Garth weighed heavy on his mind. He turned to watch the overactive maid. Batti was busy chasing down a pack of squirrels. A grin escaped him.

    ???: "Ah, a smile. Haven't seen one of those since you were a boy."

    It was a kick, a hard slap back into reality. That couldn't be...

    But it was. The Recluse stared with his jaw hung open as his former caretaker sat across from him. His old butler Morley gave him a kind tip of his hat and spoke up.

    Morley: "So good to see you again, Ramparte."

    Nostalgia pierced his gaze and he felt the need to cry. He made Morley's life a living hell before Batti came into the picture. How he tortured the old man when he was in Cerberus. Still, Morley came to his aid when Team Russia were set to dismantle the champions.

    He owed his butler a great deal more than the money he had given him to retire on. And how badly he wanted to tell them that...but couldn't!

    Morley: "It's alright. I watch WZCW and know what's going on. That lady did a number on you. You'll get your revenge soon, I'm sure. But I see that there's another woman that has done a great deal more to you than the geisha."

    They both turn to Batti Otaku, who somehow had a whole squirrel family asleep on her lap. One baby burrowed into her hair, studying the wide-eyed girl curiously.

    Batti: "It really wasn't that hard...Aubrey Sloan made it look soooo difficult...rookie." :$

    Morley laughed heartily. Ramparte had never heard him laugh before. The gentleman changed his gaze back to the bookworm.

    Morley: "You love her, don't you?"

    Ramparte made an absurd expression. He shook his head profusely.

    Morley: "Uh huh. I've kept up with the shows, Ramparte. Even though you joined whatsitcalled...Trinity? Yes you wanted to belong to another stable...well you don't seem to fit into that kind of outfit anymore. You'd argue if you could, I'm sure, but I'm not buying it. Deep down, you're not of that world anymore. And I think I know why."

    The Recluse sat poker-faced. Morley played around with the White Queen piece.

    Morley: "Maybe not in the romantic sense you love her, but I know what love is. And you're in it."

    He sat the Queen beside the King.

    Morley: "She's a good girl. The exact opposite of you."

    He chuckled, and coughed. Morley reached for the Black Knight piece.

    Morley: "You're still in that Gold Rush thing, correct? The brackets should show you and that one man...Garth Black? You two should be competing soon. The news is calling him a dark horse."

    Morley sat the Black Knight head-to-head with the White King.

    Morley: "Several upsets have happened in your tournament already. There's still a chance you could pull through, win the whole thing, and then get your voice back. Just as long as you stay focused on what's important."

    Batti Otaku shrieked. The baby squirrel yanked at her bangs. This woke up the family and they all raged war on her.

    Batti: "Nuu I take it back! I take it back!"

    Ramparte rolled his eyes, but smiled regardless. His former butler noticed.

    Morley: "There's a light in you that wasn't there before. I am beginning to suspect you're not as evil as you have claimed to be."

    The Recluse mouthed "Whatever" and slouched in his seat. He stared at the three chess pieces.

    Morley: "Give it time. Love conquers demons, Ramparte."

    The elderly man picked himself up.

    Morley: "You're not my age yet. The blanket is a bad look for you. I thought you had taste."

    Again he tipped his hat and just like that, left the table. Ramparte sat there thinking about Morley's words and how he felt for his maid. He bit his lip, contemplating the Black Knight as Garth Black and himself the White King. There was a time he had called himself The Man in White. Ironic.

    He slipped the blanket off of him. He wasn't going to submit so easily to his disability. Voiceless or not, he still had a score to settle with Kagura. But first the most important thing was this dark horse opponent. Ramparte lifted the Black Knight and dropped him into a side box with the rest of the court, save the White King & Queen.

    Batti: "Rammikun! I'm reeeeady!" <3

    She hopped to the car, opening the driver's side door. Ramparte nodded.

    "I am ready, too" he thought to himself. "I am ready, too."

    "What was a knight compared to a king, anyways?"

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    The sun rises and a warm orange glow basked the Motel 6, highlighting the fake palm trees outside and briefly covering the blemishes in the paintwork. The door opens to room 27, and a silhouette appears of a man carrying a sports hold all and wearing a jacket with the hood pulled over his head, obscuring his facial features. He walks down the stairs and opens the boot of a white Toyota Corolla hire car. The car has seen better days, and by the way he is walking, so has its driver. He tosses the bag in the boot and pulls his hood to reveal a cleanly shaven bald head. It's Garth Black. He gets in the car and he starts the engine.

    The car pulls out of the hotel onto the main road, the road seems pretty clear as it is early in the day. We can see from the surroundings that this is an out of town motel. In the car, fast food wrappers and empty coke bottles litter the foot well of the passenger's side.

    Black: I never really cared for this kind of hotel, but you know, I can afford it now and it's probably better than where I was last week. But, I'm checked out now and it's time to check in to the semi finals of the Gold Rush tournament.

    Black presses play on the tape cassette and we hear the first few bars of "Mama Said Knock You Out" by LL Cool J, Black's entrance music.

    Black: Ha. Every week I hear this music. Every week. "Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years". Yeah, I have been here for years. For years and I've got nowhere. For years and I have had to sit through chump after chump be pushed to the top. How many times is it going to take for people to realise that these aren't stars they see in the WZCW skies, they're aeroplanes flying away and as soon as someone gets some traction, they leave the hell hole. Over the past 3 years 8 WZCW Champions have left this company. Ty Burna comes and goes as he chooses too, so it could soon be 9.

    It's not surprising that they slid Daggershield into the tournament last week. Not remotely. Daggershield is at least loyal. He's probably a good guy. He's certainly an idiot. I don't think he was in on any scheme to get me out, but it remained a possibility, that's why I had to win quick. Some people will say my win was ruthless. Others 'brutal'. the fact is, don't expect a sound and lights show for me for the next few weeks because I have to win before the shenanigans knock me out of the tournament.

    The music reaches the chorus 'I'm gonna knock you out, I'm gonna knock you out, Mama said knock you out.'

    Black: And that's what I do, I have knocked them out. All of them. I've beaten the most recent WZCW champion. I've beaten their golden boy of the future, Abel Hunnicutt. Holmes still has sway backstage, even more now, but I took Abel and I cut him down to size.

    But every week I come out to this music, and yet nobody listens. How many people do I have to knock down for them to see that this momentum is like a wrecking ball. I've been warning them for years that I'll beat all of their guys. I've been warning them for months that I'm going to win their title, but no, they don't ever listen.

    He presses eject on the cassette deck and lowers the window. He pulls out the tape, looks at it briefly before tossing it over his shoulder and out onto the road. It's immediately ran over by a truck, and the brown tangled tape is strewn by the wind.

    Meanwhile, in the car, he puts another tape into the deck. 'Hate to say I told you so' by the Hives plays.

    Black: I think this track is far more appropriate at telling my story. The trouble is, whilst I'm in the fast lane to the top, the WZCW powers will do anything to stop me, anything at all. But I'll succeed. I'll be the Champion and when I am I'll say 'I hate to say I told You So.'

    But it won't stop them trying

    As he says this, we see a traffic jam develop. Black slows the car down. Ahead of him are hundreds of cars in a long line, beeping their horns and revving their engines, but ultimately getting nowhere.

    Black: The trouble is, the 'random' draw. It's put me up against another one of the company favourites, Ramparte. This guy will be at the top forever, despite having no discernible talent. Mussel was the brawn. Eve was the beauty and Ramparte was supposed to be the brains I guess, but she had him wrapped around her little finger so tight that it starved his brain of oxygen. Is there anything cerebral about Cerberus consistently exploiting a three on two advantage?

    It doesn't matter though because they ensured that Cerberus was front and centre week in and week out. I lost count of the number of people they beat down week in and week out. Why do you think they were allowed to get away with that? Because they all held sway backstage. Whether the tag team flavour of the month were Russian bad guys or oddity good guys, Cerberus would be there, ready to dilute that flavour. Taylor and Mussel, I guess I can understand, both had their strengths, but Ramparte is a sniveling parasite, hitching his wagon on to whatever express train the WZCW elite are stoking to the top.

    And so it goes. Zeus, the man who jumped off the train and got back on it has steamed through once again. Should he still be there by the time I win this tournament, his train will be derailed, but for now he's steaming ahead, dragging Ramparte, the third class carriage, behind him. Not today friend.

    You see, Zeus isn't having the best time of it recently, he's lost a few matches, so I am going to take this opportunity to uncouple the carriage. I'm going to isolate Ramparte and dispatch him as quickly as I did Daggershield, because if I don't there will be an absolute calamity of actions.

    They're already preparing the crowd to look past me, they're already making plans for the next round. Kagura and Ramparte are already fighting each other and the WZCW is fanning the flames. Why would they do that? One, to get my head out the game. Two, by fuelling that fire it makes it incredibly likely that Kagura will attack him during my match and they will have an out. I'll lose due to interference that has nothing to do with me, which is why I will stop Kagura at any cost. Point three, is a little more subtle. The fact is, that for whatever reason a very small portion of the crowd are on my side. By giving them a mouthwatering match prospect in my place, it will satiate their desire to see me succeed. But I hope the audience sees through that.

    The thing is, it's like a jam like this one I find myself stuck in. You get wound up by the jam, but then everyone rubber necks the aftermath. Sure, it makes the overall situation worse, but you get to fuel your bloodlust after a set back. That's what they're doing to these fans.

    His car moves around the obstacle in the road causing the tailback - a car accident, he keeps his eyes dead set forward, not looking at the carnage, and accelerates away.

    Black: But I think they'll see past it. These fans are interesting. A minority that are as tired with the same old story of the WZCW creative direction as I am. I heard someone describe me as 'the voice of the voiceless' in the WZCW universe. That's pretty ironic given that my opponent literally appears to be voiceless after last week's shows. Well I'll be Ramparte's voice for him.

    Black (impersonating Ramparte's voice in an over the top manner): It doesn't matter that I'm not as good as Garth Black, or even half as good, because I will consistently be given more opportunity. It doesn't matter that I ride the coat tails of superior athletes nor that I lose when I am given opportunity after opportunity, it doesn't matter at all. It doesn't matter because I have friends in high places and it doesn't matter because they will help me out.

    It doesn't matter that I have never really achieved anything on my own because who needs talent when you've got pull. You see, this time I have Black, but I always preferred brown. The colour of my nose. It doesn't matter that he's more talented. It doesn't matter that there is nothing interesting about me and the only talking point that I have provided in years of competition is whether you pronounce it Ram part or Rampartay.

    Black (In his own voice): He's right, it doesn't matter what the right thing is. Wrestling doesn't matter to him, all that matters is power. The WZCW top brass will continue to push the same tired wrestlers and a naive audience will lap it up. Well, not any more. I want to make things matter. I don't want all of the fans to like me, some are too stupid to understand my message, but I do want them to be invested in the wrestlers, that puts more money in my pocket. But how will that happen when the wrestlers get to the top because they're friends with the boys and have no investment in the truth.

    Black has reached his destination, the arena entrance. He gets out of the car and picks his bag from the back, he walks towards the arena. Inside the door stands Leon Kensworth. Kensworth is holding a microphone and a lot of notes about the upcoming show.

    Black: The WZCW doesn't care about the truth. In a way I'm jealous of Ramparte because he won't have to answer the questions from this idiot.

    Black opens the door with force and the gust of wind it creates sends Kensworth's stack of papers flying. Flustered, Kensworth tries to regain composure.

    Kensworth: Hi, could I have a few thoughts ahead of your match on...

    Kensworth is trying to skim his notes to see whether or not Black is on Ascension or Meltdown.

    Black: It's Ascension, Leon. It's always Ascension. Ever since I spoke out against WZCW management over six months ago I haven't had a single match on the flagship show, and people have the audacity to suggest that I am deluded when I say there is a vendetta. That's my thoughts on my match being on Ascension. Again.

    Black continues to walk on, he turns the corridor and sees Stacey Madison, putting on make up with the assistance of a pocket mirror. She sees Black approach and closes it. She signals to the camera man to start rolling and pulls out her microphone.

    Stacey: Can I have some thoughts ahead of your match with Ramparte?

    Black stops briefly.

    Black: You have literally never tried to interview me ever before, but now I'm gathering some traction and the guy you want to win has lost his voice, so you can't interview him, you've come to me. Those are my thoughts in my head right now.

    If you want my thoughts on Ramparte, it's the same as ever. I think he's the embodiment of everything I hate about this company. A guy who has nothing but has made it to the top by swimming in the wake of bigger stars and by being buddies with the top dogs.

    Black marches on, and Jonny Klamor appears from nowhere, microphone in hand.

    Klamor: Hi, Garth, can I have some...

    Black: Spare change?

    Klamor: No. I was going to say...

    Black: Let me guess, thoughts. Well yeah, you can have some thoughts, I'm tired of interviewers and I'm tired of Ramparte. The WZCW do everything they can to delay my preparations for this match. They have done everything they can to set up interference and as per usual they have done everything they can to set Ramparte up for the win.

    The odds have been stacked against me before, and I keep winning. WZCW is getting desperate. I'm not afraid, I'll get on with it.

    He leaves Klamor dumbfounded and heads towards the canteen. It's been a long journey today, which had only served to heighten his hunger. As Black opened the door for a drink, the golden light of the refrigerator rushed across his face. It was time to feed the hunger.
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