Ascension 105: El Caidos Dragon vs. Mark Keaton

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    Culiacan. The night grew dark once more but the bright lights of Club Lagartos shine through the cloudy night. The beautiful and the rich of Culiacan can all be seen filing into the building, security watching like a hawk. A white limo pulls up as a number of important looking business men exit, each with a woman attached quite literally to their hip. A chain runs from each man's hand up to a collar around the woman next to them. The women don't seem to mind, their eyes sultry and flirtatious as they stare up at their holder. A lone coyote howls off in the distance as the scene shifts to the building across the street, the silhouette of the wings of El Caidos Dragon spreading out as he watches silently.

    Ty: What in the hell do you guys do down here in Mexico?

    Just then the shadows converge as Ty emerges next to his fellow Phantom, draped in a full business suit and tie. He crosses his arms as he watches this odd bondage game being played in front of them. Caidos crouches down low as he sneers, pointing to one man in particular.

    Caidos: Do you see him Demonio?

    Ty squints his eyes as he narrows his focus on the target. His eyes don't show any sign of shock but the shake of his head tells all the story one needs to know. A key member of the city council, the one most vehemently against Ty's business proposals.

    Ty: Figures the corruption ran all the way to the top. But to be so brazen out in the open like this?

    El Caidos looks up at Ty before his eyes back on the trope entering the building. A low growl emits from him as he lifts his right hand up, his claws gleaming in the moonlight.

    El Caidos: They do not care. They control this city with an iron fist. El Caidos says we go in and rip them all to shreds. No one will miss them.

    Ty laughs as he leans again the rooftop barrier, his eyes glowing red as he studies the situation. He looks back to Caidos, a smirk on his face.

    Ty: I would disagree Caidos. This requires a more subtle approach. And from the events of last week you're not exactly prepared for a stealth operation. Causing a scene will only turn the council against us, and an unneeded spotlight on your activities.

    El Caidos: We do not have time for this! Katianna needs my help!

    Ty reaches out and grabs his partner on the shoulder staring him directly in the eyes, a snarl on his face now as well as Caidos sneers back, his fangs glistening.

    Ty: So they can trace her down and do Chaos knows what to her? No Caidos, if you want this done right, then you must trust me. Here.

    Ty reaches into his suit and withdraws a mask, holding it out to El Caidos. Caidos bristles, pushing Ty's hand away swiftly the moment he eyes the mask.

    El Caidos: He is not El Califa anymore!

    Ty: Who says this is your mask? Look, it's a mask of one of those men you took down, it's altered enough that it is not the exact replica. Wear the damn mask and make your way around the back. I'll make my way in and let you in. Go find your Katianna and make a break for it.

    El Caidos growls but soon reaches out and takes the mask, staring at the similar markings. He shakes his head as his eyes glow red.

    El Caidos: He agrees. But how will you get into the club Demonio? It looks restricted guests only.

    Ty grins maniacally as he grabs his phone, pressing a few numbers before holding it up to his ear. He crosses his arms as he awaits an answer.

    Ty: Yes Councilman, this is Tyrone Blades. Look I know things got heated in our meeting last week over the licenses and fees necessary for the gym. I would like to smooth things over with you and see if we can't come to a proper agreement. As it so happens I am in town tonight for other business, but I happen to be free now. Tomorrow? I'm afraid I cannot, tonight is the only opportunity. I can assure you it will be well worth your time to let me try and grease the wheel so to speak. Club Lagarto you say? No, no problem at all. As it so happens my GPS says it's a few blocks away. Absolutely sir, I shall see you in 15. I assume the front door will be notified? Ah excellent. Please have a bottle of your finest whiskey ready for me as well.

    Ty hangs up as he tucks the phone in his pocket as Caidos stares a bit slack jawed at him. Ty grins as he reaches back, tying his hair back and straightening his suit jacket.

    Ty: Smoking allowed in there?

    El Caidos: Of course not.

    Ty withdraws a cigarette and lights it, inhaling slowly before a cloud escapes from him, grinning from ear to ear.

    Ty: Perfect. Once this is done Caidos, we need to discuss your lack of focus against Kagura. I will not accept failure for the Phantoms of Chaos, are we clear?

    El Caidos slides back into the shadows before emerging in his hoodie, the hood up while he holds the mask.

    El Caidos: Crystal. He has not forgotten about his match with Mark Keaton on Ascension.

    Ty: Then let's get going. Sooner we can finish this little project of yours tonight, the better.

    The scene fades as Ty disappears into the shadows while El Caidos jumps from the roof to the ground below. It emerges with Caidos watching from a distance as Ty is patted down by security. Soon he enters the building as El Caidos slowly slides the mask on, glancing back and forth before climbing up the ladder to the metal steps on the side of the club. He stays low as he scrambles across, landing silently in the shadows. A security guard stands in front of the back entrance, his arms crossed. Caidos zig zags between areas of cover, finally getting behind garbage cans next to the guard. He watches silently as several moments pass.

    ???: The face of evil wears many masks Fallen One.

    El Caidos suddenly looks up as he hears a voice. He stands up in the shadows, watching the guard carefully who seems to have frozen in place. Suddenly the old shaman appears in front of him, smoking from his long pipe while sand falls slowly from his hand.

    El Caidos: There is one that has stolen the name of El Califa. He is here to find out who it is and bring him to justice!

    Shaman: Are you so certain of that Fallen One? Perhaps you wish to see what your life would be like had you committed to your prior life? Darkness has followed you from the day you were born, tempting you from the path you were destined to walk. Tread carefully Fallen One. The Wolf's fangs can pierce the scales of a dragon.

    El Caidos: Demonio is his ally in this. He has willingly walked into the viper's den, only to allow this dragon in!

    Shaman: And here you stand, a creature in shadows, shamed to face the danger head on. A true warrior faces his enemy. A rogue shall hunt in the shadows, ready to prey upon a weakness. There is no pride in the rogue, only survival. Do you value survival over pride now Fallen One? Then you truly have not learned yet.

    Just then the shaman disappears as El Caidos looks on perplexed. He ducks down realizing he is in the open, though the guard has not noticed. Just then the door opens as Ty walks out, lighting up a cigarette and exhaling slowly as he looks over at the guard.

    Ty: Whoever decided upon these smoking laws are the true criminals in this world, would you not agree?

    Guard: I hear ya man. It's why I'm always offering to cover the back.

    Ty slides a cigarette out from his pack, offering it to the guard who accepts it gladly. He lights up as the two begin idly chatting, Caidos watching on confused. Ty finishes his cigarette and motions to Caidos. Caidos looks around and finds a loose brick.

    Ty: Much appreciation for the conversation. Keep up the good work.

    The guard opens the door and Ty presses against it when Caidos throws the brick to the other side of the fenced in back, slamming against the wall and causing a loud commotion. Ty turns towards the noise as does the guard.

    Guard: Damn it. Hey I told you kids this area is off limits!

    The guard takes off as Ty grins, holding the door open as Caidos quickly moves from his hiding spot and into the club, Ty following suit. The two Phantoms walk briskly as Ty adjusts the cuffs on his suit.

    Ty: You owe me for even being in the presence of that fool for a second time Caidos.

    El Caidos: Are you losing your edge Demonio?

    Ty: Nonsense. It's time to turn the heat up on this now. Go find Katianna, I'll cause a distraction, you get out in the middle of it all. They lead the girls downstairs in the basement. You got a set of those nunchucks you luchadors seem to be in favor of using lately?

    El Caids seemingly stares through Ty who holds his hands up nonchalantly.

    El Caidos: He will use his claws thank you very much.

    Ty: Hey I had to ask.

    Ty and El Caidos split up as Ty reenters the main club area, the music pulsating through the walls as Caidos finds the stairwell to the basement. He rushes down quietly, leaning against the wall in front of the door as he stares through. Three men armed with baseball bats, he looks up and sees a single light shining down. Cells line the walls from one end to the other, girls locked up in there, despair upon their faces. Caidos reaches around and hits the light switch, the room going black as the girls start screaming. Sounds of a fight can be heard, groans of pain and agony soon following and then silence. The light is flipped back on, revealing the three men knocked out. Caidos searches them, grabbing a set of keys. He motions for the girls to be quiet before speaking.

    El Caidos: Permanecer en silencio , sígueme . Y él te sacará de aquí. (Stay silent, follow me. And he will get you out of here.)

    El Caidos gets to work, unlocking all the doors as he scans for any sign of Katianna. His heart sinks as the final cage door opens and she isn't among the group of women. Still, to save this women will not be a lost cause. He motions for them to follow him when he turns to the door, stopping suddenly as Katianna stands, wearing black leather pants and a black top, her innocent face suddenly smirking evilly as she sees Caidos.

    Katianna: And just where do you think you're going Caidos?

    El Caidos: Katianna, what is this? He saw you in the warehouse!

    Katianna: Ah my poor sweet little dragon. You fell right into my trap just as he said.

    El Caidos lowers his head, his eyes flashing red as his hands form into fists.

    El Caidos: El Califa.

    Katianna: Precisely. Now be a good boy and stay still. You may get out of this alive if you do. Boys!

    Suddenly five masked men rush into the room as the women back away, shivering in fear as El Caidos holds his arm back as if trying to shield them. Chains, bats, and steel pipes. This is starting to look like an old arcade game to El Caidos who shakes his head and sighs.

    El Caidos: Those that serve the false El Califa shall all fall by his hand!

    He roars at the top of his voice, the walls shaking when suddenly a loud commotion can be heard upstairs. The five men turn to look as Katianna turns her attention as well. She sighs as she motions the five men upstairs as El Caidos growls once more.

    Katianna: You will be mine dragon. Whether you like it or not you belong to me.

    El Caidos shudders, almost as if her voice had some sort of control over him. He shakes his head, snapping back to it with no sign of Katianna. He looks back to the women and motions for them to follow, moving through to the back door where Caidos kicks it open, knocking the guard in front of it down. The women come pouring out as the scene fades away to the sound of police sirens and flashing blue and red lights.

    The scene returns to the Councilman and the other cartel members being handcuffed and stuffed into cop cars. The women are huddled together, speaking to the police offers as Ty and El Caidos watch from above once more. Ty's suit is torn as a clearly annoyed look forms on his face.

    Ty: Bastards ripped my suit. Who the hell said this was Streets of Rage?

    El Caidos blinks a few times behind his bandana, lifting his head to speak.

    El Caidos: You know he had the same thought earlier.

    Ty: I appreciate an old school arcade aficionado I must admit Caidos, but I digress. After the statements given by the women, our idiot Councilman will be locked up for sure.

    El Caidos: He'll be free by the end of the night. It's how things work around here Demonio. Regardless, the press will have a field day with this, he won't have any power anymore and the cartel will tie up the loose ends here.

    Ty's eyes go wide for a bit as he looks towards Caidos. He opens his mouth to say something but Caidos nods his head grimly.

    El Caidos: The women included very likely. He will make some contacts and see what he can do in regards to protection for them, but it will be difficult Demonio.

    Ty crosses his arms and sighs as he looks down at the innocent women, relief on their faces to be free.

    Ty: I will do what I can as well. What of Katianna? Was she not down there?

    El Caidos winces at the mention of her name as he stands up. He disappears into the shadows before emerging in his dragon armor.

    El Caidos: Yeah, she was there. Not in the way he had expected though.

    Ty: And what does that mean?

    El Caidos turns and begins walking to the edge of the roof, spreading his wings wide.

    Ty: Caidos! Answer me!

    El Caidos: Let's just say they know El Caidos far too well.

    El Caidos takes off into the sky. Justice had been served tonight. He had saved those women from a dark future, he knows now the enemy he faces is in his mind more than he was willing to admit before. Woe is the man he faces at Ascension, for this fallen dragon shall rise in pure vengeance.

    The scene fades out to Ty Burna watching his fellow Phantom in the distance.
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