AS 128 - Tyrone Blades vs King Mussel

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    RP deadline is Wednesday May 23 at 11:59pm PST

    Extensions available upon request
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    Leon: Welcome everyone to


    Tyrone: I didn't do it. I swear I did nothing. Why can't I remember what happened? I didn't drink enough to blackout. I didn't do anything.

    The scene opens to Tyrone Blades head down on a table, the Hollow Ones flag behind him while his hair falls down around him covering his face. He slowly raises his head, his eyes bloodshot and his beard having grown long and unkept as he stares into the camera.

    Tyrone: Batti...I swear to you I did not do this. You ain't answering my calls, please, please believe me. There's some inconsistencies in the video. I've poured over everything I could get into. I even called Phoenix to get his expertise on the case. I'm doing everything I can. I need to clear my name. I need you to know that I love you Batti. This is the only way I could reach out that you would see. I'm sorry. Please believe me. Just....please let me talk to you. I'm innocent. I know I am. But if I'm not, then.......then I deserve to be buried in trash.

    Tyrone rubs his eyes before brushing his hair back away from his face, his head lowering as his voice cracks, his hands trembling on the table in front of him.

    Tyrone: I'm lower than trash if I really did this. I don't remember that night. Something is fuzzy in my memory. It's no excuse. I wanted to see the good in people for once, and I trusted the real snake in the grass. Or maybe I'm the snake. Maybe she was right and I'm just the piece of shit everyone thinks I still am. It was thanks to you Batti that I could try. I'm sorry I let you down. I let Jones down. I let the fans down. I'm sorry.

    Tyrone hits a remote and shuts the feed off, dropping his face down onto the table once more as the camera pans around to show the Hollow Ones safe house in complete disarray, bottles of liquor thrown all over, ashtrays overflowing with cigarette butts, shattered poster frames, and money littering the ground. Tyrone lies there for several moments before lifting his head, turning towards a small TV, grabbing a remote and rewinding the infamous video. He stares at it as it goes frame by frame, his face growing closer each second, his eyes almost touching the screen as he stares at each pixel.

    Mr. Jones: Mama Jones said that would make you go blind mo'fucka.

    Tyrone doesn't move, doesn't speak as he keeps rewinding back and forth between frames, his eyes fixated on the screen.

    Tyrone: I'm sorry Jones.

    Mr. Jones: For fuckin' what mo'fucka?

    Tyrone slowly turns his head, his eyes twitching almost nervously as he stares at Jones. Jones cringes as he sees the state Tyrone is in before sighing, stepping gingerly over broken class as he picks up a half smoked cigar off the table, lighting it and taking a log drag from it. He spins a chair around and sits down, his arms crossing on top of the backrest.

    Tyrone: I said some shit at the gym man. If you're hear for your stuff I got it in the back room, made sure not to fuck up your shit alongside my life.

    Mr. Jones: Oh you trippin' over that? Man I ain't concerned. Y'all had your adrenaline up, you was preppin' to knock Flex the fuck out, and I was in the crossfire.

    Tyrone: The video seen it Jones. Y'all saw what I did.

    Jones begins laughing as he sits up straight for a moment, wiping the sweat off his forehead as Tyrone turns fully towards Jones, placing his arms on the table as he rests his head on them.

    Tyrone: I'm such a fuck up Jones. I'm always self destructing anything good I got going in my life. I lashed out at you, I might have done this shit with Eve that fucked up my relationship with Batti.

    Mr. Jones: Man shut the fuck up. Y'all really think you did that shit with Eve? I told you not to trust her homie, and now she's getting at you at your most vulnerable spot.

    Tyrone: I've stared at this god damn video for days Jones. I've gotten hold of all the other security camera footage. I don't know man.

    Mr. Jones: So what then? Ya just gonna accept her words as fact? Nah homie, the fact is she's jealous as a mo'fucka of you and Batti. You two have shown that you can be in love while competing at the same time. She couldn't handle it with Stormrage or Sloan and left them on the curb. She was convinced it couldn't be done. And then you and Batti happened. She got a World Title shot. You won the Lethal Lottery. And y'all did it while holding hands skipping through the mo'fuckin daisies like that cute couple that makes everyone wanna puke.

    Tyrone: And I fell right into the god damn trap. Whether I did or not Jones the visual is uglier than Eve's personality. Either way I'm fucked man. I'm so unbelievably fucked.

    Mr. Jones: Blades homie, I ain't finna leave you on the curb like that. You're my brother, we been through everything. We gonna get this shit figured out, even if I gotta look like the walking dead just like you while we break this video down and find that bit of evidence that shit ain't right, I'mma be there for you homie. When I was at my lowest sitting in that god damn cell, you were always there making sure my commissary was full, hiring the best lawyers to get me out early, everything man. This is what we do. The Hollow Ones may only be a two man crew now, but we will never die.

    The two go silent as Tyrone slowly lifts his head, placing his chin back on his arms as he stares forward, finally reaching out slowly for a cigarette. He lights it with some struggle. He exhales the plume of smoke slowly, his fingers still trembling as he stares down at the table.

    Tyrone: I don't want to fuck your life up again Jones. You just got out of prison, so I got something set aside for you. Go legit, start some business up, run a car dealership, whatever. Just....get out while you can man. It's the least I can do for you.

    Mr. Jones: Did you not hear a god damn word I said to you? Look man we gotta get back overseas. I got Myles breathing down my damn neck looking for you. Y'all missed every signing and interview they had set up for you. I was able to talk Titus into covering for your ass, but he took the entire cut, including mine. Batti's by herself on Meltdown, and you got Flex on Ascension. This is your chance to get back at that bastard. Let's hit the gym, go hard in the paint, and beat that motherfucker down. He wanna be a legend killer, I say we show him what a couple of real killas look like.

    Tyrone: I ain't got the will to fight this battle Jones. I appreciate what y'all are trying to do, but I gotta sit here and take this misery. Maybe it's due karma for all the other shit I did, even if I'm trying to make right the debt comes due at some point. Maybe just do one thing for me man.

    Mr. Jones: Anything homie, say the word, I'll kneecap Flex without a second thought.

    Tyrone shakes his head as he rubs his eyes, blinking a few times to get his vision straight before looking towards Jones once more, taking another drag from his cigarette.

    Tyrone: Go to Meltdown. Keep an eye out for me. Something goes down, you step in and shut that shit down you feel me? I'll figure out Ascension what I gotta do, but I need you at Meltdown at least.

    Mr. Jones: Yeah yeah, I got you 'Rone.

    Jones stands up and reaches his hand out towards Tyrone, who hesitates for a moment but the two clasp hands and do their intricate nine step handshake before Jones pats him on the shoulder.

    Mr. Jones: Hollow Ones right?

    Tyrone offers up a weak smirk as he nods his head in return to the question.

    Tyrone: Hollow Ones big homie, even if one of us is down the other carries on. Always. Take care man, I'll see you at Ascension.

    The scene fades out as Jones begins walking out, leaving Tyrone to the mess in front of him. It returns to a few days later, outside St. James' Park, fans wandering all around the arena as a hooded figure walks amongst them, his head kept low. He walks towards the gate and ducks under, evading security as he sticks to the shadows. Once inside the backstage area he deftly avoids any notice as he makes his way towards the darker hallways. He finds a spot to sit under some stairs, lifting his head finally to reveal Tyrone's face covered with a bandanna. He crosses his legs, his eyes showing weariness, though no longer bloodshot. He watches as others pass by, members of the ring crew, the announcers, and then her. He watches silently as Batti walks by, her eyes cast downward as well. He reaches out towards her as she stops in front of the steps, her sorrow is palpable. His fingers get within an inch of her back but he soon pulls his arm back swiftly. Moments pass and Batti continues on but Stacey Madison soon turns the corner. She looks around desperately, as if trying to find someone, her eyes gazing towards his corner. Tyrone instinctively withdraws deeper into the shadows, pulling his hood down more.

    Stacey: Is someone there?

    No response from the Hollow One as he watches her, almost inquisitively as she starts to take a few steps closer towards him. The shadows, so familiar to him as he found himself comforted by them, now masking his presence as even his breathing stops to avoid detection.

    Stacey: Tyrone if that is you, just know I know what really happened, and maybe it's time the world sees the truth, about you, about everything.

    Her voice was flat, Tyrone tried to peer into any sort of inflection but there was none. As Stacey watches intently for any movement, she's suddenly interrupted by Selena, and the two walk off together as Tyrone finally takes a breath. He looks down at his hands for a moment, his voice quiet, almost a whisper.

    Tyrone: Figures she'd get her crew in on the act, but I would have expected a different tone in her voice. Fuck's it matter anyway, I know what's gonna go down tonight. Hash up all my fuck ups for the world to see again.

    Tyrone slowly lifts his head and stares down the now empty hallway, his eyes adjusting to the darkness.

    Tyrone: Flex, y'all wanna be the legend killer? Ain't that a shame homie, seems there ain't gonna be any legend left for you to slaughter after those three are done parading around the shambles of my life. Time to face the music, and maybe the only thing left to hear is the sound of that Click.


    Tyrone stands up and slowly walks out of the shadows and into the light, people suddenly emerging from both ends as he gets dirty looks from all those he walks past. He stares forward, his head held up as much as it can be. Maybe there's a dumpster he can join the trash in.

    The scene fades out.
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    Flex Fact #309: Flex Mussel has never cheated, because he would never waste his time on one of you hoes.​

    The Commander and Chief King Mussel can be seen waiting outside the physical location of the WZCW Hall of Fame. He paces back and forth in the front of the entrance checking his watch every few seconds. He is visibly annoyed as he begins stretching to try to pass the time.

    Flex: This is ridiculous, how can Maximus keep me waiting like this? She’s usually never late.

    Charles: That’s because she didn’t call you here.

    The bodybuilder turns around to see his former assistant/best friend/apprentice Charles “No Longer The Cheesecake” Chesterfield. The moniseur of muscle is immediately put on guard as the now lean cake making machine approaches him.

    Flex: What the hell are you doing here?

    Charles: I set this up Flex, you really need to change the password to your online day planner.

    Flex: You bastard! You know how important my day planner is to my daily work out regimen! I could have been sparring with polar bears today!

    Charles: Relax, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to indulge in animal cruelty later. This was important.

    Flex: If it’s about the CEO situation my stance hasn’t changed-

    Charles: Can you just shut up for a second and follow me?!

    The fitness freak is surprised by Charles’ assertiveness, something he did not have under Flex’s training. The chef motions towards the building and makes his way inside as Flex cautiously follows behind. The front desk security guard tries to stop Charles but as soon as he sees Flex by his side he immediately stands down, allowing the pair to make their way down the hall into the monument of WZCW’s finest.

    Flex: See that? That’s what happens you’re royalty.

    Charles: Whatever, we both know all active wrestlers don’t have to pay an entrance fee and can bring in two guests.

    Flex: Then you’re gonna have to pay because my guest passes are all taken.

    The entrepreneur begins to flex his bulging muscles alluding that his arms are anthropomorphic individuals. While this unneccessary show of bravado would have gotten a pity laugh from Charles in the past, the now well-adjusted and healthier baker ignores him as they continue on to the first exhibit. Flex notices this but tries to shrug it off.

    Charles: And here it is.

    The pair enter the first exhibit displaying a massive picture of Everest on the wall, with a list of his accomplishments on a podium below. Multiple TV’s are around the room displaying some of his classic matches while his theme plays in the background.

    Flex: Ah yes, Everest, my former mentor who I have now surpassed.

    Charles: Surpassed huh? Not a lot of appreciation for the man who made it possible for you to be in WZCW today.

    Flex: Everest saw in me what any intelligent person could have seen, and that’s massive potential. Plus I saved the man from being crippled by evil foreigners, I’d say we’re even. Now why are we here?

    Charles: To bring you down memory lane you ungrateful jackass. I know you’ve got a very high opinion of yourself recently but you need to see that your meteoric rise has come from the help and expense of others.

    Flex: Come on man you know I hate “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

    Charles: Everest gave an opportunity to a rookie who barely knew how to run the ropes, without him who knows if you would have been able to get another tryout. Show some respect.

    Charles shakes his head as he exits the exhibit and into another one. Flex takes one last look at the giant picture of Everest and becomes a bit sentimental, but quickly shakes it off as he follows Charles through the next exhibit: Titus Avision.

    Flex: Are you really trying to get me to see the error of my ways through this clown? I dominated him last week.

    Charles: I thought you might brag about that so no, we’re only passing through. Remember one thing though: You didn’t beat him when it counted.

    This comment irks Flex, and Charles knows this as a grin develops on his face as the two enter the next exhibit: Matt Tastic.

    Flex: This guy? Yeah I definitely beat him when it counted.

    Charles: Damn right, arguably you’re biggest win to date last year at Kingdom Come. And who was right by your side through the lead up to that? When it came out that you crippled your partner, when everyone turned on you, when no one thought you had a chance in hell of beating the most decorated wrestler in WZCW. Oh yeah that’s right, it was me!!

    Flex: You rode my coattails so what, you want a cookie?

    Charles: I’ve cut out all sugary sweets you dick. I thought this would help you realize that I’ve been an incredible friend to you even when I shouldn’t have been. Down to this very second, and you still can’t help but act like an ungrateful brat.

    Flex: Get off your high horse we both know you’re only doing this so I don’t try to cut Maria out of the company.

    Charles: Because she doesn’t deserve that! Don’t you see? Both she and I were by your side every step of the way during the best year of your career. The year you ran through the entire roster and beat legend after legend, when you showed everyone you were more than just some team player.

    Flex: I’m more than aware that I became the best highhandedly while supporting two unemployed individuals who back-stabbed me.

    Charles: Is all this really about us dating?

    Flex: You’re damn right its about you defiling my sister! I wake up from months in a coma to not only find out I can’t get my revenge on that coward Justin Cooper, but that Batti is somehow considered main event material, and oh wait my best friend is now fucking my sister!

    Charles: Why is that so hard for you to handle?!

    Flex: Because you both make it seem like you don’t need me! You both seemed so much happier when it seemed like I was never gonna wake up. If it wasn’t for Maximus I wouldn’t even be here right now. You two would have just gotten married and continue running my company into the ground. With your PC safe spaces and lessened prices. Disgusting.

    Charles: With the help of your sister I was able to trim all my fat and kick my sweets addiction, something you were too self-obsessed to do, and because of Maria the profits and stock of Flex Fitness has increased ten-fold. And I don’t know what sketchy assistant of yours did to wake you up but it must’ve given you permanent brain damage if you think you have any right to control who either of us date.

    Flex: You know what fuck this, I don’t need this, I don’t need you, I never have!!

    The fitness freak exits the Tastic exhibit but is immediately lost on where to go. He walks through the Vengeance room and gets turned out in the Big Dave section. He sees a door but it unfortunately only leads to the Steamboat Ricky exhibit. A frustrated Flex continues his quest for escape but eventually is stopped as he finds himself in another room staring at an enlarged photo of his favorite WZCW Wrestler: Showtime Cougar.

    Charles: Ah yes, the man who has been impacted the most by your dominance. This was your favorite wrestler right? The man who inspired you to join WZCW, the man whose career you ended.

    Flex: He didn’t have what it took to continue wrestling, I put him out of his misery before things got worse for him.

    Charles: Interesting because I seem to remember you hitting him with multiple Flexicutions and Mussel Bombs. Almost like you wanted to make sure he never stepped foot in a ring again.

    Flex: What’s your point? You trying to say that I’m some kind of monster that enjoys hurting others? Because when its people who stand in the way of my goals you can bet your ass they’re gonna get broken when I run through them.

    Charles: Not quite, you’re an incredibly vicious individual Flex, but I think you may have met your match.

    Charles leads Flex into another room nearby, the exhibit of the final remaining Hall of Fame member: Tyrone Blades.

    Charles: The man who was the greatest thorn in the side of your hero Showtime. The man who is the longest reigning World heavyweight champion as well as the only two time Lethal Lottery winner, a man you’ve never faced, and a vicious son of a bitch whose girlfriend you’ve been terrorizing the past few weeks. You still feel so tough?

    The moniseur of muscle takes a moment to ponder what Charles’ has said. And moments later begins to laugh out loud, much to the surprise of the Chef.

    Flex: You know I always liked Showtime more than Ty. Not just because I envied his charisma but because Ty scared me. Burning crosses, ritual sacrifices, demonic imagery, I found it all terrifying as a child. But then I grew up. And not only that but I became his coworker. And to be perfectly honest, for all his accolades, and all his big talk. I still don’t believe the hype. The man you were referring to, the one who broke bones, won titles, and decimated all by any means necessary was called Ty Burna. But you see come Ascension that’s not the man I’m facing. I’m going to be standing across the ring from Tyrone Blades. And while the name is certainly much better this ain’t the man who used to scare me as a child. This is the man who coasts by on his own name value. This is the man who only won the Lethal Lottery because his fame ****e of a girlfriend helped him. And this is the man who has gone from self-proclaimed pure evil to crying on his hands and knees over infidelity. What a joke.

    Charles: You’re really gonna underestimate him?

    Flex: Well I’m damn sure not gonna overestimate him! Stroke his ego and list off accomplishments from yesteryear. We’re in the now Charles. And while I’m sure he’s looking forward to getting his hands on me, so he can somehow get in the good graces of Batti by hurting the man who has been attacking her, but the truth is Tyrone is an emotional mess too concerned with the opinion of women and fickle fans rather than being the very best. Ascension will not be his redemption story, it will not be his apology tour, and it damn sure isn’t gonna be a stepping stone to his world title match at Kingdom Come. I’m the brickwall Tyrone is going to run into because I fear no one. I don’t care what he has done, he is an unjust world title contender who I will beat and make WZCW realize I am the rightful WZCW World champion.

    Charles: It’s not gonna be that easy Flex.

    Flex: I don’t care if it’s easy!! As long as it gets done, by any means necessary, my point will be proven. I’m gonna make Batti watch as I hurt the lover who scorned her. And that at Kingdom Come I’m gonna make her suffer far worse than ever could. I hope you’re watching Charles, because the same thing is going to happen to you and Maria if you don’t leave my fucking company.

    The fitness freak storms off through the emergency exit sounding an alarm. A dissapointed Charles shakes his head and begins dialing a number on his cellphone.

    Charles: Hey it’s me, yeah it didn’t work. We’re gonna have to go with plan B-

    The chef’s sentence is cut off by the sound a blunt object hitting him in the back of the head. It is soon revealed that it is Maximus standing over him with a piper in her hands. She begins dragging Charles away as the alarm continues to blare.
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