AS 128 - Batti vs Jabari Kasim

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    RP deadline is Wednesday May 23 at 11:59pm PST

    Extensions available upon request
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    "Can someone please cut Jabari off?!?"

    The voice of Dewey Westbloom rang out as his giant, Jabari Kasim, was rampaging through the Wylam Brewery.

    "Whose idea was it to take him on a brewery tour?"

    Jabari had consumed too many beers to count, and showed no signs of slowing down. Babalawo was passed out in a corner, having pushed past his limit about an hour earlier.

    Ode, who was supposed to be leading Jabari on the tour, had a little too much to drink as well. He was showcasing his basketball background and shooting empty bottles into a waste basket. Dewey had lost all control.

    "Maxwell wanted me to bring Jabari here to try to get into the mindset of Batti. Something about hyperactivity or something Mr. De-wey.:

    Ode shot another free throw with an empty bottle, but in his drunken state he threw it way off target and hit Jabari in the head. This angered the giant. You don't want to anger giants.

    The giant let out a guttural roar and charged at Ode. Ode, himself no small man, tried to stand his ground. Jabari was a steamroller though, and barreled over Ode. They continued to brawl around the brewery, crashing into anything and everything in sight. Broken bottles, dented kegs, beer leaking from machines. The two men continued, with Dewey having no idea how to stop it. He walked over and grabbed the staff that Babalawo carried with him. He slammed it down on the ground twice and Jabari froze, though he still had Ode held above his head. Using the staff, Dewey directed Jabari to put Ode down. They could hear footsteps coming, so Ode instructed Jabari to grab Babalawo and the group quickly left the brewery.

    The brew master walked in and saw the mess and fell to his knees quicker than Sunderland was falling to League One, hahahaha what a sick burn, right Lee?
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    "Seems that Tyrone isn't such a changed man after all."

    "Take the worst situations..."​

    "He used you Batti."

    "Make a worse situation."​

    "Just like he has used everyone before him."

    "Follow me home, pretend you..."​

    "Just look at his past, his path to the top has been paved with the bodies he threw down to walk on."

    "Found somebody to mend you."​

    "You my dear, are no different, and girl to girl, I just couldn't stand to let a man treat you that way."

    "I feel numb."

    "I feel numb in this kingdom."

    "I feel numb."

    I feel numb in this kingdom.

    Batti grabbed a towel from her locker and went over to a small bench. She could hear the arena from where she sat; customers were pouring out, talking in excited, conspiratorial tones about the drama they paid to see. They shuffled towards the exits with their freshly bought WZCW T-shirts and commemorative KC IX drinking cups, frantically texting and calling loved ones about their night. Batti unfolded the towel and covered her face, shrouding herself as well as she could from the lights and the noise.

    She felt his presence before he made himself known. He always had that power - to grab everybody's attention without fail. A mad-eyed wolf that spoke like a man. She wouldn't remove the towel no matter how much he begged, no matter what excuses he would give. To his credit he just leaned against the frame in his leather jacket and gazed at her as he always had.

    "I love you," he said quietly.

    She kept her head down. He waited for a moment for some sign that she was listening. When the silence answered back, he turned and left.

    Minutes passed without him. Tears swelled uncontrollably from behind the towel.

    "Just once," she spat, "I want things to be okay just this once."

    "It only gets worse from here," the room replied.

    As she pulled the towel from her face, Grindhouse dropped his left fist against her temple.

    Everything faded to black.

    Chapter 7: The House

    "Wake up, Beatrice."

    She jerked herself awake, wincing in spite of herself. Every joint in her body ached. Her eyes crept from the dusty wooden floor towards the rotted panels of the room. A couch was on its side in a far off corner, and there was the head of a wolf mounted against a wall. Right beside it was a black and white TV monitor. Batti thought she recognized the voice that answered her in the locker room.

    Ramparte stared back at her with a shit-eating grin.

    "Do you know what true power is?" he asked, running his fingers through his jet black hair. He licked his lips, staring daggers at her. "I had the world before I met you. A career. The Law of the Jungle is to eat or be eaten, so of course Flex Mussel would take advantage of that. If not for you, I would have been strong enough to see his betrayal coming. Strong enough to grab WZCW by the leash and rise like the phoenix I should have been. You ruined my life, Beatrice. For that you will suffer. In my care is a client who has done terrible things to women. Horrifyingly ambiguous things. He could snap your neck right here and now and I would watch. But that's not true power. Choice is power, Beatrice Otaku. I choose to let you go...under one condition."

    His proposition was met with a glare. He continued.

    "Last week and the week before at Lethal Lottery I faced a dilemma. Around the same time I was signing Grindhouse to WZCW, management thought to hire another giant by the name of Jabari. He's made problems for me lately, and so I want him defeated." The Recluse turned away from the desk mic and nodded to somebody off-camera. "This may persuade the company to look further into Jabari's handlers. There must be some heat on a group of men exploiting a human being the way they are."

    Batti stopped herself from attacking his comment. She sat up and hugged her knees. "You had to abduct me to tell me I should beat someone I was already supposed to meet in the ring?"

    "It's not that simple. You were going to pay dearly tonight. But I had a change of heart. I pitied you."

    She stared wide-eyed at the surveillance camera.

    "I was there to hear Eve Taylor spill the beans. It's ironic that no matter where you turn, the shades of Cerberus still follow you. Shame. I thought you and Ty were just adorable."

    "Stop it! Just tell me how to fight a man as large as Jabari. Obviously I'm not Grindhouse. I'm the smallest person on the roster. Help me help you then, Ram!"

    "Don't say my name. You don't get that privilege anymore."

    Batti searched her pockets for her phone. It was missing.

    "Call it an impromptu game. The only way you could fight The Nigerian Giant is with agility. May not be your forte, knowing how clumsy you are, so let's work on that, shall we? You have two minutes to escape this lodge. If you're still here when my clock reaches zero I'm sending Grindhouse in to do what he does best. Oh and one more thing..."

    He cleared his throat, starting a stopwatch. "Even now I'm still coaching you to be your very best. You should be thankful."

    As he cut the feed, he took another look at the watch. Ramparte shrugged.

    "Eh she's a star now. Better make it one minute."


    She made a beeline for the door. It was unlocked, but it felt like something had barred the door from the other side. Not wanting to waste time, she observed her room with more precision. There was a window, but it was boarded up.


    She couldn't see anything she could pry it open with. After a brief moment trying to remove the wolf's head from the wall -


    Batti decided the best and only true course of action was to hide. There was the couch...


    What if there was some other way? A trap door? Should she dig her nails into the flooring to check? Ramparte said two minutes, that would give her about one more minute left.


    Batti started to freeze up. "Think girl, think!" she thought, panicking.


    The door swung open, like she knew it would. The monster that knocked her out swallowed the doorframe, sniffing the air like a greyhound. Grindhouse lurched forward, his heavy boots made the floorboards cry out before the shushing sound of his winter coat brushed against the ground. He turned his head left, and then right; his mask a crimson grotesque mold with mandibles. His eyes fell on the couch. It had moved several feet away from where it originally was.

    He sauntered reproachfully towards the piece of furniture.

    Before he lifted the sofa with his bare grip, Batti stepped out from behind the door and sprinted wildly from the room, towards a dining area, the living room, and then the front door. She kept running even when the lodge was out of sight.

    She stepped inside a diner to use their phone. On the bulletin board near the candy machines were two Missing Persons. Both were women in their cheerleader uniforms.
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