AS 124 - Titus Avison vs. Triple X - Pure Rules (Non-Title)

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    RP Deadline Tuesday 16th January 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    Deadline has been extended by 24 hours.
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    Titus: It's a long time.

    The voice of the hall of famer can be heard as the camera pans a beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. The camera stops to reveal Titus Avison and Leon Kensworth who are prepared for an interview. Leon is suited with Titus in a plain t-shirt with the EurAsian championship over his shoulder.

    Leon: What is?

    Titus: Let's play a game Leon. Guess.

    Leon, as ever, looks frustrated and needing to play one of Titus' games. He relents.

    Leon: The so called EurAvison era?

    Titus: 784 days is a long time, but it's not what I'm talking about. You can do it Leon!

    Leon: How about the last time I interviewed you?

    Titus: Probably, but not right. I'll give you a clue...38 minutes.

    Leon freezes. He thinks back to Sunday and all that happened.

    Leon: That was the longest time of my life. It was chaos. Kids getting put in storm drains. Families huddling and crying. No one knowing what would happen. Yet it was not as bad as initially thought. All calmness was restored.

    Titus: I don't really remember it like that, you seem to have exaggerated it.

    Leon: Exaggerated it? It was three days ago, how could you possibly not remember it.

    Titus: Are you mad? It was eight years ago!

    Leon: What do you think I'm talking about?

    Titus: Me winning the world title for the first time. What did you think I meant?

    Leon: The missile alert.

    Titus: The what?

    Leon: The missile alert on Sunday where we were told to take shelter.

    Titus: Oh that'll explain why the gym was so empty.

    Leon: People thought they were going to die and your focus was being in the gym?

    Titus: My focus is to be the best. My focus is to completely push the boundaries as to what someone in WZCW should be. My focus is to adapt. My focus is to not only survive but to obliterate everyone. If that means being in the gym on a Sunday afternoon so be it.

    Leon: You say that but you were soundly beaten last Ascension by Triple X.

    Titus: Leon. You could beat me if you twatted me over the head repeatedly with a chair. That does not mean you're a decent wrestler, it means you can hit someone over the head with a chair.

    Now imagine where I don't know who I'm wrestling or the rules of the match? Of course he'd have the advantage and of course I'd lose.

    Leon: So that's why you made the request for a Pure Rules match?

    Titus: Triple X more than embarrassed me at Ascension. The cherry on the top was his post match rant. Here's a man who pissed off and left decided to turn up to get some more money and then disrespects me like that? How dare he.

    Leon: He's fully within his right to do that.

    Titus: Is he though? I'm a hall of famer who is widely regarded as the greatest person to step in this ring. The EurAvison era has revolutionised this company and how a champion is viewed and he does that? He needs to learn a lesson. I will teach that lesson. The way I will do it, Pure Rules.

    Leon: Why though?

    Titus: At Kingdom Come two the first ever Pure Rules match happened in WZCW. For 38 minutes Everest and Titus fought and it ended with me winning and walking out the world champion. Do you know how long 38 minutes is?

    Then there was Unscripted when I ended the career of Showtime with a Pure Rules match. That also lasted 38 minutes. We fought hard and I won.

    Then there was Unscripted, again, where I fought Vee ADZ. That one didn't last 38 minutes but a Pure Rule match is something that most people can't prepare for.

    Leon: There's not too much difference to a normal match though. The 20 count will not make much of a difference.

    Titus: 10 is normal, we all know that. People who have been wrestling their entire life can cope for 10 seconds outside the ring but once you get to 11 your mind is thinking “this is odd” by 13 you're thinking “what should I do now? Stay or head in ring?” at 15 you're thinking “How can I put my opponent down” or at 17 you're wiped out on the ground looking up to the ring. Next you know it's 20. Pure rules is more than physical, it's mental.

    Leon: There's not too much difference to a normal match though. The 20 count will not make much of a difference.

    Titus: 10 is normal, we all know that. People who have been wrestling their entire life can cope for 10 seconds outside the ring but once you get to 11 your mind is thinking “this is odd” by 13 you're thinking “what should I do now? Stay or head in ring?” at 15 you're thinking “How can I put my opponent down” or at 17 you're wiped out on the ground looking up to the ring. Next you know it's 20. Pure rules is more than physical, it's mental.

    Leon: I suppose you're going to say that about the rope breaks?

    Titus: Exactly. Many people have tapped out to my ankle lock over the years but the best defense to it? Grabbing a rope. You do that three times in the match and boom. Over. It's a natural reaction to do it so yeah I would say the same.

    Leon: Surely the open fist to the face doesn't make?

    Titus: It does when you're facing a barbarian like Triple X. Can he see out 38 minutes? I doubt it.

    On that note the interview ends. Camera fades to black.

    Sunday 14th January 2018. Titus Avison is talking to a fan.

    Fan: So I can get tickets to Ascension front row if I do what you ask?

    Titus: You do work for the place that would alert the island about missiles?

    Fan: Yup.

    Titus: Maximum chaos for 38 minutes. Let's do it.

    Camera fades to black.
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    The arena was rocking with electricity, as the fans waited to see some of their favourite WZCW superstars perform live. For many of the fans in attendance, this would be their first experience of a WZCW live event.

    The small arena was about three quarters full. Many members of the audience were still slowly meandering to their seats, snacks and apparel in hand, when all of a sudden the lights cut.

    Complete and utter darkness.

    A few screams, mostly of excitement and expectation, reverberated around the venue. All of a sudden, on the titantron…


    A wall of static. The noise, too, was deafening, and the image remained in a grainy state of flux for what seemed like an eternity when in fact, it was a matter of seconds. Eventually it broke; the image became clear, the sound dissipated, all to reveal a garbage can, with flames pouring out of it surrounded by empty darkness. After a while, a face came into focus; revealing Triple X staring down the lens of a camera.

    ‘Have you missed me over Christmas?’


    The crowd roared. Not in adulation or anything resembling that, but in shock; Triple X wasn’t announced for this particular show, so to have him appear, even just on the video, was a huge surprise to the live crowd.

    Triple X began to laugh. ‘You’re all so predictable. Show you something you don’t expect and even if it’s something you hate, you scream in delight. Idiots.’

    And, of course, the boos began to rain down. What made the fan even more irate was the calm tone to X’s voice; he was relaxed, incredibly so, while the fans were practically jumping out of their skins in hatred for the X-Rated Superstar

    ‘Ladies and gentleman. Ascension 124 arrives in a matter of days, and at the event you will see many contests, but one in particular I want you to pay special attention to. And that is the one between myself and the man from Keystone. The reigning, defending, record breaking Eurasian Champion Titus Avison.’

    A cheer went around the arena at the mere mention of the longest reigning Eurasian Champion in history. While Titus’s actions for the most part had garnered hatred, the fans had a clear preference between him and the man on the big screen.

    ‘Or as I like to refer to him; the man whose skull I caved in with a con-chair-to back on Ascension Anarchy.’

    Back to boos.

    ‘See, what’s funny to me is this notion that Titus is the best. That he’s the very best this company has ever produced. What is it; two time World Champion? Former Lethal Lottery Winner? Elite X Champion? Along with your Eurasian Championship, you’re regarded as one of the most decorated and respected wrestlers to ever step foot inside that ring. You’re the living legend of WZCW.’

    The fans make a noise of appreciation; not toward X, but towards the words that are concurred with across all of wrestling.

    ‘…and the most overrated.’

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .​



    ‘You honestly think that?’

    ‘Nah, I don’t buy that for a second.’

    David ‘Red’ Redfield took a swig from his beer bottle, as Frank reached for a handful of peanuts. The bar they were in was quiet, but with enough of a buzz that X had gone mostly unnoticed by the general public. X smiled, and sat back, finishing his own bottle. Cola, of course.

    ‘Well it’s true. I’ve never really seen the appeal, as a fan or as a wrestler.’

    ‘Hm, a cocky, brash wrestler who thinks he’s better than others. Now why does that sound familiar?’

    Frank’s comment came with a smile, but Xander still took mild offense.

    ‘At least I started as a wrestler. I didn’t segway into it as a second choice after acting just because I thought I could give it a go. I started a wrestler and I’ll go out a wrestler.’

    ‘Okay, but even so, he’s a Hall of Famer. And look at the matches he’s had. Classics against David Cougar, Ty Burna, Everest, Steven Kurtesy, just to name a few. He’s been here since day one and he’s arguably turned the Eurasian Championship into the most important title in WZCW right now.’


    ‘Nah, he has a point.’

    ‘No, he doesn’t.’

    ‘Xander, I get it.’ Frank catches the attention of the bartender, who pops two more soda’s and a beer on the counter. ‘You don’t like him. You never have. But he is one of the greatest of all time.’

    ‘Maybe. But maybe he isn’t as great as everyone thinks he is.’ X takes another drink from his bottle.

    ‘A few world titles, some Oscars, a Hall of Fame entry and a few other accolades say otherwise.’

    ‘I know his accolades.’

    ‘Well then-‘

    ‘I get it.’ Triple X smiled, before slamming his bottle down on the counter. ‘Whether everyone loves or hates him, they respect him. I get that. I also get that none of you have first hand experience with him.’

    ‘Neither have you.’

    ‘Not before Anarchy in regards to as an opponent. But oh, we’ve crossed paths…’

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .​

    'See, I've heard legends of a man who, way back when I started watching WZCW, was spoken of in such endearing terms. Legends of a man who was considered one of the very best; a linchpin in this business. Legends of a Champion like no other, who on his day could not be beaten. Legends of a man who carried WZCW on his back. And I remember that one day, where I finally laid eyes on a Titus match, and...disappointment. The legends, as they turned out, were nothing more than stories that had out-grown their truth.'

    The fans continued their verbal assault, all the while X's grin grew wider.

    'Oh trust me, I know this is all heresy to you, but I really don't care. I'm having way too much fun to stop. but you see, for all that expectation falling flat, I finally made my way here. Since then, before last Ascension, Avison and I have only crossed paths once. As partners. Apocalypse 2012…’

    The screen began to go fuzzy again, all of a sudden, morphing into an old recording. Well, what was made to look like an old recording anyway. From 2012, the camera is pointed on the entrance ramp and, to his music, Triple X leads out Titus and Steven Kurtesy to the ring to the delight of the fans.

    The image then fades to the end of the match...

    The screen returns back to Triple X, looking almost as annoyed as his past self at the end of the contest.

    ‘You wanna know why I was that pissed? I realised. I thought to myself before the match; “Okay, teaming with Titus. The man himself. Surely working with him I’ll see what the whole world means.” And…not even close. He lost the match, and had the audacity to shake the hands of his opponents, leaving me to take in the full brunt of the loss.’

    X chuckled for a moment, briefly looking up, before continuing.

    ‘But then, on Ascension Anarchy, I finally got the opportunity to face him. For the first time ever; Titus vs Triple X. And I think to myself “maybe...just maybe, this is the time.” Maybe this time I’ll get it. And what happens? He gets tricked by one of the oldest tricks in the book; I use the rules to my advantage and I take him out. With ease. And once again, he disappoints. Not just me, but every single one of you.’

    Triple X leans back and reaches for something in the background, disappearing out of sight for a moment. He then returns, lifting one of the steel chairs from their previous match to the camera; one with a huge dent and a blood smear.

    ‘Remember this, Avison? Well, probably not, seeing as your brains got half splattered all over it. This right here is the symbol of your mortality, Titus. This is the symbol of how beatable you are.’


    A small pocket of the fans began to chant. Triple X simply smirked at their feeble attempts.

    ‘Go ahead. Cheer for him. He needs it. See, Avison, you’ve been struggling along all this time to remain relevant. To keep your place and not let any new talent rise to the top. So when I come in and I make an example of you, you can’t have that. You can’t stand it. We all saw it; we all saw you going to Chuck Myles like a little bitch. You couldn’t take the fact I’d broken you so easily, so you thought you’d try to be clever. You thought you’d get one up on me.’

    X drops the chair, and gets in close to the camera.

    ‘Pure. Fucking. Rules.’

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .​

    ‘So, this pure rules thing-‘

    ‘Don’t get me started.’

    ‘No, I’m just getting my head around it. So, you can only use so many rope breaks?’


    ‘And…you can be deducted them for certain things like-‘

    ‘Closed fists; too many of them at any rate. And you have a count of twenty to return to the ring.’

    Xander and Frank both looked at Red.

    ‘What? WZCW isn’t the only company to use Pure Rules.’

    ‘Well…it doesn’t seem so hard-‘

    ‘The rules change the very fabric of the match. It isn’t like other match types where stipulations are added or removed. Here, the rules are changed. And in the heat of battle it can be difficult to remember what differences you have. If you get hit by a big move had you can’t kick out, and you instinctively put your foot on the ropes when you’re out of breaks, you’re done for. A closed fist too many, you’re done for. You get lulled into the false sense of security with the twenty-count and lose your bearings, you’re done for.’

    ‘Okay, I get it. There’s lots of ways to be done for.’

    The two turned to X, who was being uncharacteristically quiet.

    ‘Whats up?’

    ‘Question for you both; do you guys think Titus has an advantage in this match?’

    A short pause from both.


    ‘I mean, he has won Pure Rules matches-‘

    ‘Yeah, and one was for his first World Title-‘

    ‘So you guys think he has the edge?’


    ‘He has an edge. Nothing you cant overcome, but, like you have the psychological advantage with what you did back on last Ascension, he has one here.’

    X smiled and shook his head. ‘Keep thinking that.’

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .​

    A MASSIVE cheer went up at the very mention of the stipulation made famous by the Hall of Famer.

    X smirked for a second. ‘You think that Pure Rules, ‘your match’ as it seems, benefits you? Why; are you afraid when things get violent? Can you not take it? And more to the point, you think I can’t beat you in a wrestling match??’

    X smiled, and looked away from the camera for a moment, before his face became engulfed with rage.

    ‘FUCK YOU. You think you’re better than me?? Here’s the thing; I don’t need anything to beat you other than myself. I can use a chair better than anyone else in the world of professional wrestling, but there’s something else I can do better too. WRESTLE! I out-fucking-wrestled everyone in Japan, in Mexico, in Europe, all over the god-damn world. Everywhere I’ve been. And I’ve done the same here; my first night back I retired two of the established roster. Second week, I bested Wren, who’s had the one up on you if memory serves. I even pinned the soon-to-be World Champion John Constantine dead centre of that ring. You want me to out-wrestle you, I’ll out-god-damn-wrestle you. I’ll embarrass you in your own match, and you’ll know you should never have tried to play fucking games with me.’

    The crowd had fallen silent, transfixed by Triple X’s rant on the stipulation for the match. X composed himself with a deep breath, before continuing.

    ‘I want to show you something.’

    He leant down for a few seconds, before pulling something into view, placing it on his shoulder; the sight of which actually brought something resembling a cheer from the audience:


    …the old Eurasian Championship belt.

    ‘Titus, you’re not the only guy to hold this championship. I did, a few years ago.’

    The big screen juttered all of a second, taking the audience back to five long years ago.

    The screen returns back to X.

    ‘I lost the belt a few Meltdowns later. Nothing on your reign, of course. But do you know why? Because the people wanted to see me defend it. So I did, at their request, and look what happened. Hell, You should know, Titus. You were there at ringside. I'd bet you barely remember...’

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .​

    ‘Still, a shot at the Eurasian Championship's pretty sweet, right?’

    X threw Red a discerning look.

    ‘Oh, what did I say now?’

    ‘Surely a title shot is a good thing? I mean, sure, it isn’t the World Championship-‘

    ‘You’re right. It isn’t’

    ‘Well, what is it to you?’

    ‘A distraction.’

    ‘Now come on, you don’t mean that.’

    ‘Why? Why don’t I? I didn’t come back to prove I was the best also-ran; I came back to prove that Triple X is better than anyone, and the Eurasian championship-‘

    ‘-is held, for right or wrong, by a man many consider to be one of the best. So think about it. You beat him, for a second time, and in his own match and THEN you take his championship…sky’s the limit, son.’

    ‘Frank may not know a whole bunch about wrestling, but he’s spot on.’

    X sat there for a moment, staring into his now empty bottle. He let go, and took in a deep breath. ‘Yeah. Yeah, I suppose he is.’

    ‘So, what are you gonna do?’

    X took some cash out and presented it to the barman. ‘Buy you guys a drink for being right. And after that…’ Xander smiled at the thought that came into his head. ‘…end the Era of Avison.’

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .​

    The image on the screen returned once again to its original host. The X-Rated Superstar stared at his former championship.

    ‘If we’re all honest with ourselves, Titus. There’s only two reasons to win this title. The first is to push yourself to the main event to accomplish bigger and better things. That’s what I tried to do back then. That’s what I will do now. The other reason though…’

    Triple X removed the belt from his shoulder, staring into the centre plate, before throwing it into the flames of the trash bin, throwing up sparks into the air. Such an action drew a huge grasp from the crowd, before more boos began to fall on the screen.

    Xander didn’t react. Not even with an evil smile. ‘The other reason, is that you’re not good enough to aim higher. And we all know that’s the truth with you, Avison. You can’t hang anymore, so you lowered yourself down to play with the midcard. Well don’t worry, Titus. I’ll take that burden off you. I’ll relieve you of your championship; not because I want it. As I just proved, I don’t. I’ll take it, because I can, and I will hold it until I get what I rightfully deserve, and who knows; maybe I’ll keep hold of it at that point. Maybe I’ll drop it in the trash again. But either way Avison; you won’t have it. And without that championship; you are NOTHING.’

    X lifts his hands up to his face and, for the first time during this video, we see a clear shot of them. They’re covered in some kind of deep-red fluid. It’s wet, running, and Triple X wipes his hands over his face, leaving it covered in the same liquid.

    ‘2018? I prefer to call it Year X.’

    The feed cut out, and for at least a good half a minute the arena lights stayed down. In the darkness however, a faint few screams could be heard. There was a buzz around the rest of the crowd, working out what the noise was for. All of a sudden, the lights came back up, and standing atop the entrance way, covered in crimson, was Triple X. He held his head up high, eyes transfixed to the ring. One by one, the audience’s eyes fell on the canvas, where, splattered in red, was one word.

    T I T U S

    Triple X’s face finally cracked back into a sneer, before lifting both of his blood-red covered middle fingers up to each side of the audience.

    All legends die. You can all go to hell with yours.
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