AS 124 - Eve Taylor & Yemrez Reqonic vs. Justin Cooper & Logan McAllister

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    RP Deadline Tuesday 16th January 23:59 (Central).

    Extensions available upon request.
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    Eve Taylor grew impatient. She had been waiting at the agreed upon location for her tag team partner. Eve knew that Yemrez Reqonic would be eager to meet up and discuss strategy for the upcoming match on Ascension. As much as Eve Taylor understood, from hearing through the grapevine, Yemrez... Reqonic... loved the idea of sharing the ring with the Fabulous One. She saw Eve Taylor as a person who wished to test herself against or even someone she could see as a future tag team partner. Eve was flattered by this idea that someone wanted to be a partner of hers. She felt it to be a rarity, considering how Eve was still on the path of turning everyone's heads around from the whole "Eve is a choker" just moniker. Having someone like... uh... her around would do well for Eve's sanity. Plus, Eve really needed to start communicating with her tag team partners more often. She had been apart of many tag matches recently and she thought it best to begin creating bonds. She can't be the lone wolf forever. So, she would start with someone as excited as Y̴̡̒ē̷̺͓̜̳̔͠m̶̢̱͕̩̑̑̓r̴̦̯̔̈́̄͠e̷̛͕̯̟͐̇̽ź̸̝͉͒̚ ̶̖̾́͆̌R̶͇̹̲͖̐͛̚͜ę̵̤̉́̑̋̇q̷̫̗̥͔̈́̆̔͘o̵̪̯̲̝̦̅͑n̷̢͐̄̆͛i̵͙͆̉̈́͗c̵͙̊̕ and go from there... and whilst they were talking strategy, they could have some fun too!

    Eve had a big day planned out with Y-mre- Req--ic! They would begin with a warm-up run from the station, head over to the GYM, do a work-out, go out and have some brunch, shower and get changed, then head out to the shopping mall for a little bit before ending the day with a nice caramel latte. After going through all that as well as discussions about their match, Eve felt it best to reward herself. She was sure Remzey would not mind... Yemmi would not mind? Um... yeah, that was indeed the plan. Maybe, just maybe, to end the night, she might go to a nightclub of some description. She knew Stacey Madison was going and she wanted to catch up with her there. It all depended on how tired Eve was after this meeting today. It is a good thing Eve was woken by her alarm at a time that would delete nightclubbing from the schedule. She wondered if ________ _________ ever went out to nightclubs? Did Olympic gold medallists do that sort of thing? Eve did it when she was a supermodel and that was considered Olympic-tier status in the fashion industry. Surely it'd be the same for... &#(@@^ )$^##)(

    Eve's thought was interrupted as the train pulled up at the station. She looked down at her running shoes and made sure they were properly fastened. She did not want to fall over again! Once she was finished, she stood up and waited for the doors to open. She had a big smile on her face as she watched the people pour out until finally, her partner emerged from the carriage. Eve walked up to her and greeted her.


    "&$^ #&#@( _____^#(#"!!"

    "I'm sorry, what?"


    "I don't understand. What are you saying?"

    Eve's head began to hurt. Something was overcoming her. She had no idea what it was but it felt like the worst migraine she had ever experienced. Eve instinctively placed her hand on her forehead as she tried to stay vertical. She had a lot of difficulty standing up. She attempted to lean on her partner for support but as she looked up, she did not see her partner. In fact, she saw a blurry mess. She reached out and tried to grab her but there was nothing. Eve fell into the nothingness. She hit the ground.


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    Restarting RP.


    Eve woke up. She found herself in the back of a car laying across the backseat. She wiped away the sleep from the eyes and slowly rose into a seated position. She noticed that they were moving still. She looked around out the window to discern if she could recognise the area she was in but there wasn't anything that was familiar. Before she could fully wake up, Selena Anderson popped up in her vision. She had come very close to her face with a big ol' smile.

    "Hey Evie!"

    Eve was startled by this and almost jumped out of her seat. She was definitely awake now as Selena, in the passenger seat, began laughing along with Stacey Madison, who was driving the vehicle. Eve, slightly annoyed at this, let her head relax on the backseat looking up to the car roof. In spite of this, Selena was still in her face as best as she could from the front seat and offered up a coffee.

    "You look like you might need some of this. We grabbed you one a few minutes ago. We thought you'd wake up when we were in the drive-thru but... well, it's no irish coffee but it'll hit the spot."

    Eve looked directly at Selena before taking the coffee, mumbling a thank you to her. She took a sip. It was a nice vanilla latte. It was something Eve drank to reward herself when she felt accomplished or to lift her spirits when she was down. This definitely was hitting the spot.

    "Where are we?"

    "Wow, you serious? This is Honolulu. We're here for the upcoming shows. You must've been jetlagged something chronic. Are you okay?"

    Eve attempted to recall what happened previously but nothing was coming to mind.

    "I believe so. Sorry, I just couldn't sleep much."

    "Don't worry, me too. As soon as we check into our hotel, wherever the bloody hell that is, I'm going straight to sleep. Only for a few hours, though. I want to hit up some of the night life here."

    "Yeah, samesies! I lobbied for a pub but I haven't hit up a club in ages. Not because I hate the music but the alcohol is so expensive. So when we check in, I'm going to the local store, pick up some liquor and get some pre-drinks before we head out. Should be fun! You in, Eve?"

    "Sure, why not? I could use with a little break. I might join the both of you in those activities. I need some sleep AND some alcohol. Where we going?"

    "Some place called the Doki Doki Nightclub. Seems to have a rapid growing fan-base. People are giving it raving reviews. Free entry, too! Some of the other people on the WZCW payroll are heading there to check it out. I can't wait! I've got a new outfit to wear for tonight."

    "Hope you like changing in the car. My phone GPS is not co-operating and I cannot find this damned hotel. I had to ask Bob for directions whilst you were asleep. I honestly have no idea what he attempted to describe to me. Last time I ask him for any help."

    Eve continued to drink the coffee. It soothed her throat and pierced her soul. Whatever headache or sleepiness or annoyance she had previously was no longer present. She was awake and relaxed.

    "Speaking of breaks, I cannot believe you have to go up against Logan McAllister once again this week! After everything the two of you put each other through at Unscripted, you somehow have to face him again. I'd understand if it were a Last Man Standing or I quit match but regular rules? What's with that?"

    "McAllister isn't the only opponent she is facing, you know."

    "I know, Miss Investigative Journalist. I'm just saying why McAllister again?"

    Eve took another gulp of her coffee before responding.

    "Maybe McAllister feels like he still has something to prove against me? Perhaps he really doesn't fancy the idea of losing to a choker multiple times. Or he possibly had no hand in the decision of making the match and this new WZCW management shake-up felt it was best to revisit an old feud as we head into the Lethal Lottery, a time when everything gets shaken up before heading into Kingdom Come. Anybody could win the Lottery and that screws up so many potential plans and dream matches. Might as well stick with what we've got before it gets thrown out the window by the Lottery winner, y'know?"

    "Are you suggesting that you'll be winning the Lottery?"

    Eve chuckles. "I've grown since the last Lottery. I'm not saying I will win the Lottery this time. I was over-confident last time in saying that and it cost me. I'm just keeping an open mind. Maybe I do win it this year and regain the redemption I so seek. Logan McAllister could surprise us all and win it... or anybody else on the roster. I do not know who will win; it is anybody's game! I have to accept the reality that I will most likely not win. Statistically, it is not in my favour. Why bank on such a victory occurring?"

    "That's a good mindset to have but what's that got to do with facing Logan McAllister again?"

    "Not much, although I hope he realises the same reality could occur for him. It's the exact same situation for him. He is not guaranteed to win just as it is not a guarantee he will beat me this week. For that man to have any chance of guaranteeing victory, he needs a bloody attitude change. Whatever he has done for the past few months every time we have met inside the ring - and outside the ring - has not helped him at all. His manager, his attitude and his fighting from the shadows is simply not working. Yet, that is all he has right now. He's got his manager and the honeyed words whispered into his ear that suggest the pastures will be greener on the other side if he continues down this path. As long as I stand here, I'm a roadblock for Logan McAllister to get to the other side. If he wants there, I'll let him pass but he's got to prove to me that he is not the same person I faced the last few times. He needs to change and until he does, Logan McAllister is going to have a very difficult time with me in the ring. The halted momentum, constant losses and mental psyche of that man will just keep railroading him. It is a shame, too. I once saw potential in Logan as a good wrestler but all he has amounted to is a record-holding Elite champion... for the shortest reign in history."

    "Maybe that's why they keep pairing the two of you together. Shortest reigning Elite champion versus the longest reigning Elite champion. It's got a cool hook to it."

    "Yeah, I guess."

    Eve did not really think of it that way. Sure, there is something to promote the matches on the business end but Eve knew it was mostly on the side of Logan attempting to showcase himself as a worthy competitor. He felt Eve was not deserving of her position. It was something Eve thought he still felt. Despite the various wins against Logan, she would still remain on her game. It was Lottery season after all; she needs to do well. That and her other opponent was going to be tough challenge.

    "However, I think the better hook would be myself taking on Justin Cooper. The man nobody suspected to be World champion against the woman everybody expected to be World champion. The person who took the Lethal Lottery victory when it was predicted by everyone and their mothers that I would win it. The competitor who capitalised on my failures and became the centrepiece fixture of the entire company. The main event."

    Eve took a moment to let that thought sink in. She took another sip of her coffee.

    "Now I know how Logan McAllister feels about me; I feel the same way towards Justin Cooper. I'd love any chance I can get to prove my worth against him. I know he isn't World champion any more but I still value a victory over him just as much. I have a lot of respect for him."

    "Wait, really? You do realise what that man did to WZCW and to Mikey Stormrage, right? The two things you love?"



    "One of those things I loved. I did love Mikey Stormrage. I loved him so much that I let him go so he could focus on his match against Justin Cooper at Kingdom Come for the title. I could not get in his way."

    "That was a long time ago, Eve."

    "I know. I know... but when Mikey lost, he initially did not make any contact with me. I gave him space and waited for him to come to me. He did not come to me. I tried to contact him but I did not get much. That's when I knew my love for Mikey became past-tense."

    Selena & Stacey did not have a real answer to give. The three remained in silence for a moment as Eve finished the rest of her coffee. Eve felt seemingly unfazed by the conversation, though.

    "This is the first time I have admitted it but this is how I have felt for a while. As much as I would love Mikey to be in my arms once more, I know from past experiences that I can't hang onto possibilities. I can't force Mikey to come back if he does not want to so I won't and I shall move on. The same thing happened with Aubrey. I loved her, too... but just like Mikey, she did not want me so I kept going. I can't keep holding onto the past. Which is why I am looking at this upcoming Lottery with a different perspective and why I am looking at Justin Cooper as a challenge to test my skills rather than a personal vendetta to gain my revenge for the horribly year Cooper put me through with just one single victory I thought I deserved. Just because Cooper won the Lottery that I believed I should've won does not mean I have the right to call him out, suggest that he was a con artist and how I deserve his spot. I will not shoot on him with a Logan promo. In fact, I'd rather sing his praises.

    "Cooper was midcard guy who floundered for many years, coming in and out of WZCW. A title win here. A big match victory here. Never much consistency until he started teaming with Mark Keaton. Quite remarkable how that sparked the fire in Cooper. I never saw him winning the Lottery but somehow, he managed to do it. He won the Lottery, made the Kingdom Come main event and won the title. He did it. He also became the leader of Vis Imperium that dramatically shifted the company for a while. He kicked the trash out and brought in his own crew... and despite their morally questionable decisions, at least Vis Imperium brought in young and fresh talent. Cooper was refreshing to the World title scene. Mark Keaton is a great wrestler. Xander LeBelle was amazing, too. Something new was great. I appreciated that. I did not appreciate men like Tyrone Blades, Titus Avison & Constantine claiming to be the people who represent WZCW. Sure, they probably fought on the righteous side of history but bloody hell, they're old news. Legends with storied careers. They've had their time in the spotlight. I'd much rather Justin Cooper than any of them."

    "You respect him for how accomplished he is as a wrestler?"

    "Right. Whatever his morals or motives are, I don't care. What he did for the past year was impressive. If I want to be a World champion like Justin Cooper, I have to set aside morals and motives. When you are at the top, everybody is after you and will come at you from all different angles. You have to be prepared to fight back and flank them. Cooper surprised many people with how horrible he can be; there was no line Cooper wouldn't cross to get into the head of his opponents. I think that's amazing. This is the sort of information I will carry heading into our match and I'll look to surprise him, too. As of right now, Cooper really doesn't care for me or Logan for that matter. All he wants is the World champion and someone like me, a choker, is not going to disturb his plans. This is the perfect time to surprise Cooper with a Cooper-style surprise. Whilst he is distracted elsewhere, I'll smack him so hard in the fact that he will have no choice but to pay attention to me; to focus all his efforts in defeating me."

    "I don't know how you'll fair in this match, though. You have a tag team partner and might not be on the same wavelength."

    "I thought I was in a triple threat?"

    "I heard it was a handicap match."

    "Either way, doesn't matter what match eventually happens. Doesn't matter who shows up for the contest. Justin Cooper will be on the opposite corner to me and he will be my opponent. This is the same for Logan McAllister. As far as I am concerned, this is Eve Taylor against everybody... much like the upcoming Lethal Lottery match. It'll be great practice to go fight against someone who hates my guts to do anything to eliminate me and someone who was at the pinnacle of the company for a long time in the same match at the same time. So, I'll walk into Ascension prepared for anything and ready for a fight. I'll put me fists up, strike hard and keep on swinging. If I go down, I'll go down swinging and I'll get up again ready for more because there is no damn way I am quitting. I've felt the pain of one loss before. I've felt the pain of many losses. What's adding one more to the list? There will always be another opportunity to prove myself in the future. Winning this match is merely a bonus for me... but just because it's a bonus doesn't mean I won't be shooting for it. Don't mistake me: I am going for the victory. I want that momentum heading into the Lottery. I still want the World championship and this match is but another stepping stone."

    "Well, that's good, Eve. I'm glad you're okay!"

    "Oh c'mon, Selena. You never have to worry about me. It's you who we should worry about!"

    "Me? What did I do?"

    "It's not what you did. It's what you could do. We just had a massive flight with delays upon sleepless delays... and instead of sleeping, you want to consume massive amounts of depressants that'll make you drowsy and then party for hours into the night."

    "When you put it like that, you make it sound bad. It's almost like you're depicting me as a alcoholic party girl."

    "But you are, Selena. You have a problem."

    "We are here for you, girl."

    "Get lost, you two. There is nothing wrong with my consumption of alcohol. There is just something wrong with the two of you not being able to drink as much. You guys should do better."

    "Is that a challenge?"

    "Yes it is, Evie... and just like last year's Lethal Lottery, you won't win."

    "Oh it is on!"

    And with that, the girls were excited to go out and have some fun in Honolulu before the shows. Eve would enjoy the company of her friends before setting out on a big match for Ascension. It was going to be a crazy match, she felt... and for some reason, she felt something was missing. She could not shake the feeling something about this match was not right but an opportunity to defeat the most recent World champion and gain some steam for the Lottery was too good to pass up. She wasn't going to quit. She was going to press on. Win or lose.
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    They reached the third hour of the interrogation. Inside a small, dimly lit, room with nothing but a table keeping them separated. On one side, Chuck Myles and Becky Serra, the two authority figures of WZCW. With mountains of folders, bits of paper scattered across the floor, a video recorder sitting to the right and numerous accounts of completed interviews. Their latest subject had left the room, needing to use the bathroom, which gave the two-long time associates a chance to discuss what they had achieved so far.

    “Still no leads!” Myles slammed a folder down onto the table, his hands running though his hair as he paced around the room.

    “We’ve got people working around the clock,” Becky responded. “We’ve interviewed nearly the entire roster, it’s just him left to do.”

    Myles came to a stop, placing his hand against the wall, as he turned back towards Becky.

    “I know. We’ve been at this all week and still we cannot put our finger on who was driving that damn car. This isn’t what we’re supposed to be doing, Becky. Lethal Lottery is around the corner and we’re sitting in this room, packed in like rats, trying to figure out who attempted to run down our World Champion.”

    “Come on now, Chuck. You and I both know who did it,” Becky said, closing a folder of her own on the table. Her eyebrows were raised, her head titled to the side as he waited for Chuck to respond.

    “We have no proof that he was involved, Becky. I know. I know. He’s more likely than anyone else on the roster. Still, John Constantine is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion and that brings with it a certain level of… danger.”

    Chuck returned to his seat next to Becky, taking a sip from his now cold cup of coffee. The taste lingered on his tongue for the rest of the day.

    “He should be back by now,” Chuck said, sounding slightly annoyed that they were being held up. He pressed his hands against a nearby folder and opened it, beginning to read what was held inside.

    “Perhaps he has done a runner,” Becky quipped. She laughed out loud until the door to the room opened and in walked the final man they had to interrogate.

    Justin Cooper entered, dressed in a fine suit, sunglasses over his eyes as he slowly approached the table. Chuck extended a hand to shake, as did Becky, but they got nothing in return. Justin took a seat opposite them, removing his sunglasses and placing him in his top pocket.

    “Where were we?” Justin spat, leaning back against the chair with his arms crossed.

    “We were discussing your whereabouts during Meltdown last week,” Chuck asked, tapping a pen against a sheet of paper in front of him. “You say you were at the hotel?”

    “Hmm. I was indeed. I was sleeping, in fact. The travel was unexpectedly harsh on my body,” Justin answered, flicking his eyes around the room.

    “Did you come to the arena at any point during the day of Meltdown?” Becky piped up, drawing Cooper’s gaze to her own.

    “I don’t think I did.”

    “You don’t think or you know you didn’t?” Becky followed up, pushing for a clear answer.

    “Those are two very different things, Justin. Make this as painless as possible and give us the truth. Were you at the Meltdown arena at any point during that day?”

    “No. I wasn’t. In fact, here.”

    From his pocket, Justin throws a USB drive at Chuck. It falls onto the table and the GM of Ascension holds it in his hands with a look of confusion on his face.

    “What’s this supposed to be?”

    “Evidence. You should try getting some before dragging me down here. It’s security footage from the hotel,” Justin informed them, a smirk growing on his face as Chuck and Becky exchanged worried looks.

    Quickly, Becky open a nearby laptop and inserted the USB. A few moments later the footage was playing, it showed a bar, clearly that of the hotel and the timestamp down the bottom was exactly when John Constantine was targeted by the rampaging car.

    “Right there, you can see me at the top right,” Justin pointed out. He extended his hand and tapped the screen, showing exactly where he appeared on the footage and it was absolutely true.

    Chuck and Becky didn’t know what to say. They replayed it over and over, checking the time with various reports they had in front of them. He was their main suspect but Justin had provided proof it was impossible that he was behind the wheel of that car.

    “As I said, it wasn’t me. Now, since my name is cleared, I’ll be leaving.”

    Justin stood up, placing his sunglasses on his head and made for the door. Before he could exit, Chuck Myles stood up and grabbed his arm.

    “This wouldn’t be the first time you have had someone else do your dirty work, Justin.”

    Cooper shot Chuck a filthy look, pulling his arm from of the grip and sneering.

    “I spent fifty thousand dollars to retain my World Title and look how that turned out,” Justin said, shaking his head afterwards.

    “No, if you want something done than you have to do it yourself. I’ve learnt my lesson, Chuck. No matter how much you want it to be, I assume because it’d make your job much easier, I wasn’t driving that fucking car.”

    “You’re involved in this, Justin.” Chuck said, through gritted teeth.

    Justin stepped through the door, laughing on his way out before turning back before the door closed.

    “Prove it.”
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    Backstage at Unscripted
    Ricoh Colosseum
    Toronto, ON

    Logan McAllister somehow stumbled his way to the medical examiner's office, getting his mangled body checked after his brutal war with Eve Taylor. A war he did not win. He winces noticeably as the doctor takes a look at his ribs and chest. Meanwhile, his manager Richard Goldman was pacing nervously back and forth. He couldn't have his client out of action for any length of time. People tend to forget you rather quickly in this company if you do.

    Goldman: So what's the word? Is my client good to go? You know on to the next show yadda yadda?

    The doctor looked at Mr. Goldman, saying nothing as he continued to poke various areas on Logan,each time Logan wincing or pulling away from the doctor. After a few moments the doctor turned to Logan to deliver his diagnosis.

    WZCW Doctor Look Mr. McAllister, from what I can tell, nothing is broken, but I feel it's the best if you rest and recover as opposed to appearing at the Roulette Round shows.

    Richard's eyes grow wide and he quickly interjects himself into the conversation.

    Goldman: You feel it's best? Do you not know the opportunity that my client has at these shows? Logan will be there,and he will be victorious.

    At this point, Logan stood up, standing in front of Richard in obvious pain.

    Logan: Richahd, fuckin look at me. I can bahley stand right now without hurting. You put me out there in a few weeks time and you may need a new client. There is as much risk at these Roulette Rounds as there is opportunity. Plus, I miss my family wicked hahd Rich.

    Logan puts his hand on Richard's shoulder in a reassuring manner, only for Richard to shrug Logan off, looking up at his client.

    Goldman: Wrong Logan. You will be at the next shows. You can't provide if you don't wrestle. You're worthless to them if you don't.

    A sudden burst of adrenaline ran thru Logan and he furiously grabbed Richard and pushed him hard against the wall, inches away from his face.

    Logan: I'm getting real sick and tired of you talkin to me like I'm your propahty Richahd. I've let that shit slide for awhile, but I swear to God, you talk bad about my family....

    Logan lifts Richard up off the ground, seriously considering doing some harm to this man. He pauses, setting the frightened manager down before grabbing him by his tie and pulling him close yet again.

    Logan: I am going to see my family Richahd. Inform them for me or don't, but it's time I open my eyes and stop following you so blindly. I will meet you in Hawaii the day of whichever show I'm set to appear on. Do not make contact with me until then. If you truly think I'm capable of everything you spout off about, then listen to me when I say I need this. Goodbye Mr. Goldman.

    Logan lets go of Richard and silently limps out of the room, slowly getting to his car. Logan was going home.

    Richard was still in the office, his heart still racing from his argument with Logan. He knew Logan was right, and he needed Logan healthy. But the more time he spends with his family, the less pull over Logan he has.

    Logan's House
    Day After Unscripted

    Logan drove with excitement from the airport to his home, eager to surprise his son and fiancee with his arrival. It had been too long since he had visited in between shows. Logan pulled into the driveway, and noticed the house looked pretty empty, Brittany's car nowhere to be seen.

    Logan exited the car and grabbing his things, he slowly trudged up to the door, fumbling with his keys as he finally unlocked the door and entered his find the majority of his house to be empty. Dropping his bags Logan walked thru the house, noticing only his things remained. Nothing of Brittany's or Hayden's belongings were still here.

    Logan's legs went from under him and he sank to the floor. He had come home to see his family...only they weren't here.

    A Few Days Later...

    Logan still hadn't heard from Brittany nor Hayden. Nobody was returning his calls. He couldn't understand why she wasn't here. She supposedly had been trying to reach him, yet he's here now and she isn't.

    Logan opened his son's room, the only room he hadn't opened in the days that he'd been here, not ready to see the emptiness swallowing the room. As he opens the door he sees just a table, with multiple framed pictures of him with his family. There's multiple photo albums also on the table, and Logan grabs them, leaving the room and sitting in a chair and opens the album.

    Hours Later....


    Logan is still flipping through the pictures, some his whole family, some just Brittany, others Hayden. Seeing them all made Logan realize just how wrong he's been. He never should've dove headfirst in league with Richard Goldman. He flips the last page and what he sees shatters something inside him...he's not sure if it's his heart, his soul or what. Attached to the back of the last album is the engagement ring he gave when he proposed to Brittany.

    Logan snatched his glass and threw it against the wall, the glass obliterating into countless pieces across the room.


    How could he have been so stupid to have listened when Goldman had said focus on his career and his family would understand. Logan's family was his everything. Without them, why be in WZCW? He didn't seek out fame or glory, he had just wanted to give his son a better life. Somewhere he lost his way, and it was time he began to rectify his situation. He needed to reach Brittany.

    Call after call after call rang until the voicemail picked up, Logan leaving so many messages that now he couldn't leave more as the others still hadn't been read.

    Day of Ascension 124
    Aloha Stadium

    A determined Logan walked from the parking lot into the venue of tonight's match. He was well rested, and did a lot of soul searching, and he knew the path he had to take. Richard would fall in line or he simply won't be around. Logan turned the corner, passing through catering when Richard ran up to him, obviously eager to attempt to continue poisoning Logan's mind. No longer though.

    Goldman: My my Logan! You are looking focused, rested and ready to get back on the path of stardom! You were right, and I deeply apologize for trying to force you to compete. I have your promo all planned out for tonight--

    Logan puts his hand up to silence Richard.

    Logan: No. I'm talking tonight, and it's gonna be simple.

    Logan walks away from Richard to finish preparing for later.

    One Hour Before AS124

    Leon: Ladies and Gentleman I'm here for a quick exclusive interview with Logan McAllister before his match tonight. Logan, it's you and Justin Cooper against Eve Taylor and Yemrez Reqonic. We haven't seen you since Unscripted against the same Eve Taylor, so I guess, how is everything?

    Goldman goes to speak, but Logan steps in front of him and addresses Leon.

    Logan: Leon, I haven't spoken in awhile. I've been real clouded lately upstahs, and I'm getting clearah by the day.

    Logan shoots a glance at Richard and sees him nervously adjust his tie.

    Logan: Unscripted was a lesson in humility Leon. My managah ran down Eve and that woman is one tough bitch. She earned my respect for sure. I look forward to meeting her again. I needed that beating and the following recovery to right myself. Now tonight I find myself pahtnering with Justin Coopah, the man I essentially performed a hit for. I'm only loyal to certain people Leon, and that's my family. These last few months, I've lost something and I now know that that was my family. I've ignored them too long.

    Brittany, babe if you are watching this, help me get back to myself. I need you. I need Hayden. I let thoughts of stardom get in the way of what's important to me. Ten championship reigns mean nothing if I don't have my family. Brittany, I need you. Come save me, like I saved you years ago babe.

    Logan,tears welling up in his eyes, turns and leaves, walking back to his locker room to finish wrapping his wrists. Hopefully Brittany saw that and will reach out to him. Tonight, nobody in the ring was safe.

    Leon: Well, not what I think we were expecting,but some very strong and emotional words from a suddenly talkative Logan McAllister. Tune into Ascension tonight to see how Logan performs in the ring.
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